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Annual Report 2007–2008 Sharing our Stories

Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

Mar 10, 2016




Overview of Wellspring's financials and program outcomes - July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008.
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Page 1: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

Annual Report 2007–2008

Sharing our Stories

Page 2: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

w e l l s p r i n g a n n u a l r e p o r t 2 0 0 8

Wellspring promotes the recovery of persons with severe and persistent mental illness through leadership in the development of quality housing and rehabilitative services.

Annually Wellspring serves over 600 clients who have a variety of psychiatric illnesses. The organization operates 18 facilities, including 2 Crisis Stabilization Units, 2 Transitional Housing programs, 3 Supported Housing programs, and 80 units of deeply subsidized rental housing.

The David J. Block Center completed its first full year of operation. This newly constructed residential facility, Wellspring’s second such center, provides a best-practices level of psychiatric crisis stabilization services to nearly 300 individuals annually, in a safe, attractive and home-like environment.

The Wellspring Bridge Apartment project progressed as planned for the September ’08 opening. Located in a historic Louisville neighborhood, this energy efficient, low maintenance complex will provide attractive, affordable homes for eight adults with psychiatric disabilities.

Wellspring Peer Counselor, Charlie Merrill, became the first-ever recipient of the Champion of Life in Recovery Award from Seven County Services. Charlie embodies the criteria for the award: an individual who possesses an enthusiasm for recovery, exemplifies the positive spirit of recovery, takes initiative and is proactive in their own recovery, encourages others in recovery and advocates for self and others. Charlie richly deserves this recognition for all that he has given to so many – consumers, professionals, and the myriad other members of our community whose lives he has enriched.

The Housing…Hope…Recovery: Campaign for Wellspring was launched; it will raise $2.1 million to support both basic and visionary goals aimed at fulfilling Wellspring’s mission. Dedicated Steering Committee members raised over $500,000 before beginning the “Quiet Phase” of the campaign in late 2007. The James Graham Brown Foundation provided a $250,000 challenge grant to inspire donors, and Brown-Forman provided a $50,000 grant as a corporate leadership gift.

In the 2007-2008

Year. . .


Artists featured on cover:far left: Brandy; left: Steve; center: Janet; right: Thurman; far right: Eileen

This page: Brandy

Page 3: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

l i v i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r m e n t a l h e a l t h r e c o v e r y w e l l s p r i n g a n n u a l r e p o r t 2 0 0 8

Concerns over cuts to mental health funding by Kentucky’s 2008 legislature permeated much of Wellspring’s work over the past year as we endeavored to fulfill our mission. These latest funding cuts

are especially hurtful since, apart from a few exceptions, state funding for community mental health services has not been increased in 13 years. This is a chilling show of indifference to the thousands in our community who have a severe and persistent psychiatric illness, and poses a very difficult challenge to all mental health service providers. It is particularly frustrating to see Wellspring’s program support reduced when it is widely recognized that our services save money at other institutions that serve this population, from the emergency rooms, to the hospitals, to the criminal justice system. Research on supported housing for this population consistently shows its efficacy in promoting the recovery of clients, while reducing client use of expensive public institutions. Instead of cutting back due to budgetary issues, the kinds of supportive housing that Wellspring provides should be a focus for mental health funding increases.

So, in the context of these frustrating conditions, what have we done, and what can we do?

We can Recognize Wellspring’s Effective Services:Let us celebrate the dramatic benefits to the 233 clients served in the

first year of the David Block Center for psychiatric crisis stabilization, which opened in July 2007. Of those served, 95% were able to avoid more costly psychiatric hospitalization while achieving stabilization. More impressively, this same high percentage holds true across Wellspring’s two crisis stabilization units, with 95% of the 467 total clients served returned to their homes without the need of hospitalization.

Wellspring’s three highly supported housing sites, Broadway House, Concord Apartments, and Crescent House, had a combined occupancy rate of 99.5%; the 20 clients they served all had extensive histories of psychiatric hospitalization. Only one of these clients was re-hospitalized (briefly) this year. All clients were, and continue to be, active and contributing members of the broader community. We also proudly note that Wellspring’s transitional residential programs, Ardery House and Journey House, were consistently full, and that all of their program graduates achieved the housing goal of their choice.

We Continued to Build with our Partners:We appreciate the involvement of all of our funding partners in the

construction of the Wellspring Bridge Apartments. This project, which began in March 2008, will provide eight new high quality and energy efficient units of permanent housing for adults with mental illness. The project’s funding partners include the U.S. Dept of HUD, the Louisville Metro Department of Housing, the Kentucky Housing Corporation, and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati. Each of these entities has previously helped Wellspring develop projects, and have now generously invested in the Wellspring Bridge Apartments project. We also count on their partnership for developing future quality permanent housing projects.

We are Planning for the Future:

We give thanks for the strong governance and support provided by Wellspring’s Board of Directors. The Board courageously implemented the initial phase of a strategic plan that will dramatically increase Wellspring’s scale of operations, and greatly aid in fulfilling our mission.

A Message from Wellspring’s Staff

artist: Janet

Page 4: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

l i v i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r m e n t a l h e a l t h r e c o v e r y w e l l s p r i n g a n n u a l r e p o r t 2 0 0 8

We Need to Share our Stories:We increasingly recognize the need to promote and support opportunities

for personal storytelling by those who have biochemical disorders of the brain. These stories need to be heard by the legislature, the media and by our fellow citizens. Mental illnesses are the last to emerge from the fear and stigma of the Middle Ages into the modern age of effective medical treatment, rehabilitation and equal disability rights. We can no longer allow our neighbors, friends and families to be shut out of the mainstream of care and treatment. Let’s all help erase the stigma of mental illness by non-judgmentally listening as others tell their stories.

Wellspring’s mission of promoting recovery in the lives of those with mental illness is a calling in which we can all participate. We can all recognize what works, we can all affirm and support our partners who invest in the recovery movement, and we can join together to identify and move forward on the necessary next steps. Like any other social movement in America, the liberation of psychiatrically disabled persons from stigma and inadequate treatment into recovery and community integration will occur only after we, as a people, decide that doing so is simply an extension of basic American fairness to all. Help us keep building the social fabric of fairness until it embraces those who live with severe and persistent mental illness; we’ll all be the better for it.

Stephen C. Perkins, Executive Director

Katharine R. Dobbins, Associate Director & Director of Programs

artist: Janet

Page 5: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

l i v i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r m e n t a l h e a l t h r e c o v e r y w e l l s p r i n g a n n u a l r e p o r t 2 0 0 8

Lately, one can’t help reading about the challenging economic times we all face. With the failure of the state legislature to provide sufficient funding to keep mental health programming even at a

budget neutral level, and with reductions from many other funding sources, it would be easy to focus on the obstacles ahead. Instead, the Wellspring Board and staff have responded creatively, actively and passionately.

Our programs have been re-examined to assure that even if the level of care must be reduced, the quality of care is not compromised. We are adopting new approaches to facilities management and going “green” in every way possible. We have stepped up our activities to showcase the full range of services we offer, to prove how investing in Wellspring makes sense, not only for the benefit of those with mental illness and their families, but for the community as a whole.

In July 2007, Wellspring celebrated the opening of the David J. Block Center, our newly constructed and second psychiatric crisis stabilization unit. The addition of this program enables Wellspring to significantly expand the available adult psychiatric crisis beds in our community.

I write this letter shortly after the dedication of the new Wellspring Bridge Apartments near historic Old Louisville in September 2008. The culmination of a team effort over several years among Wellspring, Bridgehaven, federal, state and local housing agencies, our architect, builder and other community sponsors, the Wellspring Bridge Apartments offer eight new units of attractive, affordable housing for adults with psychiatric disabilities. Not only were the apartments designed to visually enhance the neighborhood streetscape, they incorporate a variety of “green” features for energy efficient operation.

At the same ceremony, we were pleased to publicly announce a capital campaign to support Wellspring’s mission. Our specific campaign goals are described in this report. We kicked off the “Quiet Phase” of the campaign in fiscal 2008 having already raised more than $500,000 from our steering committee. At the recent dedication, we announced that over $1.5M has been raised to promote the recovery of persons with severe mental illness by providing affordable housing and rehabilitative services.

A Message from the Board of Directors

David B. Russell, CFM

Christina L. Butler, M. D.

Not pictured:

1. Sanford L. Fleck2. Lawrence J. Mehler3. Jefferey M. Yussman

– Vice Chair4. Margaret Pennington

– Vice Chair5. Alan K. MacDonald

– Chair6. George Rapp, Jr.

– Treasurer

7. Robert P. Bordogna8. Elmore “Ack”

Willets, III9. Cissy Mills10. Melissa Routt –

Secretary11. Jackie Swigart, Ph.D.12. Gregory E. Mayes13. William Friel

1. 5.


4.7. 8.

2. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Page 6: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

l i v i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r m e n t a l h e a l t h r e c o v e r y w e l l s p r i n g a n n u a l r e p o r t 2 0 0 8

We all recognize that many persons with severe mental illness in our community do not get adequate services. Wellspring and its Board of Directors are determined to change that by building on our proven model for providing services for mental health treatment and recovery.

We extend a warm welcome to our new Board members, Bob Bordogna and Dr. Christina Butler – thanks for joining us. The entire Board is committed to helping Wellspring serve our clients well, and give them hope for rehabilitation and recovery.

