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Jan 12, 2015




  • 1. VIENNA St. Stephens Cathedral.St. StephensIt is situated in the heart of Vienna at Cathedral the Stephansplatz and is considered one of Viennas greatest architectural achievements. The cathedral structure is a combination of Romanesque and Gothic styles and stands on the ruins of two earlier churches, the first being a parish church consecrated in 1147. Together with its multi-colored tile roof and 137 meter high tower ,it is the citys most recognizable symbol for tourist discovering the cities attractions.

2. VIENNA St.StephensCathedral 3. VIENNA Introducing Schonbrunn Palace.The siege of Vienna began on the 14th. July 1683 marked the turningpoint in the 300 years of Turkish occupation.Schonbrunn Palace, the impressive Baroque architectural complexdates from 1696 and was redesigned by Maria Theresia after 1743. 4. VIENNASchonbrunn PalaceOne of Europes most impressive Baroque palace complexes. 5. VIENNAThe Gloriette in the Schonbrunn Palace Garden built in 1775 toserve as a dining hall, a festival hall as well as a breakfast room foremperor. It is also a lookout point for the garden and on the roofas an observation platform overlooking Vienna. 6. VIENNASchonbrunn Palace Garden 138 metres long, the Palm House consists of a 28-metre high central pavilion andPalm House two lateral pavilions which are 3 metres lower. Linked by tunnel-like passages the pavilions contain different climatic zones: a cold house to the north, a temperate zone in the central pavilion and a tropical climate in the south pavilion. The necessary temperatures are achieved by means of a steam heating system which means that rare specimens from all over the world can be grown here. 7. VIENNAThe Kunsthistorisches Museum "Museum of Art History" also often referredto as the "Museum of Fine Arts". The Habsburgs formidable art collection ishoused in its palatial octagonal dome building on Ringstrae. ( Ring roadaround the city of Vienna) 8. VIENNAViennaPostcard 9. VIENNA Praters Fun Park Visible from a longdistance, the Praters fun park skyline isdefined by the giant Ferris Wheel. The 645meter high structureprovides a stunningview over Vienna 10. VIENNAThe Graben one of the mainbusiness streets inVienna. The monument is The Palace of the Baronsdedicated to theBartolotti von Partenfeld.devastation of the plague It is the only baroque structure in 1679on the Graben that has survivedto this day. 11. VIENNAParliament House 12. VIENNA The fountain of Pallas Bronze Horse Tamer Statue Athena supporting theGoddess of WisdomThe architecture is reflective of ancient Greece with its pillared porch. 13. VIENNASide view of Parliament House with the ancient Greek styledpillared porch 14. VIENNAViennaPostcard 15. VIENNAThe Belvedere The Belvedere is a historical BaroqueGustav Klimt. The Kiss andarchitectural complex consisting of two many of his other works arepalaces the Upper and Lower Belvedere.exhibited here 16. VIENNAThe Vienna National Opera House 17. VIENNAThe Museum Of Art History 18. VIENNAThe Art Nouveau designed AnchorClock was built between 1911 and1917.The clock forms a bridgebetween two parts of the AnkerInsurance Companys building.In the course of 12 hours, twelvehistorical figures or pairs of figuresmove across the bridge .Every day at noon, all figures paradeaccompanied by music from thevarious eras. This tourist spectacle isa special kind of Viennese High Noon. 19. MELKBenedictine Monastery At MelkViews Of The Danube River At Melk 20. DURNSTIEN 21. DURNSTIEN 22. VIENNAThe golden Strauss Monument is a popularphotographic subject for tourists visiting Vienna. 23. VIENNA We hope that you have enjoyed the views along the Danube through the WachauValley and on to discover some of the grand sights that make Vienna a special place .I wish to thank Geoff for his images included in this Powerpoint Presentation. This is the end of our Highlights Of Eastern Europe Adventure. Safe Travels Everyone