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Whatsoever He Saith Unto You, Do It Scriptures: Psalm 65:4 John 5:19 John 2:1-11 25 th August 2013 Brother Kingston Koraheng

Apr 01, 2015



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Whatsoever He Saith Unto You, Do It Scriptures: Psalm 65:4 John 5:19 John 2:1-11 25 th August 2013 Brother Kingston Koraheng Slide 2 THE.APPROACH.TO.GOD CHICAGO.IL SUNDAY_ 55-0123A E-8 And there's a way to approach all things. And there's a way to approach God. And if we don't know the approach to God, we'll never be able to get an audience with God. See? You have to know. And we must find the--a way of approach to the great, Divine Judge, God Himself. E-18 Now, today it's the same thing today, that man cannot come to Christ, except God calls him first. See? His nature. If you ever had any nature, any thought of anything, of coming to God, God is dealing with you. Slide 3 E-19 Now, the way that God made for Adam to approach... Now, watch. Adam made himself an approach. He said, "Now, I've got to go out and meet God." So he made hisself a apron of fig leaves to cover up his shame. And he found out that God refused that approach. E-20 And God provided an approach there for Adam in the garden of Eden, that through the shedding of the blood of the innocent to appropriate an approach to Him. THE.APPROACH.TO.GOD CHICAGO.IL SUNDAY_ 55-0123A Slide 4 Then Adam could once more come through the shed blood of the lamb, to the approach, and talk face to face, again, with God through--through the Blood, through the approach, that God provided for him. Now, that was God's first method of approach to Himself for the people, through the shed Blood. It has been from that day till this day the same thing. Through the shedding of Blood brings the approach to God. THE.APPROACH.TO.GOD CHICAGO.IL SUNDAY_ 55-0123A Slide 5 PSALM 65:4 Blessed [is the man whom] thou choosest, and causest to approach [unto thee, that] he may dwell in thy courts: we shall be satisfied with the goodness of thy house, [even] of thy holy temple.(KJV) Slide 6 GOD'S.PROVIDED.PLACE.OF.WORSHIP LA.CA V-18 N-2 SUNDAY_ 65-0425 110 Now we find that, in each age, when God said a certain, thing would happen, here come that man along and manifested that, here come their people along and lived that. That was God Himself living in the people, because it was an answering of His Word. Slide 7 IS.THIS.THE.SIGN.OF.THE.END.SIR JEFF.IN V-2 N-11 SUNDAY_ 62-1230E 51-5 Is it--is it time? Is the minist--the mystery all finished? Has the sounding all over? Is that really them seven thunders fixing to utter out something that the little group that He's gathered together will receive a rapturing faith to go in the rapture when He comes; for we'll be changed as quick as those Angels come: in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, and shall be caught up together with those that is asleep to meet the Lord in the air. Slide 8 My prayer is: God if this be so, I don't know Lord; I just telling the church. If it is so, Lord, prepare our hearts. Make us ready, Lord, for that great hour that all the history of time, all the prophets and sages has looked for that time. IS.THIS.THE.SIGN.OF.THE.END.SIR JEFF.IN V-2 N-11 SUNDAY_ 62-1230E Slide 9 RECOGNIZING.YOUR.DAY.AND.ITS.MESSAGE JEFF.IN V-5 N-1 SUNDAY_ 64-0726M 40 And remember the vision of last week, that when the Bride came to be... preview of it. There came up the little Bride, lovely, in the vision. And I, not thinking about it; just setting there watching outside. And there come the Bride. I heard a Voice by the side of me, said, "Here is a preview of the Bride." And She came by. I noticed Her, the way She was, very lovely, pretty, young. She was walking just the step as She could, not a march; just in the stride of a--a woman, how they walk gracefully, ladylike. That's the way She was walking, coming to my left on this side, and She went out of my sight. Slide 10 41 Then He turned me to the right side, and He showed me each church as they've come up out of the ages. And, oh, how vulgar! And the last one was this last-day church age, which was led by a witch. And they were so immorally dressed, so filthy- looking! And they were marching to the time of twist and rock-and-roll. And was marching to the... or time, or twisting, and carrying on with that music, walking up. And said, "That is the church." RECOGNIZING.YOUR.DAY.AND.ITS.MESSAGE JEFF.IN V-5 N-1 SUNDAY_ 64-0726M Slide 11 46 Then He said, "The Bride will come into preview again." And here the Bride came behind her, the very same-looking Bride that passed at the beginning. Then my heart jumped for joy, to know that there will be a Bride. And She will be made of the same thing, and clothed in the same thing, that the One was at the beginning. She is to be called. RECOGNIZING.YOUR.DAY.AND.ITS.MESSAGE JEFF.IN V-5 N-1 SUNDAY_ 64-0726M Slide 12 THE.BREACH.BETWEEN.THE.SEVEN.CHURCH.AGES.AND.THE.SEVEN.SEALS JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 63-0317E 106-3 {262} But you see, that