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Mrs. Vergel International School Manila March 2012 

Vergel Final RG 2012

Apr 06, 2018



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Mrs. Vergel

International School Manila 

March 2012 

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Majestic MumbaiWelcome to the City of Dreams......

Welcome to Mumbai...the cityof dreams! Like a cake bakingin the oven, Mumbai is a

place that keeps rising andrising to the brim with wonder-ful surprises and opportuni-ties. A magnificent place,Mumbai is a beautiful islandcity with vibrant cultures, a

variety of people, religions,and languages, amazinglandmarks, and a pleasantweather all year round. Like a

typical Bollywood movie,Mumbai is the city of dreams,which attracts all sorts of peo-

ple from different back-grounds, offering them manyopportunities. Growing from agroup of seven, muddy,swampy, islands, it is now thefinancial capital of India, home

to a variety of businesses andindustries. Yes, Mumbai is theperfect place!!

Ganesh Chaturthi“It was an early evening, and we were walking in a place called “ Andheri”, when we saw hundreds of people

walking towards us, chanting. They were carrying an enormous idol of the God “Ganesha”, and it was at least

20 feet tall! We started to follow the crowd, and found out that it led to the beach. Over there, we saw that

it was filled with thousands and thousands of people, all carrying their own idols of Ganesha. Some were

huge and colourful, some were small, and plain, but altogether, a few members from each group came and

waded in the water, immersing their statues in the sea. It was such a colourful sight!”

-Hema Arora

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Things Not To Miss

Elephanta Island

This island has beautiful Sculpturesand carvings, tracing footprints of theearly Buddhist cultures. The name“Elephanata”came from thePortuguese.

Gateway of India 

This structure was built to com-

memorate the visit of King George Vand Queen Mary to Mumbai in 1911AD. It was made out of yellow kha -rodi basalt, and reinforced concrete.When the British rule had ended, theGateway of India became like a me-

morial, as the last British troop had

left from theGateway of India.

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Mumbai (Who’s old name is Bombay) isthe financial capital of India, attracting avariety of people to come live here. It has a

very rich culture, beautiful landmarks, amultilingual environment and a pleasantweather all year round. It is located in abeautiful place, like no other city, in the westcoast of India. Our city is mostly at sea level,but the northern part of Mumbai is justbeautiful- a nice, hilly, quiet place. Thepopulation is widely spread all over Mumbai,at around 12.5 million (for 2011!) (Thepopulation for India is 1.22 billion!)

The weather is nice, calm, and pleasantthroughout the year, with a maximum of 35degrees Celsius, and with a minimum of 15degrees Celsius. Mumbai is a very powerful,honest, city, that believes in “ SatymevJayatey”, which means truth shall prevail, or win.

 A variety of people come to live in Mumbai,bringing with them different religions, such asHinduism (67.3%) Islam (Muslim-18.6%),Buddhist (5.2%), Christianity (4.2%), Jainism(4%), Sikhism (0.6%), Parsis (Zoroastrianism)and Jews (0.1%). Mumbai is a multilingualcity. Along with these religions, come manylanguages. The main languages that arespoken are Hindi, Marathi, and English.

 As a community, we always celebrate our festivals together. On the festival of colour,which we call “ Holi”, you will see peopledancing outside with joy, throwing colours at

each other, and having a great time. OnDiwali, millions of candle lights would be lit,celebrating the day when three Hero’sreturned from the jungle after 14 years. Thesame tradition will follow on for all the other festivals that we have, such as the GaneshChuthurthi, which is one of the biggestcelebrations there, which lasts for 10 days.Dancing and singing to old songs, is a very bigtradition that is all influenced by Bollywood.Holi , Diwali, The Republic Day of India, Maha

Shivrathri, Eid and of course Christmas areholidays celebrated by family coming together.

The Chathrapathi Shivaji Terminus,Gateway of India, and Elephenta Island are allvery beautiful places, showing all the richcultures that Mumbai has. It is a perfect placewith rich cultures, a variety of people,religions, and languages.


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Bombay used to be a city of 7islands, under Portugueserule. It was mainly a fishingvillage, not yet developed intothe major port city it is today,

where only local people lived.Then everything changedwhen the Portuguese giftedBombay to the British (as awedding present) in the mid-

19th century.

The British were interested intrade and to hold their power 

over India they found Bombayas the ideal port- it was a bet-ter, deeper and more easilydefensible port than their ex-isting port in Surat city (in Gu-

 jarat). To make transportationof goods (e.g. cotton, tea andtimber) and the British armyfaster, they built the railways.

The first railway line in Indiawas built from Bombay toThane. As a result, the city of 

Bombay is now known as oneof the biggest port cities inIndia. This is because thetrains increased the area thatgoods could travel to andfrom. Imports and exports be-

came faster with increasedtrade. There was more immi-gration and more wealth crea-tion. Bombay rapidly becamethe financial capital of India.

The Strange Black Cloud

We were all in a taxi, stopped at a red light in Colaba, when we saw this HUGE black cloud heading towards

us. When we looked closer, we saw that they were crows!! As they started to come closer and closer, we

got more and more scared. Luckily, just as they came, they suddenly swooped onto the taxi right next to us!

When the crows left, we saw that in each of their beaks, there was a small fish! Then, the taxi driver told us

that there was a fishing village near by, and the taxies took the fish to the market, and whenever the crows

saw a taxi with fish, they would do that.

-Anshukant Taneja

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Things Not To Miss

 Chhatrapathi Shivajiterminus

This monuments old name wasVictoria terminus, and was built

by the British. It took 10 yearsto complete, and was finishedin 1888, yet still stands todayas one of the grandest stationsin the world.


This beach is a very popular beach, and is perfect to go andvisit at any time of the year.Small shops on the side of thebeach, are selling very tradi-

tional Mumbai food, bringing

out Mumbai’sstrong cultureeven more.

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PLACE  Mumbai used to

originally be seven islands that were dividedby muddy swamps. Since the Portuguesecame, around 1300 A.D, they officially namedthe city “Bombain”, which means good port. It

was then declared a city.

In the past, people came to Bombay,because of the port city, which allowed better trading, introducing more jobs. The peoplebecame wealthier, investing their money inthings like schools, collages, and hospitals. Alot of people came to live in this new, thriving,successful city, mostly villagers, because theydid not have such facilities in their villages.

Today, many people come to live inMumbai because it has managed to becomethe center of business and trade, and is nowthe financial capital of India, providing plentyof employment opportunities. Textilemanufacturing and recycling industries aremajor industries in Mumbai. Pharmaceuticals,construction, metals, silks, glassware, printing,plastic, and of course, Bollywood, the thingMumbai is most known for, are also big

businesses. Like a typical Bollywood story,Mumbai is a city of dreams that come true.

 A majority of the industries grew after World War II, and 20% of all workers inMumbai work in industries. It is also welllinked to all parts of the world. Around 12.5million people live in Mumbai, which is pretty

smallif you only think of it as 1% of the

population in India! Most of the people that livethere are Indian, but there are also Immigrantsfrom places surrounding India, such asBangladesh and Nepal. People from theMiddle Eastern countries such as U.A.E, andQatar also come to live there. It is like a potmixed with all sorts of ingredients, sweet,spicy, salty, and sour. Overall, Mumbai is able

to hold its position as a city of choice to live in.

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Exact Location

India is located in south Asia. The Himalayasare located on the north of India. The Bay of Bengal is located on the east coast, whilethe Arabian Sea is at the west coast. (60 de-grees east to 100 degrees east)

The longitude of India is 77º East, and thelatitude is 20º North

The longitude for Mumbai is 18º, 58’, and thelatitude is 72º, 49’

Nariman Point

Nariman Point used to be an undeveloped beach atthe southern end of Marine Drive. It had small housesand buildings scattered around and lots of greenery.

However, because of its booming industry and increasing job opportunities,more people came in and it was becoming over-populated and crowded. Land was becoming scarce. Avisionary, Khursheed Framji Nariman, after whom Nariman Point is named, thought of reclaiming landfrom the Arabian Sea.

