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VVF Sponsorship Packet

Jul 22, 2016







    Mission Statement Our mission is to educate students about early stage investing by hosting hands on workshops with industry professionals, completing due diligence for partner VC firms, deal sourcing for our network of investors in the Mid-Atlantic region, and investing UVA student startups. Why Partner with VVF We have a diverse membership across all majors at UVA including Commerce, Computer Science, Government, and many more. We serve to bridge the gap between motivated students, entrepreneurs, and the business community.

    VVF programs and activities We host two venture capital competitions annually, the Virginia Venture Cup. We also offer an accelerator program to promote development of companies to be pursued while at UVA and after graduation.

  • 2015-2016 LEADERSHIP

    Ripley Carroll, Co-President and Point of Contact Ripley Carroll is a third year commerce student majoring in finance and information technology with a minor in religious studies where he is focusing on East Asian belief systems. He has been part of the Virginia Venture Fund since 2013 and has participated in multiple venture capital investment competitions including the undergraduate national championship at UNC - Chapel Hill and the 2015 Darden VCIC. As co-president Ripley works to source start-ups at the University of Virginia, structure investment deals with entrepreneurs, develop relationships with venture capital and private equity firms to participate in our spring experience projects, as well as develop and lead various other events throughout the year to further the venture capital and entrepreneurship community at UVa. Email: [email protected]

  • 2015-2016 LEADERSHIP

    Tyler Carrico, Co-President Tyler Carrico is a 4th year Quantitative Finance and Accounting major at McIntire. Tyler began his tenure at UVa on the Varsity baseball team before realizing he would rather take his business goals to the next level. Since baseball, Tyler has founded Radical, a successful marketing company at UVa. For the Virginia Venture Fund, Tyler has competed in multiple competitions and is charge of our venture capital network and strategic partnerships. He also co-founded the Investment Banking Group at UVa, and is member of McIntire Investment Institute.

  • 2015-2016 LEADERSHIP

    Robbie Clark, Executive Vice President Robbie Clark is the Executive Vice President in the Virginia Venture Fund. He is a third year in the McIntire School of Commerce with a concentration in finance. He is also a member of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity and serves on the administrative committee of the IFC.

  • 2015-2016 LEADERSHIP

    Burke Deutsch, VP of Communications Burke Deutsch is the VP of Communications in the Virginia Venture Fund. He is a fourth year in the McIntire School of Commerce with a concentration in finance and management and a computer science major from the College of Arts and Sciences. He is also the Treasurer for Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, works as web director for the Orphanage Hope of a Child, and has conducted financial research on cov-lite loan agreements with Professor David Smith. In his final year, Burke will continue the VVF legacy of maintaining a lawn room. Burke is interested in consulting and start-up funding. Burke will be interning at Capital One as a business analyst this summer.

  • 2015-2016 LEADERSHIP

    Joe Xu, VP of Finance Joe is a rising fourth year in the Comm School from Boston, MA. He is passionate about investing and entrepreneurship and is concentrating in Finance with the Quantitative Finance Track. In Virginia Venture Fund, Joe has worked on an extensive project concerning the 3-D printing of medical devices. He has also participated in the National Undergraduate VCIC Competition at UNC. This past summer, Joe interned at Wells Fargo as a Sales and Trading analyst. Aside from VVF, Joe enjoys playing basketball, following the Hoos, and rooting for Boston sports. He is also apart of the Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity.

  • 2015-2016 LEADERSHIP

    Tara Raj, VP of Programs Tara Raj is a fourth year Computer Science major. One of her passions is using technology to connect people. This passion has recently translated into her interest in entrepreneurship, where she is pursuing a venture in the politics space. The past three summers, Tara has explored her interest in the tech industry and business by interning as a Program Manager at Microsoft. She is a co-founder of the Virginia Consulting Group and an executive board member of Alpha Kappa Psi, the co-ed business fraternity. In Tara's spare time, she likes to hike and play basketball.

