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Vienna Ivan 1A

Aug 20, 2015



  1. 1. Vienna WorkingIVAN FOLGUEIRA MESA
  2. 2. LOCATION Is a Central European city located on the shores of the Danube, is the capital of Austria.
  3. 3. Climate With regard to the climate we can say that the winters are very cold, and the moderate summers.
  4. 4. Opera of Vienna Located in Vienna, Austria, it is one of the most important world companies of opera. Until 1920, it was called An Opera of the Court of Vienna. It is the neuralgic center of the musical life Viennese and one of the poles of attraction of the musical world.
  5. 5. Schnbrunns Palace Schnbrunn's Palace, it is one of the principal historical and cultural buildings of Austria, has been one of the principal tourist attractions of the city of Vienna and has appeared in postal, documentary and diverse cinematographic movies.
  6. 6. Gastronomy Vienesse - One of the typical food is the Gulasch a species(kind) of stew similar to the Hungarian prklt.
  7. 7. Gastronomy Vienesse The kitchen of Austria is known in the rest of the world by hi buns and sweets. An example of this they are the strudel; that are served, the majority of the times, accompanied on a cup of coffee.
  8. 8. Schnbrunn Zoo Schnbrun zoo in Vienna is the oldest zoo in the world and it was named the bes zoo in europe for three times.
  9. 9. The Prater The prater in Vienna is entertaining and exicintg and at the same time its relaxing and quiet too. In one part, you will find attractions, in other place the Green Prater an are which is called in this way because of its widespread meadowns, shady tres, and quiet paths.