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Wedding Traditions Around the World

Jan 18, 2022




One of the most amazing things about our world is how the same action or tradition can be implemented so differently in each culture. Take marriage for instance; it's practiced around the world but the way a wedding is celebrated varies immensely across cultures. If you're marrying someone from another country or just attending a destination wedding, you may experience some of these differences. Of course, not all weddings in every country are the same, and not everyone follows these traditions to tee. In any case, the way we each take something like a wedding and make it our own is quite special. Here are some of the many ways wedding traditions are different around the world. 

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Wedding traditions all over the globe vary depending on the country and the period. In many cultures, customs are kept and passed down to the following generations, with African brides-to-be often wearing dresses reminiscent of their ancestral origins, to brides in Brasil who bless their single friends on their wedding day. Some are funny, some are pretty gruesome, but all of them have their roots in wishing good fortune, fidelity and fertility to the newlyweds.