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Visual communication and Visual persuasion

Dec 13, 2014



Visual persuasion

  • 1. The real persuaders are our appetites, our fears, and above all, our vanity. Eric Hoffer, 19021983 Longshoreman, Author, Philosopher

2. Prepared by Danielle Oser, APR 3. Brook Shields, 14 Soft-Porn Advertising 4. 2002- Campaign called Outrageous and Irresponsible by a member of congress 5. 2005 No additional media notice 6. Linking sex with products in not new 7. Christmas 2003 Sometimes controversy does not sell more clothes 8. Christmas is NOT when you want a boycott by parents 9. Nothing says Paris like a Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger from Carl's Jr. Apparently. 10. Not approved by JC Penny Leaked by the advertising agency 11. Holocaust on your plate German court called the campaign an offense against human dignity 12. Too racy for network television 13. 2009 - NBC prohibited the spot from being shown during the Super Bowl because it was too sexually suggestive 14. Generate news media attention and sales 15. Target audience 18-24 Socially conscious clothing buyers 16. 1989 17. Arab countries refused to print this ad 18. Symbolically emphasize racial harmony and equivalence 19. Overtly Polictal Imaes 1991 20. Benetton Disturbing images without context or explanation 21. Estimated worldwide sales jumped 10% ~ $100 million from 1991-92 during the controversy 22. Journalism Condemnation AIDS awareness Seen by more than 1 billion people But that does not mean people were educated 23. January 2000 Time to rethink shock advertising? 24. Glamorizing murderers while ignoring their crimes Sears canceled their contract ~ big lo$$ for Benetton 25. 2011 Manipulated photographs 26. Most information, whether factual or not is communicated through the mass media and relies on the emotional appeal in visual presentations 27. Images change a persons attitude Walter Lippman, 1922 28. First to write about the art of persuasion Ethos Source credibility Logos Logical arguments Pathos Emotional appeals 29. 2004 MoveOn.Org Turned down by CBS to air during the Super Bowl CNN aired the spot during a news segment in response 30. James Carey 31. Propagate an idea to a large population 32. Thought control techniques 33. John Merrill, Media Critic 34. Introduction of Uncle Sam James Montgomery Flagg 35. Vital to the war effort by bolstering morale and home-front efforts 36. Nazis use propaganda to their advantage 37. 1965, Lorraine Schneider 38. 400,000 US advertising employees $650 billion annual billings worldwide 39. But its harder to break through 40. Product placements are estimated to create an income of $6 billion by 2014 41. Documentary about product placements 42. Sidewalks, elevator doors, egg shells, mens room doors, potholes, buildings, vehicles 43. Brief: Anando Milk,a localcompany wanted to increase consumption of milk amonglittle children. The competition in the form of juices and energy drinks focus on kids' drinks being funand cool. So Anando wanted to change the percept on of milk being a boring drink. Solution: C-Ons dering every chi d livesina world of fantasy. the idea was to exaggerate the benefit of milk into almost giving the child superhuman powers. So we useo a noaroing,am1ost a prominent building whichappeared asif a child was pushing a part of the building with his bare hands. 44. QR Codes 45. Attempt to influence public opinion about a product, company or issue 50% of all media stories are probably generated by a pr person 46. The hope is that those who see the resulting pictures will not see the elements of calculation that are behind the artifice George Will 47. War dragged on for years, mission NOT accomplished 48. George Bush Detached? clueless? 49. Causes panic, 9/11 memories 50. 1928 Ruth Snyder, First woman executed in NY since 1899 Present the news in exciting visual ways better than our competition 51. Eye Catching 52. Propaganda or Persuasion?

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