  • 2015-2016 LEADERSHIP

    Katherine Ballington, VP of Marketing Katherine Ballington is the VP of Marketing of the Virginia Venture Fund. She is a third year American Government major, continuing her studies in French and Chinese on the side. She is also a co-founder of the Virginia Undergraduate Law Review, a News writer for The Cavalier Daily, and a member of both Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity and Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity. This past summer she focused on legal technology services while interning with Navigant Consulting in D.C. Hoping to attend law school in the near future, she is looking to bridge the gap between business and the law.

  • 2015-2016 LEADERSHIP

    Charlie Wang, VP of Partnerships Charlie Wang is a third year at McIntire concentrating in Finance and IT. He began his entrepreneurship career selling refurbished mobile devices in middle school and founded his first business consulting high school graduates in China apply to colleges in US after he graduated from high school. Having traveled, studied, and worked in more than 46 countries, he aspires to become an entrepreneur with global vision. Aside from work, he enjoys trekking, diving, and traveling. Charlie is looking into joining either a start-up or a VC fund for summer 2015.

  • 2015-2016 LEADERSHIP

    Nathan Ray, VP of Investments Nathan Ray is a third year majoring in Systems Engineering from Cumberland, RI. Nathan is interested in both entrepreneurship and private investing. As part of the Virginia Venture Fund, Nathan has competed in multiple venture capital competitions including the 2014 undergraduate national championships at The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and Dardens MBA VCIC. He was also one of three undergraduates to participate in Dardens MBA Venture Capital Bootcamp, a program designed to teach MBA students about venture capital. Nathan has been actively involved in VVFs accelerator program and organizing UVAs first ever Virginia Venture Cup. In addition to his involvement in VVF, Nathan is a member of the club sailing team and the Theta Delta Chi fraternity.

  • 2015-2016 LEADERSHIP

    Muthu Chidambaram, Entrepreneur in Residence Muthu Chidambaram is the entrepreneur in residence in the Virginia Venture Fund (VVF). He is a second year studying computer science and mathematics with an interest in applications to quantitative finance. Aside from VVF, Muthu is also an active member of the McIntire Alternative Investment Fund and the UVA gymnastics club.


    Virginia Venture Fund funds will be used to fund the following student activities and start-ups. There are 5 sponsorship levels available. All donations are tax deductible, as the Virginia Venture Fund is a 501(c)3 organization.


    Diamond Sponsor - $10,000 All of the benefits of the lower sponsorship levels Recognition as official organization sponsor on the website and all materials First access to student due diligence and student sourcing teams

    Gold Sponsor - $5,000 All of the benefits of the lower sponsorship levels Recruiting assistance Recognition as Gold Sponsor on website Access to student due diligence and student sourcing teams

    Silver Sponsor - $2,000 All of the benefits of the lower sponsorship levels Ability for you or someone in an organization to serve as a judge for an event or guest speaker Recognition as silver sponsor on the website

    Bronze Sponsor - $500 Access to Virginia Venture Fund executives for updates on the progress of the fund

    Signature Sponsor - $200 Recognition as sponsor at team meetings

  • Venture 101, 102 Series Talks

    101 Series Talks: Fall 2015 Speakers are taught the basics of private investing, the methodologies behind it, and are introduced to the field of venture capital. Students learn how to conduct due diligence and assess a company without a financial background. 201 Series Talks (Term Sheet Workshop): Fall 2015 Students are taught the specifics of a term sheet in these workshops. Students learn about the consequences of certain terms on both the financial success of the VC as well as the relationship with the entrepreneur. These lectures prepare students for the first Virginia Venture Cup. Sponsorship information on the next page.

  • Venture Series Sponsorship

    Speaker Sponsor Non-Monetary Written recognition as sponsor in all media and

    email communications Ability to send a speaker to the event to teach

    students about venture capital and/or private equity Chance to do a short presentation on your company Opportunity to network with students after event

    General Sponsor $500 Funds will be used to fund the event including

    space needs, food needs, and speaker costs

  • National Undergraduate Venture Capital Competition

    Spring Annually Real start-ups pitch to teams of students who represent artificial venture capital firms. The teams ne