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Spread the News The National Digital Newspaper Program

VTDNP at the Massachusetts Library Association Conference

Jul 03, 2015



On April 27, 2011, VTDNP members Chris Kirby and Tom McMurdo joined the Boston Public Library's (BPL) Chrissy Watkins Rissmeyer for a joint presentation on the NDNP and the VTDNP at the Massachusetts Library Association conference. This talk was part of the BPL's efforts to inform interested parties and the public at large about their efforts to join the NDNP as a new state program.
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  • 1. Spread the News The National Digital Newspaper Program

2. About the NDNP Partnership National Endowment for the Humanities The Library of Congress State Projects Long-term effort to develop a freely accessible digital resource of historically significant newspapers from all the states and U.S. territories. Continues the work of the United States Newspaper Program. 3. About the NDNP cont. NEH awards support state projects to select and digitize historically significant newspapers published in their state Library of Congress also digitizing newspapers from its own collections Technical guidelines and support for state projects provided by the Library of Congress 4. Chronicling America Digitized newspapers hosted by Library of Congress on Chronicling America website As of January 2011, over 3 million pages available States may also host digitized newspapers locally Accompanied by national newspaper directory of bibliographic and holdings information Complied as part of the United States Newspaper Program (USNP) 5. Program overview One organization from each state receives award to collaborate with relevant state partners. Two year award (renewable). Newspapers selected for digitization must have been published in state between 1836 and 1922. Material may be in English, French, Italian or Spanish (including bilingual). 6. State award conditions Digitize approximately 100,000 pages (primarily from microfilm) in accordance with Library of Congress technical guidelines. Assemble advisory board of scholars. Develop selection criteria. Update bibliographic records for national directory. Write historical essay about each digitized newspaper. Deposit copy of microfilm used for scanning with the Library of Congress. 7. Unsupported activities Digitization of serials that are not newspapers. Digitization of newspapers from outside of timeframe. Costs related to local reuse or enhancement of digitized newspapers. Costs associated with the development of a local access interface. 8. State projects 25 states have received awards so far. Vermont first state in New England to receive award. 9. A Massachusetts Digital Newspaper Project? Plans are currently underway to apply for NEH funding in January 2012. Through participation in the NDNP we hope to develop the Massachusetts Digital Newspaper Project as a statewide collaboration to provide digital access to historic Massachusetts newspapers. 10. Ways to get involved Contribute your microfilm, knowledge, or support Come to informational meeting today at 4:30pm in the Ipswitch Room. Email me at 11. Thank you! Chrissy Watkins Rissmeyer Boston Public Library Digital Projects Metadata Coordinator 12. VERMONT DIGITAL NEWSPAPER PROJECT (VTDNP) AND THE NATIONAL DIGITAL NEWSPAPER PROGRAM (NDNP) Chris Kirby Ilsley Public Library Adult Services and Technology Librarian 13. Abbreviation for my talk:VUN Vermont Digital Newspaper ProjectVTDNP U.S. Newspaper ProjectUSNP National Digital Newspaper ProjectNDNP 14. Vermont joins the NDNP Researching the NDNPSummer, 2009 Applying to the programFall, 2009 Award announcementJune, 2010 Project kickoffAugust, 2010 15. Newspaper Publishing in Vermont Early publishing centers: Bennington, Brattleboro, Burlington, and Rutland 19th century papers: BrandonsVermont Telegraph Papers with extended runs: Burlington Free Press, Rutland Herald 16. Vermont & the United States Newspaper Program (USNP) 17. Past efforts to enhance access to Vermont Newspapers: Burlington Free Press/ Rutland Herald Index 18. Newspaper Digitization (VTDNP) and enhanced access to Vermont Newspapers 19. Digitization in Vermont UVMs Center for Digital Initiatives Vermont Folklife Center Online Digital Archive Middlebury College Digital Collections ReadexEarly American Newspaper Series 20. Background for VTDNP Inventory ofVermont Papers Microfilm of varying quality Selection of digitized newspapers Cultural Organizations with digitization expertise 21. National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP)a collaborative venture Library of Congress National Endowment for the Humanities Awardees (state level institutions) 22. VTDNP: A collaborative Project Partners: University ofVermont Department of Libraries Ilsley Public Library Vermont Historical Society 23. VTDNP and other NDNP awardees 24. NDNP Awardees: A diversity of approaches 25. Current Phase of Project: Implementation Select newspapers to be digitized Describe newspapers to be digitized Digitize newspapers and duplicate microfilm Validate and submit digitized newspapers 26. Okay, so we have NDNP grant money. Now just how do we do this? A National Digital Newspaper Program state project process from film in a drawer to searchable online content. Tom McMurdo 27. Microfilm is the basis of any NDNP project. 28. Where are your newspaper master negatives? 29. Most master negatives of newspapers from 1836-1922 are pre-standards. 30. Microfilm evaluation: Acetate or Polyester? Vinegar syndrome Positives and negatives Scanning quality 31. Scanning: In House or Vendor? 2 very different approaches: control versus overhead 32. My Experience: Outsourcing Scanning 33. Scanning RFP Several excellent companies working on NDNP state projects. Criteria for evaluation 34. Selecting a vendor 35. Workflows Title selection & Essays Masters, positives & negatives Metadata Creation Scanning, OCR and XML files Quality Assurance Check Film and Files to LC Searchable pages online 36. Title selection and essays Selections must be justified Stakeholders Degree of formality 37. Microfilm Positive vs. Negative film 38. Metadata creation: frame by frame film inventory 39. Scanning, OCR and XML files 40. Quality Assurance Check 41. Film and Files to Library of Congress 42. Online searchable files 43. Ongoing production (100,000 Pages) 44. Success!