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Video Steganography

Nov 20, 2015




Video Steganography


  • Contents AbstractExisting SystemProposed SystemModulesSoftware RequirementHardware RequirementSystem DesignScreen shotsConclusion

  • AbstractOur project is concerned with the application developed to embed information in a video signal so that data is protected from intruders.This system makes the Files more secure by using the concepts Steganography and Cryptography.

  • The goal of cryptography is to make data unreadable by a third partySteganography, is the art of hiding messages inside other messages such that the very existence of the message is unknown to third party.Authors of images and software can place a hidden trademark in their product . This is commonly known as watermarking.

  • Existing System In the traditional the server was only a data base server that can only offer data. Therefore majority of the business logic i.e., validations etc. had to be placed on the clients systemThe data has to be transported over the network to the client, which requires a secured format of the transfer method.

  • Disadvantages Present day transactions are considered to be "un-trusted" in terms of security, i.e. they are relatively easy to be hacked. And also we have to consider the transfer of large amount of data through the network will give errors while transferring.Only single level of security is present in the existing systems

  • Proposed System In the proposed system we use both cryptography and steganographyFirst the information is encrypted and then it is embedded in to a video file.In this way two levels of security is provided and it is difficult for the hacker to read the information

  • Modules1. Tiny Algorithm Implementation Module2. Stegnography Module3 .Send File 4 .GUI Module

  • Modules1.Tiny Algorithm Implementation Module :Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA) is a cryptographic algorithm designed to minimize memory usage and maximize speed.TEA is highly resistant to differential cryptanalysis, and achieves complete diffusion 2. Stegnography Module:It includes a methods for implementing stegnography. Theses methods include invisible inks, character arrangement, digital signature etc.

  • Modules3 .Send File This module consists of sending the file from host to destination IP adress. 4 .GUI ModuleThis project is developed using graphics in java swings. The options available are displayed in a menu format, like in an online editor.

  • Software RequirementsOperating System:Windows NT/2000 (Client/Server)Front-end:J2SDK 1.5, Swings.

  • Hardware Requirements Processor : Pentium III Processor with 700 MHz Clock SpeedRAM : 256 MB Hard Disk : 20 GB 32 bit PCI Ethernet card.


  • Use case diagram

  • Sequence Diagram

  • Block Diagram

  • Test Case Report

    Test TypeCaseExpected ResultOperational / Unit / Functional TestEncryptionReceive the file to be encrypted and encrypt according to the key and save-do-DecryptionReceive the file to be decrypted and decrypt with same key and save-do-Sending fileReceives the 32-bit IP address of the destination and transmit.-do-ExitEnds the current login session-do-EmbedReceive the encrypted file and receive the Video file to embed and save in the same location-do-RetrieveReceives the Folder contains video file to retrieve the encrypted file and save in to the same folder


  • ConclusionThe entire project has been developed and deployed as per the requirements stated by the user, it is found to be bug free as per the testing standards that is implemented. Any specification-untraced errors will be concentrated in the coming versions, which are planned to be developed in near future. As per the present status the project developed is well equipped to handle the Central file system of an organization in a server and provide access to the users with various privileges as prescribed by the higher authorities in the password file.

  • Future Enhancement Any specification-untraced errors will be concentrated in the coming versions, which are planned to be developed in near future. The present application was implemented as a stand-alone application; in the future we are going to implement the same as a web-based application.The present system supports only *.mpeg, *.dat formatted files for embedding.In the future we are going to implement a system that will support all format files for embedding.

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