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Ways a Left-Hander Has Advantages Over a Right-Hander

Mar 30, 2022




If you’re left-handed (or “sinistral”), you might wonder why the world is so oriented towards being right-handed (or “dextral”). Partly it’s because of tradition and superstition, but mostly its due 87%-90% of the world being right-handed. Nevertheless, when you start trying to adjust to all of the phones, golf clubs, can openers, stringed instruments, scissors, cooking utensils, and desks designed for right-handed people, you might just go mad and start thinking you’re most forgotten minority in the world. The good news is that left-handed people have many advantages. Here are some things that you may not have known about. 

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During recent years, left-handedness has been recognized as a unique trait. Left handers are not forced to use their right hands. Their creativity, uniqueness and their ability to do things in their own way have been recognized. But Most of the tools, procedures and almost all the vehicles are designed to be used by the righthanded persons. Apart from facing this inconvenience, left-handers often face unfair discrimination and have been considered unlucky or malicious for their unusual laterality. Many of them were forced to use the right hand for purposes such as eating and writing.