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What makes someone great?

Feb 09, 2016




What makes someone great?. By: Crystal, Lauren, Matthew A., Jacob. Science and Technology. Albert Einstein Steven Jobs Stephen Hawkins By: Matthew A. Stephen Hawkins. He built a computer in 1985 that wreck. Jane hawking. He has A.L.S and he is in a wheelchair. He went to space. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

What makes someone great?

What makes someone great?By: Crystal, Lauren, Matthew A., JacobScience and TechnologyAlbert EinsteinSteven Jobs Stephen Hawkins

By: Matthew A.

Stephen HawkinsHe built a computer in 1985 that wreck.Jane hawking.He has A.L.S and he is in a wheelchair.He went to space.

Albert EinsteinHe got in 2th grad in age 6/12.Marcel Grossun she was a classmateThey think he had dyslexia and autism.

Stephen Jobs

His father taught him how to take apart and reassemble them .Steve Wozniak was his influence.Pancreatic caner.Co-founder of apple computers. He owned Pixar.

SportsMichael JordanWayne GretzkyTiger Woods

By: Jacob

Michael JordanBorn on Feb. 17 1963.He had a gambling problem.He had 6 NBA titles.He won a national championship in 1982.Five time NBA MVP.

Wayne GretzkyBorn on Jan. 26 1961.He was in a national hockey league in 1979-1999.Most points scored in a game.

Tiger WoodsHe was born Dec. 30 1975.He is very rich!He plays professional golf.He started playing golf in 1999.

Arts & HumanitiesLeonardo da VinciWalt DisneyOprah Winfrey

By: Lauren

Leonardo da VinciBorn on April 15, 1452He was poor and unworthy of education. At the age of 14 he was working with Verrocchio another painter.By the age of 20 he had qualified as a master artist in the Guild of St. Luke & established his own workshop.

11Walt DisneyHis real name was Walter.Him and his brother Roy who co-founded Walt Disney Productions, which became one of the best-known motion picture production companies in the world.In 1919 he pursued a career as a newspaper artist.

12Oprah WinfreyShe is known for her weight loss efforts.As a kid she won a black beauty pageant.In 2009 she started her own T.V. network .She was also the richest African American in the 20th century.She raised more than $51,000,000 dollars for charity.

Leadership David Ben GurionMahatma GrandiMartin Luther King Jr.

By: Crystal

David Ben Gurion He was born on Oct. 16, 1886He died on Dec. 1, 1973 Since he was little he always was clear about his next move.He was frail and had a disproportionately big head.He was never afraid to be a leader.

Mahatma Gandhi He was born on Oct. 2, 1869 He died 30 1948 Jan.He was very thin, and very bony.He was a lawyer in his younger days.He always believed in equaled rights. He was jailed for several occasions because he tried to make peace.

Martin Luther King Jr.He was born Jan. 15 1929He died April, 4 1968Some important influences were Mahatma Grandi, and Jesus.His disability was he was black, at a time blacks were treated unjustly.His real name was Michael.He was a great brave leader that was not afraid to stand out.

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