For over 30 years (1940-1970) workers were busy reclaiming the land and building sea walls.Trees had to be cut, land had to be cleared, roads were built and small houses were taken down. In itsplace came housing societies, office buildings and skyscrapers. Most of the construction took place inthe1970s and 80s. This made more space for businesses and people to come work and live there.

All because of Nariman’s idea, Marine Drive is now filled with activity. It

is known as the Queen’s Necklace because of its shape and beauty. Whenhundreds of shiny lights are lit up at night, it gives a wonderful illusion of aperfect necklace fit for the Queen! It attracts thousands of people every daywho come to see this magnificent sight. Lots of businesses have come thereand people too, which continues to uplift Mumbai’s economy and finance. 

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Things Not ToMiss

Marine Drive

It borders the ArabianSea, and this famousroad is a popular spot

for watching sunsets,and it is absolutelygorgeous when it is litup in the night. Sittingon the ledge that bor-ders the whole road is

one of the best waysto absorb this part of Mumbai.

Nariman Point Before

Nariman Point After

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SHINING SINGAPORESingapore’s Special Facts

Singapore is a wonderful city and country,

even though Singapore is a city it is also a country because it is a very small country andis in the continent of Asia. In Singapore themain Island is 28 km wide and 42 km long.Singapore is located South of Malaysia andNorth of Indonesia. It is approximately 

 between 1’09’N & 1’29’N latitude and between103’38’E & 104’25’E. Singapore has eleventowns; it isn’t much. Even though Singapore is

 very small it is big in wealth; it has superbplaces to visit. The average temperature inSingapore is 26.7 degrees, February is usually the sunniest month and December is thecomplete opposite. Singapore has a tropicalrainforest climate. In Singapore the eastern

part is flat & sandy, but the northern part hashills, valleys and sedimentary rocks.

Singapore is a very beautiful to stay, Singaporeis known for the famous Merlion. The Merlionis half cat and half fish; the Merlion representsSingapore. Singaporeans are also fond of thepink and white flower which is called anorchid, it is their national flower. Singapore isknown for many things. Singaporeans are very friendly and caring people, there are about5.18 million people in Singapore, and they allhave different nationalities. There areMuslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians,Taoist, Catholics and others. 14.9% are

Muslims, 42.5% are Buddhists, 4% are Hindus,9.8% are Christians, 8.5% are Taoist, 4.8% areCatholic, and 15.5 % are other religions, butthey all aren’t from Singapore some areexpatriates. People from Singapore are eitherpart of Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism andChristianity. Singapore is full of nationalities.They have many religions, but the languagecontinues to stay the same. They speakPeranakan, but the government encouragesthe people to speak Mandarin. In Singaporethey have a wide range of nationalities and a 

 wide range of people, so they have a mix of traditions.

Singapore doesn’t have their own celebrationsand languages so they celebrate different typesof holidays and traditions, but not from thesame country. They have a variety of celebrations. Chinese New Year is one of them,this is when it is a new year on the Chinesecalendar; it is just like the new year wecelebrate except on different days. They haveThe Festival of Light; it is when the Hinduscelebrate good over evil. Then comesThaipusam, this is when Buddhist stick sticksinto their body to show bravery. They alsocelebrate Vesak day, this happens when it isthe birthday of Buddha. There is also HariRayah; this is the celebration of how Muslims

can finally eat 3 whole meals after fasting forone month. These are just some of thecelebrations and traditions. Singapore hasamazing celebrations and people; Singapore is

 very welcoming.

The home of everyone is Singapore. You can

smell the wonderful smell of orchids filling the roads and

spot the buildings standing strong as the people walk

down. You can feel the wind pushing your hair back and

the soft noises of the people chattering, and all the

entertainment. Singapore is f illed with concerts and

sponsored entertainment. Why do you think there are so

many people in the small country? There are about 5.18

million people. It’s the perfect place for businesses;

actually it’s a financial hub. But sadly, before 1963 there

used to be not enough housing and education and other

problems. So that’s why at one point during 1963

Singapore was combined with Malaysia! The joining of 

Singapore and Malaysia wasn't the best choice because in1965 separation was declared. Luckily Singapore has

progressed a lot over like a growing tree, with the

 branches. Singapore’s’ tree branch is Lee Kuan Yew. Lee

Kuan Yew wanted the best for his citizens and that’s what

he gave them. Before 1963 there used to be not enough

housing and education and other problems. So that’s why 

at one point during 1993 Singapore was combined with

Malaysia! It has everything a country would need.

Singapore has amazing shopping centers with

everything, and they are adding more as the years go on,

 by reclaiming land. They also are building those high rise

 buildings that stand as tall as the fierce dinosaurs.

Singapore is the place for everything, and anything. Ican’t wait to go back to Singapore. You must be booking 

 your tickets, but hold on you need to read the rest to find

out what exciting adventures Singapore might be

planning to take you on. 



map and the

shape of Singapore



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The People Welcome


Singapore was founded on 1891 by 

Sir Stamford Raffles; which

happened to be located south of 

Malaysia and with the Indian ocean

surrounding it. Later on around

1963 Singapore joined with

Malaysia because they were in bad

condition because too many people

 were in Singapore and they didn’t

have enough schools and

Businesses. That is why Singapore

 wanted to join Malaysia to become

one country so that they would

have more land and for more

companies, sadly for them they 

 were thinking of the worst idea at

that time, it had not even helped the

countries in any way. Not long after

Singapore and Malaysia had

declared separation on the year

1965. Singapore is now once again a 

country by itself, but Singapore has

improved and lucky for them

 because since they are surrounded

 by the Indian Ocean people go fishing 

to find fish and they go to get water.

Sometimes water is imported fromMalaysia for Singapore.

Singapore now has 5.18 million

people because of all the

opportunities, for kids also like me

and then there are some for adults

like parents and grandparents. I

don’t know where to begin, well let’s

see; Singapore is a financial hub and

has high economic growth, so it has

lots of investment banks, insurance

companies and credit card

companies, and schools have

improved much more it’s a 

developed country. Singapore has

improved technology and

transportation such as Singapore

airlines. Singapore Airlines is one of 

the major industries followed by the

 Asian Dollar Market. Those are the

major industries, and Singapore is

number 2 for investment potential

and it is also number 1 for

international trade investment.

Singapore seems like a pretty richcountry. It also is very safe for

people to live there. I mean who

 wouldn’t want to live there, and that

isn’t even the best part. Since it’s a 

tourist attraction it has lots of fun

activities. No one likes to sit at home,

go to work or school and come home.

That is why Singapore is packed with

all kinds of fun activities such as

sponsored entertainment like

concerts, there are also lots of shops

for shopping. I always wanted to go

to Singapore because of all the

concerts, even living there is like a 

summer vacation. There is also

Forest Adventures, Downtown East

and Snow city, who knows what else

there will be. Singapore is a place

everyone would want to live in, and

that is why they have so many 

people, like I said 5.18 million

people, about 1.4 million areforeigners. There is a mixture of 

cultures in Singapore. 74% are

Chinese, 13% are Malaysians, 9% are

In, Indians, and 4% are Eurasians,

 Arab and others. Singapore has

 variety of religions, such as Muslims,

Buddhist, Hindus, Christians, Taoist

and people with no religion.

Singapore is like a mini world. Also

Singaporeans speak Mandarin and

Peranakan , but since people come

from all over the world Malay,

English and Tamil is spoken there.

Singapore is filled with a variety of types of people and cultures.

Singaporeans always brighten your

day with their kindness.


“As I stepped in to the magnificent country Singapore I felt so tired, but I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t want

to miss anything here. I was a little sad because it was Christmas, and I had no family with me. Thank 

goodness I had a friend. My friend and I were getting on to the boat for a nice cruise, but as we were

having the most relaxed time I started to fall deep asleep and not only did I FALL asleep, but I was

about to fall in to the water. Luckily I got up just in time. Then came the second adventure, and I was

ready for it. My friend and I decided to go to Night Safari. I was so excited. As I entered I so beams of 

glowing eyes, I was frightened from the green

glowing eyes, and so was my friend. As we walked closer I realized they were only cute little animals

like monkeys. After that we had the most fun. I can’t wait for another adventure in Singapore.”