sleeping virgin ain't receiving nothing anyhow. That's right. And remember, while they went to try to buy oil... You remember the Scriptures doesn't say they got it. But while they were out trying to buy it, there come a sound. What happened? All those virgins that slept rose, and trimmed their lamps, and went in to the supper (Is that right?), and the rest was left for the tribulation period (Right.), weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. That's the church, not the Bride, the church. The Bride went in. There's a whole difference between the church and the Bride. Yes, sir. Slide 13 GODS APPROACH IS ADDRESSED TO HIS OBEDIENT BRIDE (She only does the will of the Father - John 5:19) Then answered Jesus and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.(KJV) Slide 14 THE.SPOKEN.WORD.IS.THE.ORIGINAL.SEED JEFF.IN V-3 N-2 SUNDAY_ 62-0318 120-2 Notice, what harmony. Jesus never did anything until seen of the Father or the Father showed Him first: (Harmony between God and Christ. See? John 5:19) So will the Bride, and He shows Her His Word of Life (He shows Her), and she receives It. She never doubts it. Nothing can harm Her, not even death; for if the Seed be planted, the water will raise it up again. Amen. (Now, I got a great big "Hallelujah.") Here is the secret: the Word is in the Bride and the mind of Christ to know what He wants done with the Word, and She does it in His Name. She has THUS SAITH THE LORD. Slide 15 Then it is germitized; so the Holy Spirit waters it until it is grown and serves its purpose. They do only His will. (Amen. I'll believe that.) No one can persuade them different. They have THUS SAITH THE LORD, or they keep still. Then they will do the works of God. For it is Himself in them, continuing His Word to fulfill as He did complete in His day. All things when He was here--He did not complete all when He was here, for it was not time yet. THE.SPOKEN.WORD.IS.THE.ORIGINAL.SEED JEFF.IN V-3 N-2 SUNDAY_ 62-0318 Slide 16 BELIEVEST.THOU.THIS TULSA.OK SATURDAY_ 60-0402 E-42 Here we are. Oh, little Martha, come running out. She looked like she had a--a way to have said something against Him. "Why didn't You come to my brother? Look what we've done for You, and You let us down." Well, if she'd have said that, the story never would've finished the way it did. No, sir. It's the way you approach a Divine gift of God. If God sends a gift, you've got to approach it right. If you're ever expect to get anything from it, you've got to approach it right. And Martha knew that. She'd probably read about the Shunammite woman and her baby. Slide 17 And she... If that Shunammite woman knew that God was in Elijah, how much more was He is Jesus? Sure. So, she went up with the right approach. She run up and fell down at His feet (I like that.), fell down at His feet and said, "Lord..." That's His right title. That's what He was. He was her Lord. "Lord, if Thou would've been here, my brother would not have died." BELIEVEST.THOU.THIS TULSA.OK SATURDAY_ 60-0402 Slide 18 Oh, my. Oh, I could just imagine seeing His great heart as He looked at that beautiful woman, the tears running down her cheeks. Said, "Lord, if You'd have been here, my brother would not have died." Watch what she said. "But even now, Lord (though he's dead, though the skin worms is crawling through his body), even now, Lord, whatever You ask God, God will give it to You." E-43 Oh, that's the secret. You might say, "I've seined through every hospital. The doctor says I'm going to die, but even now, Lord... I'm all crippled up with arthritis; I can't move, but even now, Lord. BELIEVEST.THOU.THIS TULSA.OK SATURDAY_ 60-0402 Slide 19 BLIND.BARTIMAEUS KLAMATH.FALLS.OR WEDNESDAY_ 60-0713 E-49 So, I think that's why Mary--or Martha it was (that went out to meet Jesus) she knowed... She'd read that story of the Shunammite baby. She knew if God was in the prophet, surely God was in His Son. And she knew that she'd get her request, if she went with the right approach. That's the next thing: People approach God in the wrong way. You've got to come the right approach. Slide 20 Not long ago, I had honor of praying for a king. They taken the cuffs out of my trouser legs, told me to never back-- not to turn my back on him, after prayer and things, to back away from him. Never turn your back on a king. That's a very good thing; don't never turn your back on the King of kings then. See? And it's approach, a certain approach. E-50 And there's approach you've got to come to God. If you come to a gift of God, you've got to come in the right mental attitude. You've got to come the right approach, or you won't receive nothing when you come. BLIND.BARTIMAEUS KLAMATH.FALLS.OR WEDNESDAY_ 60-0713 Slide 21 THE.APPROACH.TO.GOD CHICAGO.IL SUNDAY_ 55-0123A E-83 So when I walked in... 'course not knowing about it then, how to take it, or what it was, 'cause I didn't know what it was. And so I walked into the room; and as I got in there, I looked and there laid that little boy laying there, and a mother with this here stuff over