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Video Encoding in the Cloud A Complete Solution

Aug 20, 2015




  1. 1. Video Encoding in the Cloud:A Complete SolutionFebruary 24, 2011
  2. 2. Your Panel Today
    • Mike Flathers, CTO, Sorenson Media @mflathers
    • 3. Kirk Punches, Vice President of Business Development, Sorenson Media. @KirkPunches
    • 4. Uri Budnik, Director, ISV Partner Program, RightScale @UriBudnik
    • 5. Steve Pollini, VP of Technology Solutions, Aspera
    Q&A Line:
    • John Newton, Account Manager, RightScale
    • 6. Coby Rich, Marketing Manager, Sorenson Media
    Please use the questions window to ask questions any time!
  3. 7. Agenda
    • Trending stories
    • 8. Strategy discussion on when to use public cloud encoding, on-premise encoding or a hybrid of both
    • 9. Overview of cloud-based encoding servers scaling capabilities
    • 10. Live demo
    • 11. Summary & conclusions
    Please use the questions window to ask questions any time!
  4. 12. More devices, More renditions
    more delivery options
  5. 13. More Formats
    3GP, AVI, Blu-Ray, DV, DVB, DVD (NTSC, PAL), Flash
    Video, HDV, Image Sequence, Matroska, Motion JPEG,
    MPEG-1, MPEG-2 , MPEG-4 Part 2, MPEG-4
    AVC (H.264), MPEG Elementary Streams,
    MPEG Program Streams, MPEG Transport Streams,
    QuickTime, WebM, WMV & More.
    3GP, Apple ProRes, ASF, AVCHD, AVC-Intra, AVI,
    Avid DNxHD, DV, DVCPRO, Flash Video, HDV, Image
    Sequence, JPEG 2000, Motion JPEG, MPEG-1,
    MPEG-2, MPEG-4 Part 2, MPEG-4 AVC (H.264),
    MPEG Program Streams, MPEG Transport Streams,
    MXF (XDCAM), QuickTime, WebM, WMV & More.
  6. 14.
  7. 15. More Encoding Issues to Solve
    • User Experience Matters
    • 16. 50 TV experience is different than 3.5 iPhone experience
    • 17. Adaptive bitrate solves for user experience failure
    • 18. Variable conditions mean forethought required
    • 19. 1 size does not fit all
    • 20. Fundamental Video Compression Value Proposition
    • 21. Highest available quality for relative bitrate
    • 22. Always demand the most bang for your bit
  8. Squeeze Solution Pack Workflow
    Solving the Industrys Most Difficult Problems
    Mezzanine source files + Accelerated uploads + Automated scaling + Intelligent presets
  9. 23. Traditional Hardware Model
  10. 24. Cloud Model
  11. 25.
    • Expanding from Web 2.0 to Enterprise
    • 26. Fromto
    • 27. Web 2.0, entertainment, software, media, mobile, biopharma, health care, financial services, education
    • 28. Ideal use cases:
    Scaling websites
    Social game
    Dev & test
    Disaster recovery
    Application delivery
    Video encoding
    Whos using cloud computing?
  12. 29. RightScale Real Customers, Real Deployments, Real Benefits
    Managed Cloud Deployments for 4 Years
    More than 30,000 users; launched over 2,000,000 servers
    On-Demand with a range of customer service offerings
  13. 30. Aspera, Inc
    • Patented next-generation big/bulk data transport protocol
    Mitigates the effects of WAN latency & packet loss
    • 1100+ active customers worldwide
    • 31. Over 6000 server & endpoint licenses deployed
    • 32. A mission-critical component in global business data workflows
  14. Sorenson Media
    • Decade-plus legacy of innovating and mainstreaming Internet video (enabled video playback in Apple QuickTime, Macromedia Flash, YouTube)
    • 33. Internationally recognized, trusted and award-winning brand
    • 34. Portfolio of best-in-class differentiated technology & encoding solutions
    • 35. Global partners include Google, Apple, Adobe, Amazon, Shutterfly, Avid, YouTube, Qualcomm, Samsung, Lenovo, LG, Verizon
    Every time you see a video online, you probably have Sorenson Media to thank
    - Jefferson Graham, USA Today
  15. 36. Strategy Discussion
    Types of Implementations:
    Cloud-Only Encoding
    Hybrid Encoding (On Premise & Cloud)
    Hybrid Cloud (Private & Public Cloud)
    Advantages of Cloud Encoding:
    Reduced CAPEX/OPEX
    Fast Deployment
  16. 37. Cloud Encoding Basics: Ingest to Publishing
  17. 38. Squeeze Solution Pack Architecture
    Publishing Destination(s)
    Amazon S3
    Akamai / LLNW / CDN
    Sorenson 360

    Solution Pack Deployment (RightScale)
    Squeeze Server(s)
    One-Click Deploy
    Squeeze Servers (1..n)
    Solutions Pack APIs
    Cloud Provider (AWS)

    Job Queue
  18. 39. Live Demo
  19. 40. Summary and Conclusions
    • More devices, more renditions, and more delivery options = more formats, more decisions
    • 41. Encoding needs are accelerating, not declining
    • 42. Variable conditions mean forethought required 1 size does NOT fit all!
    Encoding in the cloud provides:
    On-demand services that are scalable, can adapt quickly to support new devices and formats (future proof), and eliminates the need to invest in hardware, software and resources to support the evolving, growing, spiky nature of encoding.
  20. 43. Q&A and Getting Started
    • Have a project, ready to get started?
    Contact us: [email protected] or (866) 720-0208
    • Need to learn more?
    Squeeze Solution:
    Cloud Webinar archive:
    CloudWhite papers:
  21. 44. Thank You!
  22. 45. Appendix
  23. 46. Aspera fasp: Bulk-Data Transport TCP Performance Superiority
    100% B/W Utilization
    Any size, any network, and distance
    Real-Time & Policy based b/w control
    Full utilization of commodity internet
    Highly Efficient Low Overhead
    Full b/w use regardless of packet loss
    Precise and predictable transfer times
    Congestion control (LAN, WAN, Disk)
    100 % Security, Integrity & Reliability
    AES128 encryption in transit
    Secure user authentication
    Cross OS file ACL preservation
  24. 47. Asperas Bandwidth ROI
    FTP: Limited by Distance & Packet Loss, Not B/W
    Aspera: Scales Linearly with Bandwidth
    Distance & Packet Loss Independent