-Ms. Lepp

Singapore!!! It has the best airport ever. I remember in the airport there were many gadgets, free

movie in 3-D. How great I that! I bought some gadgets and toys, it was like a huge shopping mall,

there was no place better. Even once I got lost because I was eating the most delicious burger and so

I got distracted. When I started looking for my parent they were no where to be found.”

-Sang Won


pain they 

suffer for the




Orchard flower

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The Original Singapore

Singapore before wasn’t always as amazing as now, Singapore used to have small little

houses, surrounding the wooden bumboats in the Quay. Adding on to that there was a 

path with pepper and fruit trees that surrounded the whole place, and as you walked

down that narrow road you could see bullock carts and carriages drawn by horses.

Places were very dull even when it was busy, no excitement used to be there; it was

like pushing through a busy graveyard, it was as silent as the dead. Singapore used to be so dull with nothing to do. No one used to be serious about anything, everyone was

too lazy to make any changes, but then Lee Kuan Yew came. He was King of the

Kingdom Singapore, whom wanted more money for his kingdom. He was the one who

changed everything, if he hadn’t wanted to help Singapore and become a leader, I

don’t know where Singapore would be right now. Everyone wanted a change in

Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew thought it was time to make a change for his country; he

 wanted a nice country where people would enjoy living. That is what he did.

Lee Kuan Yew has changed lives of Singaporeans, he has made them more interesting 

 with all the landmarks and malls, and he added so many things. He was the first to

know what mall meant, it seemed like. Why do you think Singapore is a financial hub?

 Well because of all the new buildings that were created and businesses that were

announced by Lee Kuan Yew. One of a change in land is the reclamation of land in

Marina B ay. They keep adding land to add more buildings they have been adding for

almost 150 years long. As the turtles walk Singapore gets more and more land.

Singapore didn’t only add more, but kept some things the same and changed the

purpose of some places, like Boat Quay. It used to be for boats to be a port. In 1990 it

started to become a place where people go on cruises and it is surrounded by 

 buildings, like restaurants and shops. They stopped the port business, but added more

 businesses around the city. Some of the places continue with their old looks and don’t

change like Stamford Road. Only vehicles that pass continue to change. Then there is

another place, Orchard Road which started as a small road to a busy shopping center

 with busy roads around it and the car horns going on. Then there are the people

 walking on the streets, and sparks of lights and excitement. It’s as busy as a bee.Lee Kuan Yew was the gateway to victory. Today there is no sight of bullock carts and

carriages, and there are lots of new housing and malls. Singapore now has tall

 buildings and more and more. It’s full of buildings because more tourists would visit

so then Singapore will get more money. This way Singapore will also have more office

 buildings for business and then there will also be shopping malls for people to shop.

 Adding buildings have made it a rich and developed country, which every country 

loves. Singapore had also separated with Malaysia so the land had decreased, but

Singapore still is in good shape and their high-rise buildings are being constructed

 because it’s such a small place. Even though the buildings are high-rise building they 

are also reclaiming land, so far Singapore has reclaimed 135 km2 and they continue

to do so. Singapore landscape has changed and became better because of one man. His

name is Lee Kuan Yew. This shows that one honest man that believes in his country 

can change everything. He made Singapore a very attractive place with wonderful

landmarks and changed the future of Singapore and its people. Now Singapore is

standing as proud as a peacock.

Boat Quay 

Merlion to show 


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Changing Singapore






Post Office



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Nunc vel rhoncus estSingapore is a small country, which

is full of islands and towns. Since

Singapore is a small country, it has

no city, which is why Singapore is

called a city and a country.

Singapore was not always that way.

In 1963-1965, Malaysia and

Singapore were one country, and

 before that Singapore was standing 

alone by itself. When they were

planning to combine Singapore and

Malaysia they said that Singapore

 would maintain their government

and hold elections. Then they also

had a structured education, finance

and labor, unlike when Singapore

 was one country, but ever since 1965

Singapore has gone back to the way it was originally found. Singapore

didn’t separate with Malaysia just

for fun; it was that both countries

(which happened to be one country 

at that time) couldn’t get along at all.

It was because of problems with PAP

and the alliance party. PAP is for

Singapore and the Alliance party is

for Malaysia. They were against each

other for everything especially 

 because they wanted more seats in

the legislative assembly than the

other group. The government also

didn’t want a common market with

Malaysia. After this it was too much

for the two countries, so

independence was declared in 1965.

This separation was good for

Singapore, but hard; there were

many outcomes. Actually both

Singapore and Malaysia were happy,

for them it was like a sun coming out

after a long stormy night. After that

night Singapore became a tourism

area. Both countries are now 

enemies, from one country to

enemies. Anyways, now Singapore

has made one of the most famous

 Airlines, Singapore Airline and has a 

port. It is a major attraction site

after all they have done. They also

have a symbol to show their

independence, which is a Merlion.

The government has also improved

education and technology. Singapore

now has a high economic growth and

has stronger forces to protect the

city. Singapore is a financial hub; it

has many job offers, unlike before

the separation. Singapore has now 

improved much more than it used to

 be; it is a developed country because

of Lee Kuan Yew. Lee Kuan Yew wasthe Prime minister who took the

power and changed everything. If 

the separation hadn’t taken place

then Lee Kuan Yew wouldn’t be the

Prime Minister and Singapore

 wouldn’t be a wonderful country. It

is one of the best tourism sites and

the effects from the separation have

really made Singapore a great place.

The Fight is Over 

Maps of Singapore

Thian Hock Keng Temple



is here

Fort Canning Parliament House

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By: Sang Won Lee

Dubai will be

a great visit. It


everything a

kid and adult

would want.

DUBI DUBA DUBAI!!!!Dubai is like a luxurious steak. It has

everything it needs for a steak to taste good. It

has a creamy, peppery and a bit salty sauce; it

has medium rare meat, which is cooked by the

best chefs in the world.

Dubai’s medium rare meat used to be as raw

as the meat in a living cow because Dubai used

to earn money by pearling and trading but now

Dubai earns money with oil, real estate. With this

success, a lot of foreigners have immigrated to

Dubai for jobs. Now in Dubai has a population of

2,011,562 people living there and 42.3% are

Indian, 17% Emirati, 13.3 Pakistani, 7.5%

Bangladeshi, 2.5% Filipino and 8.4% other

countries. In Dubai 96% of UAE’s Population is

Islamic and the other 4% is other religions. This

is like the mixed vegetables and the side dishes

coming with the steak. These vegetables are not

any ordinary vegetable because it is dipped with

the finest sauce that goes on the steak too.

Dubai’s sauce is the shopping malls in Dubai.

Dubai shopping malls are filled with designers’

clothes and new electronics that have the top

performances. Dubai used to be an uncooked

steak lying on the frying pan rotting. Dubai was a

desert with only a few building and had

undeveloped roads. The roads now are as

smooth as silk. You would never want to miss

out on this sauce. It is to die for. This city is a

great meal!!!

Dubai’s Flag

Dubai’s Skyline

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Facts About Dubai




United Arab Emirates

Area or Region

Dubai is in a coastline of the UAE

The UAE is in the Middle East


The population of Dubai on January 20th 2012 is approximately 2,011,562


Dubai is on the coastline of the UAE

To the South West of the UAE is Saudi Arabia

To the East of the UAE is Oman

To the North (across the sea) of the UAE is Iran

To the North East (across the sea) of the UAE is Qatar


Dubai has a hot climate with a little rainfall

Humidity is often high

Motto/ Symbols

One of the symbols is the Emirates Tower

The flag of Dubai is a symbol of Dubai

The Dubai flag has ¼ white and ¾ red


Arabic is one of the main languages of Dubai but they can still speak English too


96% of UAEs Population is Islamic

The other 4% is other religions



Dress Modestly (No skirts that are higher up than the knees and no tops that reveal anything)

No drinking publicly


Weekends- Friday to Saturday

Weekdays- Sunday to Thursday

International New Year's Day

Mouloud ‒ Birth of the Prophet Mohammed

Israa & Miaraj Night / Leilat al-Meiraj ‒ Ascension of the Prophet

Start of Ramadhan

Eid al-Fitr ‒ End of Ramadan, 3-days public holiday

Arafat (Haj) Day

Eid al-Adha / Qurban ‒ Feast of the Sacrifice, a 3-days public holiday

Al-Hijra / Hijri New Year's Day ‒ Islamic New Year



Deira Clock Tower

Emarites Towers

Dubais Spice SoukAl Fahibi Fort


Sandy Desert Patterns with some oases

The Persian Sea is the north of Dubai and the sea level is to low to cause a tsunami


The Middle East Map

Deira Clock Tower

 Al Fahibi Fort

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PopulationDubai is located near the Persian Sea.

