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Welcome Back Sophomores! Check the seating chart list, and find the seat number associated with your name. Then say hello to your neighbors!

Welcome Back Sophomores!

Feb 25, 2016




Welcome Back Sophomores! . Check the seating chart list, and find the seat number associated with your name. Then say hello to your neighbors!. Class Job Sign-Ups. Time Keeper. Paper Passers. The 10 th man/woman. . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Page 1: Welcome Back Sophomores!

Welcome Back Sophomores!

Check the seating chart list, and find the seat number associated with your name. Then say hello to your neighbors!

Page 2: Welcome Back Sophomores!

Class Job Sign-Ups

• Time Keeper.• Paper Passers.• The 10th


We will rotate class jobs every week. Please prepare to do every job at least once.

Page 3: Welcome Back Sophomores!

Who am I? • Graduated from UCSD

with a BA in History and a minor in Ethnic Studies.

• Completing my MA in Education at NDNU

• Thesis: Motivation and Delayed Gratification.

• Love being outdoors.• LOVE GIANTS BASEBALL!• Love cooking, singing,

dancing and traveling.

Page 4: Welcome Back Sophomores!

Two Truths and a Lie

Which of the following statements is a lie? 1. I almost got caught in a wildfire backpacking

this summer. Ended up having to hike out early.

2. I celebrated coming back to school by going to WWE Smackdown last Tuesday at HP Pavilion.

3. I traveled to Mexico this summer, and met James Franco while I was down there.

Now its your turn. Turn the desks into groups of four. I will explain how I want you to do this, and we’ll time it to see how fast we can get back and forth between groups

and rows. See if you can spot your groups’ lies.

Page 5: Welcome Back Sophomores!


• In the upper-right corner notecard write the following:

-First and last name-Class period-Email address-Do you have internet at home? Yes/No

NamePhone NumberEmail Extra Curricular Activities you do

*On the NON-LINED side write your FIRST NAME as you like to be called on BIG.

Page 6: Welcome Back Sophomores!

Classroom Norms and Procedures

• Homework Procedures

• What to do if Absent• Bathroom Procedure • Food and Drink• Notebooks • Respect, Preparation,

and Accountability.

Please read over the CIS with your adult guardian, sign it, and return it by the block day. If you have any questions regarding grading, late-work, or any other policy please let me know.

Page 7: Welcome Back Sophomores!


• Respect for others• Respect for class time• Respect for hard work• Respect for the

classroom• Respect for hard work

over luck and talent• Respect for risk-taking• Respect for yourself

Page 8: Welcome Back Sophomores!


• Be prepared with your materials

• Be prepared with your homework

• Be prepared to think• Be prepared to ask

questions• Be prepared to consider

new ideas• Be prepared to grow

Page 9: Welcome Back Sophomores!


• Accountability for your attendance

• Accountability for your completion of assignments

• Accountability for your language

• Accountability for your actions

Page 10: Welcome Back Sophomores!

Organization for the Class

1. You will need a Notebook for this class

2. Work will be stamped the day it is due and graded portfolio style at the end of each unit.

3. Notebooks will be organized by Unit. We will be setting up notebooks in class tomorrow so please bring one with you.

4. If you may have trouble getting a notebook for any reason please let me know.

5. If you are able to donate an extra notebook please let me know.

Page 11: Welcome Back Sophomores!

Thinking Like a HistorianQuote Wall Challenge.

• Challenge yourself to question everything this year.

• Several of the quotes on the wall are famous misquotes or miscontextualized.

Page 12: Welcome Back Sophomores!

Success is about Mindset

Check out Kid 1: Check out Kid 2:

Who are you going to be in class this year?

Page 13: Welcome Back Sophomores!

Student Survey

• Please take the time to answer all the questions on the student survey, and write me a note to elaborate anywhere you want to, and everywhere it asks you to.

• The note you write me at the end can be as long or as short as you want, the more you let me know about your learning style, your likes and dislikes, and what you want to get out of class this year the better the semester will be.

Page 14: Welcome Back Sophomores!
Page 15: Welcome Back Sophomores!

