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VIENNA, AUSTRIA - AMEE · PDF file VIENNA, AUSTRIA Reed Messe Wien 27-31 August 2011 2011 in collaboration with Inspire... and be inspired programme 2011 Pre-Conference Workshops,

Feb 28, 2020




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    VIENNA, AUSTRIA Reed Messe Wien 27-31 August 2011


    in collaboration with

    Inspire... and be inspired

    programme 2011 Pre-Conference Workshops, Masterclass Sessions and ESME Courses: 27 & 28 August

    Main Conference: 29-3� August

    Scottish Charity SC031618

    the leading


    medical education


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    • Receive each month your personal copy of Medical Teacher which contains key articles and reviews about curriculum planning, teaching and learning and assessment in undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education in the healthcare professions

    • Access information and resources available for teachers through MedEdWorld, receive the monthly update and contribute information about your own activities (

    • Hear about new AMEE guides, including the two new series − Research in Medical Education, and Medical Education Theories guides − and purchase them at a discount

    • Participate in key developments in medical education such as the MEDINE2 Curriculum Trends and Bologna initiatives, and the Charter for Medical Teachers

    HoW AMEE CAN HElP you AND HoW you CAN CoNTRIBuTE To AMEE • Register your interest as a possible consultant

    in medical education through the Find a Consultant in Education (FACE) initiative

    • Access the AMEE Small Grants Scheme to support your research in medical education (to be announced later in 20��)

    • Participate in AMEE conferences at reduced rates

    • Have your contributions to medical education and to AMEE documented as evidence to support appraisal and promotion

    If you registered for AMEE 20�� as a non-member, don’t forget that you are entitled to one year’s membership of AMEE. look out for your email from [email protected] with full instructions.


    Most medical schools in the developed world are under regular accreditation by national accreditation bodies. Recognition of the importance of teaching alongside research as the mission of a medical school is attracting attention. ASPIRE is a form of quality assurance that goes beyond accreditation and recognises world-class excellence in medical education against an agreed set of international benchmarks or standards.

    In the first instance, three specific aspects have been identified as a focus for recognition of excellence in education in a medical school:

    • Excellence in assessment in the medical school

    • Excellence in student engagement in the medical school

    • Excellence in social responsibility and accountability in the medical school

    Criteria for the award of excellence have been developed by international Panels and an ASPIRE Board of leading authorities in medical education.

    ASPIRE will be launched towards the end of 20�� with applications for recognition of excellence invited in early 20�2.

  • Preconference Workshops

    Saturday 27 August

    Sunday 28 August


    ES M

    E C

    ou rse


    00 -1

    70 0


    ES M

    E As

    se ss

    m en

    t C ou


    09 00

    -1 70

    0 courSe

    RE SM

    E C

    ou rse


    00 -1

    70 0

    PcW 1

    Sc ho

    la rsh

    ip a

    nd in

    no va

    tio n

    in m

    ed ic

    al e

    du ca

    tio n

    (C AM


    PcW 2

    Th e

    Ar t a

    nd S

    ci en

    ce o

    f F ac

    ilit at

    io n:


    pt im

    izi ng

    th e

    Te ac

    he r L

    ea rn

    er E

    xp er

    ie nc

    e (M

    as te

    rc la

    ss )

    PcW 3

    Th eo

    ry a

    nd p

    ra ct

    ic e

    of p

    ee r t

    ea ch

    in g


    m ed

    ic al

    e du

    ca tio

    n (M

    as te

    rc la

    ss )

    PcW 4

    C lin

    ic al

    re as

    on in


    de ve

    lo pm

    en t..


    PcW 5

    C om

    pl ex

    ity , P

    ro fe

    ss io

    na lis


    an d

    th e

    Hi dd

    en C

    ur ric

    ul um


    M ed

    ic al

    E du

    ca tio


    PcW 6

    Et hi

    cs Te

    ac hi

    ng :

    Sh ar

    in g

    Be st

    Pr ac

    tic e

    PcW 7

    Br ui

    se d,

    B lo

    od y

    an d

    Bu rn

    ed :

    Ba sic

    M ou

    la ge

    Te ch

    ni qu


    PcW 8

    A sy

    ste m

    s a pp

    ro ac

    h to


    sti tu

    tio na

    l p la

    nn in

    g. ..