The Persian Sea is not as deep as the

other bodies of water that’s why peoplein the past moved there, because Dubai

has a coastline, which means there will

be food and water there. No, Dubai has a

lot of job opportunities in Dubai with a

fair amount of pay such as sales

manager, architects and a lot more. In

Dubai there is easy transportations like

daily public buses, taxis and trains that

all run on a daily basis. There are a lot of

international schools in Dubai that

teaches English instead of Arabic. Dubai

has a lot of buildings for people to live in

such as buildings and residential houses

like Bel-Air and Urdeneta. Now in Dubai

has a population of 2,011,562 people

living there and 42.3% are Indian, 17%

Emirati, 13.3 Pakistani, 7.5%

Bangladeshi, 2.5% Filipino and 8.4%

other countries. In Dubai 96% of UAE’sPopulation is Islamic and the other 4% is

other religions. Dubai is like a Trail Mix

that has a bunch of things that are mixed

up together. Dubai uses a lot of Arabic

but people from Dubai can also speak a

fair amount of English. Now Dubai has

more foreigners than before in 1991when Dubai wasn’t this advanced in the

world. In conclusion Dubai is a great

place for people to find jobs and go

there to relax and have fun like.



School in Dubai

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 Anecdotes with the help of Zaid As I walk out of the Dubai airport I saw my uncle

in a Ferrari waiting for me. Since my uncle worked

in Ferrari, this wasn’t an ordinary Ferrari. ThisFerrari looked like a regular Toyota with 5

seats. I rode in the back of the car and as

we drove of to the hotel, I saw amazing

buildings surrounding our car. All the

buildings and the architecture of these

structures amazed me. I wanted to live in this

city! As I arrived at the hotel, the staff members

working there were really friendly and offered a lot

of things. –Zaid

 As we entered the mall, I could feel the cool

breeze coming in from the mall. I was

relieved because the hot sun was

beating on me like Manny Pacquiao

punching a one hit KO on his

opponent. I saw the smile on my

mom’s face as we walked through all

the designers’ clothes. In the Mall, not only

designers’ clothes were filling up the mall, a lot

of electronics were filling it up too! The mall was

amazing. -Amal





Palm Island

Burj Al Arab

Animals in the Dubai Zoo

Type to enter text

Burj Khalifa

Mall of Dubai

Splash Land and Wonderland

Gold Souq

Dubai’s Beach

Emirates Tower

Safari in the Desert

Page 16: Vergel Final RG 2012

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FUN FACTS!!!At around 1991 Dubai had nothing where the

Emirates Towers were located. It was a sandy desert

with only a few buildings standing, no skyscrapers,

no residential areas and few roads. Dubai in 1991 was

only like a plain bowl of soup with barely any flavor

in it. As the time goes by and Dubai gets richer, the

plain bowl of soup started to have more taste in it as

time goes by. By 2005, Dubai has big and proper road

for cars to go on. Dubai has tall skyscrapers such as

the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the

world. Dubai has huge residential areas for citizens

and foreigners to live in. Dubai now has severalinternational schools and malls that would make the

top 12 largest malls in the world. Dubai is now a

delicious bowl of soup that people would line up for

 just to get a little taste of it. Dubai’s landscape has

changed vastly over the 14 years and Dubai will still

progress through future generations. We will just

have to wait and see for the results of what will

happen next to Dubai over the next few years.

Dubai 2005


Come Check

out Dubai!!!

1. Less than 20%

of the


are actuallylocals.

2. In 1968,

there were

only 13 cars

reported in

the whole


3. Dubai has oneof the best

 malls in the

 world. If you

like shopping

this is the

place for


4. Thepopulation

has doubled

since 1995

5. In 1991,

there was

only one

skyscraper in

the whole


6. Worlds

largest horse

is found in


7. Dubai is

hotter than

you think.

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8/2/2019 Vergel Final RG 2012 17/841]



























Page 18: Vergel Final RG 2012

8/2/2019 Vergel Final RG 2012 18/842]


TO the









% When%Great%Britain%came%to%trade,%everything%












% China%did%not%want%to%









% Eventually,%after%years%of%




























Page 19: Vergel Final RG 2012

8/2/2019 Vergel Final RG 2012 19/843]

























Establishment%Day%on%the%1st %of%July.%%In%the%past,%people%wanted%to%live%there%because%of%the%easy%access%to%water%and%there%were%a%lot%of%



% Hong%Kong%is%known%as%an%international%business,%trade%and%Ninancial%hub.%This%means%that%there%are%a%lot%of%business%



% Over%7,000,000%people%live%in%Hong%Kong.%The%population%is%increasing%as%fast%as%a%speedboat.%Wide%ranges%of%nationalities%are%




% The%most%important%thing%that%I%have%learnt%about%the%people%in%Hong%Kong%is%that%they%basically%have%a%good%time.%They%are%all%as%





HONG KONG IS 22º 15' N,

114º 10' E


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Brisbane is like a river splashing with excitement and fun, full of 

life and people. As lovely as a flower and as surprising as a haunted

house the city is bound to lead you into astonishment. Back then,

Brisbane was a lively and vibrant port filled with vessels coming and

going, as busy as a beehive, but that was before “Black February”. The

natural disaster of Black February left the city in an awful state. The

technology improvement has been a huge help to the city though. Nowthe city is like a sweet, delicious piece of pavlova. Like kids running to an

ice-cream truck that has many different flavors, people today go to

Brisbane for different opportunities such as sports, arts, culture, food,

wildlife, entertainment, and jobs. You can go there too; let’s explore the

vibrant city of Brisbane. Be prepared to have your mind blown because

the city is full of surprises and fun!

In 1893 Brisbane was a lively

and vibrant port filled with

vessels coming and going, as

busy as a beehive, but that was

before “Black February”.Black February of 1893 was a

terrible time; there were 3 minor 

floods before a major large

flood destroyed parts of 

Brisbane and the city was

changed. The large flood

occurred on the 7th of February

and Brisbane was flooded; streets

were filled with water, at some

points the water reached therooves of houses as if the city had

become Atlantis. This flood

destroyed the mighty Victoria

Bridge; the bridge was the

connection between North and

South Brisbane. A major railway

was also destroyed. This flood hit

like a lightening bolt and caused

over 35 devastating deaths. The

Black February flood triggered a

thought though- and that is the

reason they have a new and

improved bridge! It unites the

North and South of Brisbane

together like patchwork. If not for 

the disaster Brisbane would not

have built a new Victoria Bridge

with better technology and

now the city is safer a place.

Even though the disaster 

destroyed much of Brisbane the

city was able to learn from their 

mistakes and now the new

Victoria Bridge stands as proudas a king and unites the city as


City: Brisbane

Country: Australia

Location:East Coast of Queensland

 Area: Pacific/Australia

Population:1.9 million people


Climate:Subtropical; humid and

usually warm


Religions: Christian or Atheist

Traditions: Ezza- August

River Festival- September

Holidays:  Australia Day-26 January

 Anzac Day-25 April

Labour Day-First Monday of May

RNA Show Day-  August

Christmas- 25 December

Boxing Day-26 DecemberLandmarks: Port of Brisbane

Landforms:Brisbane River


Based around



Flat lands

F u n  F a c t s 

Floods of Brisbane- 1893

 V ic to r ia  B r idge

 -  B lac k  Fe b r ua

 r y

V i c t o r i a  Br i d g e -  N o w 

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Brisbane was the gorgeous home

to the Aborigines before Mister 

General John Oxley “found” the

Brisbane River in 1823; he thought

it would be nice place to live since

the area was by a river and a bay.

