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Jul 02, 2015




Steering your venture to success using the Lean Startup approach

2. Any Startup Guys/Ladies?Lets exchange notes Learn together 3. Human institution designed tocreate something new under extremeuncertainty. 4. Only 10% of new businesses are stillin operation after 10 years - Globally. 5. 22 year old with: a great idea passion commitment competence leadership experience 6. 24 months of complete despair Sacrifice Months of unpaid salaries Shareholder fatigue Phd maybe? 7. What Makes a Startup Succeed/Fail? 8. Principles of Prof. Henry Sleep is optional Code a Little, Test a little. 9. Test-Driven Agile Software Lean StartupCodingMethodologyMethodology 10. with Eric [email protected] 11. 1. What do customers truly want?2. How do you become sustainable?3. How can you waste less time building a new startup? 12. The Lean Startup aims to quicklyand quantitatively identify greathypotheses and bad ones 13. Create a Minimum Viable Product(MVP): The smallest possible productwe can possibly imagine 14. Some Examples of MVP1. A simple flyer2. A web page and a $100 Facebook campaign3. A palmie-flavored pure water4. Vapor-ware 15. Validated learning is the process ofusing quantitative methods to modifythe end product in a way that itbecomes more successful 16. Learning helps you identify what isunknown, and allows you makeprogress with the product. 17. Metrics that look very good but areessentially useless to portray yoursuccess Ex: 100,000 visits per month 18. Metrics that provide usefulinformation that an entrepreneur canuse to modify the end product. Ex: 0.01% Purchase Rate 19. Fundamentally products are toolsfor changing customer behavior and,therefore, changing the way the worldworks. 20. Vanity metrics can fool anentrepreneur into thinking that his orher product is growing, when, inreality, it is not. 21. 1. Make predictions on metrics that are supposed to happen2. Measure your actual metrics versus those that were in your predictions 22. The Art of PIVOTWe all want progress, but if youreon the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walkingback to the right road; in that case,the man who turns back soonest isthe most progressive. C. S. Lewis 23. This involves taking your validatedlearnings and looking for another morelikely hypothesis to create value. 24. The number of pivots you have left isthe amount of time/resources yourstartup has to find success. 25. Some Likely Objections1. What if they steal my idea?1. What if I have a divinely inspired idea? 26. 3 Lean Divinely-Inspired Startups The World/Man-kind Genesis Making of a Nation - Abraham Building of a Great King - David 27. 3 Resources Further Learning The Lean Startup Eric Ries Running Lean - Ash Maurya 28. 3 people you might meet on your way to success Hungry, humble, honest The excuse giving leach The Corrupt Roadblocker 29. Hungry, Humble, Honest Mommy dont cry Imma make sure you say we no die Imma go hussle and we go try Hunger hook man for neck, shey na bowtie Whatever it takes, me I no shy If na heaven food dey, make we go sky E better now make I sit down, make I no try I go even buy ticket make we both fly Mama, if it means say, make I turn slave, kuta kente Anything just to make clean pay you never see food chop since Wednesday Make I wash car, sell gala, shine shoe Shey na work, anything I no mind do I go do better work, even times two Cos its not easy, its not easy, its not easy 30. Excuse-giving Leach Chale, no vex Anything for your boys, make we go flex No work make we do, so no cheques Aaah We sef wan rock Rolex Do something for your boys, we are loyal You be king, you be chief, you be royal Alaiye you go scatter them total International star, no be local eh ha If we get work, wey go bring better food make we take chop No be road we for stand, we for dey shop If for say things connect like we network If for say school fees dey, we for dey class You sef no say warri no dey carry last But as things dey na, we no fit chop grass At all at all, nah him bad pass 31. The Corrupt Roadblocker Oga stop thereAbi u never see road block hereNa we be thepolice search and stop hereIf you wan pass son gotta drop hereUno dey see gun abi u no wellIf you form actor, u go go cellSeebehind counter, no be hotelYou go do 3 nights before u go bailButif you want moveYou sef know wetin you suppose doDo am quickquick make I no expose youNyem something make I hold or Illhold youHey Sergeant Collins, make you come checkSearch amquick, search him bag and him pocketAny exhibit wey we comegetThen alarm go blow on una trumpet 32. On CorruptionCorruption is symbolic of the Anti-Christ Spirit - Pastor PojuIt will prevent you from building a strong company with a solid foundationIt is robbing God of his glory in your lifeIt is robbing you of your destiny in GodIt is destroying Nigeria and preventing us from building a strong countryPeople like Ibukun Awosika are inspiration