Alan K. MacDonaldBoard Chair

Robert P. Bordogna Elected to Wellspring Board of DirectorsAt their first meeting of 2008, the Wellspring Board of Directors elected

Robert P. Bordogna to the board. Mr. Bordogna is the Chairman and Senior Equity Portfolio Manager for Todd Investment Advisors, Inc. Bob holds an MBA from the Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia, and a BS from Trinity College. Bob has been an active volunteer in the Louisville community, including serving on the board of the Louisville Area Red Cross, and the national Red Cross Board of Directors, as an ex-officio member. In addition to traveling abroad with his wife, Elaine, Bob enjoys snow skiing and golfing. With nearly thirty years in the investment industry, Bob brings a wealth of knowledge and valuable skills to the Wellspring board of directors. We welcome both his experience and his deep commitment to Wellspring’s mission.

Dr. Christina Butler Joins Wellspring Board of DirectorsDr. Christina Butler is the Medical Director for Emergency Psychiatric

Services at the University of Louisville Hospital. In that capacity, she oversees the collaboration of clinical operations with Seven Counties Services and University Hospital, provides direct patient care, and teaches and supervises residents and students. As an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, she also enjoys her role as a teacher at the University of Louisville. Dr. Butler received her Doctor of Medicine degree in May 1998 from the University of Louisville, and has a BA in Psychology from the University of Louisville. She has active memberships in the American Medical Association, the Kentucky Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association. Dr. Butler is an active member of the LMPD Crisis Intervention Training Steering Committee, and regularly participates as a CIT trainer. With her background and current activities, Dr. Butler brings important skills and relationships that will help to further Wellspring’s work in the community.

Page 7: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

l i v i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r m e n t a l h e a l t h r e c o v e r y w e l l s p r i n g a n n u a l r e p o r t 2 0 0 8

Wellspring’s first ever public capital campaign seeks to fulfill Wellspring’s mission through growth and consolidation. The capital campaign was an outcome of Wellspring’s 2006

Strategic Plan; it is the key to building upon the agency’s 24 years of achievement and positioning Wellspring to aggressively address our clients’ needs in the future.

Five critical goals were identified, including the need to: 1. Develop a second Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) facility to address the

community’s unmet need for psychiatric stabilization services in a safe, attractive and home-like setting. To meet this need, Wellspring developed the David J. Block Center, which was completed in July 2007.

Projected cost: $700,0002. Renovate and refurbish Wellspring’s existing 17 facilities to assure the

safe, attractive and home-like environment that best promotes the recovery of our clients. Inasmuch as Wellspring’s first facility was secured in 1982, a number of our facilities have unfunded renovation and refurbishment that must be addressed. A time-phased, prioritized list of these needs was developed to guide us throughout the process. Projected Cost: $400,000

3. Create a Housing Development Seed Fund to support the development of 60 units of safe, decent and affordable housing for adults with mental illness. This fund will allow Wellspring to compete for funding that would not otherwise come to this community. For less than $7,000 per new unit, the Housing Development Seed Fund will allow Wellspring to double our permanent housing stock.

Projected Cost: $400,0004. Fund a Facilities Preservation Endowment to ensure the conservation

of Wellspring’s housing sites, ensure that Wellspring’s facilities continue to meet the needs of our clients, and that Wellspring’s presence in our community enhances the neighborhoods in which we are located.

Projected Cost: $200,0005. Establish a functional Wellspring Administrative Center to achieve or-

ganizational effectiveness and efficiency. This Center will enhance ongo-ing operations, meet staff development and training needs, and allow Wellspring to better support the needs of our clients and their families. Projected Cost: $400,000

Over the past year, the Wellspring Board of Directors worked determinedly to meet the campaign’s goals. Campaign consultants were engaged to guide us through the process. A Campaign Steering Committee was formed, comprised of all Wellspring board members and key community volunteers. Together, this committed group contributed over $500,000 toward the campaign, before launching the “quiet phase” of the project in November, 2007. The early response to this campaign has been enthusiastic. Donors have given confidently, knowing that the agency is an accountable, local, community-based organization meeting a crying human need in an efficient and progressive fashion. The James Graham Brown Foundation awarded Wellspring a grant which will match campaign gifts dollar-for-dollar up to $250,000! And, Brown-Forman provided a corporate community leadership gift of $50,000.

The culmination of the Housing... Hope... Recovery: Campaign for Wellspring efforts over the past year will be evidenced by the time this report is distributed. The Campaign went “public” in September 2008, in conjunction with the dedication of the Wellspring Bridge Apartments. Located in a

The Campaign for Wellspring

No matter what method works

best for your personal situation,

Wellspring’s Executive Director

or Development Director are

willing to assist you in making an

appropriate and effective gift.

Please call us at (502) 637-4361,

ext. 11 or 12, for answers to your

charitable giving questions.

Page 8: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

l i v i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r m e n t a l h e a l t h r e c o v e r y w e l l s p r i n g a n n u a l r e p o r t 2 0 0 8

historic Louisville area, this new site offers eight units of attractive, affordable housing for adults with psychiatric disabilities. This energy efficient building’s design features enhance the streetscape, and carefully selected exterior materials ensure compatibility with existing homes in the neighborhood.

We have already raised over $1.5 million toward our $2.1 million goal, but we know that completing the campaign will present many challenges. But Wellspring’s proven model of providing quality community-based supportive housing offers compelling evidence for increasing our programming, and through it, to save lives, support families, and improve our community. To those ends, Wellspring is committed to completing this most important undertaking, and to celebrate its success by the conclusion of 2009.

Ways to Give to WellspringA broad range of giving options allows donors to achieve their personal

financial goals and support the important work of Wellspring. Gifts of any size are appreciated – every gift makes a difference!

Annual Fund CampaignA year-round fundraising effort, this campaign helps sustain

Wellspring’s programs and facilities by covering costs not met by grants and contracts.

EndowmentsEndowment gifts help assure the stability of Wellspring’s future. The

income from endowment investments can help support special program needs and cover extraordinary facility expenses, while the base of the gift continues to grow.

Gifts Of Appreciated AssetsBy donating appreciated assets rather than cash, donors can receive the

same tax deduction, but avoid capital gains and transfer fees. Stocks, bonds, real estate, and other such assets make excellent gifts to Wellspring, especially if they have increased in value since acquired. The current market value may be used as a tax deduction without incurring capital gains.

Life Insurance PoliciesSignificant tax savings can be realized by naming Wellspring as owner

and beneficiary of a life insurance policy. The value of the policy and annual premium payments may be tax deductible.

Planned GivingDonors can make revocable or irrevocable planned gifts to Wellspring and

receive immediate recognition of their gifts. Options to consider include:• Naming Wellspring as a beneficiary in your will.• Designating Wellspring as a beneficiary of a trust.• Establishing a Charitable Trust with Wellspring as a beneficiary.• Identifying Wellspring as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Matching GiftsMany employers offer a matching gifts program that extends the value

of their employees’ generosity. Check to see if your employer will help you help Wellspring in this way!

artist: Martin

Page 9: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

l i v i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r m e n t a l h e a l t h r e c o v e r y

Recovery-Oriented Programming …which recognizes that individuals with severe and persistent mental illness have the capacity to lead satisfying, contributing and meaningful lives, and that the potential for recovery is optimized when stable housing is combined with a flexible individualized support system.

Client-Centered, Individualized Care …which appreciates that all people have their own unique talents, skills and preferences, and respects and actively supports each person’s right to identify and pursue their own chosen goals.

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach …which assures person-centered programming by including social workers, art therapists, psychiatrists, psychiatric rehabilitation counselors and peer support counselors, and recognizes that staff without professional degrees bring value to the team and contribute toward our clients’ recovery.

Community Integration …through housing located in areas accessible to public transportation, and to the comprehensive support services that contribute to our residents’ recovery and include a low-density housing approach to promote community inclusiveness.

Quality Construction & Maintenance …through comprehensive planning and consistent management of Wellspring’s well-constructed, high-quality residential properties, and assure efficient and consistent property maintenance, which furthers our capacity for care.

Neighborhood Enhancement … through housing that complements existing neighborhood housing and serves to increase property values, and earned Wellspring an award from the Jefferson County Office of Historic Preservation.

Accountability through … a commitment to excellence in financial management, program practices and outcomes, business and employment practices and housing maintenance, and providing quality services that have garnered Wellspring an “exemplary” rating from the Kentucky Department of Mental Health. Wellspring has also been cited as a model program in national reviews of residential service providers.

Collaboration with …the Louisville Homeless Coalition, the Metropolitan Housing Coalition, the Kentucky Mental Health Coalition, New Directions Housing Corporation, Seven Counties Services, Bridgehaven and NAMI-Louisville, and we are proud to be a participating member of the Metro United Way, and a Seven Counties Services affiliate agency.

Leadership by … a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of community leaders, mental health professionals and concerned family members. In addition to their deep commitment to the agency, Wellspring’s board members offer strong leadership, provide needed skills, and contribute resources that help the agency fulfill its mission.

Our Service Values Assure:

Our Housing Values Include:

Our Community Values Require:

Page 10: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

w e l l s p r i n g g u i d e t o s e r v i c e s 2 0 0 8

Wellspring’s MissionTo promote the recovery of persons with mental illness

through leadership in the development of quality housing and rehabilitation services.

History and GrowthSince our founding in 1982, Wellspring has worked

to improve the lives of individuals with mental illness in our community. From Ardery House, our flagship site where Wellspring began providing Transitional Housing, Wellspring moved on to develop Supported Housing and Independent Housing. In 1995, Well-spring opened Kentucky’s first Crisis Stabilization Unit, the Gaines Center, and a second CSU, the Da-vid J. Block Center in 2007. These diverse sites offer a variety of supported housing options designed to pro-vide a best-practices approach for the recovery of our clients. In addition to our services in Jefferson County, Wellspring has expanded into Shelby County by es-tablishing a site in Shelbyville. As a result of these un-flagging efforts, Wellspring has been recognized as Kentucky’s lead provider of such services, and we are the only such provider in this region.

