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What things change the Earth’s surface slowly?

What things change the Earth’s surface slowly?. Slow Changes to the Earth’s Surface Process is a synonym for change. Slow Process- A change that occurs.

Jan 19, 2016



Leo Moore
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  • What things change the Earths surface slowly?

  • Slow Changes to the Earths SurfaceProcess is a synonym for change.Slow Process- A change that occurs slowly and steadily over time.Four types of erosion slowly change the Earths surface:GlaciersWindRunning WaterWaves

  • What is Erosion?Erosion- The wearing and carrying away of soil and rock particles by waves, wind, running water, or glaciers.After rocks are weathered down into sediment and soil, it is carried away by erosion.

  • The Grand Canyon was created by erosion. Windand running water help to shape the canyon.

  • Other Erosion ExamplesWhat type of erosion created this rock formation?What type of erosion formed this water arch?

  • GlaciersGlaciers- a large mass of ice and snow that form when more snow falls in winter than melts in the summer. It moves when gravity pulls it downhill.Glaciers change the earth by dragging rock debris and carving the land.

  • How do you think these glacierschange the Earths surface as they move downhill?

  • What is an Ice Age?During the Ice Age:Glaciers covered as much as 1/3 of the Earth.Temperatures were low.Snowfall was heavy.

  • Physical WeatheringPhysical Weathering- The wearing away of rock by wind and moving water. For example, the Grand Canyon was formed by wind and water erosion.

  • Chemical WeatheringChemical Weathering- Weathering that results in changes of minerals that make up rocks. Acid rain is an example.

  • Biological WeatheringBiological Weathering- The wearing down of rock by living things. For example, plant roots break up rocks as they grow.

  • Closing QuestionsHow does wind change the Earths surface?How does running water and waves change the Earths surface?How do glaciers change the Earths surface?What are the three types of weathering and how are they different?