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Watergate Scandal

May 19, 2015




  • 1. TheWatergatescandal
    Abbey Flores

2. Watergate has become a cancer on the presidency
-John Dean
3. The Watergate Complex

  • June 17,1972five men broke into the Watergate Complex

4. What was thought to be just a robbery turned out to be a huge conspiracy 5. The five men were attempting to destroy documents, and bug the Democratic National Committee Office
6. There were 2 reporters from the Washington Post that became extremely interested in the case, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. They both worked long and hard and were the ones to actually find out the details of the break in.
7. Woodward & Bernstein were the ones to figure a lot of crucial details about the case that not even the Police or FBI were aware of. Both of the reporters were in their 20s when they were investigating the case. One major source for Woodward and Bernstein was Deep Throat. An FBI agent whose real name was Mark Felt. He was there to confirm or deny any information that the reporters had to make sure they were on the right track.
Woodward & Bernstein
8. Some major facts Woodward & Bernstein revealed

  • One of the burglars was apart of Richard Nixons re-election committee.

9. The re-election committee deposited money into another one of the burglar's bank accounts.

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