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Warming - up Kitty Daniel has _____ CDs ____ Kitty. fewer Kitty has _____ CDs ____ Daniel. more Daniel than

Jan 01, 2016



  • Warming - up

  • Daniel has _____ CDs ____ Kitty.fewerKitty has _____ CDs ____ Daniel.morethanthan

  • Millie has _____ flowers ____ Amy.moreAmy has _____ flowers ____ Millie.fewerthanthan

  • Lets compare!


  • Simon has ___ orange juice ____ Sandy.lessSandy has _____ orange juice ____ Simon.more thanthan

  • Lets compare!


  • work out the rule+ (countable, uncountable) nouns +thanmoreless+ (countable, uncountable) nouns + than more fewer

  • 63 4 hours823 hoursSchool lives

    NancyJohnSubjectsClubsFree time

  • e.g. John studies more subjects than Nancy. Nancy joins more clubs than John. John has more free time than Nancy. Nancy has less free time than John.

  • morePlease use fewer than to compare. less

  • Kitty is the funniest girl in our class. She tells ____ funny jokes ____ we do. Millie does not go shopping often. She spends ____ money ____ we do.Simon does not like reading stories. He reads _____ stories ____ we do.fewerlessthanmorethanthan

  • 12 4 1 hour CompetitionSchool lives63 4 hours823 hours

    NancyJohnDaniel Me SubjectsClubsFree time

  • Nancy studies _________ subjects. Daniel studies ________. Daniel joins _______ clubs. John joins ________ . Daniel has _____________ free time. Nancy has ________.the least ()the fewestthe mostthe mostthe fewestthe most

  • Word Competition72 words68 words65 words72 points68 points65 points


  • Amy wrote _______ words. She scored _______ points. 2. Simon wrote ________ words. He scored ________ points.the mostthe mostthe fewestthe fewest

  • Comparing more than two things: work out the rulethe mostthe fewest+(countable, uncountable) nounsthe mostthe least+(countable, uncountable) nouns

  • Please use more/ fewer/ less than or the most/ fewest/ least to compare.

  • Many, manymorethe most,Much, muchmorethe most,Few, fewfewerthe fewest,Little, littlelessthe least.

  • Kitty has more eggs than Millie.Daniel has fewer eggs than Millie.Kitty has the most of the three.Daniel has the fewest of them all. Daniel eats more rice than Millie.Kitty eats less rice than Millie.Daniel eats the most of the three.Kitty eats the least of them all.

  • Look at the table below and discuss your school life in groups and compare it with that in America or England, then talk about it.

    subjectclubtime onhomeworktime on sportsfree time821 hour2 hours3 hours632 hours3 hours4 hours

  • Jims notebook is different from Toms.Jims and Toms notebooks are different.Their notebooks are different.Model

  • Picture 1Picture 2The man in Picture 1 is the same as the man in Picture 2.

  • Lucys cup is the same as Lilys.

  • These paper clips are the same as those ones.paper clips

  • Daniels uniform is the same as Simons.Daniels uniform is different from Johns.Dont forget the

  • This pumpkin lantern is the same as that one.

  • Mid-Autumn Festival is different from Christmas Day.

  • PetersDavidsPeters trainers are the same as Davids.

  • SandyMillieSandys hairstyle is different from Millies.

  • 1. Simons jacket is _____________ Johns jacket.2. Tinas shoes are __________ Millies shoes.different fromthe same as Fill in the blanks with the same as or different from

  • 3. Johns tie is ___________ Tinas tie.4. Millies skirt is ____________ Tinas skirt.different fromthe same as

  • 1. Ninth grade in the USA / Grade 9 in China (the same) Ninth grade in the USA is the same as Grade 9 in China.Make sentences using the same as or different from.

  • 2. Year 8 in Britain / Grade 8 in China (the same) Year 8 in Britain is the same as Grade 8 in China.3. School life in the USA / school life in Britain (different) School life in the USA is different from school life in Britain.

  • 4. Nancys timetable / Johns timetable (different) Nancys timetable is different from Johns timetable.My jeans are blue. Anns jeans are blue, too. My jeans are the same _____ as Anns.colour

  • 6. The green blouse is size M. The red one is also size M. The green blouse is the same ___ as the red one. size

  • Finish the exercises on the paper.2. Write a short passage (Interview one of your friends, compare your family life with his / hers, using the same as or different from).Homework

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