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Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth - Heidi Hertz

Dec 18, 2014





  • 1. Childhood Obesity VFHY follows CDCs target strategies to promote healthy living Increase access to healthy foods: Eat more fruits and vegetables ReThink your drink Portion size Promote breastfeeding Promote active environments: Be Active Reduce screentime 12% of middle school students are obese 11% of high school students are obese
  • 2. Childhood Obesity The food we eat determines how healthy we are
  • 3. VFHY Childhood Obesity Grantees 59 Healthy Youth Community Action Teams (HCAT) have been funded HCATs support environments, systems and policy changes in their communities to increase access to healthy food and promote increased physical activity HCATs have more than 295 partner organizations across the state
  • 4. Next Steps Food Desert Report- HHR Taskforce on Nutrition and Obesity Engaging youth in addressing healthy food access
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