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Ways You're an Annoying Traveler

Jan 21, 2022




There is nothing more wondrous than travel. That said, there are a lot of times when traveling is a royal pain—and in most cases, the unfortunate event involves a run-in with one of these worst offenders. In the context of air travel alone, there's a colorful cast of characters: the grumpy airline attendant, the guy who takes his socks off mid-flight, and the folks who think showing up to the airport in their pajamas is an innocuous sartorial choice (hint: it's not). But chances are, while you're busy pointing fingers, you're guilty of committing a few sins yourself. So, in the spirit of making the world of travel a little less irksome, here are some ways you (yes, you!) are guilty of being an annoying traveler. 

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Some of the annoying things many travelers do include using their smartphones too much, being loud and obnoxious, not cleaning up after themselves, not educating themselves, and many more. Luckily for every annoying habit, you should learn some polite habits that can be practiced so you aren't annoying anyone at all and you're setting a good example while making your travel experience more enjoyable and respectable.