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Virtual painting project By: By: Leetal Gruper Leetal Gruper Tsafrir Kamelo Tsafrir Kamelo Supervisor: Michael Kolomenkin Supervisor: Michael Kolomenkin Advisor from 3DV systems: Sagi Advisor from 3DV systems: Sagi Katz Katz

Virtual painting project

Jan 11, 2016



Davis Davis

Virtual painting project. By: Leetal Gruper Tsafrir Kamelo Supervisor: Michael Kolomenkin Advisor from 3DV systems: Sagi Katz. Introduction. The following project introduces a new type of interface based on the user's hand and body movements as captured by the novel 3DV systems Zcam™. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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  • Virtual painting projectBy: Leetal Gruper Tsafrir KameloSupervisor: Michael KolomenkinAdvisor from 3DV systems: Sagi Katz

  • IntroductionThe following project introduces a new type of interface based on the user's hand and body movements as captured by the novel 3DV systems Zcam

  • Project goalUser will be able to paint on a virtual surfaceThe program is intended for small children The user will stand in front of the camera, paint with any part of their body they wish, and see the painting on the computer screen

  • System descriptionThe system consists of the 3DV systems Zcam and a program that runs on windowsThe program includes inside:Ogre a 3D engine.Depth camera interface.Upper body tracking interface.

  • The virtual paint software

  • The program flowThe user stands in front of the Zcam Selects a color to paintStarts painting with every part of his body that cross the depth threshold

  • The programStarts with a configuration dialog to setup

  • Modes of operationPainting modeColor selection mode:Red, green and blueCyan, magenta and yellowWhite, orange and brown

    The user can paint in both modes. The only difference is in the interface presented on the screen

  • First color selection screen

  • Second color selection screen

  • Third color selection screen

  • Passing between modesTo move from color selection mode to the painting mode, one needs only to select a color or the eraserTo move from the painting mode to the color selection mode, one should just press the arrow buttonTo move between different color options, one needs to press the 2 arrows appearing on each side

  • Passing between painting and color selectionselect a color or the eraserPress the Press the

  • Fine resolution paintingAn entire hand is to crude for fine painting Need for doing some pre-processing on the input depth image

  • Fine resolution painting cont.The algorithm we finally used was based on the assumption that we mainly paint homogenous objects The number of layers removed (which translate to a more or less finer resolution) is controlled from the keyboard numbers. 9 is the finest resolution possible and 1 is not removing layers at all

  • The algorithmScan the frame in an interlace order For every pixel in depth range Has at least one pixel from 4 surrounding neighbors that are at a certain distance that isn't in our depth range? Dont paint the pixelElsePaint the pixel

  • ConclusionsWe created software that uses an RGBD camera as an input interface and creates a fun game intended for childrenThis project was our first encounter with computer graphicsWe have acquired knowledge in basic computer graphics We have also learned how to use a rendering platform as OGRE to create all our graphical needsFor the students that will follow us and want to use OGRE, we have created a tutorial comprising all our knowledge

  • Thank you Michael and Sagifor all your help and guidance