Service FeesCosts for Wellspring’s programs and housing rent-

als vary according to site. However, all charges are based on a sliding fee scale.

PhilosophyAll of Wellspring’s work is based on the belief that

when individuals with mental illness have the stability and dignity of housing, the work of psychiatric reha-bilitation and recovery can begin. Recovery from psy-chiatric illness does not mean finding a cure; rather, it means developing a satisfying, hopeful and contribut-ing life despite the presence of mental illness. Recovery is a unique process for each person. To most effectively promote recovery from mental illness, the community must respond with an array of options to meet individ-ual clients’ needs and preferences.

StaffingAll client services are overseen by Wellspring’s Associate

Director & Director of Programs, Katherine R. Dobbins, MSSW, LCSW. Wellspring operates with a staff of nearly 100 professionals and paraprofessionals, who serve over 600 clients in Jefferson and Shelby counties annually.

Services ArrayThe agency operates two crisis stabilization units,

two transitional housing programs, three highly sup-ported permanent housing programs, and 80 units of deeply subsidized rental housing, including support-ed apartments, independent apartments, and single-family homes.

Program DevelopmentWellspring is a multi-faceted agency. In addition to

providing program and housing services, Wellspring performs all phases of housing development, including: planning, site location, arranging financing, and con-struction contracting. We take great pride in developing safe, attractive and affordable housing that supports our residents’ recovery and improves our neighborhoods. Wellspring’s staff is continuously trained in the recog-nized best-practice methods in the field of mental ill-ness. Training staff to work with clients who have co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders is particularly emphasized, since a large percentage of our clients are diagnosed with both illnesses.

Crisis Stabilization ServicesThe goal of our Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) pro-

gramming is to assist patients experiencing an acute phase of their mental illness to achieve psychiatric sta-bilization and avoid hospitalization. Wellspring’s 2 CSU program sites, the Gaines Center CSU and the David J. Block Center, provide a total of 16 crisis sta-bilization beds. This program serves patients who are experiencing acute symptoms of mental illness, such as severe depression, mania, or symptoms of psychosis. This is the only Wellspring program that does not re-quire a severe and persistent mental illness diagnosis to be eligible for services. While at the CSU, patients re-ceive intensive treatment, close monitoring with high levels of staff support, and medications prescribed by a psychiatrist.

Multi-disciplinary Staff includes:• Full-time Psychiatrist• 7 Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselors• Expressive Therapists• 24-hour staff double coverage• Peer Support staff

Wellspring has developed a centralized referral and admission process for the CSU Program. Referrals for both sites can be made by calling (502) 561-1072.

Guide to Services

Page 11: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

l i v i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r m e n t a l h e a l t h r e c o v e r y

Gaines Center CSUReferrals can be made by calling (502) 561-1072.

The Gaines Center Crisis Stabi-lization Unit, which opened in 1995, was Kentucky’s first resi-dential, community-based crisis unit. Until Wellspring opened the David J. Block Center, it remained as this region’s only such program. In 2005, the Gaines Center CSU received the Mental Health Asso-ciation of Kentucky’s prestigious Philip P. Ardery Award, honoring ten years of urgent, ongoing psy-chiatric care and treatment in a community setting. The 8-bed Gaines Center CSU houses men and women in a homelike setting situated at the edge of downtown Louisville. Admissions are accepted seven days a week. The average length of stay is 9.5 days.

Gaines Center CSU StaffThomas P. Rhodes, LCSW


Montae KaufmanProgram

Ryan SchaferProgram

Michael Markham, MEdMental Health

Carol A. Miles, MEd, ATR Expressive

C. Michael Houk, MDMedical Director/Psychiatrist

Gaines Center CSU and David J. Block Center CSU• 467 clients served• 95% (435) clients were treated without the need

for hospitalization• 78% experienced a significant decrease in

psychiatric symptoms between time of admission and discharge

• 67% were diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness

• 86% of clients experienced a reduction in symptoms of depression

Ardery House• 23 residents served• 100% of graduates moved into housing of their

choice• 89% of graduates experienced a statistically

significant decrease in psychiatric symptoms

Journey House• 14 homeless women served• 100% of graduates experienced a statistically

significant decrease in psychiatric symptoms• 100% of graduates were sober with an average of

18 months of sobriety• 100% of graduates went to housing of their choice

Supported Housing• 19 residents served• On average, there was a 95% reduction in days

of psychiatric hospitalization compared to the year before entering these programs.

• 100% of the clients at Broadway, Concord and Crescent House are involved in community-based activities; several clients are employed on a part-time basis

Independent Housing• 80 adults and their children, including several

families, served• 97% occupancy was maintained over the course

of the year • 3% of exiting clients moved on to permanent

housing of their choice, after living more than a year in Wellspring housing

Outcomes for FY 2008

Page 12: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

l i v i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r m e n t a l h e a l t h r e c o v e r y w e l l s p r i n g g u i d e t o s e r v i c e s 2 0 0 8

David J. Block Center CSUReferrals can be made by calling (502) 561-1072.

The David J. Block Center pro-vides eight crisis stabilization beds. When it opened in 2007, this site doubled Wellspring’s previous ca-pacity. The David J. Block Center is situated in downtown Louisville, and serves both men and women. Admissions are accepted seven days a week. The average length of stay is 9.5 days.

David J. Block Center CSU StaffAmy Hill, LCSW


Darryl Harris, BSWProgram

Enrica Macklin, BAAssistant Program

Heather Marcus, MSSW, CSWMental Health

Jessica Shires, CSWMental Health

Valerie C. McCarthy, ATR-BCExpressive

C. Michael Houk, MDMedical Director/Psychiatrist

Transitional Housing

Ardery HouseTelephone: (502) 637-4361 x19Fax: (502) 637-4490

Wellspring’s first site, Ardery House, named in honor of our founding board chair, Philip P. Ardery, opened in 1982. This pro-gram assists individuals who are leaving the hospital and/or experi-encing homelessness achieve inde-pendent living. While all partici-pants have a diagnosis of mental

illness, nearly half also have a co-occurring substance abuse disorder.

The 13-bed Ardery House pro-vides men and women with room, board, life-skills training, recre-ational activities, case manage-ment, and individual and group therapy. Residents had an eleven-month average stay in FY’08.

Ardery House StaffBeth Schweichler, LCSW


Ericha Blakeman, BAProgram

Jennifer Bash, CSWSocial

Karen S. Head, MDConsulting Psychiatrist

Journey HouseTelephone: (502) 561-0003Fax: (502) 561-9086

Fifty percent of individuals with severe mental illness are dually diag-nosed with a substance abuse disor-der. As a result, they have increased symptoms of mental illness, more frequent relapses, less treatment fol-low-through, more homelessness and victimization, more involvement with the courts and jails, and revolv-ing-door hospitalizations.

Wellspring opened Journey House in 1998 to better meet the needs of Louisville’s dually diag-nosed, homeless women, who were falling through the cracks of a ser-vice system ill-prepared to simulta-neously treat these illnesses. Most of these women have also been vic-tims of violence, and have experi-enced multiple failures in treat-ment and independent living prior to coming to Journey House. Jour-ney House is the first residential program in Kentucky specifically designed to serve this population;

it can accommodate 8 residents. Staff is extensively trained in both mental illness and substance abuse treatment. The program provides intensive support to the women as they struggle with the issues of re-covery from both illnesses. The av-erage length of stay is nine months for graduates.

Journey House StaffCutia W. Brown, LCSW

Clinical Supervisor

Kathy Kelton, BSProgram

Ya-Hsin Hsiao, MEd, LPCCMental Health

Supported Housing

Wellspring operates 3 supported housing programs, which enable participants with extensive histo-ries of psychiatric hospitalization live successfully in the communi-ty. There is no limit on the length of time a resident may live in these houses. Broadway House, which opened in 1986, is located in the Phoenix Hill neighborhood. It is home to 8 men who live in a con-gregate environment. Concord Apartments, in the Hikes Point area, opened in 1987 and provides housing for 8 women in four two-bedroom apartments. Crescent House is the latest addition to Wellspring’s supported housing program; this single-family home for three men recently celebrated its fifth anniversary.

Staff complement includes:• Master’s level clinical social

workers• Consulting psychiatrist• Residential staff coverage

(variable, according to clients’ needs)

• 24-hour on-call clinical staff

Page 13: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

l i v i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r m e n t a l h e a l t h r e c o v e r y w e l l s p r i n g a n n u a l r e p o r t 2 0 0 8

Concord Apartments StaffTelephone: (502) 499-2278Fax: (502) 499-2278

Cresant Smith, LCSW, CPRPClinical

Vicky Nallia Program

Broadway House StaffTelephone:(502) 589-3432

Cresant Smith, LCSW, CPRPClinical

Jerry Booth, BS Program

Crescent House StaffTelephone: (502)897-6993Fax: (502)897-6993

Trudy North-Wollak, LCSWClinical

Anne Alexandra, MDivProgram Coordinator

Independent Housing

Wellspring provides 80 units of deeply subsidized rental housing for persons with severe and persistent mental illnesses. The program’s tenants have very limited incomes; many would be homeless or live in substandard housing without this resource. This housing is coupled with appropriate support services from Wellspring and Seven Counties Services, pro-viding tenants a permanent home base for their jour-ney of recovery. Open-ended leases and housing which varies in type and location allow consumers to choose the best fit for their needs. While most of Wellspring’s housing is spread geographically throughout Jefferson County, the agency also has one four-unit residence located in Shelby County, in the Shelbyville area. In 2007, Wellspring initiated a leased-housing initiative which provides supportive services specifically for 10 residents with mental ill-ness who have been chronically homeless.

