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WHATCOM UNIFIED SITUATION REPORT - Amazon S3 ... Jul 01, 2020  · The Whatcom Unified Command Joint Information Center (JIC) updates and maintains the Whatcom COVID-19 website as

Jan 29, 2021





    Page 1 WUECC SIT REP

    REPORT #: 20200701.1 DATE: 7/1/2020 TIME: 16:00



    ACTIVATION: Whatcom Unified Emergency Command Center


    HOURS OF OPERATION: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm



    07/01/2020* 622 40

    06/30/2020* 615 40

    06/29/2020 600 40

    06/28/2020 599 40

    06/27/2020 588 40

    *Data provided by the Whatcom County Health Dept is considered preliminary. As they verify cases, we can expect delays and fluctuations in data

    reported. Data was last updated 06/29/2020.

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  • Page 3 WUECC SIT REP

    *Source: Whatcom County Health Department:

  • Page 4 WUECC SIT REP


    Data for PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center

    Updated as of 6/2/2020:

    • 154 patients were seen in the ED yesterday

    • We have 38 open beds today


    • PeaceHealth St. Joseph COVID-19 inpatient daily status – 2 pending; 1 positive

    • Zero ventilators in use for COVID-19 positive patients * The data reported is the most current information provided from PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center. Information is updated as soon as it is available. PeaceHealth reports data on a periodic basis, only when substantial changes occur.


    **Source: Washington State Department of Health

  • Page 5 WUECC SIT REP

    *Note: A single incident can generate multiple 911 calls and incidents can occur without a 911 call. **Source: Whatcom County EMS


    Incident Objective 6: Keep the public, stakeholders, and the media informed of response activities

    The Whatcom Unified Command Joint Information Center (JIC) updates and maintains the Whatcom COVID-19 website as the central repository for the most up to date information regarding COVID-19 for Whatcom County residents. Updates are continually made to report on current health data, government recommendations and orders, and media coverage. All information has been verified to come from reputable sources. The JIC coordinates with partner agencies throughout the State to maintain consistency when reporting information.

    Local Information (Coordinated through the JIC): ● WUC Whatcom COVID-19 website: ● Whatcom County Health Department website: ● Whatcom County News Flash: ● WUC Facebook ● WUC Twitter ● Whatcom County Health Department Facebook

    State and Federal Information ● Governor Inslee’s Proclamations:

  • Page 6 WUECC SIT REP

    ● Washington State Department of Health provides guidance on wearing cloth face coverings

    ● Governor’s phased approach ● Washington State face covering directive

    JIC Updates ● WCHD Website

    ○ Updated weekly data dashboard numbers ● Whatcom Unified Command website

    ○ Responded to inquiries ● Social Media Posts

    ○ WCHD Facebook Updates ■ DOH Share, Top ten reasons to wear a mask ■ Data Dashboard

    ○ WUC Facebook Updates 7-1-20 Local and State

    ● Bellingham Herald: Whatcom’s coronavirus cases grow by 7, while data shows north county surge continues - 7- 1-20

    ● Go Skagit: Snohomish County could drop back to Phase 1 if spike continues - 6-30-20 ● My Northwest: COVID-19 updates: 571 new cases, 12 more deaths - 7-1-20 ● Seattle Times: Washington's 134,000 English learners depend on support from teachers. That didn't translate

    online. - 7-1-20 ● Seattle Times: ‘50 square feet per person’: What Seattle schools may look like in the fall - 7-1-20 ● Seattle Times: Coronavirus daily news updates, July 1: What to know today about COVID-19 in the Seattle area,

    Washington state and the world - 7-1-20

    National ● NPR: Green, Yellow, Orange Or Red? This New Tool Shows COVID-19 Risk In Your County - 7-1-20 ● NPR: N.Y., N.J. And Connecticut Add Several States To List That Must Quarantine - 7-1-20 ● New York Times: San Quentin Prison Was Virus-Free. One Decision Fueled an Outbreak. - 7-1-20 ● New York Times: Stay Home on July 4, Health Officials Urge, as Caseload Hits Record - 7-1-20 ● AP News: Hollowed out public health system faces more cuts amid virus - 7-1-20 ● Reuters: From Parkinson's to peanut allergy, pandemic puts brakes on new drugs - 7-1-20

    Upcoming and Continuing JIC Priorities

    ● Continue with mask messaging and information, following state directive. ● Work with business task force to create website content. ● Communication about Phase 2 and prerequisites to apply for Phase 3, as well as 4th of July messaging. ● Continue to prioritize messaging based on current Incident Objectives. ● Continue to work with Liaison to determine local COVID-19 call center needs and the best tool to address local

    phone inquiries. ● Work with Liaison to develop a plan for distribution of communication materials for community groups. ● Working on a robust, strategic communications plan incorporating an equity focus throughout our messaging. ● Working on increasing messaging for speakers of other languages, including Spanish. ● Collect, summarize, and publish information about PPE distributed by WUC. ● Develop materials to explain planning process and communicate context of preparations. ● Greater outreach to farming communities.

  • Page 7 WUECC SIT REP

    ● Help set expectations

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