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Welch Allyn Spot Vision Technology

Feb 26, 2022



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A primary goal of vision screening in young children is the detection of amblyopia or the risk factors for development of amblyopia, a neural deficit in
vision that is estimated to be present in 1% to 4% of children (Surv Ophthalmology)
Vision Screening Market Drivers
• The annual cost of productivity lost to refractive vision impairment worldwide is $269 Million (WHO)
• Undetected vision issues are the single most prevalent disabling condition among children (CDC)
• Myopia prevalence >20% in school age years (6y-18y)
• 70% of children diagnosed with a learning disability have a vision issue
• >90% of visual impairment, 12y to 19y, due to uncorrected
refractive error (NEI)
• 4 yr. olds: 50%
– Eye chart sensitivity to refractive amblyopic risk factors - ARVO Study 1 • 3 yr olds: 27% sensitivity
• 5 yr olds: 45% sensitivity
– Use of Snellen acuity in school age children resulted in
21% false negatives - Orinda study 2
– Typical time required: • 3 yr. olds: 3-10 minutes
• 4 yr. olds: 2-5 minutes
1. How Effective Is Visual Acuity Screening in PreSchoolers? [ARVO Abstract]. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 39(4):S947. 2. The Orinda Study: should the ‘modified clinical technique’ retain its ‘gold standard’ status as a vision screening tool?, Merri Paech, Clin Exp Optom 2010; 93: 1: 31–36 DOI:10.1111/j.1444- 0938.2009.00439.x 4
• US Preventative Services Task Force
– Recommends vision screening for all children between the ages of 3-5 years to detect indicators of Amblyopia
• American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement
– “Photoscreening is recommended as an alternative to visual acuity screening with vision charts from 3 through 5 years of age”
• Reimbursement
– BCBS issues statement stating photoscreener meets the definition of medically necessary to screen children 3 to 5 years
– Aetna issues statement photoscreener meets the definition of medically necessary to screen children 3 to 5 years
– CPT Code 99174 – Instrument based ocular screening (e.g. photoscreening)
• Medicare Avg. - $26
The Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener
– The Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener tests for the risk factors associated with amblyopia. In just seconds the Vision Screener can provide a comprehensive, reliable analysis that enables informed decision making about the need for follow-up examination with a specialist. The ergonomic design is simple to use and intuitively guides the user to automatically capture vision data. The Spot Vision Screener is designed to work with infants starting at 6 months to adults to provide fast and accurate results in seconds. It presents immediate screening results in a one-page summary. It has built-in Wi-Fi to wirelessly print and transfer data. You can store data and build a patient database to monitor results.
– Target Markets • Pediatrics, Family Practice
• Community Health Centers
• Eye Care Professions (Optometrist, Ophthalmologist)
– Acquisition of PediaVision: June 2nd, 2014.
– Launch Dates: • US Launch w/ Welch Allyn branded – October 1, 2014
• OUS – January, 2015
• PediaVision launched Spot Vision Technology - September 2011
• They modernized the measuring principles of digital video and infrared- based refraction
• Identifying the shortcomings inherent in the design, science and implementation of previous screening techniques, PediaVision was tasked to research and develop a state-of-the art vision technology
• 3 1/2 years of analysis, science, application, user studies and ergonomic design; – Two international design awards
– New algorithms for quantifying pupil reflex;
– more stable than edge detection infrareds and software
• Increased eye response proprietary algorithms detect best focus position of the subject to elicit the best response from the subject, thus yielding more reliable results
• Elimination of noise by filtering of environmental issues (ambient light, eye lashes, etc.)