Patrick Henry Apartments8 units in southern Jefferson County, 1992

Amity Apartments12 units in west Louisville, 1989

Clover Hill Apartments8 units in Shively, 1993

Youngland Apartments5 units in Shively, 1995

Shelbyville Apartments4 units in Shelby County, 1999

Murray Avenue Apartments4 units in the Highlands neigh-borhood, 2002

Baxter Avenue Apartments4 units in the Phoenix Hill neighborhood, 2004

Single-family housing3 single-family homes near downtown Louisville (1989-2002)

Wellspring Apartments12 units in Old Louisville, 1987

Supported Independent Living Apartments2 units in Louisville

Independent Housing StaffEric Cecil, BA


Lauren Richards, BACase

Page 14: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

l i v i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r m e n t a l h e a l t h r e c o v e r y w e l l s p r i n g a n n u a l r e p o r t 2 0 0 8

Statement of ActivityYear Ended June 30, 2008

Revenue Rounded Federal, State &

Local Government Grants 45% $1,650,000 Capital Campaign 28% $1,052,000 Contributions 9% $344,000 Apartment Rentals 8% $293,000 Medicaid 6% $220,000 Metro United Way 3% $113,000 Other Revenues 1% $13,000 Total Revenue 100% $3,685,000 Expenses Client Services and

Supported Housing 80% $2,572,000 Management and General 10% $319,000 Capital Campaign 5% $166,000 Other Fundraising 5% $149,000 Total Expenses (Includes $136,000 deprecation) 100% $3,206,000 Current Year Increase in Net Assets $479,000

Statement of Financial PositionJune 30, 2008

Assets RoundedCash and Cash Equivalents $218,000 Grants and Accounts Receivable $1,121,000 Endowments $339,000 Other Assets $301,000 Property and Equipment, Net $2,505,000 Total Assets $4,484,000

Liabilities and Net AssetsLiabilities Accounts Payable $30,000 Accrued Expenses $197,000 Other Current Liabilities $4,000 Mortgage Notes Payable $944,000

Total Liabilities $1,175,000

Net AssetsUnrestricted $1,929,000 Temporarily restricted $1,041,000 Permanently restricted $339,000

Total Net Assets $3,309,000

Total Liabilites and Net Assets $4,484,000artist: Rachel

Page 15: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

l i v i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r m e n t a l h e a l t h r e c o v e r y w e l l s p r i n g a n n u a l r e p o r t 2 0 0 8

One of Ardery House’s first residents, Steve exemplifies the success of Wellspring’s programming. For Steve, the combination of stable

housing and supportive services “completely turned my illness around,” he says. Now living successfully at Broadway House, Steve recalls that learning to set realistic goals and conscientiously follow through with them helped him learn to manage his illness. He also found that the peer support services were especially important in helping him get back into the community. “Continuing my work has helped me learn a lot of patience, and has given me a lot of satisfaction.” Steve reflects on how Wellspring helped him learn how to recognize the symptoms of his mental illness and deal with them responsibly, and what a difference that made in his life. “I had a choice for mental health… and I chose Wellspring.”

Richard credits his long history with Wellspring for his success in living with his mental illness. He has faced a long line of challenges over the

course of his lifetime, but with Wellspring’s support he has persevered. “I’m just lucky to be here.” he says, having struggled through two bouts of cancer and hip replacement surgery. He adds, “Going through all that, Wellspring became my family.” After 14 years of living “with the guys” at Wellspring’s Broadway House, Richard moved into his own apartment and has enjoyed having his own place for 7 years now. Even with a broken ankle that makes navigating the steps a real challenge, Richard still gets up and goes out every day. He says that’s an important thing for him; having something to do, and somewhere to go, no matter what. “People have been surprised that I’ve held up under all this,” says Richard. “It wasn’t easy, but Wellspring saved my life, and I’m not going to give up on it now!”

“It was the Art Therapy Program at the CSU that helped me blossom,” says Lynn with a glow on her face. “It offered a way to express myself

constructively, and boosted my self-esteem tremendously,” she added. Lynn has a long history of hospital stays and Crisis Stabilization Unit visits, a period of time at Wellspring’s Ardery House and years of supported living at Concord House. “They saved my life,” she says, “and now I live on my own, and I’m pursuing my art.” Lynn has exhibited through several private art shows, and her work was included in an event at the LVAA. She has also become active in consumer advocacy work; she recently made a presentation to the Metro Council. In her spare time Lynn authored her story of recovery and is working on getting it published. “It feels good, not needing Wellspring in my life on a daily basis now – but I know that the CSU is there any time I need it, and that really means a lot to my peace of mind.”

Some of Our Stories: Celebrating Over




Page 16: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

l i v i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r m e n t a l h e a l t h r e c o v e r y w e l l s p r i n g a n n u a l r e p o r t 2 0 0 8

Ann says life at Concord House means “there’s always someone there for you! I never thought I’d have my own apartment. But now, besides an

apartment, I have a great roommate, my own checking account, and I’m my own payee, which means I’ve taken on a lot of responsibility!” Ann lived with her elderly father until, after an episode that required hospitalization, the doctor told her about Wellspring. Ann came to Ardery House and saw that with the support she received from Wellspring she could make it on her own. “Now it’s like I’m part of a sisterhood. At our apartments, we’re all friends and we all help one another out. And,” she adds with a giggle, “they call me the chatterbox!”

“I say, I’m a survivor!” Tanya exclaims. After years of battling addictions to alcohol and gambling, in addition to her mental illness, she finally

made her way to Wellspring’s Journey House. “Even though it took two tries, it was the Journey House program that worked for me,” she shares. “They stuck with me, and I stuck with them – and that’s what pulled me through.” After 5 years of living in a Wellspring apartment, she now has the most seniority of any of the apartment complex’s residents. Tanya says she enjoys the camaraderie and the security that comes with knowing everyone around her. Now a Wellspring employee, Tanya is glad to have the chance to help others by her example. Tanya adds, “When others know that you can do it, and put their trust in you to do it – then your goal is met!”

Looking back on her journey of recovery, Donna recounts periods of estrangement from her family, frustrating attempts at self-medication

and numerous hospitalizations, and adds “I’d all but given up hope – but then I found Wellspring!” After a stay at Ardery House, Donna found a home at Journey House. “It took twenty-one months of work, and that’s the longest anyone’s ever been at Journey House,” she reflects. “But they helped me learn the skills and coping mechanisms to do the plan – and it’s paid off so well, I don’t ever want that other life back again!” Donna proudly points to her achievements. “I’ve had my own apartment for two years, and I’m my own payee now!” She loves decorating her apartment, shopping, and spending time with her family. “It means so much to be welcomed back into their lives!” Donna says, through a beaming smile. “Now I have two new goals – I want to find a job and get a car so I can see my children even more often!”



25 Years of Direct Client Services

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l i v i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r m e n t a l h e a l t h r e c o v e r y w e l l s p r i n g a n n u a l r e p o r t 2 0 0 8

Legacy Society(Wellspring honors donors who have informed us of future gifts.)Ethel H. O’Brien Designated FundCornelia SerpellMelissa Routt

Chairman’s Foundation(Gifts $1,000 and over)Mr. & Mrs. William AbelDr. Sarah AclandMr. William O. Alden, IIIMr. & Mrs. Philip P. ArderyMr. Rick Barney

Focal PointMr. & Mrs. Donald MacLean Bell

The MacLean Foundation, Inc.Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. BordognaMr. Barret BrownMs. Meredith Wilson BrownMr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Cecil, IIIMr. & Mrs. Philip ClementsMr. and Mrs. Paul A. CoomesDr. & Mrs. Charles E. DobbsMr. George FabeFifth Third BankMs. Jean W. FrazierMr. Leo J. Govoni

The Center for Special Needs Trust Administration, Inc.