Brisbane was named after the

mighty governor of the time.

Australian and American service

men brought their families to

Brisbane during World War II and

settled there, like great big

colonies of ants transferring fromone anthill to the next and soon

Brisbane was filled with people.

Being based around a river,

Brisbane has a clean source of 

water as well as protection, trade,

and transport.

Like kids running to an ice-cream

truck that has many different

flavors, people today go to

Brisbane for different opportunitiessuch as sports, arts, culture, food,

wildlife, entertainment, and jobs.

Many natural resources are

available to the people, which is

yet another reason people settle in

Brisbane; the city has water as well

as lumber, gas, and many mines.

Companies in Brisbane make good

use of what the city has to offer;

they go to obtain coal, gold, meat,alumina, iron ore, wheat, along

with many other resources that

lead to lots of money! People like

to go to Brisbane because of the

nice sub-tropical weather, lowcosts, resources, low crime rate,

and green environment.

Many people from all over the

world live in Brisbane; in fact

roughly 1.9 million people live

there. Around 46% of the

population is European, 30% come

from Oceania and Australia, 10%

are Asian, 4% of the people are

African and the rest are from theAmer icas; sounds to me like a

bunch of delicious cookies in a jar.

64% of those people (or cookies)

are Christian, 6% of the populationis a mixture of Islamic, Hindu, and

Buddhist groups, and 20% of the

people are non-religious. People

speak many languages in Brisbane

including English, Chinese, Greek,

Lebanese, Turkish, and

Vietnamese. Brisbane’s population

makes up roughly 80% of South

East Queensland; think of it as the

bigger piece of cake.

Brisbaneat Night 

Beach inBrisbane

“Brisbane isthe way the Brisbane River 

meanders its way through the city and how this river has influenced the lifestyle of the people

who live there. It was a bright sunny day and wedecided to take the City Cat, a public transport catamaran

ferry. We rode the ferry the length of the river and saw lots of people walking, running, riding their bikes on the pathsalongside the river. We also saw many people at the river 

parks, picnicking and enjoying themselves. It made methink how lucky we were to be living in such a lovely city.”

~Suzi Callow

“Brisbane is alovely city. I remember being in

Brisbane surfing but I don’t even know how tosurf. I was in the sea waiting for a good wave like a

tiger waiting to pounce on its prey. I see a good one andtry to get ready; it comes and I smell the salty sea, and thewind against my face but it ends too soon because I fall off 

my surfboard. I remember having a great time inBrisbane.“! ! !  ~Yu Yang Wang

People of Brisbane - All Through History 

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Alma Park Zoo


Brisbane River Journey

China Town

Must Sees & Dos!


Dreamland ThemePark

Queensland Museum

Brisbane was a

very colorful city

back in the day. It

was very different

from what it is

today; it had fewer buildings, less

people, and less roads to travel

by. Before it was a dull place full

of mines with few tall buildings

and poor technology; but over 

the years Brisbane has come to

realize the wonderful advantage

of marvelous tall buildings. The

city has built buildings for living,

the reason being the rising

population. Brisbane has added

many things to the landscape for 

business, attraction, and safety.

Think of it like adding sugar tolemonade to give the drink a

sweeter taste; that’s what


people do to

the land.

Most of the

things done to the city are for 

money sake. Buildings were built

for shelter but some of it has to

do with the safety of the peoplealong with transportation. The

bridges have been moved

through out the years due to the

flood rate so the people can have

safe transport. Land has been

added to the banks of Brisbane

River to prevent flooding. Much

of the changing landscape comes

from the desires of eager people.

Brisbane has changed over theyears; bridges have been moved,

buildings have been built. For 

example Victoria Bridge was

destroyed due to a

horrible flood during

Black February and the

people rebuilt it in

another area so it would be safer 

to travel across. Say you had a

shirt that was uncomfortable but

looked nice so you got one that

looks the same but feels better;

they built the same bridge in a

different place using newer 


Now the newly located bridge

helps people cross between

North and South Brisbane and

this safer technology helps

protect the citizens of Brisbane.

The technology improvement has

been a huge help to the city.

Brisbane’s people changed the


Landscape ChangeNowBefore

Whale Watching

Old Brisbane Museum

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The city of Brisbane Road Map

Brisbane is in Queensland, Australia Did you know that Brisbane is one of thebest economies from Sydney to Singapore?

Brisbane River curves and twists around theland! It is one of the water sources to the city.

The city has developed over the years- buildings, bridges, and technology have improved.

Brisbane River flows between North andSouth Brisbane separating them. The bridgesconnect them.


The city’s many buildings are great forbusiness and residence!& Cool Facts

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B Y : J A S O N M O O N

G o  B a n g k o k


The BasicsMain Points

My city: Bangkok 

Country it is in: Thailand

Area: Asia


On 2011 January 1 Bangkok had population of about 9

millions, But on 2012 JanuaryBangkok had 9,668,864 people.


It is located South East ofLaos.


Bangkok is hot every daybecause it is summer thewhole year, it is hot at thenight too. Also the hottestmonth in Bangkok isespecially on

April-May and September-October.


In the flag of Thailand thereare 8 lines. 1st, 3rd, 6th and8th lines are colored withwhite. On the 2nd and 7thlines are colored with red.Lastly, 4th and 5th lines arecolored with dark blue.


In Bangkok they use Thai.







Traditions/CustomThe Thais join the palms oftheir hand and bow their headin order to show respectfulmanners before they eat.


One of the most importantevents is called “Song Kran”.The event is on April 13- April15. In Song Kran people gets bucket full of water and splashit to other people to cool downthemselves. Also it is held onthe road or street.

LandmarksMany historic landmarks.Palaces and temples arescattered all over Bangkok.But the most famouslandmark is the “GrandPalace”. It used to be the homeof Buddha.


The Bangkok is sinking now because the city is below the

sea level.

 Jaso n  p rese nts C it y Relocat io n G u ide 











Come to Bangkok! 

Page 26: Vergel Final RG 2012

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2 Nullam arcu leo, facilisis ut

P A S T T O P R E S E N T 

Bangkok used to be called “Krung Thep Mana

Nakhon” in the 15th century when Bangkok

was having a very hard time because of the

overnment. A grasping, ferocious and

miserable government called “Ayutthaya”uled Bangkok; he lived in a very immense

emple like a dinosaur. He didn’t share any of 

is resources he just used them for his own

ood. Also he didn’t even care when people

were dying. When he died everybody was

verjoyed and the new government called

Buddha Yodfa Chulaoke” became the new

overnment of Bangkok. Everything changed,

ecause of the new government. Unlike before

he new government made clever and

marvelous decisions. Also it is very generous

nd don’t use the money for his own good. Hehared his resources with poor people such as

moneys and foods. When he had a lot of 

money he shared and donated to the charity

nlike the selfish Ayutthaya. So people in

Bangkok were able to live better. Buddha Yodfa

Chulaoke was the one who changed economic

ystems and some of the laws that Ayutthaya

made for himself. Some laws such as the

overnment only gets the money and he

hanged it to everybody get a share of the

money. Then people in Bangkok started likinghe new government. Before, people used to

omplain a lot, because they don’t get any

money after working. It’s because the

overnment wants’ to have all the monies.

Also they were very afraid to protest because

Ayutthaya killed some of the protesters. As a

esult, city of Bangkok is now much more

eveloped than before so it is a developing

ountry now. It was developed because since

eople that work get paid unlike before they

worked really hard so that they could earn a

ot of money. Also the population has

ncreased a lot because people didn’t die easily

s before because they got moneys from the

overnment to live with. The population in

Bangkok is approximately 9,808,687 (2012).