Sophomores are Super!

Please get out:1.Signed CIS2.Notebook 3.Pen/Pencil

I really enjoyed reading your letters/surveys.You are an interesting group of people with

lots of cool hobbies outside of class!

Page 16: Welcome Back Sophomores!

What is History?• An Account of the Past

– Story– Storey– Istor

Page 17: Welcome Back Sophomores!


• What is Story?– a narrative, either true

or fiction, in writing or spoken, that is designed to interest, entertain, or instruct the listener or reader

• Examples?

Page 18: Welcome Back Sophomores!


• What is Storey?– A floor or level of a

building– Uh what?

• So a man jumps from a building…

Page 19: Welcome Back Sophomores!


• Your PERSPECTIVE – The manner in which

your personal experiences affect how you view the world

• Examples?

Page 20: Welcome Back Sophomores!


• What is istor?– Ancient Greek– Meaning “Inquiry”– “Istoria” = History

• Inquiry– To explore or investigate

by asking questions and searching for evidence.

– Historians are DETECTIVES!

Page 21: Welcome Back Sophomores!

Key Terms for the Day

• Source/Sourcing– Primary Source– Secondary Source

• Corroborate/ Corroborating

Page 22: Welcome Back Sophomores!

Source• Source: where you get your

information from!• Primary Source

– A document created during the time being studied

– eye witnesses, diaries, interviews, official records

• Secondary Source– A document created later

by someone that did not experience the event

– Books, articles, your textbook, your teacher

Page 23: Welcome Back Sophomores!

Questions to ask when sourcing…

• Who wrote this?• What is the author’s

point of view?• When was it written (a

long time or short time after the event)?

• Why was it written?• Is this source


Page 24: Welcome Back Sophomores!
Page 25: Welcome Back Sophomores!

Corroboration• Corroborate: cross-checking

an event to confirm it happened

• Questions to ask…– What do the other pieces

of evidence say?– Am I finding the same

information everywhere?– Am I finding different

versions of the story? Why might that be?

– Where else could I look to find out more about this?

Page 26: Welcome Back Sophomores!

Today we being to examine history: November 5, 2001…

Essential Question: Who was at fault in the infamous Los Altos Cafeteria fight of 2001?

Page 27: Welcome Back Sophomores!


Please:1. Grab a piece of candy. 2. Take out your

notebook and the “Lunch Room Fight” Activity.

3. Finish filling out the matrix.

4. Make sure you answer ALL parts of EVERY question.

Page 28: Welcome Back Sophomores!

November 5, 2001…

Who started the infamous Los Altos Cafeteria fight of 2001?When you are done – write up a small paragraph stating what you believed happened

– using the evidence you’ve collected from the text. At the end of your paragraph – write two sentences explaining how your PERSONAL BIAS might be effecting your

readings of the texts.

Remember: Answer all parts of every question. That means both why something IS believable and ISN’T.

Reference the text in your answers – what language indicates to you that someone might be lying? What language indicated someone might be telling the truth.

Page 29: Welcome Back Sophomores!

10th Woman/Man for Discussion • Everyone will do this role at

some point.• The purpose of this activity is

to practice your historical thinking skills so we’re going to practice this skill as well.

• The purpose of the 10th person is to help encourage divergent thinking, challenge our group mentality, and enrich the class discussions.

Remember, as 10th person you just have to question your group members, think outside of what is just on the page – there is no way to know any of it is true…

Page 30: Welcome Back Sophomores!

Discussion Questions

1. What facts do all the stories have in common?

2. What facts differ between the stories?3. Whose version is most believable? Why?4. What other sources would you like to hear

from to determine what really happened?5. Who do you think started the fight? What

EVIDENCE do you have to support this?

If you are the person in your group with the most pets. YOU are the 10th man/woman.

Page 31: Welcome Back Sophomores!

Takeaways from the Lesson

• History is an account of the past• Accounts differ depending on one’s

perspective• We must rely on the evidence we have to

construct our accounts• We must consult multiple pieces of evidence

in order to build our account• We must question the reliability of each piece

of evidence