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Oct 28, 2014




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2. Our Pillars of Strategic Focus Employee Experience Employee Relationship Management! Reward & Recognition! Organisational Development! Mobile Learning! Customer Experience Cloud based CEM or On Premise CEM! Contact Centre solutions! Voice & Video Solutions! Event Management! Community Management! 3. Our Pillars of Strategic Focus Mobile App Ecosystems QRD Devices! ODP & Apps Stores! mCommerce! Mobile Media & Advertising! Enterprise Mobility! mHealth, M2M, mGovernment! Digital Solutions Content Management System! Online Collaboration! Digital Publications! Cloud Based Services! Digital & Social Strategies! UI & UX Design & Planning! 4. REAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES WE BELIEVE A COMPANIES BUSINESS DESIGN NEEDS TO BE RE-INVENTED OVER AND OVER AGAIN IN ORDER TO REMAIN RELEVANT! 5. 2005 Technology Top 100 2006 Technology Top 100 2006 PMR Service Excellence 2007 Customer Service Delight 2007 Gold Award Service Excellence 2007 DMA Mobile Marketing Award 2003 IEC Contact Centre Awarded 2004 Public Sector Award for IEC 2004 Mobile WASP Award 2005 Cell One MNO Awarded 2005 Service Solution and InHouse Awards 2005 COJ Innovation Award Digital Mall Born September 1998 January 2000 iTouch Acquistion 51% August 2000 iTouch raised 42.5 million IPO November 2001 MBO 2001 Finalist Age of Innovation 2001 Best Use Technology Contact Centre 2002 Age of Innovation Award 2008 WASP Best Customer Service 2008 Best Service and Non Innovation Award 2008 Technical Innovation Award 2009 Exporter of the Year Award 2010 Innovation Finalist 2011 Partner Award Timeline and Awards 6. In future, the most powerful brands! will be customer-centric. Successful companies will know their customer and will be the customers advocate.! Customer Centricity 7. The Virtual Contact Centre is a Contact Centre solution provider. Our engagement model is exible and our services are offered on a consulting basis, co-sourcing or outsourcing.! The Virtual Contact Centres vision and mission is that of providing anywhere, anytime access to products and services, utilising our extensive strategic and operational knowledge and experience in the management of multi-channel commerce, communication, employee, customer and partner relationship marketing.! Engagement, Vision and Mission 8. We offer DBOT (Design, Build Operate and Transfer) solutions for companies that wish to eventually incorporate the solution as part of their own operation. Our unique approach to the management of people, process and technology ensures that we provide solutions that are effective and consistent across all communications channels. ! Our solutions are cost effective and exible including a pay per use model. This means that our Clients only pay for the capacity that they use rather than having to cover the costs of employing dedicated people for a particular campaign or ongoing customer care interactions.! Our Offering 9. The Virtual Contact Centres approach allows organisations to continuously utilise our substantial investment in enabling technology, skilled people and innovative processes with the objective of enabling and assisting all stakeholders in interacting with the Virtual Contact Centre using the most convenient and cost effective channels.! The Virtual Contact Centres primary focus is to work closely with clients and help succeed in setting and meeting Contact Centre goals and objectives. We offer total support and a commitment to communicate your ideas in a strategic, creative, and cost-effective manner.! Our Investment, Your Objectives 10. Customer Interaction Services - Inbound and outbound support, including product support, commerce management, information requests, and web query management, live help interactive management and email management 24 x 7.! Technical Helpdesk Support - Inbound and outbound technical support, including product support, tier 1 and 2 user support and technical information requests 24 x 7.! ! Services and Solutions 11. Mobile Customer Support- Inbound and outbound technical support, including product support, registration/ deregistration from services and information requests 24 x 7.! ! Outbound Sales Services Outbound sales in the Financial Services sector, Bond Origination, Lead Generation, Sales generation and Appointment management.! ! Services and Solutions 12. eCommerce Services - Inbound and outbound Commerce management, including web based ecommerce transacting, Commerce delivery fulllment and eCommerce Customer services and support 24 x 7.! Customer Experience Management Implementation of new generation OnDemand or OnPremise CEM platform that focuses on improving service whilst reducing operational costs 24 x 7. ! Services and Solutions 13. Complete Contact Centre Management across People, Process and Technology. Well trained People and well dened agreed processes ensures