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Virtual Outsourcing: Advice for Clients and Freelancers/Consultants

May 20, 2015



Want to hire a virtual freelancer or start your own freelancing career?

Working in this model as both a marketing freelancer and a hiring client for my business as well as client projects has allowed me to learn a few things. This post provides some tips based on my experience which both clients and freelancers new to the world of virtual outsourcing may find helpful. For more context and the full narrative visit

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  • 1. Advice on Virtual Outsourcing... For Both Clients and Freelancers

2. Want to hire a virtual freelancer or start your own freelancing career?||Contact:[email protected] 3. According to Forbes, the size of the global online work industry is expected to grow to $5B by 2018 and its expected that more and more corporate teams will include virtual members.||Contact:[email protected] 4. As both a marketing freelancer and a hiring client I have learned a few||Contact:[email protected] 5. Some tips based on my||Contact:[email protected] 6. FOR||Contact:[email protected] 7. 1 Do as much as you can to figure out exactly what you need help with and what the scope of work will||Contact:[email protected] 8. 2 If you are unsure of the scope or the exact skills needed, do some research to try and figure them out. Set yourself up for||Contact:[email protected] 9. 3 If youve never looked for virtual talent before, test and learn before bogging yourself down in endless profiles and||Contact:[email protected] 10. 4 Talk to people in your network; they may know someone that fits the bill. Also browse freelance platforms like Elance, Guru, and||Contact:[email protected] 11. 5 Consider the investment you need to make to get a good return vs. how much its going to cost||Contact:[email protected] 12. 6 Be nice to candidates; be a grownup; treat others as you want to be treated. What goes around comes around. Keep that in||Contact:[email protected] 13. FOR||Contact:[email protected] 14. 1Know what you want, what youre great at and how you can help people. Figure out who your target client is and map your messaging, resume and profile to that.||Contact:[email protected] 15. 2 Work your network; brand and market yourself; find leads; build relationships. Freelancepla*ormsarebutonewaytondprojectsandI dontrecommenddependingonthemasyoursolesource, par