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When Is a Call Centre a Contact Centre? Peter Leung Business Development Director CRM / Contact Centre Solutions NE Asia.

Mar 29, 2015



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Slide 2 When Is a Call Centre a Contact Centre? Peter Leung Business Development Director CRM / Contact Centre Solutions NE Asia Slide 3 BTs Mission We are in the business to be the partner of choice for creative, valued and reliable Information Communication Technology (ICT) services and solutions. Slide 4 Experienced delivery of solutions and value added services OUTSOURCING IP CRM MOBILE VOICE & DATA DESKTOP MANAGEMENT APPLICATIONS MANAGEMENT & HOSTING Slide 5 BTs Contact Centre Experience Largest Intelligent Network & CRM operation in Europe - 21m customers - 20,000 call centre agents - 2.6m customer contacts per day - 12m transactions per day Multi-channel approach : web and e-mail; call centre; mobile; field sales & services and channel partners Newcastle Call Centre - best multi-media contact centre in European Call Centre of the Year Awards 200m investment over 5 years Slide 6 Chinatown Telephone Operator Chinese telephone users in Chinatown, San Francisco, make eight call a day per telephone, while San Francisco itself, averages four daily, a high average for large cities, according to the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. Slide 7 The First Call Centre Slide 8 Fast Forward To India In 2003, India had an estimated 92,000 agents and 1,561 call centres. This number will grow at a CAGR of 20.7%, reaching 237,000 agents and 3,920 call centres by 2008. For China, 35,000 agents in 2003 growing to 102,000 by 2008 Source : Datamonitor Slide 9 Second Initial Productivity and Visibility Vision Strategy Technology First NoneThird Functional Effectiveness Fourth Intra- enterprise Integration Fifth Value- Network Collaboration State Call HandlingCall CenterContact CenterInteraction Hub KM, blended centers, analytics, collaboration, BPM, e-learning, consolidated reporting, alerts/triggers QM, WFM, CTI, workflow mgmt., scripting, voice tools. Back/front- office integration, reporting, feedback Siloed channels, answer calls, basic customer service. Danger: No call center Efficiency, systemized routing of calls to best agent. Danger: Siloed Effectiveness. Multichannel inquiries, coordinated customer service, customer input. Danger: Siloed CEM. Dynamically anticipate and provide customer service in real time, internal/ external collaboration Enterprise Strategy Customer memory. Create repeatable experiences, strengthen intimacy, communities Danger: inadequate decision support POTS: PBX/ACD, call queuing, fax Skills-based routing, IVR, common database, CSS applications log and flog Decision support, advanced KM, IM, advanced collaboration, business performance mgmt., predictive analytics ResponsiveAble to AnswerPersonalizedProactiveCollaborative The Customer Service Value Framework: From Silo to Enterprise Strategy Source : Gartner Slide 10 Why Do Business Need An IP Based Contact Centre? Do you need: Cost effective options to expand the reach of your contact centre to remote sites, countries or home-based agents? Disaster recovery or emergency overflow capabilities? A broader pool of talent from which you can recruit agents? Centralised management of contact centre applications? New ways to reduce operating costs or toll charges? Multi-media support or Universal agents? Slide 11 PSTN PBX Software Phone IP Phone PSTN Remote Offices VoIP Integrate VoIP Into Your Legacy Call Center is Easy ACD, IVR, CTI, VR Servers IP G/W .But Complex And Expensive To Build & Support Enterprise LAN/WAN Slide 12 Possible Savings Through IP Trunk Consolidation ELAN CLAN IP Trunk ACD, IVR, CTI, VR Servers CLAN ELAN IP Trunk ACD, IVR, CTI, VR Servers .But Complex And Expensive To Scale Enterprise LAN/WAN Network Control Centre Slide 13 Macau Guangzhou Hong Kong Possible Savings Through Centralised Call Centre ELAN ACD, CTI, VR, DB Servers .But again Complex And Expensive To Operate PLUS No Disaster Recovery Option Contact Centre Service IVR Macau Slide 14 Next Generation IPCC Slide 15 Multimedia Trends 15% of both the Finance and Govt customers would actually prefer to deal with the org. via the electronic channels (i.e. web, email, wap, sms, etc). 87% want their emails responded to within 24 hours 56% would like to mix the channels when communicating with a company e.g. contact the company by phone and be responded to by email/sms. Slide 16 The majority of people keen to use the new channels are young, full time employed and in the highest income bracket. Why New Channels The % of consumers that would take their business elsewhere for each channel not offered by an organisation: SMS16% e-mail18% Web site19% Automated phone service (keypad)17% Automated phone service (IVR)16% Slide 17 Are You Ready To use IP To Take Advantage Of The Latest Technology? .Make Sure Your Contact Centre Can Leverage IP Slide 18 Full Telephony, Voice Recording, IVR, CTI Messaging, SMS, Email, Fax Internet Mobile Multimedia pick your option Slide 19 TECHNOLOGY Intelligent Network And IP based Contact Centre Enhance Productivity & Availability Increase call handling with same number of agents Take advantage of labour where cost is more attractive Send calls to the best available agent the first time for superior service or availability Improve service by answering calls faster Improve contact center management with consolidated reports and tools Slide 20 BT Portfolio BT Contact Central IP Based Multi-Media Contact Centre Solution In-A-Box End-to-end solution that integrates e-business software and IP communications technology at a single stroke BT Contact Centre Service End-to-end managed voice solution that enables high-volume global contact centres to operate more efficiently and serve their customers better than ever before. Slide 21 Auckland Sydney Kuala Lumpur Singapore Centralised HA BT Contact Central Servers SINGAPORE VCS Servers HP DL380 Contact Centre Consolidation Slide 22 Seamless Expansion - Bangkok Integration Auckland Sydney Kuala Lumpur Singapore Centralised HA BT Contact Central Servers SINGAPORE Bangkok VCS Servers HP DL380 Slide 23 Contact Centre Networking - PRC Centralised HA BT Contact Central Servers HONG KONG Guangzhou Shanghai Beijing LOCAL VCS Servers HP DL380 Slide 24 Implications of not changing survival is not mandatory We do not need to change Slide 25 Thank You

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