A lot of people from all over the world has

ome to Bangkok to make a business or to live

ecause it is very easy to make a business or to

ive in Bangkok. They have come to Bangkok

ecause you don’t need a lot of moneys to live

n this city, because the prices are very cheap

n here. Lastly, now in Bangkok is as pretty asearl because of cool and beautiful cultures in





The city of Bangkok 

was established in1782. It was located

practically on the

ocean where you can

go fishing. Bangkok’s

real name was Bang

Markok but people

from Bang Markok 

wanted the named to

 be one word so they

decided to change it to

Bangkok. In the past

people came to

Bangkok because it

was like the shining

gorgeous diamond,

near the ocean so it’s

 better for them to get

fish and earn money

and be like a

millionaire, by fishing

and selling the fish.

Today people are still

coming to Bangkok 

 because there are a lot

of places, cultures and

holidays. For example,

one of the mostfamous palaces located

in Bangkok is the

“Grand Palace”. Also

there is an entertaining

holiday called “ Song

Kran” where you get

to splash water on to

people. Now days the

population of Bangkok 

has reached 9,808,687

people. The major

nationalities in

Bangkok are Thai and

Chinese; also in

Bangkok more than

30% is Chinese.

Businesses that were

mostly preferred to be

chosen is being an

English teacher,

 because a lot of people

in Bangkok want to

learn how to speak 

English tocommunicate better

with other people.

Today people choose

to live in Bangkok 

 because it’s near the

ocean that is good to

go fishing and earn

multifarious money.

Also the cost or prizes

of goods had been

decreased a lot from

the past. So people in

Bangkok can save a lotof money. Now that’s

the reason why people

in these days prefer to

live in Bangkok.

Therefore Bangkok is

now a top 20 cities

with the most

population in the

world. Before Bangkok 

used to be in 50, but

since the population

have increased like as

fast as a racing car,

including all travelersfrom all other

countries Bangkok is

in top 20 now.

Bangkok is in top 20

 because the

population got way

higher than before.

Environment and Changing

Landscape Paragraph

What I’m saying might be unbelievable but this is

verifiable that Bangkok is sinking 10 centimeters per

year. Bangkok is sinking because people in Bangkok are

 building out numbered buildings and houses. Also a lotof people from all over the world are coming to

Bangkok to have a tour or to live in Bangkok so the

population is increasing rapidly. A scientist discovered it

in 1970’s that Bangkok started sinking. As a result the

landscape of Bangkok has been transformed and

changed, and some scientist’s are predicting that

Bangkok might even be under the water by 2030’s. Also

there might be a tremendous tsunami like huge as tall as

a 100-floor building. So right now Bangkok is like

enormous ship sinking in the middle of the sea by little

 by little. Lastly if there is an earthquake again like

magnitude of 9 then Bangkok even might extinct or be

gone forever. If that really happens that might evencause a global warming because one whole land will be



AFTER 50 years

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1. Izzy:$I$remember$all$the$animals$in$


















was$still$fun$to$ride$and$watch$ele hants.

Top 10 things to do in Bangkok

1. The Grand palace that was used to be the home of Thai


2.Chinatown is very colorful like rainbows.

3.Floating Market is a market flows around the water the

sellers wanted this to cool down themselves while selling.

4. Wat Arun( The Temple of the Dawn) with impressive

designs , also it’s a castle.

5. Wat Pho is a huge castle with enormous Buddha in it.

6.Chao Phraya River has some fascinating histories.

7. Chatuchak Weekend Market has all different kinds of

popular things.

Khao San Road is a road where people

fights for fun.

Soi Cowboy was named after the first

merican that set up a bar in asia.

0. Jim Thompson’s House

sappeared in middle of Malaysia.

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4 Nullam arcu leo, facilisis ut

Bangkok might be under the water

by 2025 because it sinks 10

centimeters every 1 year.

n Bangkok there is guy with theongest name called “Krung Thep

Mahanakhon Amon RattanakosinMahinthara Yuthaya Mahadilok

Phop Noppharat RatchathaniBurirom UdomratchaniwetMahasathan Amon Piman AwatanSathit Sakkathattiya WitsanukamPrasit.

There are some taxis that givecandies if you answer thequestion correctly for free.

Long long ago Bangkok used to

be the hottest city in the world.

Thailand is the only Asiancountry that was never ruled byany Europeans.

It is reallyfun to know

about this!

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History of SeoulOn September 30, 1981 Seoul was chosen to host the Olympics

in a vote held in the Olympic Congress in Germany. Before TheGame of the XXIV Olympiad, Seoul used to be separated to 6 Gu.

The Game of the XXIV Olympiad was celebrated on September

17 to October 2, 1988 in Seoul, South Korea. 160 countries and

8,391 athletes participated in the Game of the XXIV Olympiad.

 After the Olympics, Seoul got better than before the Olympics.

Seoul equipped the facility of Olympic and Seoul got the highest

praise. As a result, the city of Seoul’s exchanges have increased.

Politics and economy, an opportunity and culture became a 

powerful. Seoul was prepared new peace of opportunity.

Seoul is in the northern part of South Korea.


Relative location 

Seoul is located at

37 degrees North, 126 degrees East.

Absolute location 

The Game of the XXIV Olympiad pictures.

BeautifulSeoul is...

A large number of people live in

Seoul. In Seoul, there are many 

places you need to see. The Games

of the XXIV Olympic were

celebrated September 17 to October

2, 1988 in Seoul. After the Olympic,

a lot of things changed. The

population of the Seoul now stands

at 10.46 million. Today, because of 

people, chairs and rest areas in Han

River were made. The city of Seoul

is now like a large number of other

countries people come to Seoul and

many people can used it very 

conveniently. I recommend visiting 

Seoul and looking at a lot of things.

Page 30: Vergel Final RG 2012

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City: Seoul

Country it is in: South


Area or Region: Asia,

Area of South Korea is




Location: Southern part

of the Korea Peninsula and

eastern edge of Asia.


Korea has Winter, Spring,

Summer, Autumn. July is very

hot and January is the





Languages: Korean

  The city of Seoul was established in 1394, by Taejo. Seoul was located on

the west of Yellow Sea. The Han River bisected into northern and southern.

 A large number of people come to Seoul, because the economy, the

environment, finance, the arts, culture, the delicious food, great

transportation system, shopping, sightseeing like N Seoul towel and

Namdaemun, and entertainment. The population of the Seoul is now stands

at 10.46 million. A lot of Chinese and Japanese are represented in Seoul. In

Seoul, the most popular religion is Buddhism. In Seoul, most of people use

Korean and English. Therefore Seoul is now many numbers of people are

live in Seoul.


“I went to the Cheonggye Creek. When I was running across the

stepping-stone I fell down into water. So, my clothes got wet.

Than, my mom got mad at me. I recommend the Cheonggye Ce

a fun time.” –Tom

“I went to Myeongdong with my family. I saw a lot of stores. I

bought some clothes and ate food. Who loves to go shopping I

recommend Myeondong because you can buy a lot of things in a

lot of stores.” –Jennifer

Religions: 43% believe in

Buddhism. 35% believe in

Protestantism. 35% believe

in Catholicism.



Holidays: New Year's

Day, Thanks giving Day,

Children's Day, Hangul Day

Landmarks: The Olympic

Peace Gate, 63 building.

Topography: Han River,

N Seoul Tower, Bugak 

mountain, Namsan mountain


Page 31: Vergel Final RG 2012

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1. ! N Seoul Tower

2. ! COEX

3. ! Everland

4. ! 63 Building

5. ! Namdaemun

COEX is a very  

 big mall loca ted

in Sa ms ung -

dong, Gangna m-


Namdaemun is a 

South Gate. There is a 

Namdaemun market.

N Seoul Tower is a tallest tower in Asia.

It has great view. 

Everland is a Korean version of 

Disneyland. It has zoo and a lot of rides.

63 Building is a 

tallest building in

Korea. It was used to be tallest.

  These pictures show how 

people have changed the

landscape of Han River Bridges.

