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Web view Label the following (on both maps): Rocky MountainsAppalachian MountainsAtlantic Ocean. Pacific OceanArctic OceanGulf of MexicoMississippi RiverGreat Lakes. AndesAmazon RiverAmazon

Sep 14, 2020




Mx. Jihan Mapping Populations and Economics name:

Honors US History period:

Label the following (on both maps): Rocky Mountains Appalachian Mountains Atlantic Ocean

Pacific Ocean Arctic Ocean Gulf of Mexico Mississippi River Great Lakes

Andes Amazon River Amazon Rain Forest North America South America

Label the following: Atlantic Ocean Mediterranean Sea Alps Africa Europe

Danube River Rhine River Balkan Mountains Pyrenees Mountains Asia

Black Sea Baltic Sea North Sea Kjolen Mountains

Arctic Ocean

Label the following: Atlantic Ocean Indian Ocean Mediterranean Sea Red Sea

Africa Europe Asia Sahara Desert Nile River

Atlas Mountains Great Rift Valley Congo Basin Kalahari Desert Niger River

Zambezi River Congo River Arabian Sea

Label the following: Asia Africa Indian Ocean Pacific Ocean Red Sea

Bay of Bengal Bearing Sea South China Sea Sea of Japan Arabian Sea

Ganges River Yangtze River Huang He River Tigris and Euphrates Rivers

Himalaya Mountains Gobi Desert Zagros Mountains Ural Mountains

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