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Mar 28, 2016




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    With the status of the Haast road (SH6) changing by the day and potential slips at Knights Point possible, road access to and from the West Coast could potentially cause a dramatic change in the tourism market for Wanaka operators.

    Travel wholesalers and inbound tour operators have already started sending customers into Dunedin and then transporting them straight to Queenstown, which could affect Wanaka, QLDC deputy mayor Lyal Cocks said at Tuesdays full council meeting.

    A f t e r a t e n - d a y c l o s u r e i n September, following a massive slip at Diana Falls, the road re-opened, but it was closed again last Saturday when an estimated 20,000 tonnes covered it after heavy rain and will result in uncertainty in route security for some months yet, according to the New Zealand Transport Authority.

    At Knights Point, a slip starting 5m from the road edge and travelling 250m directly down to the sea could require $2 million of remedial work, primarily an anchored piled wall on the seaward side of the highway, should any further deterioration take place.

    T h i s w o r k w o u l d o n l y b e undertaken in the event of further deterioration at the site which places at risk the loss of access along this stretch of road, NZTA Christchurch highway manager Colin Knaggs said.

    Major tour companies have started re-routing away from the West Coast and were still getting a picture of that, Lake Wanaka Tourism general manager James Helmore said. This is off-peak. What will happen in peak time will be overflow in the Mackenzie Country, and after that they will either come here or Queenstown. Theres positive and negative in the mix.

    James said the LWT has been m o v i n g q u i c k l y t o r e a s s u r e w h o l e s a l e r s a n d i n b o u n d tour operators.

    Business manager Geoff Marks had been travelling the country talking to wholesalers and inbound operators and 4500 emails had also been sent out attempting to reassure agents, James said.

    The NZTA, which contracts out work on SH6 to engineering consultants Opus, who then subcontract to Fulton Hogan, said the time of year is not good for stability in the area.

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    Summer trade road uncertainty PHOTO: WANAKA.TV

    Summer music in


    Top award for Carl

    Local chefs host long


    Charity shop prices criticisedThe Salvation Army will review what it charges for items at its Wanaka shop following strong community criticism that its prices are unaffordable. PAGE 3

    Complaints of an inadequate hot water system resulting in cold showers for children at the Wanaka swimming pool have been responded to by QLDC general manager operations, Ruth Stokes. PAGE 4


    Cold showers at pool queried


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    Tim BrewsTerwanaka sun

    Freeride World Tour Head Judge Dion Newport gives a pep talk to the young big mountain competitors during the Junior Nationals last week. Story page 12

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    Wanaka choir Treble Tones is on the hunt for a new conductor.

    The group has been w i t h o u t a f o r m a l conductor since July, when Teresa Thornton left Wanaka for Hong Kong.

    A n d , d e s p i t e advertising, it is yet to find a replacement.

    One of the choirs 12 members, Kirsty Barr, said two other members - Frances Cowie and Christiana Grohs - had been filling in admirably, but it was difficult to conduct and sing so the choir was hoping to find a dedicated conductor.

    The two women would lead the choir during its next performance at the Wanaka Probus Clubs end of year function in November.

    The group would also

    perform Christmas carols at the library in December.

    Being without a formal conductor has given us a great opportunity to hone our own skills to fill this gap (but) were still looking for a formal conductor.

    (Wed) love to hear f r o m a n y p o t e n t i a l conductors or musicians so the group can focus on the singing.

    T r e b l e T o n e s w a s formed about 18 months ago and has performed several times, including at local festivals and with ukulele players.

    Kirsty said the choir s trove to achieve a unique blend of female voice songs with close harmony.

    The group performed an eclectic mix of songs from different cultures and the genres included contemporary, spiritual, soft rock and classical.

    We sing Pacifica songs to the Beatles and beyond from the delicate to more punchy songs such as Dont Get Around Much Anymore to the beautiful Rose of Sharon.

