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Who Are You People? demographic data from the 2012 Aerican Empire Census

Dec 30, 2015



His Imperial Majesty Eric Lis MD,CM representing the Aerican Empire. Who Are You People? demographic data from the 2012 Aerican Empire Census. Results: Age. 651 Decline2 Blank0. Results: Sex. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Who Are You People?

    demographic data from the2012 Aerican Empire CensusHis Imperial MajestyEric Lis MD,CMrepresenting the Aerican Empire

  • Results: Age651Decline2Blank0

  • Results: SexMale 101(72%)Female37(26%)Transgender2Decline0Blank0

  • Results: Country of ResidenceAfghanistan2Japan1Argentina2Malaysia2Australia10Mexico1Austria1Netherlands1Belgium1New Zealand2Brazil2South Africa1Canada17Spain2Croatia1UK6France1United States81(58%)Ireland1Venezuela1Israel2Zimbabwe1Italy1Decline/blank0

  • Results: Level of EducationPrimary 5Secondary57(41%)University55(39%)Masters14Doctorate3(2%) *Post-doctorate0Decline6Blank0

    Doctors are estimated to be ~0.3% of the US and Canadian populations

  • Results: Employment StatusEmployed/self43(31%)Student83(59%)+ employed31+ unemployed52Unemployed8(6%)Stay-at-home3Retired0 Decline3Blank0

  • Results: Do you consider yourselfReligious29(21%)Spiritual29(21%)Atheist37(26%)Agnostic24(17%)Undecided9None of above7Decline5Blank0

  • Results: Please SpecifyA faith of my own devisingLutheran, and occasionally questioningA mix of Fatalism and DeterminismMethodist3Atheist/agnostic hippie-spiritualPagan, Pagen, pegan3BaptistPantheist, studies teachings of BhuddhasBuddhism/Silinismpanthiest as defined by richard dawkinsCatholic5PastafarianCatholic agnosticPastafarian catholixChristian6Path of ForsteriChristian, sort ofPresbytarianDeistProtestant2Discordian2Scientific/EmpiricDiscordian and PastafarianShinto animismFollower of godSilinist2I know God exists but no particular religionSinanist PaganI like to eat waffles in the evening Theravada BuddhismJewish4Unitarian UniversalistJewish, deistWiccanLean more towards paganismWiccan, Otaku

  • Results: Sexual OrientationEntirely heterosexual74(53%)Mostly heterosexual40(29%)Bisexual11(8%)Mostly homosexual3(2%)Entirely homosexual4(3%)Undecided4(3%)Decline4Blank0

    Estimated US/Canada: 70% mostly/entirely heterosexual, 20% bisexual, 10% gay

  • Results: Other questionsMarriedChildrenYes22 Yes20No115(82%) No117(84%)Decline3 Decline2Blank0 Blank0

  • Results: Other questionsVideogames (such as World of Warcraft)Yes68(49%)No65Decline5Blank2Role-playing games (such as Dungeons & Dragons)Yes53(38%)No82Decline4Blank1

  • Results: Other questionsDo you vote in local (non-Aerican) politics Yes65(46%)No45(32%)Sometimes21(15%)Decline6Blank3

  • Results: Other questionsHave you ever competed in (non-Aerican) politics Yes10(7%)No110(79%)Im considering it13(9%)Decline3Blank4

  • Results: Other questionsAre you a member of more than one micronation Yes8No129(92%)Decline2Blank1

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