Ms. Mary Louise GraffMr. James R. Jenkins

Veredus Asset ManagementMs. Deedee JonesMr. & Mrs. Alan K. MacDonaldMr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. MehlerMr. & Mrs. Ralph MillsDr. & Mrs. Alexander H. MooreMr. & Mrs. Theodore NixonEthel H. O’Brien Designated FundMr. Mitchell Palmer

Zoeller CompanyDr. & Mrs. Gary E. PenningtonDr. & Mrs. Norman D. RadtkeMr. George W. Rapp, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Ted RouttMorton & Kathleen Hart Sachs

The Sachs CompanyMr. & Mrs. Kenneth SalesDrs. Richard & Jackie SwigartMs. Alice TasmanMs. Joan H. ToddMs. Susan Tolliver & Mr. Robin

EdwardsenMr. & Mrs. Elmore “Ack” Willets, IIIMr. & Mrs. Jefferey M. Yussman

Leadership Circle(Gifts $500-$999)Mrs. Edith S. BinghamMs. Lauren CarlisleMr. James CarpenterMr. & Mrs. Charles ClarkMr. & Mrs. Thomas C. DieboldMr. & Mrs. John H. FalveyRev. and Mrs. Mark R. FeatherGE Foundation Matching Gifts ProgramMr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Gleason, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. GooteeMr. & Mrs. Edward Sloane Graff, IIIMrs. Jean Perkins Greenwood

Mr. Francis C. HaganDr. Lounette HumphreyMr. & Mrs. Stuart P. JayDr. Hunt B. JonesMr. Chuck KaplanMr. & Mrs. Robert E. Kulp, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. LermanArthur J. Lerman Charitable

Foundation, Inc.Dr. Laura S. MooreMs. Doris J. Nelson, LCSWMr. Tom O’NealMr. & Mrs. John C. Oxley

The Oxley FoundationMr. & Mrs. Sheldon M. ReinDr. & Mrs. Richard D. RinkMr. & Mrs. James M. RobertsMr. David B. Tachau &

Ms. Susannah Woodcock The Woodcock Tachau Charitable Fund

Ms. Judy WellsMr. Paul Wessel

Sponsors(Gifts $200-$499)Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. ArderyAetna Foundation Inc.Ms. Jenny Stone Banks LMFT, LCSWMr. Dave Berkemeier

Occupational Health SolutionsMr. William Bishop & Ms. Julia ArderyMr. Neville Blakemore Jr. &

Ms. Gray HenryDr. & Mrs. C. William BriscoeMs. Kim Brohm

ARCO AluminumMs. Deborah M. EntwistleMr. & Mrs. David E. FergusonMr. & Mrs. John A. HamiltonMr. & Mrs. Timothy HazlettMr. & Mrs. David G. LairdMs. Diane M. Laughlin &

Mr. Charles Russell NeillMr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. LoomisMr. Lynn & Ms. Crit LuallenMs. Janet R. McGriffMs. Susan T. NicholsThe Hon. & Mrs. James C. NicholsonMs. Shelly OatesMr. & Mrs. Mark O’BrienMr. & Mrs. Ray PryorMr. Andrew C. RappMr. Ed Seigenfeld & Sharon SparrowMr. John S. SpeedMs. Joan H. ToddMs. Jean M. WaggettMrs. Louise R. WallDr. John C. Wright, II

Sustainer(Gifts $100-$199)Mr. & Mrs. Gregory AlbrightMr. & Mrs. Philip P. Ardery, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Allan S. AthertonMr. & Mrs. Chellis R. AustinMr. & Mrs. Timothy J. BarryRev. & Mrs. Harlan BeckemeyerMs. Marilyn J. BernardMr. & Mrs. R. Bruce Besten, IIMs. Patrice H. Blanchard

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. BlockDr. & Mrs. McHenry BrewerMr. Charles A. Bringardner, Sr.Dr. Patricia P. BrodieMr. & Mrs. Randolph A. BrownMr. & Mrs. Mark L. BrownState Rep. Thomas J. Burch, Sr.Ms. Sandra Lee BurkheadDr. Christina Butler

University Hospital-EPSMs. Kathryn CappyMr. & Mrs. Dennis CarrithersDr. & Mrs. David Allen CaseyMr. & Mrs. Martin A. CasperMr. & Mrs. William F. Chandler, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. ChesslerChevron Employees

“People Making a Difference” Campaign

Ms. Mary Bruce CobbMr. & Mrs. Robert B. CoomerMs. Gretchen S. CowenMs. Karen DahlemMr. Peter E. DaveyDr. Mary Helen Davis &

Dr. Alvin W. MartinMr. & Mrs. Ralph DennisThe Hon. Deborah DeWeeseMs. M. Jean DeyeMr. & Mrs. Charlie DickenMr. & Mrs. Paul E. Disney, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. David DoeringDr. George F. DoyleMr. & Mrs. David S. EasterlingMr. & Mrs. Daniel J. EigelMr. & Mrs. Albert EntwistleMs. Judith P. ErlerMr. & Mrs. Charles P. FosterMs. Nancy Gayle GamboaMr. & Dr. Lee K. GarloveMr. & Mrs. Mark GoeingMr. & Mrs. Richard A. GoetzMr. & Mrs. Stuart S. GoldbergMs. Mary Louise GormanMr. & Mrs. Craig D. GrantMr. & Mrs. Orbin GreeneMs. Andrea GrigsbyMr. & Mrs. N. O. GrohmannMr. & Mrs. James GrubbsMr. & Mrs. Newman GuthrieMr. & Mrs. W. Frank HarshawMr. & Mrs. James R. Hendon, Jr.Dr. Mary Ann C. HenryMs. Cathy HinkoMrs. Irma M. HirschMs. Jane H. HopeMr. & Mrs. James R. HopkinsMs. Susan Howe

Specialty Retail Concepts, Inc.Mrs. Katherine E. JohnsonMr. & Mrs. S. Paul Jones, IIIMr. & Mrs. Richard M. KaukasMr. & Mrs. Daniel N. KlinckDr. & Mrs. Donald R. KmetzDr. & Mrs. Clifford C. KuhnDr. & Mrs. J. Gregory KuhnsThe Rev. Canon Lucinda Laird

St. Matthews Episcopal ChurchDr. & Mrs. A. Gary LavinMs. Lisa Patrick LeetMr. & Mrs. Robert F. Logsdon

DonorsWellspring thanks each

of the thoughtful individ-

uals, groups, foundations,

and corporations who

generously supported our

work through donations,

sponsorships and grants

from July 1, 2007 through

June 30, 2008. Every effort

has been made to ensure

listing accuracy. We sin-

cerely apologize for any

errors or omissions. We

would appreciate hearing

from our readers with any

corrections. Please contact

the Development Office at

(502) 637-4361, x 12.

Page 18: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

l i v i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r m e n t a l h e a l t h r e c o v e r y w e l l s p r i n g a n n u a l r e p o r t 2 0 0 8

Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. LongMs. Sheryl A. LynchMr. & Mrs. Eddie MaamryMr. Douglas M. Magee &

Ms. Anne Marie ReganMr. & Mrs. Timothy ManningMr. & Mrs. James C. MartinMr. & Mrs. William M. McKinney, Jr.Ms. Jane Bell McKuneMr. & Mrs. Edward A. McShaneMr. Charles D. MerrillMr. & Mrs. Milton W. MetzMr. & Mrs. Rudy MillerMr. & Mrs. Hume MorrisMrs. Carolyn J. NeustadtMr. & Mrs. Delmar NewmanMr. & Mrs. John C. Oxley

Fawn Leap FarmMr. & Mrs. S. W. Palmer-BallMr. & Mrs. Michael PayneMs. Jenny B. PetersonMr. & Mrs. Gunars PotapousMr. & Mrs. Bill PullenMr. & Mrs. Raymond H. RadfordMr. & Mrs. Kenneth RicheyDr. & Mrs. George RobertsonMr. & Mrs. Joseph L. RodgersMs. Mary Janette J. RogersDr. & Mrs. John F. RoseMs. Mary S. SachsMr. Fraser G. Schaufele, Jr.Ms. Grace SchneiderMs. Judy SchultzeMs. Sheila A. Schuster, PhD.

Kentucky Society of PsychologistsMr. & Mrs. Robert SchutzMr. Bruce W. ScottMs. Ellen H. ShapiraMr. & Mrs. Alan ShrebtienkoMr. & Mrs. J. T. SimsMrs. Barbara SinaiMs. Adelyn D. SpaldingMr. & Mrs. Keith Spears, Jr.Ms. Catherine S. SpeidenMr. & Mrs. John SpickardMr. Aidan M. Stone &

Mrs. Barbara Bates StoneMr. & Mrs. Rhoden C. StreeterDr. & Mrs. James L. SublettDr. Frank J. SwartzDr. & Mrs. Richard SweetTachau Meek, PLCMs. Bonnie TaylorMr. David Todd & Ms. Shellie E.

WilliamsMr. & Mrs. Thomas B. TracyMr. & Mrs. Patrick WelshMs. Gerry WhitsonMr. Alan K. Whitworth & Ms. Mary F.

WilsonMr. & Mrs. T. Hunter WilsonMr. & Mrs. David WinklerDr. & Mrs. Richard S. WolfMr. Robert B. WregeMr. & Mrs. Michael A. WrightMr. & Mrs. Robert Yankovich

In-Kind DonorsMr. & Mrs. R.L. AbellActors Theatre of LouisvilleMs. Dru Adams

Aesthetics in JewelryAnonymousMr. and Mrs. Ken ArmstrongArtemisiaAvalonBaptist East/Milestone Wellness

CenterMr. Gary BehamMs. Fran BergMr. R. Bruce BestenMs. Becky BieselMs. Donna BoubyMr. & Mrs. Dennis BoydBravo Cucina ItalianaChris BrawnerMs. Diane BrodbeckThe Brown HotelMs. Meredith BrownBrown-FormanBurdorf’s FurnishingsMs. Lauren CarlisleCeltic CentreMr. Greg ChapmanClay & CottonCommonwealth Foot & AnkleComplementsMr. Paul J. Constante, D.C.Cotton & Allen ManagementMs. Elaine Crowder in Honor of Conrad HuskMs. Karin CrowderD&R PharmacareDM Adams DesignMs. Linda DabneyMs. Aimee DarnellMr. Robert DavenportMr. Glen B. DavisMr. Matthew Davis & Ms. Patti

McAlisterMs. Ruthann DearnessMr. Tim DeLongMr. Anthony DikeDivas Handbags & AccessoriesMs. Nancy DoctorDolfingersMr. John DoughertyMr. Michael DuncanDwyer DesignScapes, Inc.Dynamic Chiropractic & RehabMr. & Mrs. Jim EberleMr. Wayne EsterleEtceteraEuro MarketEvents, Inc.Executive West HotelFabulous HatsFireKing Security GroupMr. & Mrs. Sanford FleckMr. and Mrs. Ron FordFrances Lee Jasper Oriental RugsMs. Pat FrancisFrost Brown Todd LLCThe Galt House Hotel and SuitesMr. & Mrs. Doug GaskinsMr. Jim GeorgeMs. Donna GillMs. Sarah GorhamGraeter’s Ice CreamMr. Jeff GreeneMs. Cindy GrimesMs. Kay Grubola

