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VNA Presentation

Feb 21, 2016



Jennifer Ryans

Educational campaign presentation to the Visiting Nurse Association
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VNA’s Target Audience & Age Demographics

The majority of VNA patients fall into the homebound status.

This status is given to those whose leaving the house requires a “considerable and taxing effort”

Requires continuous oxygen

General muscle weakness


In general, the VNA has an evenly distributed age bracket

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Loyalty Program Target Audience

The Care for Life Loyalty Program Campaign targets Patients for life

Men and Women in their unhealthy 70’s and above

Additionally, healthy seniors are encouraged to request a CareCard.

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Main focus is to educate people both internally

and externally about the VNA and its services

Emphasis on educating healthy seniors in the

community and families

Develop Care for Life Loyalty Program


Within the first year of the Program

50 Care for Life Loyalty patients

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Care for Life Loyalty Program

Order card on website or at open houses

Delivered by mail within 7-10 business days

Other documents with card

CEO letter

Fact Sheet


Care for Life Loyalty Card


Nurse telephone calls

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