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Oct 21, 2014



Internet & Digital Marketing's Summary – Leader in Internet marketing, web development, and web design. Waveksa provides Internet consultancy and Internet development services.

We at Waveksa are committed to delivering the highest level of services. Our organisation believes in developing strong and lasting relationships with our clients, our role is to cover the most effective ways to promote your products, services or brand on the web.

We are a leading Digital Marketing resource, inspired by simplicity and dedicated to keeping you up to date with SEO | SEM | Social Media.
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Waveksa philosophy is driven by the desire to offer effective internet marketing solutions in our marketplace. We are committed to improving the profitability of our customers through the use of leading-edge Internet technologies, delivered by knowledgeable and service-oriented staff. As more businesses realize the importance of the Internet to their continued success and growth, Waveksa is ready to serve their needs with profitable business solutions.

The Waveksa Digital Marketing System designed to maximize your presence online, while keeping a consistent representation of image and brand. Revolutionizing the internet marketing by, leveraging your brand image by Multimedia Post production, Animation production, Web production.

At Waveksa, our goal is to provide leading edge web technologies, build targeted traffic and improve conversion to increase your company’s profitability. Grinding the branded content into internet society from search engines to blogs & advocating your brand in E-commerce.

Wave ksa – leader in Internet marketing, web development, and web design. Waveksa provides Internet consultancy and Internet development services.

The explosion of digital media tools, such as social networks, blogs, video sites, discussion forums and review sites, is taking the world by storm. Consumers have moved from traditional means of sharing and receiving information to using social media as their main form of communication. We are a leading Digital Marketing resource, inspired by simplicity and dedicated to keeping you up to date with SEO SEM Social Media.

Post Production & Animation solutions can:

1. Introduce products and services in an engaging and dynamic manner, enhancing brandvalue, and increasing customer connection.2. Playback live speeches in full HD with perfectly clear sound.3. Get complete attention when you present important information to students in schools, customers in banks, TV commercials , Corporate & Web Videos etc. If you have something to communicate, Waveksa solutions can do it better.4. The benefits are virtually limitless by using video, audio, text, animation, promotions & are more effective communication tools to attract prospects attention.


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Our primary focus is to work closely with clients and help them succeed in setting and meeting their marketing goals. We offer total support and a commitment to communicate their ideas in a strategic, creative, and cost-effective manner.



To be leading organization providing top-notch digital services & innovative social marketing solutions in Saudi Arabia.


To Be a part of our client's business team by insuring the timely launch of each client's marketing program & generating new innovative strategies for our clients that result in a high-quality and cost-effective product.

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Facts About WaveKsa

Digital Marketing 3D Aniamation

Google Adwords

Conversion Specialists

Landing Page Development

Google Analytics

SEO Content

Who We Are and What We Do

Short Cartoon storiesBusiness demosComplex medical ideas and conceptsWebsitesGamesIllustrations

Waveksa is delighted to proffer 3D Animation service to the customers & clients. We cover wide range of rational animation services and projects including 3D animation Short 3D animation movie, 3D Video Ads, Commercial 3D ads and websites 3D contents. We can build up any 3D animation to meet up 100% user requirement. Our 3D animations can enhance & improve visual contents of videos, websites, advertisements & animation projects.

Our animations can range from a simple representation of a graph to complex 3D landscapes such as the game development with 3D animation.Our 3D animation service also allows our customers to contract any portion of the animation phase including modeling, texturing and/or rigging. Whether it's an animation of the human body for medical purposes,or a representation of an architectural site, Waveksa provides excellent results due to experience and consideration of detail.Our entire 3D animation team is multitalented in various techniques, owns enormous experience in conventional animation, semi-classical animation, semi-limited animation, limited animation and cut-out animation. Waveksa’s ingenious heads produce exclusive & touchy 3Dof animations to amuse children and elders. We are a expert hand in developing 3D animated contents for

Provide advanced digital marketing solutions Business of all sizes & industries Our goal is to help businesses: Elevate their online brand reputation Generate more leads through the Internet Tap into new revenue opportunities Take their profit potentials to higher levels.

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Texturing Ari st

Modeling ari st


FX Ari st

Rendering Ari st

Lighi ng Ari st


Wrii ng ari st MEL


Real flow dynamic ari st

Animai on & Post Produci on

Social Digital Media


HR Manager

Markei ng

Recepi on Office support


SEO SEM Specialist

Web Developer



Flash ASP

Waveksa Manager

Sales Team

Organizaion Structure

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Digital Marketing


•Online Activation

•Viral Marketing

•Media Booking

Social Media Optimization Consultancy & Solutions

•Internet Forums

•Seeding in social media

•Listening (online inelegance)


•Web Design, Content Development


•Email Marketing



Web Video

Video Marketing

Web Video

Animated Web Video

Corporate Video

Voiceover Marketing

Camera Operator and Crew Service

Training Video

Training Video Production




Hand Drawn

3D animation

Character Animation

3D modeling

Architectural Visualization

Medical Visualization

Product Visualization

TV Commercials

Logo Animation

Post Production

VFX Supervision


Chroma & wire removal


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I’m unknown

Drive more foot traffic to your business with waveksa Lead Advertising Plan

Convert more customers with waveka Sales Credibility Plan


Establis your presence online with waveksa identity Protection Pllan

I need more leads

I need more sales



Ensure your company name is reserved and protected on major social networks (Facebook,Linkedin,Twitter,Youtube)

Present a professional business pro�le that is optimized to search engines on the above social networks.