Ms. Deb GrunstMr. Lawrence A. HaagMs. Tricia HafeleMr. Gary HalfacreMs. Jill HallMs. Jane HarcourtMr. Craig HardenMr. & Mrs. Tim HargroveMs. Debbie HartlageMs. Regina HasnerHeine Brothers CoffeeMr. Henry V. HeuserMs. Karen HightHilton Garden Inn East - LouisvilleHis Creations Florist & GiftsHoney Vine HatsMr. Dan HoschHotLocks SalonMs. Susan HoweMr. Michael D. HowertonMs. Linda Waterman HumphreyMr. Todd HunterIn Bloom AgainThe Irish RoverJack Fry’sJackson RecordsMs. Frances Lee JasperMs. Denise JeromeJett Wellness, Inc.Jewish Community Center of LouisvilleMs. Jennifer JohnsonKaren’s of CourseKarina’s JewelersMr. & Mrs. Jim KaseyMs. Diane KeltonKentucky Auto Sales, Inc.Kentucky Derby FestivalKentucky Derby MuseumKentucky Horse ParkKentucky Planning PartnersMs. Kate KleinertThe Knit NookMr. Tip KockentietKoi By DelanorMr. Curt LadigMr. & Mrs. Gary LandMr. Mike LaveraLe RelaisMr. John LeffertThe Louisville BalletThe Louisville BatsLouisville Bedding CompanyLouisville Fire Arena FootballLouisville MagazineThe Louisville OrchestraLouisville StonewareLouisville Visual Art AssociationThe Louisville ZooMrs. Mary LudwigMs. Anne LuvisiMr. Alan MacDonaldMs. Delanor MansonMarriott Downtown LouisvilleMary’s KitchenMassage EnvyMr. Brian MastersonMasterson’s RestaurantMs. Cynthia MatlyMs. Karen MayesMr. & Mrs. Charles McHolanMr. Keith McHolan

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis McTigheMs. Penny McTigheMs. Betty MeadowsMs. Stephanie MeeksMeridian CaféMs. Rosemary MiddletonMs. Cissy MillsMr. Houston MillsMr. & Mrs. Gary MillsapMr. Joe MittelMr. Carl MittelstenMr. Allan B. MorrisMs. Brenda Morris, D.M.DMs. Cathy MorrisMs. Sarah Blanchard MorrisonMudpies Studio & GalleryMr. & Mrs. Jackson MullinsMs. Lisa MullinsMr. & Mrs. Kenny NalliaNanz and Kraft FloristMr. John NicholsonMr. Tony NolandMr. Mike O’DonnellPat O’NealMr. Darren W. ParksParty Kits and Equestrian GiftsPat’s Steak HouseThe Peppermint TreeMark J. Perelmuter D.M.D.Plehn’s BakeryMs. Mary Ann PollardMs. Suellen PrenattMr. Rob PrinceMs. Judy PrizantProspect JewelersMs. Alisha QuinonesMr. & Mrs. Pete RaisorRaw Sushi Bar and LoungeMichael & Siobhan ReidyRéViveSandy RichardsonKen RicheyMs. Judy RogersTed & Jackie RoskyMr. Ron RossMr. David RussellMs. Annette SagermanPatti SwopeSam Swope Auto GroupSarabande BooksMs. Anne SawyerMr. Ben Schaffer D.P.M.Paul F. Schmidt, Ph.D.Science Hill InnScout on MarketMr. John ShakeShaker Village of Pleasant HillMr. Bill SheetsBill Sheets PhotographyMs. Kathy ShivelyMr. Richard ShuMs. Ashley SimonMs. Amberly SimpsonJ. SmithSmoothie KingSoftware House InternationalSpaquena Day SpaMr. John SpeedMs. Lucy SpickardMs. Barb SpiersSpruce Hill Nursery, Inc.

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l i v i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r m e n t a l h e a l t h r e c o v e r y w e l l s p r i n g a n n u a l r e p o r t 2 0 0 8

Stained Glass & MoreStandard Country ClubState of the Art DentistryMs. Linda StettenbenzMr. Speed StodghillMr. & Mrs. Steve StrattonMs. Linda StrieterMs. Julie StutsmanMs. Tricia SuitMs. Sarah SullivanJackie Swigart, Ph.D.Taft Museum of ArtMs. Margaret TaylorMr. Jim TedescoMs. Jodi TischendorfMs. Susan TolliverTranquility Spa and SalonMr. & Mrs. Darrell TrentTwo Chicks & CompanyUPSJ. ValvanoMs. Lindy VanceMs. Lois VaughnMs. Joyce VermillionMs. Gloria VotawMs. Beth WagnerMr. Brad WalkerMr. Larry WatsonMs. Jen WayneMs. Lauren WesselMr. Paul WesselMs. Mary WheatleyMr. & Mrs. Charles WhiteMs. Paula WhittleMs. Mary WhitworthElmore “Ack” Willets, IIIMs. Polly WilliamsMs. Diane WilsonMs. Sue WilsonMs. Sandee WizorWolter Chiropractic CenterMs. Sonya WolterMs. Fran YarmuthMr. Jefferey YussmanZ Salon and SpaMs. Gail ZehMs. Denise ZeydelMr. Alan Zoeller

2008 Derby Preview Party SupportersMr. Bill AbelChristine Adams, M.D.Sumner & Deena AdamsAEGONMs. Mary AndersonAnonymousJoseph & Anne ArderyMr. John AsherElsie and Allan AthertonMr. Kahlil BakerMs. Kimberly BallardMs. Stephanie BarkerMr. Rick BarneyDr. Melissa BarrettMs. Terry BarrettBB&T Insurance ServicesMs. Theresa BeamesDon & Joy BellMs. Nancy BellMs. Jennifer Bielstein

Ms. Dawn BittnerMr. Bernie BlockMr. Ed BolesMs. Joyce BolesBob & Elaine BordognaDennis & Nancy BoydMr. John BoydDr. Howard BraccoMr. Bob BrodbeckMs. Barrett BrownMs. Meredith BrownBrown-FormanChristina Butler, M.D.Mr. Greg ByrneMs. Lauren CarlisleJim & Mary CarpenterDennis & Carol CarrithersMs. Valerie CaseyMr. Bill CasnerMs. Soni CastleberryMr. Eric CecilMr. & Mrs. Joe CecilMr. Tony CecilCenter for Special Needs Trust

AdministrationGregory & Barbara ChapmanJohn & Kris ChristensenChurchill DownsTom & Rea ClarkPhilip and Denise ClementsMs. Mary Bruce CobbMs. Lee CochranMr. J. Terrence CodyMr. Scottie CollierGregory & Janis ComptonMr. David W. CooperMs. Jennifer CottinghamMs. Leslie CoyleCrowe Chizek and Co. LLCMs. Karen DahlemMr. Jim DaileyMr. Tom DaileyDeloitte & Touche LLPDeming Malone Livesay & OstroffMr. Ralph DennisMs. Vickie DennisMs. Ruth DevineMr. Charlie DickenMr. Charles DobbinsMs. Kathy DobbinsMark & Jenny DobbinsMr. Brent DoctorMs. Nancy DoctorMr. Bill DoolittleRobin Edwardsen & Susan TolliverMr. Robert ElliottMr. George FabeFabulous HatsMr. Richard FenleyFifth Third BankFirst Kentucky Trust Co.Ms. Nancy FitchSanford and Melissa FleckMs. Cindy Flynn-PielaFocal Point ProductionsFort Washington Investment AdvisorsMs. Dawn FranklinJohn & Frances FreemanMr. Bill FrielFrost Brown Todd LLCFulfillment Concepts, Inc.

Ms. Lauren GarrisonMs. Kelly GarveyMr. Doug GaskinsScott & Rosemary GilbertsonJoe & Van Gliessner, Jr.Mr. Brad GlotzbachMr. Leo GovoniMs. Jean Perkins GreenwoodLawrence & Marian HaagMs. Tricia HafeleKelly HannahWood & Catha Hannah, IIIWood & Marie Hannah FoundationDavis & Jane HarcourtMr. Robert HaysleyMs. Amy HillMs. Dawn HillMike & Anita HoagMr. Greg HoeckMs. Jennifer HoertzMs. Susie HoffmanThe Humana FoundationHumana Military Healthcare ServicesMs. Lounette HumphreyMs. Margaret HuskStuart & Paula JayNeil & Judy JesseJewish Hospital & St. Mary’s

HealthCareMr. David F. JohnsonMs. Dixie JohnsonMr. Larry JohnstonMr. Craig JonesMs. Deede JonesMr. Chuck KaplanMr. Ken KappMr. Mike KeeneMs. Sandi KeeneMr. Christopher KirkseyMs. Lucinda LairdMs. Nancy LairdMs. Diane LaughlinMs. Mary LavelleMs. Joanie LermanLevy RestaurantsLouisville MagazineLenny & Faith LylesMs. Joanne LynchAlan & Joyce MacDonaldMs. Samantha ManningMr. Tim ManningMs. Janet MasseyMack & Frankie MathewsMs. Katie McCartyDr. Robert McFaddenMs. Jane Bell McKuneDennis & Cathy McTigheMs. Laurie Beth McTigheMs. Lynne MeenaLarry & Phyllis MehlerMr. Charlie MerrillMeyzeek School VolunteersMs. Carol MilesMiller Consultants, Inc.Ms. Kathy MillerJerry & Cissy MillsMr. Brian Moore & Dr. Kitty HenryMs. Cathy MorrisJack and Donna MullinsMr. Mark MundayMutual of America

