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Welcome Welcome to to Fourth Grade Fourth Grade Parent Orientation Parent Orientation September 2014 September 2014 Ms. Bianka Crespo 4-303 Ms. Bianka Crespo 4-303 Ms. Catherine Linehan 4-301 Ms. Catherine Linehan 4-301 Ms. Jessica Mitchell 4-305 Ms. Jessica Mitchell 4-305

Welcome to Fourth Grade Parent Orientation September 2014 Ms. Bianka Crespo 4-303 Ms. Catherine Linehan 4-301 Ms. Catherine Linehan 4-301 Ms. Jessica Mitchell.

Dec 16, 2015



Evan Sims
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  • Welcome to Fourth Grade Parent Orientation September 2014 Ms. Bianka Crespo 4-303 Ms. Catherine Linehan 4-301 Ms. Catherine Linehan 4-301 Ms. Jessica Mitchell 4-305
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  • Purpose of the Orientation A general introduction to your childs classroom, and an overview of a typical day
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  • Arrival Students are expected to be seated in the auditorium when our day begins at 8:20AM with a book to read, therefore, they should be in the auditorium by 8:15AM
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  • A Typical Day Morning Routines Attendance Pledge of Allegiance Collect parent notes/Lunch Money Literacy/Math Block
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  • Literacy ReadyGen (Pearson) designed specifically to meet Common Core Standards ( Spelling Vocabulary Reading Comprehension Writing Junior Great Books Scholastic Storyworks New York State ELA Assessment April 14-16, 2015 Portfolios
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  • Shared Texts The Tarantula Scientist by Sy Montgomery The Boy Who Drew Birds ~ The Story of John James Audubon by Jacqueline Davies Skeletons Inside & Out by Claire Daniels Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow The Birchbark House by Louise Edrich Using Money by Gail Fay Lunch Money by Andrew Clements
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  • Units of Study ELA Narrative Non-Fiction Informational Narrative Compare/Contrast Poetry
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  • Mathematics Go Math! (Houghton Mifflin ) ( Operations and Algebraic Thinking- Multiplication & Division Number and Operations in Base Ten Number and Operations Fractions Measurement and Data Geometry New York State Math Assessment April 22- 24, 2015
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  • Social Studies Houghton Mifflin Harcourt New York City Edition New York History and Government eStudent Book username:NYCgrade4 password:NYC Influence of the Native Americans on the development of New York Cultures interacting Immigration and its effect on the development of New York
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  • Science ~ Ms. Estrada Grade will be an average of the following items: Check lists Classwork Science Notebook Exit Passes Quizzes Tests
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  • Science Notebook Benefits Documentation develops organizational skills Reference Document helps students review forgotten facts Cognitive Engagement writing helps students clarify what they know
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  • Components of the Science Notebook Table of Contents Page Numbering Date & Teaching Point Class Notes Vocabulary Index Graphs, tables and charts
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  • Contact Ms. Estrada Leave a message at 212-927-8218 Email
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  • Special Areas Library Ms. Neidish Music Mr. Jennings Physical Education Mr. Diaz Please make sure sneakers and proper clothing are worn on these days Science Ms. Estrada
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  • Other Areas Lunch 11:35 12:25 (dress appropriately for weather ) Art ~ Ms. Kleiner (Tuesdays) Independent Reading Handwriting Supplies Blue Emergency Cards Letters Medication Birthdays
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  • Grading Policy ~ Math Chapter Assessments Performance Tasks Quizzes Classwork/Participation & Discussion Homework
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  • Grading Policy Reading Formal Assessments iReady/Fountas & Pinnell Formal Assessments Performance Task Classwork Participation/Discussion Homework
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  • Grading Policy -Writing Published Writing Pieces Performance Tasks Writing on Demand Classwork Language/Grammar Homework
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  • Homework is assigned nightly and should be checked and signed by a parent Tests are sent home to be signed and returned to school
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  • Communication Parent Bulletins are sent home to keep families updated on school events ~ please check your childs backpack Engrade Login & password information will be sent home School Website ~
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  • Email Contact Bianka Crespo Catherine Linehan Jessica Mitchell
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  • Class Trips/ Special Events New Victory Theater Trips Music Festival Science Fair Wax Museum/Writing Celebrations Fourth Grade Picnic Moving Up Ceremony
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  • Dismissal Fourth Grade dismissal begins at 2:35 PM in the outdoor yard Please communicate any changes in your childs normal dismissal routine in writing or contact the main office during the day
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  • Student Expectations Students should not be dropped off before 7:30AM Breakfast begins at 7:45AM Lunch money will be collected in the classrooms and lunch forms must be completed and returned to school Students should be dressed appropriately for the weather! Inclement dismissal procedures are enacted when deemed necessary by the Administration Students should come to school well prepared for a successful and productive day!