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Vsi Group Company Profile

Jul 08, 2015






  • wELCOME tO tHE vsi GROUP

    Founded in 1989, VSI (Voice & Script International)has over 20 years of unrivalled expertise and achievement in all aspects of language versioning. More than 200 people work for VSI in 16 offices worldwide. As one of the worlds premier language service providers, VSI offers all the services and facilities necessary to reversion any media content for the international market.

    VSI combines the advantages of an international group with an awareness of the needs of local markets. Its unique international presence allows VSI to offer competitive pricing, appropriate and effective localisation and the highest calibre of talent.

  • DUBBiNG & vOiCE-OvER

    From a single movie to an entire channel launch: producing high-quality language versions is our speciality. We also provide localised promotional and on-air material to support your content. If you need ten languages but want just one point of contact, VSI is the obvious choice.

    VSI has its own international network of studios, producing skilfully dubbed or voiced versions for audiences all over the world. Our talented actors, directors and project managers, together with our proprietary technology and state-of-the-art facilities, guarantee that VSIs dubbed productions meet the highest creative and technical standards.

  • tECHNiCAL sERviCEs

    With our cutting-edge facilities and highly skilled operators, your material is in safe hands. We offer linear and non-linear video editing, graphics, standard and high-definition file conversion and duplication, all handled in-house by expert editors and technicians using the latest equipment. Our end-to-end DVD/Blu-ray service includes encoding, menu design and authoring, plus foreign-language elements such as subtitle and audio streams and menu text.

    We are at the forefront of high definition, from subtitling and re-versioning to post-production. Our tapeless encoding and transcoding solutions will prepare your video project for any platform, including PAL, NTSC and HD broadcast, video on demand, the internet, mobile and smart phones, games consoles, mp3 players and tablet PCs.

  • tRANsLAtiON

    Every piece of translation has a job to do. Advertising copy should sparkle and shine; press releases must be concise and informative; web pages should appeal to your target audience; specialist texts need authority and a clear structure. Producing a translation requires the same amount of care and attention as the original text.

    All our translators are experienced professionals who only translate into their mother tongue. They are chosen for their creativity, specialist knowledge and the focus they bring to your project.

  • sUBtitLiNG

    When it comes to subtitling, very few companies are equipped to turn around high volumes at high speed. And fewer still can do this while translating with precision and style. VSI can.

    From one-off projects to large volume programming, VSIs proficient subtitlers work together with our experienced project managers to ensure service of the finest quality. We are also at the forefront of new technology, so whether you require HD compatible files, tapeless subtitles for online streaming and downloads, multi-language subtitles or subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing, VSI has the expertise and experience you need.


    Located in central London and with complete facilities under one roof, the VSI building is the headquarters of our international operation. Our experienced project managers handle complex multi-language projects and provide a central hub for coordinating work undertaken by other VSI facilities.

    For over 20 years we have been an established partner of both broadcast and corporate clients. Each year we successfully dub, voice and subtitle over 40,000 programme-hours into over 40 languages. Our activities cover films and TV series, animations, documentaries, high-level corporate presentations, commercials, training videos and promos as well as new media content and


  • vsi LONDONvOiCE & sCRiPt iNtERNAtiONAL LtD.

    128 134 CLEvELAND stREEtLONDON w1t 6ABUNitED KiNGDOM+44 (0) 20 7692

  • PARis / CHiNKEL s. A.vsi PARis / CHiNKEL s.A.PARis & BRUssELs

    Based in the heart of Paris, VSI Paris / Chinkel S. A. is one of the largest dubbing studios in France. Founded 13 years ago, the Paris and Brussels studios became an integral part of the VSI Group in 2003. At its spacious premises in the 9th arrondissement of Paris and in the centre of Brussels, VSI Paris / Chinkel S.A. has developed a high-end dubbing facility with a total of ten studios. Following major investment in state-of-the-art 35 mm and HD technology, VSI Paris / Chinkel S.A. is able to produce dubbed versions in any format, for cinema, television, home video and new media. Our portfolio of clients includes all the major French terrestrial channels as well as a broad range of leading international broadcasters, major film studios and production companies.

    Chinkel has developed and patented Cappella: revolutionary software that creates a virtual dubbing rhythmo-band for onscreen text and lip-synchronisation, significantly increasing efficiency and production capacity by using a fully digital

  • vsi PARis / CHiNKEL s.A.

    23, RUE FONtAiNE75009 PARisFRANCE+33 (0) 1 53 20 08

  • vsi BERLiN

    In 2005, VSI built one of its largest facilities, in Berlin. VSI Berlin has become a leading provider of language services for film and TV in Germany. VSI Berlin is the only company in the country within-house dubbing studios and subtitling facilities. Additionally, we offer top quality translation services and video editing at the same location. Our outstanding architectural concept and unique atmosphere, right on the banks of the River Spree, enables us to take full advantage of the creative forces based in the capital city: more than 1,500 voice-over and dubbing artists, as well as the largest pool of directors and writers in Germany.

    At VSI Berlin, our experienced project managers place great emphasis on clear communication, high standards and a transparent cost structure, offering you the best possible price-performance balance for your


  • vsi BERLiN

    stRALAUER ALLEE 2 B10245 BERLiNGERMANy+49 (0) 30 700 1160

  • vsi AMstERDAM

    VSI Amsterdam celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2010, and specialises in subtitling and text translation. The key elements of our service are fast turnaround and flexibility, as well as swift adaptation to clients needs and consistent quality. This is why major international channels continue to choose VSI as their exclusive localisation vendor.

    vsi stOCKHOLM

    The Stockholm branch of VSI has been one of Swedens leading TV translation companies since 1997 and focuses on Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish. Its offices are located in the very centre of the city. Meticulous quality control and quick turn-around times are a matter of daily routine. VSI Stockholm has established its place as a reliable partner for Scandinavian TV channels, film and video production companies and corporate

  • vsi ROME

    VSI built its Italian facilities in 2004 in response to client demand for consistent high-quality language versioning. The recently-built recording studios and mixing suite form the core of an efficient operation. Our team of London-trained project managers can handle the most demanding projects and have years of experience in the fields of dubbing, subtitling and

    vsi CAiRO

    VSI Cairo was established in 1999 to address a long-standing need in the Arabic market by offering subtitling, text translation, and voice-over of unrivalled quality, coupled with first-class customer service. In 2007, we expanded our Cairo facilities to include dubbing, as well as pre-production and post-production services. We have a dedicated team of in-house subtitlers, proof readers, and project managers which helps to ensure that our quality is always at the highest level.

  • vsi iN tHE REst OF tHE wORLD

    We are very proud of our unique network of dubbing studios, subtitling facilities and offices worldwide, which, together with close partners in other territories, have enabled us to become the leader in our field.

    vsi BARCELONA barcelona@vsi.tvvsi LisBON lisbon@vsi.tvvsi istANBUL istanbul@vsi.tvvsi wARsAw warsaw@vsi.tvvsi MOsCOw moscow@vsi.tvvsi tEL Aviv telaviv@vsi.tvvsi NEw yORK newyork@vsi.tvvsi LOs ANGELEs



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