Ms. Vicky NalliaNAMI - LouisvilleNational CityRuss Neill & Diane LaughlinMs. Becky NelsonMr. Jim NelsonNew Directions Housing CorporationMs. Trudy North-WollackNorton HealthcareMs. Jean O’BrienJohn O’Brien, M.D.Mr. Chris OchsnerPassport Health PlanMr. Mike PayneMr. Pat PayneDr. Gary & Ms. Margaret PenningtonMr. Steve PerkinsJohn & Cheryl PooleMs. Miriam PoteetKelby PriceMr. Ray PryorPsychological ServicesPublishers PrintingMs. Judy PullenDr. Norman and Ms. Chris RadtkeMr. George Rapp, Jr.Re/MaxResCareMs. Rhonda ReskinMs. Danette RhoadsMs. Cindi RhodesMr. Patrick RhodesMr. Steve RichardsJames & Cheryl RobertsAlan & Beatrice RosenbergTed & Melissa RouttMs. Deborah SageKenneth & Karen SalesMs. Christie SamsMr. John SauerMs. Anne SawyerMr. Ed SeigenfeldSeven Counties Services, Inc.Ms. Dawn ShrebtienkoMr. Mitch ShirrellDan & Ann SiebertSiebert & JohnsonMs. Lanier SiewertsenJackie Simmons, M.D.Michael & Debbie SimonMr. Tom SnyderMs. Frankie SpagoloMs. Sharon SparrowMs. Noreen SpeckmanMs. Nancy SpradlingMs. Michelle SpurlockMs. Cil StephensMr. Mike StevensStock Yards Bank & TrustMr. Harold StreetsMs. Carrie SublettDr. Jim Sublett & Lelia SublettMs. Erica SuzukiDrs. Richard & Jackie SwigartMs. Patti SwopeSam Swope Auto GroupMs. Rebecca TamasAlice & Norman TasmanDr. Allan TasmanMs. Bonnie TaylorMr. Brandon Terrell

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l i v i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r m e n t a l h e a l t h r e c o v e r y w e l l s p r i n g a n n u a l r e p o r t 2 0 0 8

Tilford Dobbins Alexander Buckaway & Black, PLLC

TLT Outdoor Photography GalleryToday’s WomanTodd Investment Advisors, Inc.Ms. Susan TolliverTransformationsS. G. TylerUniversity Psychiatric ServicesMr. Tom WamplerWardlow Auctions, Inc.Clyde & Carita WarnerMr. Lowry WatkinsMs. Debbie WayneWeichert Realtors, ABG PropertiesMr. Jeff WellmanMr. Paul WesselElmore A. “Ack” & Cissie Willets, IIIMs. Diane WilsonDavid & Joan WinklerMs. Stephi WolffMs. Susan WomackMichael & Kathleen WrightWyatt Tarrant & CombsMr. Steve YardsJefferey & ZoeAnn YussmanMs. Ruth Zavaglia

Capital CampaignMr. William O. Alden, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Nolen C. Allen Mr. & Mrs. Philip P. Ardery Mr. & Mrs. Allan S. Atherton Mr. William C. Ballard Ms. Edith S. BinghamMr. Bernard F. BlockThe David J. Block Foundation

Mr. Andy Block Mr. Bernard F. Block Ms. Sarah Sheets Ms. Susan Sutherland

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Bordogna Mr. Ulysses L. Bridgeman, Jr. The Evan Brown Memorial FundMs. Meredith Wilson Brown Mr. & Mrs. J. McCauley Brown Mr. Robert Brown Brown-FormanMr. & Mrs. Van G. Carlisle Center for Special Needs Trust

Administration, Inc. Mr. Nelson E. Clemmens Ms. Lee CochranCrowe ChizekThe Dabney Family Fund

In honor of George RappMr. & Mrs. James P. DaileyState Rep. Bob M. DeWeese Mr. George FabeFamily Allergy and Asthma Mr. & Mrs. Sanford FleckMr. & Mrs. William Friel Mr. Stephen C. Gault

In honor of William Friel and Lawrence Mehler

The Gheens FoundationMr. H. David HaleWood & Marie Hannah Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John E. HillHilliard Lyons Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Hoeck

The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Horner The Rev. & Mrs. Richard Humke Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts, Fifth

Third Bank, TrusteeMr. & Mrs. Charles Johnson The Honorable & Mrs. Brereton C.

Jones Mr. Donald F. KohlerArthur J. Lerman Charitable

FoundationThe Robert I. Lerman Family FundMr. & Mrs. Leonard E. LylesMr. & Mrs. Alan K. MacDonald State Rep. Mary Lou Marzian and

Mr. Bill MarzianMr. & Mrs. Malcolm R. Mathews, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Gregory MayesThe Jessie Barker McKellar FoundationMr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Mehler Mr. James MetcalfeMr. David MettsMs. Sandy MettsMr. & Mrs. Ralph Mills Dr. Laura and Mr. John MooreMr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Musselman Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Nixon Dr. & Mrs. Gary E. Pennington Publishers Printing Company, Inc. Anonymous Mr. Stephen Reily & Ms. Emily

BinghamLouis T. Roth Foundation

In honor of Jefferey YussmanMr. & Mrs. Ted M. Routt Mr. David B. Russell, CFMAnonymousMs. Virginia Speed Ms. Nancy SpradlingThe Sumner Foundation

In honor of Samuel Greenebaum, IIIDrs. Richard & Jackie Swigart Mr. & Mrs. Bosworth M. Todd Ms. Susan Tolliver Mr. John I. Trawick & Ms. Patricia A.

Clare Mr. & Mrs. Elmore A. “Ack” Willets, IIIMs. Diane Wilson

In memory of Evan BrownMr. Richard WilsonWyatt Tarrant & CombsThe Hon. John A. and Mrs. YarmuthMr. & Mrs. Jefferey M .Yussman

Honorariums & Memorials Wellspring annually receives gifts in honor of individuals and gifts to commemorate anniversaries, birthdays, holidays or other special occasions. Donors simply notify Wellspring of their desire to make a gift, provide the name of the honoree and the occasion being celebrated. Wellspring records the gift and sends an acknowledgement to the honoree.

In addition, families of clients and friends often designate Wellspring as the beneficiary of expressions of sympathy when loved ones pass away. We deeply appreciate such thoughtfulness during difficult times.

The following Honorariums & Memorial Gifts were received between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008.

In Honor OfJoseph & Anne Ardery

Julie Ardery & Bill BishopPhilip P. Ardery, Sr.

Mr. Philip P. Ardery, Jr. Mrs. Edward S. Bonnie Robert Winthrop Charitable Trust Ms. Judy F. Wells

Philip & Anne Ardery Joan H. Todd

Julie Ardery & Bill Bishop Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Ardery

John & Nancy Bell Dr. & Mrs. John F. Rose Joan H. Todd

Lee & Susan Bishop Julie Ardery & Bill Bishop

Jerry Booth Joan H. Todd

Katharine R. Dobbins, MSSW, LCSW Mr. & Mrs. Morton H. Sachs

Larry Mehler Mr. & Mrs. John H. Falvey

Steve & Kathy Perkins Ms. Patrice H. Blanchard

George W. Rapp, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Craig Grant Ms. Louise Wall

Cornelia A. Serpell Mr. & Mrs. Allan S. Atherton Mr. & Mrs. M. Robert Yankovich

Jackie Swigart, PhD Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Loomis

Bosworth M. Todd, Jr. Ms. Virginia Gray Henry David Todd & Shellie Williams

Joan H. Todd Mr. & Mrs. Norbert O. Otto

Dr. & Mrs. Jack Yusk Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Welsh

Wellspring 25th Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Carrithers

Ack Willets Alexander Martin Hill Elmore A. Willets, IV Ms. Madeleine Willets

Ack & Cissie Willets Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Chessler

Luther E. Whittaker Mr. & Mrs. James R. Hopkins

In Memory OfDr. John Bell

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. ArderyMr. & Mrs. John T. BallantineDrs. Edward F. & Barbara E. BellMr. Carl J. BensingerMr. & Mrs. Timothy M. BickelMr. & Mrs. Edward S. BonnieMr. & Mrs. John Paul BrantleyDr. & Mrs. McHenry BrewerMs. Betty Ann BroeckerMs. Joan Simons Brown The Cunningham-Gardiner FoundationMr. O. Grant Bruton Middleton ReutlingerMr. Allen W. Bush & Ms. Rose CooperMs. Nancy E. CampMr. & Mrs. William H. Camp, Jr.Ms. Kathryn D. ChristophersonMr. & Mrs. Theodore CrossMr. & Mrs. Herbert DarbyMr. & Mrs. Carl T. Fischer, Jr.Ms. Betty FleischakerDr. Dinsmore C. FultonMr. & Mrs. J. David GrissomMs. Jean Tachau HaasMs. Frances Starks HeyburnMr. & Mrs. Robert B. HornerMs. Janet C. IrwinMrs. Laban JacksonMr. & Mrs. Lawrence JelsmaMr. & Mrs. David A. JonesMr. & Mrs. Dan Jones C. E. and S. Foundation, Inc.Dr. Hunt B. JonesMrs. Patricia KirchdorferMr. & Mrs. E. T. KirkDr. & Mrs. Sandor KleinMrs. Margaret G. LanierGreater Louisville Medical SocietyMs. Marisa Lusk Jefferson ManorMr. & Mrs. Stanley K. MacDonaldMr. & Mrs. William B. MahoneyMs. Jane Bell McKuneMs. Marilyn MotschMr. & Mrs. Gouverneur H. Nixon, Jr.Ms. Joanne OldhamParrish Family Parrish RealtorsDr. & Mrs. John PentaMs. Joy PertersonMs. Caroline Poole Foundation for a Sustainable CommunityMs. Suzy PostMr. George W. Rapp, Jr.Dr. & Mrs. John F. RoseMr. & Mrs. Theodore S. RoskyDr. & Mrs. Nat SandlerMrs. Kate Rudd SarfinCornelia A. SerpellMr. & Mrs. Robert SextonMs. Betty SmithMs. Nancy H. SpradlingMr. & Mrs. Rucker ToddMr. & Mrs. Thomas ToddMr. & Mrs. Michael E. TownsendDr. & Mrs. William W. Ward, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Webster