Before, in the year 1970, Han

River Bridge was very simple

and old. Then, around the year

2006, humans changed the

landscape by an engineering 

firm made stairs and a resting 

area like a chairs in the Han

River Bridges. They did this to

help people used it more

conveniently and people can see

the beautiful landscape of the

Han River. Today, because of 

this change, the city of Seoul is

now like a large number of 

other countries people come toSeoul and a large number of 

people can use it very 



1970 of Han River.

2011 of Han River.


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People"choose" to" live"in"Seoul" because"it" is" one" of"

















• Buddhism""Most"Followers"with"about"50%"of"Koreans"

• Christianity""About"30%"are"Christians"





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degrees North and 126

degrees East.

Impact of Past to Present


Page 34: Vergel Final RG 2012

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Year 1960


The ! people! changed! env ironment!

b ec au se ! t he y! want! to! f ee l! mo re!


cheon! stream! was! like! simple! but! dirty!

and! it! was! surrounded! by! old! houses.!


of! the!stream.! People!have! changed! the!environment!by!making!tall!buildings!and!

there!were!many! vehicles! on! the!street.!

Seoul! s tarted! to! recover! f rom! the!

damages! o f! war! b y! bui ld in g! new!





in! the! middle! of! tall! buildings! and! busy!



natural! resources.! The! most! important!

thing! I! learned! about! the! changing!

environment! in!my! city!is! that! aKer!war!



Year 1976


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        B     e     a     u       t        i         f     u         l 

   B  r  u  n  e   i Bandar Seri


My experiences in B.S.B

It was very exciting living at Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei. The best part was going to

the Empire Hotel and Country Club especially during Sundays. Every Sunday is special

because they have bouncy castles. Guests’ of the hotel and country club find this very

awesome because it attracts different age group. My brother said that the best part is

swimming under the bouncy castles. I find it hard to decide which part is the best because

they have different themes every Sunday and I love them all. Their hotel rooms are well

known for their huge world class bathrooms. I had never seen a more luxurious bathroom

in my life. They have huge bath tubs and even a jacuzzi. Outside the balcony you can see a

man made beach and huge pools that is scattered around the grounds. Thousands of

visitors go there and you would often see different nationalities talking to each other like

long time friends. I always hang out with my friends when we go there because the empire

is also their favourite place.

The “Sultan’s Palace” which is also known as the “Abode of Peace” is another

favourite of mine. It is near where I lived and I would often see it at night. The lights of the

palace light up the dark skies. It is truly a beautiful sight to see. This magnificent structure

invites a lot of tourist and locals alike. It is one of the main attractions of Brunei. Sounds of

prayers echoes around the place. It sounds weird at first but I got used to it. It is also said

that the sultan of Brunei lives there but in all of my six years there I haven’t had the

chance to see him even once in person. 

By: Katrin Neumann

My City: Bandar Seri Begawan

Is the capital city of Brunei.

Country it is in: Brunei

Is one of the smallest countries in


Area of Region: Asia

Is the world’s largest and most

populated continent that is located

in the eastern and northern

hemisphere. One of thecountries that are in Asia is

Brunei. The capital city of Brunei is

Bandar Seri Begawan.

Population/Statics: 140,000

This much people live in B.S.B.


Location: 4°53’25’’N, 114°56’32’’E, on

the northern bank of the Brunei River.

Weather/Climate: Month January

Average High °C (°F) 30.4 (86.7)

Average low °C (°F) 23.3 (73.9) MonthFebruary Average High °C (°F) 30.7

(87.3) Average low °C (°F) 23.3 (73.9)

Motto/Symbols: The crest which is

the circular thing that is drawn on

top of the flag is the symbol of


Language: MelayuBrunei (A.K.A

Brunei, Malay)

MelayuBrunei is the language that

is most common in B.S.B.

Religion: Muslim

The religion that the people in B.S.B

are is Muslim, because they are

covered up with clothes and only their eyes show.

Traditions/Customs: Malay Islamic

Monarchy. It’s a party in Brunei that

includes choosing a representative

government chosen by the citizens.

Holidays: There are the regular

Saturday and Sunday holidays, New

Year’s Day, Chinese New Year, Birth of

the Prophet, National Day, Anniversary

of Royal Brunei Malay Regiment,

Ascension of the Prophet.

Landmarks: Omar Ali Saifuddien

Mosque:It’s a royal Islamic mosque

located in B.S.B, the capital of the

Sultanate of Brunei. The mosque is

considered one of the most

beautiful mosques in the Asia


Topography: Coastline, Mountains,

Rivers:Coastline: The coast consists

mainly of mangroves. The muddy

beaches are revealed when the tide

goes out.Mountains: Away from the

coast, the island of Borneo is very

mountainous. The higher

mountains are located closer to the

center of the island. Rivers: The Brunei River flows from the mountains

towards the sea. For a lot of its

length, the riverbank is lined with

mangroves and rain forests.

Fun Facts!

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Captivating Features!


















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seen! %Although…(#Brunei#was#




































explore#the#breath#taking#sites #







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What is the population in B.S.B?





































Wanna know


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How B.S.B..........










You! :D

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I n t r o d u c t i o n

okyo is like a place where there are lots of ants working collaboratively under the tables in a park. Really, I think that

is the best way to describe waht Tokyo is like! As you can imagine ants under the table, Tokyo is a busy, hard - working,

developed place. However, Tokyo used to be a very undeveloped city and got taught a lot of things by other countries,

especially Korea, China, and India. After World War II, the world was impressed with how Tokyo recovered from the damage of 

World War II with the preparation for the Olympics. And that’s how Tokyo gradually became a developed city. Because Tokyo

became a developed city, the population increased. People that are from other countries start to come too. Now, all the

nationalities are mixed up in Tokyo. When the population increased, the landscape also changed A LOT. It’s mostly because of 

the Kånto Earthquake, World War II, building projects, rapid economic growth, and adding designs and ideas from other

countries ( especially Europe ). Tokyo is a very hard- working, developed, busy, and a cool city. Come to Tokyo and be an ant ( if you

  get what I mean )! It’s kind of like a chain because the history causes the population to increase, and population causes the

landscape ( environment ) to change! It’s interesting isn’t it?


The Basics


     R    a     i    n      b    o

    w     B

    r     i      d    g    e     i    n     T

    o      k    y    o



untry it is in:


a or Region:

p u l a t i o n / tics:

85, 502 people1)


heastern side of n


mid subtropicalm a te ( ha s 4

ons ; spring ,mer, fall, ander. )


shape is basedfan-shaped leaf 

that comes from a tree called icho.


There are many 

types of Japanese ineach prefecture ,however people inTokyo speak in themost basic anda p p r o p r i a t e  Japanese. There are4 a lph ab et s i nTokyo: Hiragana ,Katakana, Kanji,and Romaji.Hiragana andKatakana are bothorig inal Japanese  writings, howeverKanji comes fromChina and Romaji isan English alphabet.


About 84-96% areS h i n t o i s t s ,Buddhists, or someare both. Most of the people don’treally know what

religion they are,however they believe in god.

T r a d i t i o n s /  

Customs:They celebrateholidays, they eat  with chopsticks,they put of theirshoes in the house,they bow to thepeople, etc.


  January: 1-Ganjitsu( New year day  ), 2ndMonday - Seijin nohi ( Coming of Ageda y  ) February: 11- K en kok u k inen bi

(  N a t i o n a lFoundation day  ) March: around 20- Shunbun no hi( Spring Equinox da y  ) April : 29 - Showa no hi ( Showa day  ) May: 3- KenpoK i n e n b i( Constitution day  ) 

4 - Midori no hi( Greenery day  ), 5- Kodomo non hi( Children’s day  ) July:3rd Monday - Umi

no hi ( Ocean day  ) September : 3rdMonday - Keiro nohi ( Respect of Agedday  ) , aroundSept embe r 23 - Shubun no hi( Autumn Equinox day  ) October: 2ndMonday - Taiiku noh i ( Health andSpor ts da y   ) November: 3-Bunka no hi ( Culture day  ),23 - Kinro Kansha no hi ( L a b orThanksgiving day  ) 

December: TennoTanjobi ( Emperor’sBirthday  )


Tokyo Dome,Tokyo EarthquakeMemorial, NationalMuseum, Rainbow 

Bridge, MitsukoshiDepartment Store,Tokyo Tower ( 333m ),Tokyo Sky Tree( 634m ) , The

Imperia l Pa lace ,Tokyo Station ,National Diet, andBank of Japan, etc.