    PcW 9

    Le ar

    ni ng

    o n

    th e

    m ov


    En co

    ur ag

    in g

    an d

    Em be

    dd in


    th e

    us e

    of M

    ob ile

    D ev

    ic es


    PcW 11

    St ra

    te gi

    c Vi

    sio ni

    ng :

    En ga

    gi ng


    cu lty

    in S

    ha re

    d Le

    ad er

    sh ip


    r P ro

    gr am

    P la

    nn in


    PcW 12

    He al

    th c

    ar e

    de liv

    er y

    sy ste

    m s:

    De sig

    ni ng

    a p

    at ie

    nt a


    ca se

    -b as

    ed c

    ur ric

    ul um

    PcW 13

    Im pl

    em en

    tin g

    in no

    va tio


    in p

    os tg

    ra du

    at e

    m ed

    ic al


    uc at

    io n:

    h ow

    to st

    ar t..


    PcW 14

    Al l y

    ou n

    ee d

    to kn

    ow a

    bo ut


    ab ilit

    y te

    sti ng

    fo r e

    -le ar

    ni ng


    te rv

    en tio


    PcW 15

    A Ke

    y to

    D ec

    od in

    g Em

    ot io

    ns :

    Ho w

    fa ci

    al e

    xp re

    ss io

    ns &

    b od

    y la

    ng ua

    ge sp

    ea k f

    or a

    ll o f u

    s.. .

    PcW 16

    Te st

    Th eo

    ry : T

    hi ng

    s y ou


    wa ys

    w an

    te d

    to kn

    ow ,

    ye t n

    ev er

    d ar

    ed to

    a sk

    PcW 17

    Sim ul

    at io

    n: In

    te gr

    at in


    C lin

    ic al

    S ci

    en ce

    a nd

    B as


    Sc ie

    nc es

    in P

    re -c

    lin ic

    al Ye

    ar s


    ES M

    E C

    ou rse


    00 -1

    70 0


    ES M

    E As

    st C

    ou rse


    00 -1

    23 0


    ES M

    E Sim

    ul at

    io n

    C ou


    09 00

    -1 70


    PcW 19

    Ho w

    to D

    ev el

    op E

    ffe ct

    ive e

    -Le ar

    ni ng

    : Fr

    om P

    rin ci

    pl es

    to P

    ra ct

    ic e

    (M as

    te rc

    la ss


    PcW 20

    C on

    du ct

    in g

    qu al

    ita tiv

    e re

    se ar

    ch :

    Fr om

    c on

    ce pt

    io n

    to a

    na lys

    is (M

    as te

    rc la

    ss )

    PcW 21

    Th e

    m an

    y ch

    al le

    ng es

    o f c

    lin ic

    al te

    ac hi

    ng a


    po ss

    ib le

    so lu

    tio ns

    : A

    sta ff

    de ve

    lo pm

    en t w

    or ks

    ho p

    fo r t

    ea ch

    er s

    in th

    e cl

    in ic

    al e

    nv iro

    nm en

    t ( M

    as te

    rc la

    ss )

    PcW 25

    Ho w

    am I

    do in

    g? D

    ev el

    op in

    g ef

    fe ct

    ive fe

    ed ba

    ck sk


    th ro

    ug h

    de lib

    er at

    e pr

    ac tic


    PcW 24

    Us in

    g le

    ar ni

    ng th

    eo ry


    in fo

    rm c

    ur ric

    ul um

    d es

    ig n


    d le

    ar ni

    ng a

    ct ivi

    tie s

    PcW 26

    Q ue

    sti on

    na ire

    d es

    ig n,


    e an

    d an

    al ys

    es in

    m ed

    ic al


    uc at

    io n

    re se

    ar ch

    PcW 27

    M ea

    su re

    m en

    t o f C

    lin ic