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WELCOME 2nd Grade Orientation Parent/Teacher Agenda August 23, 2010 [email protected] Creekside: 216-8702

Dec 26, 2015



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  • WELCOME 2nd Grade Orientation Parent/Teacher Agenda August 23, 2010 [email protected] Creekside: 216-8702
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  • Schedule 7:30 7:45Morning Work 7:50 -7:55Character Education/CNN 7:55 8:25 Reading Intervention/Restroom 8:25 9:55Reading 9:55 -10:25Language Arts 10:30 - 11:00PE 11:00 -11:20Math Intervention 11:20- 11:50 Restroom/Lunch 11:50 - 12:50Restroom/Social Studies 12:50 - 1:45Math 1:45 - 2:05Break & Restroom 2:05 - 2:40Science 2:40 - 2:45Pack up 2:50Dismiss Students Extras Tuesday 12:00- 12:50 Computer / Music Friday 12:00- 12:50 Art /Library
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  • Attendance 3 unexcused tardies = 1 unexcused absence If a student checks in after 11:22 its counted as an all day absence. Out before 11:22 absence, as well. Excessive absences are reported. Attendance is reported. After 10th handwritten excuse for illness you must send a doctors excuse New Policy: All written excuses will be sent to the office to be filed. Students will receive a perfect attendance award if attends all year with no absences, check ins or outs.
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  • Money/Lunch Info. Needs to be in an envelope or baggie Please label -Lunch money/snack money, etc. -Send lunch and snack money separately. Meet your child for lunch at the lunchroom doors (11:20am) Ice cream on Fridays Snack: Please send your child with a snack. --Donations
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  • Transportation You must send a note if there is a change in your childs afternoon transportation. If a change occurs during the school day, please call the office by noon. Do not e-mail transportation change. In case of bad weather Watch or listen to latest weather updates and school closings Extended day will close along with school
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  • Medicine Through first aid only Label with directions Please do not send your child to school sick, especially with a fever.
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  • M.O.O.S.E. Books Management of Organizational Skills Everyday Student Planners- A designated location is provided for students to copy their daily homework by the corresponding calendar date. Students copy their spelling words in the planners every Monday. Also, a parent/teacher communication section is also available. Homework- Students are expected to copy their daily homework in planner. Teachers newsletters, regarding homework, are also in the M.O.OSE. Book. Pockets- parent communication, homework, graded papers to keep or sign and return and incomplete school work Graded papers will be sent home on Monday. The folder must be signed by a parent and returned on Tuesday. These papers will be located in the graded papers to sign or return M.O.O.S.E. pocket.
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  • Grades S,N,U science/social studies/handwriting Math(3rd grade teachers want them to KNOW basic facts) fact sheet (in Helper) Progress reports come home the 5th week of each 9 week period Class work- No Name (5 points deducted)
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  • Reading Students will read 5 stories and take 5 weekly corresponding reading and spelling tests for 5 consecutive weeks. The 6th week, students will have Unit Tests and practice DIBELS fluency passages, Fry phrases and High Frequency word spelling lists to help increase DIBELS scores. (See Helper)
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  • Explanation of DIBELS Reading Assessment (See handout) DIBELS Tested 3 times a year. 45 words for August 69 words for December 91 words for April
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  • Accelerated Reading (AR) AR Reading will be implemented when library and computer labs are accessible for students. Books can be read at home Students will be rewarded for the points they earn each nine weeks. Might be another 2 weeks before we can start
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  • Homework Homework will be collected daily during the nine weeks. (Mostly Math and Spelling) If the homework is not in the homework pocket a 0 will be recorded. The assignments will be complied for one grade in that subject for the nine weeks. Late homework is not accepted-unless the student is absent and has an excuse. 2 Homework passes- in M.O.O.S.E. Book Use for emergency purposes- must be attached to the incomplete assignment and turned in. Passes can not be used to replace book reports or special projects
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  • Reading Weekly Assigned Stories Monday Thursday Check Comprehension with the following questions: -Where does the story take place? -Who are the main characters? -What is the main idea? -What are problems or conflicts? -What were the solutions? - How does the story end? Thursday- Weekly Vocabulary and Comprehension Tests (Starting next week)
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  • Spelling Study Assigned Word List Nightly Monday-Thursday Monday- Write words 3 x each Tuesday- Write 5 sentences using at least 5 words from our spelling list (Mon. & Tues. may change periodically- ABC order, etc.) Wednesday- No written homework will be assigned on Wednesday night. Read assigned story and study spelling words/math facts. Thursday- Study for test on Friday (Practice test- home) Friday- Weekly Spelling test
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  • Math Study math addition/subtraction facts daily with your child. These are essential skills to master in 2nd grade. Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday Workbook pages will be assigned for homework, as needed during the week to reinforce skills be taught. Friday Weekly Unit Test (if ready)
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  • Social Studies/Science Grade given S, N, or U Science- Read with your child Science Book pages written down in student planner. Any Science project assigned, will have specific typed instructions and a due date. Social Studies- Same format as Science assignments.
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  • Incomplete Class Work Any class work not completed, will be assigned for homework. Unfinished work will be located in M.O.O.S.E. pocket. Students are given plenty of time in class to complete class assignments. However, some students do not use there time wisely. We will work on this.
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  • Classroom Management Classroom Rules We raise our hands to speak. We work quietly at our seat. We use voices soft and sweet. We keep our places tidy and neat. We are helpful, friendly, and fair. We take turns and are willing to share. We are respectful to our teachers. Consequences We have a card system. Blue - Alls Good I always give a warning before the first card is pulled, unless the behavior warrants a different action to be taken. Green-lunch or snack detention Orange- Student writes a note to parents explaining the rule that was broken- Must be signed by a parent and returned the next day. Yellow Student writes a note to parent and writes the Honor Code- Must be signed by a parent and returned the next day. Red Note or phone call to parent by the teacher **Severe Clause: Fighting, threatening, verbal abuse, destruction of school property, or any other unacceptable behavior will result in the student being sent immediately to the office.
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  • Classroom Management Continued -A conduct grade will be given each nine weeks. One point will be deducted from a possible 100pts for each card pulled during the nine weeks. -You will receive a behavior slip each Monday in your childs graded paper folder. If your child has not had any cards pulled, their Signed Paper sheet will have a stamp on the parent signature line. Rewards Verbal Praise Stickers Treats Free time HW passes Sit beside friend No Shoes day
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  • Cards For every card pulled the student will lose 1 point off their conduct grade for that grading period. They started off with 100 points. Each grading period we START OVER Conduct grades are given A- 90-100 B- 80-89 C- 70-79 D- 65-69 F- Below 65
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  • Great Websites Sites to use at home for added practice or to help in any areas of struggle SpellingCity is an online spelling program that makes practicing for spelling tests fun. You can plug in our weekly spelling words for games, practice tests, and introducing the words. Interactive games for all subjects Variety of reading and math links unlimited resources for each Scott Foresman reading story links to math games, spelling games, language powerpoints, just about anything we are studying. I will be using many resources from this site. We are in Unit one- week two this week. Variety of reading, phonics- activities
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