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Welcome to Foley Infant School. School Staff O Headteacher – Mr Willetts O Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Hillery O EYFS Manager – Miss Candeland (Mrs Cartwright)

Apr 01, 2015




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Welcome to Foley Infant School Slide 2 School Staff O Headteacher Mr Willetts O Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Hillery O EYFS Manager Miss Candeland (Mrs Cartwright) O Teachers Miss Candeland, Mrs Shaw & Mrs Jones O Teaching Assistants Mrs Whiston & Mrs Jackson O School Business Manager Mrs Grove O Office- Mrs Harper and Mrs Gwilliam Slide 3 Uniform O Shoes not trainers O Polo shirts O Jumpers / Cardigans O PE Kit White t-shirt, dark shorts, pumps O Jewellery / watches O Trousers or skirts not tracksuit bottoms/jeans O Sun hats See Mrs Gwilliam to view, purchase or order Slide 4 Outdoor Learning O Waterproof coat and wellies Slide 5 Lunchtime arrangements O Free Meals for all Sept 14 O Food freshly prepared onsite O Sandwich option available from school O Dinners, sandwiches, home O NO glass bottles or fizzy drinks please O Midday Supervisors- need to follow their instructions O Menu text each day O Banana menu Slide 6 Healthy School O Fruit or vegetable for break provided O Milk free for Under 5s then 22p a day when ordered weekly online O Packed lunches should follow Healthy Eating principles portion size Slide 7 Water Bottles O We wish your child to have access to water during the day so you will need to provide a named water bottle O Available from office in September - 1.50 O Returned on a daily basis O It should only contain water O It is kept in the classroom and can be accessed by the child during the day O This bottle needs to be separate from their packed lunch drink Slide 8 Attendance / Reporting Absences O Importance of good attendance O Below 85% - EWO O Holidays O Reporting Absences by 9:30am Slide 9 Medication Policy O Must be brought in by an adult and form completed. Will be administered by office staff. No ibuprofen or aspirin. O Parents responsibility to collect at end of day from office Slide 10 Behaviour O Good work assembly O Golden time O Stickers O Top table O Citizenship - school councils elected by children in Years 1 & 2 O Expectations are very high O Formal procedures if needed Slide 11 O Respect O Co-operation O Independence O Aspiration Core Values Respect Co-operation Independence Aspiration Slide 12 Pre-entry expectations O Toileting independently O Getting changed O Using knife and fork O Coats on and off Slide 13 Reading O Range of reading resources O Supporting your child with reading Slide 14 Homework O Book bag 3x per week Mon Book of choice Weds Phonics or HFW Fri Book which has been shared Slide 15 Parents Meetings O Formal parent evenings are held three times during the year when you will have the opportunity to discuss your childs progress O In the Autumn term : To discuss how the children have settled O In the Spring term : To discuss progress O In the Summer term : To discuss the end of year report Slide 16 Dates and times O School starts at 8.55am O Doors open 8.45am O Lunch 12.00- 1.10pm O Finish at 3.15pm O First day of term- Wednesday 3 rd September O Regular newsletter with other dates and information. Available on website. Slide 17 Arriving and Leaving O Children come onto school site with parents O To encourage independence children enter school on their own O Visitors via main reception O End of day dismiss via classroom doors O Coach children Slide 18 Home School Contacts O Reading diaries O Early contact from class teacher O In morning via entrance / TAs O At end of day when collecting O Please make an appointment O Text message system O E-mail O Parents Evenings O Accidents Slide 19 Before and After School Provision O Provided by Kinver Wraparound on school premises. O 7.30am to start of school O 3.15pm until 6.00pm O See leaflet in pack O Ofsted approved. Slide 20 PTA O Range of events O Welcome new members Slide 21 Paperwork O Data Collection Sheet O Home school agreement O Local Visit slip O Internet Usage Consent Form O Photographs and videos consent O Milk Ordering Details Birth certificates - office Slide 22 Slide 23 Free School Meals Available for all children at Foley from Sept 14. O Free School Meal Entitlement : Free milk, free trips, free clubs and additional targeted curriculum support. O Additional funding for school. O Application by National Insurance number in school office. Slide 24 Induction Day Friday 27 th June O Arrival - top playground O 9.15am to 12.30pm O Children lunches Free O Adults can join us at 11.30am to see lunchtime in action. O Collection/exit Classroom doors O No water bottles O Inhalers / medication to class teacher O Dont need anything else Slide 25 Coffee, questions and queries O Wednesday 9 th July, 2.30pm 3.30pm