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Wales- the Saudi Arabia of marine renewables? Dr Ron Loveland Director: sustainable energy and industry Wales Department of environment, sustainability

Mar 28, 2015



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Wales- the Saudi Arabia of marine renewables? Dr Ron Loveland Director: sustainable energy and industry Wales Department of environment, sustainability and housing Welsh Assembly Government Pembrokeshire college-March 2009 [email protected] Slide 2 Simple objectives for energy policy ! Energy supplies need to : Be affordable. Be readily available. Be safe. Use secure fuel sources, and Create minimal environmental impact. Energy should be used as efficiently as possible We want to gain maximum local economic benefit But in practice? Slide 3 WALES CLEAN ENERGY & SITES RESOURCE Clean-electricity generation in Wales : relevant policies Economic development/ innovation/manufacturing policies Energy policies Public understanding Environment policies Transport policies Spatial (land&sea) planning and building policies Device & project development/ company growth Site identification/ assessments Physical infrastructure Local authority/ community policies Ports/rivers/roads/rail Electricity grid connections/gas pipelines Site licence/consent processes Carbon trading/taxes Business development/financial support Supply chain development /construction competences Skills availability Education/skills policies Traffic assessments Environmental project-impact assessments Regional strategic environmental assessments CLIMATE CHANGE Environmental databases [email protected] Energy security Econ Opps. Utilities involvement Test/modelling facilities Agriculture/forestry policies Finance policies MITIGATION CO 2 underground storage facilities/pipelines Safety/security issues International dimensions Coal/oil/gas/biomass/etc resources R&D/university support Slide 4 1910s -South Wales world-leader for quality steam coal production with 250,000 miners producing 60m tonnes of coal pa ; 1960s - Centre of UKs oil refining operations at Milford Haven; 1960s -UKs only nuclear power plant in a national park constructed in Wales :now decommissioned but with another 1GW nuclear station at Wylfa still operational ; 1974/84- Europes largest 2GW pumped-storage electricity plant built at Dinorwig - one of Europes engineering marvels/ worlds largest underground excavation with a continuing role in high-efficiency energy storage and rapid electricity-grid response 1975- Eco ground-breaking Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) established at Machynlleth Wales at forefront of energy transformations: past, present and future: 20th Century Slide 5 1988 - UKs first large scale on-shore wind turbines demonstrated in Burry Port. 1999/2002- Worlds highest efficiency 500MW gas turbine power station built in south Wales by GE(H series). 2004- UK's first spatial-plan driven renewable energy planning guidance issued by Welsh Assembly Government (TAN 8) 2005 - UKs first 50 MW plus on shore wind farm commissioned in mid Wales. 2005- UKs first commercial off-shore wind farm built off north Wales. 2008-Worlds first major utility-led tidal stream project announced for Ramsey Sound 2008- UK's first pilot post-combustion carbon-dioxide capture plant for a coal power station announced by RWE for Aberthaw 2009-UKs largest LNG import terminals commissioned at Milford Haven 2008/2010 up to 20 billion, multi-GW, Severn tidal power project under serious consideration;. Wales at forefront of energy transformations: more recent past/now Slide 6 Wales at forefront of energy transformations: :also now Worlds largest wave-energy converter to be demonstrated off the Pembrokeshire Coast Wales is UK centre for photo-voltaic system manufacturing, alongside significant academic solar-energy strengths. Worlds largest biomass power station (350MW) to be built in Port Talbot Wales is also centre for a wide range of other large scale bio-energy developments including : Shotton Paper chp plant; Western Wood/Welsh Power electricity stations; Co-firing with coal at Aberthaw and Uskmouth power stations; Bluestone heated by locally grown crops: And Wales has ambitious energy- efficiency and micro-generation plans Slide 7 UK CCC report to Government. The low carbon map Decarbonise UK power sector by 2030: vital objective Significantly reduce energy use in buildings and industry by 2020 Reduce domestic transport carbon emissions Curtail air transport, shipping and land-use greenhouse gas reductions All leading by 2050 to an 80% reduction in UKs carbon dioxide (equivalent) emissions: to around 2 tonnes per capita per annum- and much lower than that by 2100 Slide 8 UK CCC: decarbonising UK power sector by 2030 Massive increase in renewable electricity generation, first through wind, possibly biomass and then marine Significant new nuclear station build (providing concerns