Identity Protection

Lead Advertising

Generate More tra�c by implementing paid search advertising on major social network.

Give Customers user-friendly ways to contact your business.

Sales Credibility

Increase your Search engine optimization results with the keyword rich-content (articles & Blog posts).

Promote your brand and messages by syndicating your content on social bookmarking sites

Digital Brand Presence


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Many communication / marketing campaigns require different kinds of output, while our specialty is within computer generated graphics, video and animation, we are often asked to translate video content into print either for the web or for print. We also produce 3D objects for print use. Creating it in 3D rather than photographing the real object in a studio allows for great freedom in producing different types of images while preserving a photorealistic aspect. Having the object in 3D means it's easier to reposition the camera virtually, relight it and create new stills. If you missed a picture during a photo shoot, it is a lot more time-consuming and costly to re-organise a new one! This can also be useful for prototypes of objects that don't exist yet and only exist in concept drawings.

Whether it is to give an overall look and feel or to add text to a video or animate a logo, it is sometimes necessary to create certain graphics in 2D. They can either be stand alone graphics or be integrated with 3D elements. Certain effects can be quickly created and animated in 2D and match an existing 3D animation.

For all projects involving our collaboration with a production company it is essential for the production team to be in close contact with a special effect supervisor. 3LP provides this service to make sure all the necessary precautions are taken during the shoot to produce images and camera movement that will be usable in post production to create visual effects. Our VFX Supervisor gives on-set technical advice to resolve issues as efficiently as possible and always with the post-production in mind. He works closely with the director and the DOP tomake the bridge between production and post-production as smooth as possible

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Modeling TexturingSometimes also called 3D, CGI is our core business. We have an in-house team specialised in creating

highly realistic computer generated images. Objects and characters are modelled, then textured and lit

to fit the overall mood of the project.

This stage of the post production process requires many references to be able to model objects in their

correct proportions. Creating the right textures and lightingthe objects properly will allow for a realistic

finish. Nearly all our projects include Computer Generated Images. AnimationOnce objects have been created in 3D (CGI) they need to be animated & brought to life according to a script or storyboard.

Movements and timings need to be precise as rendering animated sequences are generally very time-consuming.

The complexity in animating lies in making the movements realistic and coherent with the surrounding environ-

ment. As with modelling and texturing we work with many references to make sure we render animations as realistic

as possible narrowing the gap between real imagery and 3D imagery.

Dynamics Simulations In computer generated graphics, certain elements are more difficult to recreate tha n others because they

behave according to physical laws or mathematical rules, this is the case for fluids, cloth, hair, fur and

smoke to name a few. To recreate these effects realistically with computer generated animations it is

necessary to use specific software and advanced techniques.

This technology has developed tremendously in the last few years allowing for increasingly realistic

simulations of explosions, glass breaking, water splashes, hair and fur movements.

particles, �uid, liquids, hair, fur

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3D architectural walkthrough animation is the heart of any architectural visualization. It is impossible to visualize and have a clear idea of any under construction site and its infrastructure along with its interiors. In such scenario one needs to build up the entire project in 3d environment so as to simulate a virtual tour of the project. In a way 3D Walkthrough serves as the eyes to its potential clients through which they can see the project way before it is being completed and handed over for possession. It gives the client the exact look and feel of the conceived project well in advance thus helping them out with their decisions regarding investments. This virtual tour is termed as Walkthrough or Architectural Walkthrough.

Waveksa is a 3D walkthrough and 3D architectural animation company in India which firmly believes the above said and so we always thrive to go an extra mile in providing the client with highest quality 3D architectural walkthrough services. 3D Architectural walkthrough is used to pre-visualize, design and market commercial buildings like offices and shopping centers, malls and multiplexes, residential complexes and towers, large scale environmental or mega project developmental sites, structures of institutional buildings or organizations, factories and refineries etc., with creatively incorporated camera movements for animations and effects with appropriate sounds.

In any walkthrough animation, structural and environmental objects such as walls, columns, doorways, buildings, and trees remain stationary while the camera pans moving through the scene. They are affordable to produce and an excellent way to ‘pre-visualize’ or simulate the way a building or environment will look like once it is constructed. A walkthrough uses the point of view of a person walking through a scene and is generally shot at or slightly below eye level.

Architectural Visualization

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Although our main acivity is in post-producion we increasingly organise shoots

for videos we create from scratch that need some live elements. These projects

generally involve shooing in a studio against a green key background so we can

isolate the protagonists/live elements and integrate them within a virtual (2D or

3D) environment in post producion.

We work with experienced freelancers, all specialists in their area to ensure high

quality standards. Our post-producion knowledge enables us to chose the best

technical soluions at producion start, including shooing equipment

Chroma shoot

Composiing is an important stage that comes at the end of the

post-producion process. It is the art of combining visual elements

from separate sources into single images. Our composiing work

aims to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the

same scene : good composiing is the key of photorealisic



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