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WHO Global Tuberculosis Report 2013

Who global tb control 2013

Oct 21, 2014


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WHO Global Tuberculosis Control 2013
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WHO Global Tuberculosis Report 2013

Main findings

Burden of disease The current global picture of TB shows continued progress, but not fast enoughTB detection and treatment Millions of people access effective TB care each year but missed cases hold back gainsMDR-TB and XDR-TB Undetected cases and treatment coverage gaps constitute a public health crisisTB-HIV - TB-HIV collaborative services are expanding, but global targets are not yet in sightFinancing International donor funding and more domestic investments are essentialResearch and development New diagnostics, medicines and vaccines are crucial to end the global TB epidemic

Global burden 2012

Incident cases

Prevalent cases


All forms of TB

8.6 million(8.3-9.0 million)

12 million(11-13 million)

0.94 million *(0.79-1.1 million)


1.1 Million(1.0-1.2 million)

0.32 million(0.30-0.34 million)


0.45 million

0.17 million

* TB-HIV deaths not included

Tong Ka Io 2013

Global trend of TB incidence

Global trend of TB prevalence

Global trend of TB mortality

Achievements of global TB control

Case detection rate

Case detection rate

Treatment success rate

Global targets

WHA 19912000, case detection rate >70%2000, cure rate >85%MDG2015, incidence reversedStop TB Partnership2015, prevalence and mortality reduced by 50% compared with 19902050, incidence