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Wanna have a baby with your desired gender

Mar 15, 2016




IntelliGender's mission has always been to provide fun, affordable pre-birth experiences for our moms-to-be!

  • Wanna have a baby with your desired gender?

  • We have revolutionized baby gender discovery with the worlds first in-home, urine based Gender Prediction Test.

  • At the core of our success is our goal of providing high quality, fun, affordable pre-birth experiences for the expectant mother and healthy essentials for mom and baby.

  • The gender prediction test is not required to be and, therefore, is not FDA approved. It is, however, manufactured in an FDA certified facility.

  • IntelliGender is run by a group of Dallas based moms who are singularly focused on providing outstanding customer service to expectant mothers around the world.

  • Each of them have experienced the amazing realms of motherhood, the challenges that it can sometimes bring, and the complete joy it most certainly provides.

  • CONTACT US: ADDRESS: IntelliGender 3308 Preston Rd, #350 P.O. Box 187 Plano, TX 75093