Page 21: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

l i v i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r m e n t a l h e a l t h r e c o v e r y

David J. BlockMr. & Mrs. Edward L. Block

Robert Bordogna, Jr.Actors Theatre of LouisvilleMr. & Mrs. Robert AdelbergMr. James L. Bareuther Brown-Forman CorpMr. & Mrs. Cecil BarnettMr. & Mrs. Cecil C. BarnettMs. Linda L. BlevinsMr. & Mrs. Richard J. BordognaMr. Joseph BordognaMs. Betty A. BowlesMr. & Mrs. HewettMr. & Mrs. William H. Camp, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Lee G. Chirgwin .Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. ClassonMs. Cassandra A. Culin & Thomas K. EllisonMr. & Mrs. S. Gordon DabneyMr. & Mrs. Michael J. DalyMr. Laurent C. DeschampsMr. & Mrs. Earl Dorsey, Jr.Ms. Melanie Doyon National CityMr. & Mrs. Marshall FarrerMr. & Mrs. Christopher R. FullerMr. Michael K. GreenDr. & Mrs. John J. GuarnaschelliMs. Alice P. GunnisonMr. & Mrs. Rick HarnedMs. Beverly W. HastingsMs. Louise Fitzhugh HickoxMr. & Mrs. Marvin J. HirnMr. Gregory A. Hoeck Stock Yards Bank & Trust CoDr. Richard T. Holt Spine Surgery, PSCDr. & Mrs. John G. HubbardMs. Frances L. JasperMr. & Mrs. Elias H. KarsonMs. Nancy Lampton Hardscuffle, IncMr. Todd P. Lowe & Ms. Fran RattermanDr. & Mrs. Carl LundborgMr. & Mrs. Melvin J. MaronMs. Jane Bell McKuneMs. Anne H. T. MooreMs. Julie Baquie MortonDr. & Mrs. David S. NightingaleMr. Edwin H. Perry Greenebaum Doll & McDonaldThe Hon. & Mrs. John W. PotterMr. & Mrs. Junius W. Prince, IIIDr. & Mrs. Norman D. RadtkeMr. & Mrs. Scott W. ReynoldsMr. & Mrs. Theodore S. RoskyMr. & Mrs. Robert W. RounsavallMr. & Mrs. William O. RuddSt. Francis High SchoolMr. Hugh M. Shwab, IIIMr. Steven Stern & Ms. Ingrid OsswaldMs. Tammy H. SwitowMr. Bosworth M. Todd, Jr. Todd Investment AdvisorsMs. Joan H. ToddMs. Aida ToumaMr. & Mrs. W. Joe VandrickMr. C. W. Ward III, CPA

Dr. & Mrs. Gary WeinsteinMr. C. Kenneth WeixlerMr. & Mrs. John James WhiteMr. & Mrs. David WoodDr. & Mrs. Jesse H. WrightDr. & Mrs. Kenneth ZegartMr. & Mrs. Arnold J. Zegart

Valerie CullemMr. & Mrs. Mack Mathews

Patricia DragoEugene & Tony Drago

William D. Friel, Sr.Associates at ABG RealtorsMs. Tammy Decker

Frank M. Gaines, MDMr. & Mrs. Philip P. ArderyMs. Sheriall A. Cunningham Mental Health AssociationMr. & Mrs. Mack MathewsMs. Rita C. NickleDr. & Mrs. Nat Sandler

Mrs. Jean Perkins GreenwoodMs. Mary Lou AspengrenMr. Bernard BlockMr. & Mrs. Robert P. BordognaMs. Virginia BurmeisterMs. Marilyn CallahanMs. Pauline P. CordellMr. & Mrs. David A. GravesThe Metro United Way Council of Agency ExecutivesMs. Marylee LankamerMs. Shari L. Lewchanin &Mr. Bert B. MeekMr. & Mrs. Mack MathewsMr. & Mrs. Gary L. McCulloughMs. Janet R. McGriffMr. & Mrs. Robert M. ParkerMr. George W Rapp, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Harry J. Reames, Jr.Ms. Phyllis RocheMr. & Mrs. Ted RouttMs. Barbara SnyderMs. Ann SteeleMs. Nancy G. ThompsonMs. Ruth L. TuckerMr. & Mrs. John S. WaggonerMs. Karin WheelerMs. Janice M. WickstrandMr. & Mrs. Jefferey M. Yussman

Cliff GreggMs. Kathleen M. Gregg

Martha GrayMrs. Ludmila B. Shaver

Ms. Kristin HansenDr. Sarah AclandMr. & Mrs. Robert AdelbergMr. & Mrs. Philip P. ArderyDr. Melissa T. BarrettMrs. Edith S. BinghamMr. & Mrs. Bruce H. BroeckerMr. Allen Bush & Ms. Rose CooperMr. & Mrs. Eugene H. CassellMr. Christopher C. DobbsMs. Nancy L. DoctorMr. & Mrs. Carl T. Fischer, Jr.Ms. Holly H. GathrightMs. Mary Louise GormanDr. & Mrs. William GrantMrs. Jean Perkins GreenwoodMr. & Mrs. Allee B. Harmon

Ms. Janet C. IrwinMs. Dixie JohnsonMr. & Mrs. Robert E. Kulp, Jr.Mrs. Calvin A. LangMrs. Margaret G. LanierMr. & Mrs. Mack MathewsDr. & Mrs. Alexander H. MooreMr. & Mrs. Gordon L. RaganMrs. Virginia C. RauhMs. Beth SchweichlerMr. & Mrs. Corwin Short, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. W. David SiskMs. Cynthia C. SmithMr. & Mrs. Charles Smoot, Jr.Drs. Richard & Jackie SwigartMs. Bonnie TaylorMs. Joan H. ToddMrs. Louise R. WallMrs. John Aylward White, IVMr. & Mrs. Robert L. WilsonMr. & Mrs. Jefferey M. Yussman

Paul & Elsie JohnsonHarry R. Kendall Masonic Lodge 750Mr. & Mrs. Bud KillionMs. Bonnie Taylor

Betty Jane MathewsMr. & Mrs. Mack Mathews

John NicholsMr. James D. Robbins

Albert ReutlingerMrs. Elizabeth M. Reutlinger

Linda SchaafMs. Cynthia C. Smith

William Dana ShelbyMrs. Ellen B. Shelby

Sam ToddMr. & Mrs. N. O. GrohmannMs. Elizabeth W. JonesMs. Mary S. SachsMs. Cynthia C. SmithMs. Julia H. Stanton

Joanne VandrickMr. & Mrs. W. Joe Vandrick

Patty Lee WareMr. & Mrs. Mack Mathews

Carl ZimmermanMs. Sharon A. Lamb


Officers and Directors 2007/08Alan K. MacDonald – ChairJefferey M. Yussman – Vice ChairMargaret Pennington – Vice ChairGeorge Rapp, Jr. – TreasurerMelissa Routt – SecretaryRobert P. BordognaChristina L. Butler, M. D.Sanford L. FleckWilliam FrielGregory E. MayesLawrence J. MehlerCissy MillsDavid B. Russell, CFMJackie Swigart, Ph.D.Elmore “Ack” Willets, III

Honorary Lifetime MembersPhilip P. Ardery, Founding ChairNancy B. BellRoberta FischerFrank M. Gaines, Jr., M.D.Rev. Richard H. HumkeClifford C. Kuhn, M.D.Malcolm R. Mathews, Jr.Cornelia A. SerpellBosworth M. Todd, Jr.John I. Trawick

Management Team and Administrative StaffStephen C. Perkins


Katharine R. Dobbins, MSSW, LCSW Associate Director & Director of Programs

Robert L. Brodbeck Chief Operating Officer

Bonnie Taylor Housing Services Director

Nancy L. Doctor Development

Ruth Uphaus

Lanier SiewertsenAccounting

Tony CecilProgram Information

Cathy McTigheAssociate Director of

Karen S. HeadConsulting

About the ArtArt Therapy program is part of Wellspring’s supportive services programming. Expressive Therapists Carol A. Miles, MEd, ATR and Katie McCarthy, MA, ATR-BC, provide instruction and encouragement to the program participants. The artwork featured on the cover and throughout this report was created by Wellspring’s program participants.

Annual Report TeamProduction Coordinator: Nancy L. DoctorContent Development: Cathy McTigheDesign: StudioFolioPhotography: Bill Sheets PhotographyPrinting: Publishers Printing Co.

Additional thanks to the many Wellspring staff members and clients who contributed time and talent to this project.

Page 22: Wellspring's Annual Report FY08

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