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Why Content Marketing Is Your Only Chance to Reach Audiences Today

Nov 15, 2014




  • 1. Why content marketingis your only chance toreach and engage youraudiences todayDigital East [email protected]#DEAST14

2. Social mediachangedeverything 3. There is onlyone directionorganic reachis headed 4. How do brandsget heard whensocial medialooks like this? 5. How does yourcontentbecomeattractiverather thantolerated? 6. Brands shouldgo native 7. Wereconflictedabout brandedcontent 8. Takeaways Social media as we knew it is disappearing Consumers dont want to be our friends. Theywant valuable content that enriches their lives To be successful you need to integrate yourcontent But be mindful of the publics ambivalencetrust is key 9. Connect with meLeigh George, PhDVice President | [email protected]: [email protected]: @leighgeorgeLinkedIn: 10. Image creditsSlide 1: Stefan Bauk, Warsaw 1944, [Public domain], Wikimedia CommonsSlide 2: Ed Yourdon, Bryant Park, late Apr 2009 21, Flickr, 3: Ken Bosma, Electric Slide, Flickr, 4: Trey Ratcliff, An Electric Night in Times Square, Flickr, 5: Stefan Bauk, Warsaw 1944, [Public domain], Wikimedia CommonsSlide 6: Twitchery, still from episode, Flickr, 7: Frank Uebe, ABBA THE HITS 3, Flickr, 8: Olivia Raxter, Taking notes, Flickr, 9: Andrew Propp, Washingtonian