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Welcome to the Cluster Catholic Parishes of St. Anthony, St. Mary ... · PDF fileServant of God, Fr. Joseph Walijewski pray for us! 5 MASS SCHEDULE SA=ST. ANTHONY, SM=ST. MARY, HF=HOLY

Feb 28, 2019




St. Anthony, St. Mary

Growing and Spreading the Good News of the Catholic Faith in the Heartland.

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time July 22, 2018

Welcome to the Cluster Catholic Parishes of

Fr. Leo Johnson, Pastor

Cell Phone: 715-712-4847

Email: [email protected]

Cluster Parish Main Office

407 North Division Street

P.O. Box 69

Loyal, WI 54446

Parish Office: 715-255-8017

Parish Email:

[email protected]

Parish and School Website:

Little Angels Daycare:


St. Anthony School

208 W. Spring St.

Loyal, WI 54446

School: 715-255-8636

School Email:

[email protected]

Mrs. Barb Kingsbury

St. Mary School

119 N. Main St.

P.O. Box 129

Greenwood, WI 54437

School: 715-267-6477

School Email:

[email protected]

Parish Mass


Saturday, 4:00 PM

Holy Family, Willard

Saturday, 6:30 PM

St. Anthony, Loyal

Sunday, 8:30 AM

St. Mary, Greenwood

Sunday, 10:30 AM

St. Anthony, Loyal

& Holy Family


Celebration of

our Diocese


Bishop Callahan


My dear people of Loyal, Greenwood and Willard

Today we celebrate the 16


Sunday in ordinary time.

As we celebrate this, we are reminded of good and

committed leaders. The first reading indicates that the

good leaders are chosen by God himself I will appoint

shepherds for them who will shepherd them so that they

will no longer fear and tremble, The second reading

highlights that it is Jesus who made it for us He came

and preached peace, for through him we both have ac-

cess in one spirit to the Father.

The gospel says that Jesus was moved with pity for the

people because they were like sheep without a shepherd.

We are all called to rethink and renew our commitment in our leadership quality.

Thus the same Lord will give us the grace to stop enmity and to share peace in our




celebration in our deanery.

Last Sunday, we made this a successful celebration in our parish and in our

Thorp Deanery. I would thank Father Steve because its he who had everything in

his mind and as a dean of Thorp Deanery, he was leading the plan for this

wonderful celebration in our Thorp Deanery.

We were very happy to have our Bishop William among us for the Mass and

followed by meeting in Thorp. I thank our parish council and finance council

members for the presentation and all the committees and the organizing team for

making this a wonderful program.



of July - Saint James Apostle

We celebrate the Feast of Saint James Apostle. He is called the Greater

because he followed Christ before the other apostle of the same name. He was the

first of the Twelve to be martyred. He is the patron of pilgrims, of Spain,

Guatemala and Nicaragua. We could get the life lesson from the Saint James

Apostle is that following Jesus Christ can lead to hardship and persecution, but

the reward is eternal life with Him in heaven.

God bless you all

With love

Fr. Leo Johnson


Saturday, July 28, 2018 at 4:00 PM

Lector: Clare Knodle

Servers: Elizabeth, Nathan and Danica Revier

Eucharistic Ministers: Bob Trunkel, Joanne Trunkel,

Jerry Lamovec

Music: Ashley Volovsek

Ushers: Bing Perko, Bernard Artac, Scott Horvat, Bob Eckes

Greeter: Diane Perko

St. Mary Parish

For Sunday, July 15, 2018


Plate..$ 189.61

Youth.$ 00.00

Online giving.$ 80.00


St. Anthony Parish

For Saturday/Sunday, July 14/15, 2018


Offertory..$ 389.60

Online Giving...$ 810.00




Holy Family Parish

For Saturday, July 14, 2018


Offertory... $141.50



Saturday, July 28, 2018 at 6:30 PM

Lector: Carrie Schmidt

Servers: Alyssa Rueth, Halle Aumann, Cain Toufar

Eucharistic Ministers: Joann Oestreich, Chuck Rueth,

Tom Wepfer, Cindy Zvolena, Bengie Quelle

Music: Callie Schmidt

Thank you for your support!

Sunday, July 29, 2018 at 8:30 AM

Lector: Rita Mayenschein

Servers: Emma Schlough, Hayden Rakovec, Levi Lindner

Eucharistic Ministers: Joyce Syth, Jill Gregorich, Bill Lindner,

Marlene Hinker, Shirley Lindner

Music: Maddi / Morgan Raese

Ushers: Frank Arch, Bill Lindner, Ryan Lindner, volunteer

Greeters: Florence Briski

How Do I Join This Parish? If you would like to join

Holy Family, St. Mary or St. Anthony Parish, please intro-

duce yourself to our pastor, Fr. Leo, after Mass. He will be

glad to help you get registered in the parish and connected

with any ministries or programs you may be interested in.

Or, contact the parish office (715-255-8017) and

Margie will have Fr. Leo call you. If you are a long time

member of the parish but have never registered as an

independent adult, there are registration forms in the church

entrances. Please fill one out and put it in the collection

basket or get it to the parish office. Welcome!

Sunday, July 29, 2018 at 10:30 AM

Lector: Nicole Hoesly

Servers: Olivia Hoeser, Seth Duell, Sam Lathrop

Eucharistic Ministers: Tara Scheel, Sharon Schoonover,

Missy Froeba, Kerri Schuette, Merry Fischer

Music: Need


Anniversary Books Available

The Diocese of La Crosse is celebrating the 150th

anniversary of its founding in 2018. A history of the

Dioceses first 150 years, including a brief history and

pictures of every parish in the Diocese, has been pub-

lished and is available for purchase for $33.00. There is

one available for viewing in the entrance area of each

parish. You may purchase one at the parish office.

Suggested amount of offering for sacred occasions:

Baptism: $10.00 Christian Burial: $50.00

Marriage: $75.00 Mass Stipends $10.00 per Mass

St. Anthony PCCW Red Cookbooks for sale at cost

of $10.00 are at Carrousel Beauty Salon, Fourmens in

Loyal, or call Mary Kay Behnke at 715-255-8053.

Dear Brothers and


May The Lord give you


I extend my heartfelt and

humble congratulations to you for surpassing your goal

for the Diocesan Annual Appeal. Not lost on this

achievement is the fact that this year we are celebrat-

ing our Diocesan Sesquicentennial. Like the gifts from

the generations before us, your sacrificial gifts awaken

a hope, a hope that endures, for countless people now

and into the future.

Again Congratulations! May God continue to bless

abundantly the charitable and good works you do!

Bishop William P. Callahan

Servant of God, Fr. Joseph Walijewski pray for us!



Monday, July 23

8:15 am SA Communion Service Lector: Jack Barrett

8:15 am SM Communion Service Lay Leader: Joyce Rondorf

Tuesday, July 24

8:15 am HF Fr. Leo Mass Ed & Rose Pekol by family/friends

8:15 am SA Communion Service Lector: Joann Oestreich

8:15 am SM Communion Service Lay Leader: Joyce Rondorf

Wednesday, July 25

8:15 am SA Fr. Leo Mass Loriena Lindner by Ken & Mary Kay Behnke Lector: Jack Barrett

8:15 am SM Communion Service Lay Leader: Joyce Rondorf

Thursday, July 26

8:15 am SA Communion Service Lector: Joann Oestreich

8:15 am SM Fr. Leo Mass Stanley & Amy Olson by family/friends

Friday, July 27

8:15 am SA Fr. Leo Mass Sherrin Mack by family/friends Lector: Jack Barrett

8:15 am SM Communion Service Lay Le