about radioactive waste and nuclear proliferation risks can be addressed) All coal stations fitted with CCS in 2020s(and gas-fired stations subsequently-i.e in 2030-2050 period) Slide 9 Wales producing more renewable electricity than its national electricity consumption within 20 years? Ambitious task but with determination, partnership and public support, we believe Wales can deliver To this end Wales renewables energy route map launched in February 2008 by 2025,33TWhr pa of electricity in Wales from renewables (half marine, third wind, rest from biomass/waste, hydro, micro-generation) s/environment/renewenergymap/?lang=en Slide 10 Severn Estuary-second highest tidal range in world- many options for Giga-watts of energy extraction La Rance, France Severn Estuary alone could produce 5%+ of UKs electricity needs Slide 11 Severn tidal power: complex analysis- with 16 engineering, environment and economic ASPECTS (plus separate financing and innovation studies) Carbon footprint Fish and fisheries Flood risk & land drainage Groundwater, freshwater & soils Historic environment Hydraulics & Geomorphology Landscape and seascape Marine ecology Marine water quality Navigation Noise and vibration Ornithology Other sea-bed uses Socio economics & community Terrestrial ecology Waste and resources Slide 12 GW of tidal- stream resource in Wales Slide 13 Some tidal stream devices Slide 14 GW of wave power resource off SW Wales Slide 15 Wave Dragon 7MW pilot project proposed off Pembrokeshire Slide 16 Slide 17 Generation of electricity in Wales from marine tidal and wave power If Cardiff-Weston barrage: 18TWhr/pa (Wales allocation = 9) Other marine, including wave, tidal stream and lagoon:5(or more)TWhr/pa Possible total by 2025:14 TWh/pa (or more) . Plus further 6GW of offshore wind power in prospect Slide 18 Marine energy: way forward Severn tidal power feasibility and innovative technologies studies WAG marine environmental data capture exercise/SEA Commercial scale wave and tidal stream demonstrators R&D( inc. Wales marine energy research task force-which includes Wales strong general marine science expertise) Hydrodynamic modelling facility considerations Energy resource marine-area zoning? Clarifying Wales marine energy strategic direction Use of EU Convergence Funds where appropriate Close liaison with DECC, CT and RAB (on banding of renewables obligation, technology development, etc) Marine spatial planning under new Marine Act Joint working with Scotland under auspices of British Irish Council Slide 19 Major wind power projects in Wales Currently 350MW of on-shore wind turbines but potential for further 2000 MW in selected (including forestry) areas Four consented off-shore wind farms (North Hoyle (60MW), Rhyl Flats and Scarweather(100MW each), GyM(750MW) Planned new 1500MW and 3500MW off- shore wind farm zones Slide 20 Strategic search areas for large onshore wind farms Slide 21 Slide 22 Slide 23 Green jobs agenda ET may be the new ICT? Ambition to decarbonise UK electricity production by 2030 provides enormous opportunities Wales could be the Saudi Arabia of renewables- especially in marine sector? Up to 50 billion of energy investments in Wales over next 15 years? Up to 200,000 man-years in a large Severn tidal project Electric vehicles mainstream in UK by 2020 Major opportunities for energy efficiency and new technology in buildings and industry. Special opportunities in Wales in marine/ aerospace/car engines? Truly massive change agenda but actual timing of developments critical for commercial success Slide 24 UK CCC timelines 2050 2008 Wind and nuclear Energy efficiency improvement Renewable heat Electric heat Electric cars/plug in hybrids 2020 1-2% of UK GDP in 2050 Other renewable and CCS AND Slide 25 Main Wales energy R&D opportunities Focus in WLCRI and WAG/WEFO on support for: Marine renewables. Building design/energy efficiency/micro-generation (especially PV and heat pumps). Combustion (biomass and fossil fuels) efficiency improvements and CCS developments. Smart meters/electricity storage/changing whole energy system paradigms. Bio-refining: processes and source crops(2 nd /3 rd gen) Underground coal gasification-and carbon dioxide storage (CCS) Hydrogen Energy-efficient vehicles, including aircraft Slide 26 High added-value services opportunities in Wales? Legal advice Energy consultancies Innovation centres Energy project advisors Architects Eco-services/seismic surveying Nuclear decommissioning Ports/construction/heavy plant sectors PR companies Slide 27 WALES CLEAN ENERGY & SITES RESOURCE Joined-up government policies are essential: example of clean energy generation Joined-up government policies are essential: example of clean energy generation Economic development/ innovation/manufacturing policies Energy policies Public understanding Environment policies Transport policies Spatial (land&sea) planning and building policies Device & project development/ company g