    The choir would also like to hear from local people with particular musical skills which they could teach the group. Pictured at choir practice on Monday were Sally Battson, Marjon Gilbert, Jen Rumore, Frances Cowie, Susan Turnbull, Christiana Grohs, Kirsty Barr and Sarah Ballard. (Absent were Liz Ritchie, Steph Combe, Kaye Caughey.)

    Wanakapella, a local mens and womens choir, was also seeking a conductor.

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    Jessica Maddock Wanaka sun

    The conductor hunt

    Coastguard Wanaka Lakes, which until now has relied on using private boats, has bought a specially-fitted vessel for rescue operations.

    The 6.7m boat, built by Naiad, was unveiled in Wanaka on Friday.

    Among the audience was the wife and two young children of the boats former owner, Owen Wright, who was killed by falling rocks as he walked home over the Port Hills to Lyttelton following the Christchurch earthquake on February 22 2011.

    Coastguard Southern regional manager, Cheryl Moffat, said the boat, which cost $40,000, had

    been modified to suit its purpose as a rescue vessel, including the addition of electronic equipment donated by Coastguard Dunedin.

    It had twin outboard m o t o r s o f 1 4 0 horsepower each.

    The boat was funded by grants from the Otago Community Trust, the

    Grant & Olive West Trust, the Lion Foundation, the Wanaka Rotary Club and the Lottery Grants Board.

    Coastguard Wanaka Lakes had 24 volunteers at various stages in their training.

    Since forming two years ago, they had been involved in six search and rescue operations four

    on Lake Wanaka, one on Lake Hawea and one on the Makarora River.

    Cheryl said four of the operations had involved fatalities, which was particularly hard on volunteers in small communities.

    In a larger location, youre not usually going out to search for people you know.

    Before Coastguard W a n a k a L a k e s w a s established, the service w a s p e r f o r m e d b y the Land Search and Rescue organisation.

    Pictured (inset) are the founders of the organisation: Alistair King, Andrew McKenzie, Johnny Rogers, Arne G a w n , L i z R o g e r s , Alan McKay and Jim Talboys.

    New coastguard boat launched

    Road uncertainty




    Jessica Maddock Wanaka sun

    Burning parkerA car that started to blaze in New World carpark while its owner was elsewhere was attended by the Wanaka fire brigade on Monday.Its suspected a birds nest in the engine may have been responsible.


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    Unfortunately, spring is the season for the greatest rainfall in the Haast area, which also means it is the greatest time for uncertainty with route security along this section of the highway. There is no immediate engineering solution to resolve the closures being created by heavy rain falling in the area, NZTA performance manager Pete Connors said.

    The Knights Point slip first occurred in October 2012, and the area has

    been monitored on a weekly basis since.

    There has been no further movement of the slip, despite the area experiencing some of its worst-winter weather in some years. I t is anticipated that in even the worst case scenario of rapid deterioration at the site, single lane access will be able to be maintained.

    A s p a r t o f t h e assessment, NZTA said f ive 25m-deep core samples were taken from the site, which revealed a mix of sandstone and m u d s t o n e . T h e s e

    materials have been deformed over t ime through land movement, resulting in a complex geology of steeply dipping beds and discontinuities in the layers of material. Weathering and erosion has further accelerated the ef fects of these geological processes.

    The slip at Diana Falls is considered to be the largest in 40 years in the Haast area. Formed from a rough track into a road in 1966, and sealed in 1995, the Wanaka -Haast Road carries an average of 523 cars daily according to the NZTA.

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    Charity shop prices criticisedinbrief

    Identity theft is one of New Zealands fastest growing crimes and National Identity Fraud Awareness Week, running from October 13 to 19, aims to remind people how important it is to safeguard personal information, particularly when online. The 2012 Perceptive Monthly Omnibus survey found 62 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds didnt dispose of confidential documents safely and 21 percent of New Zealanders place confidential documents straight into the bin. The awareness campaign lists some simple steps to prevent identity fraud, including shredding all personal and financial information before disposing of it; avoiding giving out personal details or sending money over the internet to people you dont know; lock all personal documents in a safe container when not in use; ignoring suspicious mail and emails; locking your mailbox or using a PO box; avoiding storing personal informatio