– Allows usage of Spot in a wider range of environments
– Results in high capture rate
• Combined advantages of ergonomic design, better coverage, increased eye response and elimination of environmental issues contribute to Spot’s ease-of- use and high capture rate 13
Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener vs. Welch Allyn SureSight Vision Screener
Conditions Assessed SPOT Vision Screener
SureSight Vision Screener
Eye misalignment (strabismus) X
Referral Criteria Yes Yes
Testing Method Binocular Monocular
Data Transfer WiFi None
Patient File Import/Export Yes No
Printout 8.5 x 11 2 in. (thermal) 25
State-of-the-art technology Screens BOTH eye at the same time Easy-to-use 5” touchscreen interface Superior Speed/total test time/capability Capture rate >95% Wi-Fi Connectivity / Full Size Print-out Import / Export patient data capability Measures spherical refractive error, difference (anisometropia), astigmatism $7,495
SureSight – Value based Measures spherical refractive error, difference (anisometropia), astigmatism Monocular No alignment measurement Monochrome 3” display Wireless thermal printer (2 in.) $3,995
Titmus Visual Acuity $3,000
Binocular X X X X X
Sens/Spec 82/85 88/77 88/77 78/75
Capture Rate 0.97 0.72 0.72 NA NA
Acquisition Time <1sec <1sec <1sec 7 secs na
Print screening report X X X Import Export patient
database X X X X
Ease-of-Use High Med Med Low Low
Competitive Feature Comparison
Approval US/C USA Sep-14 EMEI India Complete Radio license est'd
DEC LATAM Chile Nov Dec-14
FEB EMEI EU Jan Feb-15 Mexico
Columbia EMEI Saudi
Australia N. Zealand Thailand
Argentina Peru
LATAM Venezuela Oct-15
JAPACA Singapore Oct-15
What’s Happening, When • 18-Aug. PediaVision material numbers loaded into SAP
• 20-25 Aug. Training for Customer Care/Tech Support
• 25-Aug. PediaVision to identify WA for RMAs
• 25-Aug. Orders processed through WA SAP
• 28-Aug. Product Service commence service-repair
• Before 2-Sept
– 4 Sales Reps
– Shipments out of WA SS
– WA labeled product
PN: VS100S-B
PN: VS100-B
cord, wrist strap, DFU $7,495.00 $5,621.25 25%
VS100S-B Spot Vision Screener VS100 Set –same as above, with Carry
Case $7,595.00 $ 5,696.25 25%
106145 Neck Strap $ 49.00 $ 39.20 20%
106146 Wrist Strap $ 16.00 $ 12.80 20%
PIC Comprehensive and Comprehensive with Cal Calibration option allows the customer to return device
to verify that the unit meets fit/form/function Some customers demand a cal-cert for audit req’mts.
Part Number Description List Price Dealer Discount Dealer Net
S1-VS100 VS100 SPOT VS COMP PARTNER PGM 145.00$ 30% 101.50$
S1-VS100-2 VS100 SPOT VS COMP PARTNER PGM 2YR 280.00$ 30% 196.00$
S1-VS100-5 VS100 SPOT VS COMP PARTNER PGM 5YR 500.00$ 30% 350.00$
S1-VS100C VS100 SPOT VS COMP PARTNER PGM WITH CAL 325.00$ 30% 227.50$
S1-VS100-2C VS100 SPOT VS COMP PARTNER PGM  WITH CAL 2YR  625.00$ 30% 437.50$
S1-VS100-5C VS100 SPOT VS COMP PARTNER PGM WITH CAL 5YR  1,450.00$ 30% 1,015.00$
Extended warranties are available for International Customers only
– If calling for an in-service:
• Conference in PediaVision – 800-514-7338 to do the talking – Sherry (x-117) – Tanesa (x-114)
• If not available, schedule a call back: get date and best time – NOTE: only Until Oct. 1
• In-service Video will be available on product page on the website
• Exchange Program - $525.00 – Customer receives a refurbished device in 2 days
• Minimizes down time • No need to receive and return a loaner • Covers all repairs
– NOTE: No Exchange units available until Oct (est’d)
• Service-Repair until then • Product Service will internally expedite repair & return • Cost will remain flat $525
– No loaners
• 1 yr Warranty on Device and accessories • 90-day service warranty on parts & labor • No Calibrations Required / Calibration Certifications Available 34
Device is serialized and number found on bottom of unit 5-digit number schema starting from 10001 increasing incrementally
– SureSight Vision Screener
– Rep promo, focus, and support
– Bundling with OAE (special price negotiated)
• Q4 Schein promotion – set up bundle program w/ OAE
• WA Set-me-Up program – Q4 OAE and Spot bundle
• Lions Club International Foundation
– LCIF meeting next week in Chicago - solidify primary partnership/sponsorship
– N America Lions meeting in Sept - launch KidsSight program w/ WA as primary sponsor
– Pilot OAE and Spot bundle program in US and India
• Lombart Ophthalmic - Pilot program
• MDSI - 2-Minute Drill
• Trade Show schedule
With the Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener it’s simple:
to screen patients in as little as 5 seconds – even the uncooperative ones and infants from 6 months and up,
to detect vision disorders early to avoid blindness and developmental problems later,
for your staff to learn, and it does not disrupt their current workflow, and
to meet AAP guidelines and drive revenue.
Contemporary Pediatrics Mobile Ad – August ½ Page Print – October, AAP
Lions International Magazine August