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Video Compression Formats

Dec 07, 2014


Tips on how to render your videos into different formats for the web!
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    Rendering Your Video Content

  • For highest quality, you should render your video as an uncompressed Video for Windows, or .AVI file.

  • Although the quality will be at its highest, the file size and load time for the video will be the maximum as well.

  • For our website, I render videos as MPEG-2, or .MPG files.

  • For our Youtube and Tube Mogul accounts, I render videos as Windows Media Video, or .WMV files.

  • For iTunes, I render videos as MPEG-4, or .MP4 files.

  • Changing settings, such as frame rate, image size, and audio quality, can decrease your videos file size.

  • If your are editing/rendering using a Mac, you will be dealing with QuickTime, or .MOV files.

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