success.! Contact Centre MIS IVR & Voice XML Coaching and QA Voice of Customer Business Intelligence Rate Our Service Social CRM CEM Platform Your Brand Contact Centre 14. Customer experience is critical across the entire customer journey, from nding and buying what they need to getting support and then ultimately buying more.! There are three experiences that really matter throughout the customer journey: Web, Social and Contact Center. ! Customer Experiences 15. Provides a rich online customer experience so consumers can research, purchase, or resolve issues from any device. ! Set a standard for best-in-class service by allowing your customers to interact on their own terms while you increase conversions and lower service costs.! Web Experiences 16. Intent Guide Cloud Service understands consumer intent on your Website and guides consumers to high-value interactions so you can increase conversions, drive sales, grow loyalty, and gain deeper insights.! ! Customer Portal Cloud Service provides organisations with an out of-the-box Web customer service experience that can be customized with the look and feel of your brand. In addition, the Syndicated Knowledge feature of Customer Portal enables you to put self-service content on any Web page, answering consumers questions where they occur.! Web Experiences 17. Web Self Service Cloud Service empowers customers to easily nd the information they need from anywhere, at any time, without the need for agent assistance. ! Mobile Cloud Service delivers self-service for smartphones and other advanced devices.! Guided Assistance Cloud Service guides customers through a troubleshooting tool to enable them to nd the correct answer without agent assistance.! Chat Cloud Service and Cobrowse Cloud Service provide direct text and visual connections between your agents and customers.! Web Experiences 18. Deliver superior online experience while reducing costs;! Allow customers to quickly nd answers 24x7;! Automatically respond to and handle incoming emails;! Provide easy escalation to assisted support channels;! Capture answer feedback to ensure continuous improvement;! Place relevant knowledge where customers are looking.! Web Experiences Benefits 19. Actively promote and protect your brand! Defuse PR restorms! Reach out to customers who need help! Drive sales! Increase efciency in customer interactions! Eliminate spreadsheet tracking! Efciently route support issues to customer service agents! Act on the insights you gain! Gather meaningful, actionable data! Capture, analyse and respond to customer feedback! Social Experiences Why? 20. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Friends of friends! Social! Web! Your! Community! www Site! Your! Brand! Competitor B! Inuencers!Friends! Your! www! Site! Your! Contact! Center! Earned! Hosted! Owned! Relationships Conversations Processes Competitor C! Social Experiences 21. Monitor effectiveness of the social experience your company provides! Track & inuence how youre perceived in Cloud discussions ! Monitor Analytics! Understand trends in Cloud posts about your company & products! Identify key contributors commenting on your products! Monitor cloud searches, results and actions taken! Community analytics! Track Community activity! Monitor Community health! Understand Community contributors and posts! Social Experiences 22. Social Monitor - Monitor networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube as well as your specic sites such as your Facebook page, your own community running on CX Cloud Service, and other RSS-enabled sites where your customers gather. ! Prioritise follow-up by using SmartSense emotion detection technology a that helps gauge sentiment. Then respond directly in the channel and manage and record the interaction with the power of a complete incident system. ! Social Experiences 23. Find answers! Propose an idea! Ask an agent! Ask the community! Monitor, track, moderate, report! Share!Collaborate! Social Experiences 24. Challenges include:! ! Inconsistent customer experiences across interaction channels! Low agent productivity and inconsistent knowledge delivery! Difculty controlling or reducing costs! The need to measure how your customers perceive your organisation, service, or brand.! ! Dynamic Agent Desktop empowers your contact center to deliver high-quality customer experiences consistently across channels, agent pools, and geographies while maximising productivity and minimising cost. ! ! It guides your agents with relevant knowledge, dynamically learning from every interaction.! Contact Centre Experiences 25. Unied Management of Channels! Customers use many channels to communicate. They expect a unied, quality brand experience regardless of the channel they use. Dynamic Agent Desktop enables you to deliver great experiences consistently and efciently, by centrally managing all customer interaction channels from a unied, consistent inte

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