Has reclaimed land( around Tokyo Bay  ),and there are a lotof mountains inNorthwestern sideof Tokyo.

Tokyo is locatedin the islandcalled Honshu,in thesoutheasternside of Japan.

Tokyo is locatedat 35 degrees

north and 140degrees east.

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okyo used to be a

swamp. People

thought that it was

permanent however,

they were getting

taught about growing food and

some other things from other

countries. For example, they were

taught the wet-rice farmingtechniques from Korea, and they

also got taught about Buddhism

from Korea, China and India.

Therefore, Tokyo used to be a

really undeveloped city.!! Then everything changed

in World War II. Tokyo and some

other places in Japan were bombed

by USA, like Hiroshima and

Nagasaki. So they were damaged

and depopulated at that time.

Bombing are terrible, they’re just

like a human stepping on a

“country” of ants. It kills plenty of 

people at the same time. Even

though the people were shocked,

they planned to build everything

back where it was, so everyone

could live happily again like

before. It was very hard for them

though, because Tokyo was

depopulated back then because of 

World War II. They had less people

and less resource. But happily, they

built most of the things again like

before. I think they never gave up.

They are very determined andbrave.! In 1964, Tokyo held the

Olympics, and a lot of countries

were very impressed. Just before,

they were bombed and terrified, but

now, they’re developed like they

went up to heaven! Because of the

preparation and the development of 

Tokyo, other countries were very

surprised, and they thought Tokyo

developed a lot from World War II.

Like I said in World War II, Japan

kept on getting bombed and they

were damaged and lost everything,

but a few years later, whoa, theydeveloped so much! Other

countries planned to work together

with Japan as a group to make each

other a stronger and to be a better

county. The 1964’s Olympics was

the moment when Japan finally

recovered from the devastation of 

World War II.

! Tokyo is now working

together with other cities, sharing

ideas and making more new things,

especially drifting, fashion, andtechnology. Tokyo is famous with

robots, computers, TV’s, and more

other technology things. Tokyo got

more and more developed,

especially in technology. They got

developed by doing those things

and finding out some new facts

about things like science, math, and

other interesting things. It’s also

developing today, in lots and lots of 

ways, looking for a better future.

The New Government Military established the city of Tokyoin 1868 ( Led by ToshimichiOhkubo, Takamori Saigo, andTakayoshi Kido ). It is located

on the southeastern side of Japan, whichis right next to the ocean called TokyoBay. This is important, because they could earn some money by fishing, and

some other things to do in the ocean. Inthe past, people came to Tokyo, becauseTokyo used to be a small fishing village.It was kind of like a place whereeveryone came from other cities andplaces.

% Today, people come to Tokyo,because it’s a developed, clean, and safecity. It is most likely for businesses,entertainment, shopping, food, and someother fun things. The population is13,185,502. I think it’s really crowded andpopulated. The major nationalitiesrepres ented are Chines e, Korean,Filipino, American, British, Brazilian,and French. I was wondering why thepeople from the very far countries cometo Tokyo and I thought that it’s becauseof the companies, development, and thesafeness . I t might be dangeroussometimes, but I think it got better thanbefore. The language, of course, Japanesehowever, the writings are diff erent. Thereare 4 types of alphabets. Two of them areoriginal Japanese handwritings, butanother one comes from China. And thelast one is the American alphabet, whichmost of us use everyday. These are some

int ere sti ng fac ts abo ut Tokyo’spopulation that I learned: about 11.8 of Tokyo are juveniles ( 0  –  14 year old ),about 69.3 are working  ( 15  –  64 yearold ), and about 18.9 are retired ( 65+ ).The religions in Tokyo are; 84  – 96 areShintoists, Buddhists, or sometimesboth. Some people are non-religious,  which they don’t have a religion, but they still believe in god. So, I guess Tokyo

doesn’t have a permanent and decidedreligion that most of the people have.This made me think of a vegetarianperson who thinks that meat is delicious,but they don’t eat it. It’s kind of weirdisn’t it? The industries and business today inc ludes tr anspor tat ion ,telecommunication, publishing, printing,restaurant, baking and financial service,

insurance, electrical precision machinery,and some others. It’s a very busy city; it’slike the ants in the courtyard…eww!

% Today people choose to live inTokyo as it’s a safe, cosmopolite, fun, andhas great food. Therefore Tokyo is now   very populated especially the old people,because it’s a developed city. Lots andlots of the people are now busy working mostly on business, even women. Itmight be quite sad, but they’re making a lot of things possible in business,technology, and all other things. It’sreally impressing for me.


Hiragana  Katakana 

 Japanese Writings




Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4

Grade 5




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eople in Tokyo changed the environment because of the

Kantô Earthquake (1923), World War II (1939), building

projects, industrializing, rapid economic growth, and

adding things and ideas from other countries. Japanese

were respecting the European Culture, because they had

more unique ideas and fashions than the Japanese. It was like asurprise for them to see the talent of the Europeans. For them, it

was like finding out a brand new thing. After changing some things

in Tokyo, it got very populated. It was a safe, clean, and fun place

to live for everyone. The reason why the people changed the

environment is because they planned to be wealthy like the other

cultures (especially Europe and around America), urbanizing, and

industrializing. Before it changed, Tokyo was much more cultural,

historical, and more original like clothes (Kimono), houses, etc. It

was just like a quick change from a black, brown, white, gray, dark

city to a bright, colorful “rainbowistic” city.

! Tokyo changed a lot. It’s like going all the way up to the

space from under the ground, really. There are lots and lots of 

buildings, houses, parks, and other things! It’s mostly because of 

the developed companies and the people that are there in Tokyo.

Most of the people like it there, however they’re also destroying the

natural resources, and there is way less green than before. This

happened after World War II, during the rapid economic growth. I

think if they keep destroying the natural resources, they can affectthemselves because of less oxygen.

! By changing the environment, Tokyo is different today

because the companies have increased, and it’s still developing.

Tons of people come to Tokyo because of it, and that causes people

to make more houses and apartments. By that, they make more

roads, and the most annoying of all, rush hours. They make people

feel sick and tired. Also urbanization, lots of buildings, lots and lots

of business district, and it’s spotless. It gets crowded, but it always

gets developed when people comes from other places. Think about

for a second. Is it better, or worse for Tokyo’s future?






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EXPERIENCES: y first time going to Tokyo was when I was 5  years old. I was interested in the subways,

and I really wanted to ride them. I asked my mom if Icould ride them and she said yes. I was really happy to do

  what I wanted to do. It felt fascinating to look at therailways!”

-Roi Kawawaki

“M  went to Tokyo because of my aunt’s wedding.Places in Tokyo are fun, especially Tokyo Disney 

Land. In Tokyo Disney Land, the bear fell in to the pondand everyone was laughing. It was my first time riding Space

Mountain, and it was really fast and fun!”

-Peter Liu


kyo Disney Resort

e are Disney Land and Disney Sea in Tokyo. Disney

d is more for kids and it has all of the basic attractions.

ey Sea is more for adults. It has more water

actions and new attractions. Disney Sea haveactions that you can only ride in Tokyo, so I suggest to

o Disney Sea more than Disney Land if you really have

hoose. There are lots of Disney Lands all around the

d. They’re both very fun though. Tokyo


T                                                                                                                                                                                       o                                                                                                                   k                                                                                                                                                                                             o                                                                                                                  D                                                                                                                                                                              

  i                                                                                                                                                                               s                                                                                                                  n                                                                                                                      e                                                                                                                 

 L                                                                                                                                                                                    a                                                                                                                   n                                                                                                                      d                                                                                                                                                                                          

e Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace is a very nice place. It is ca lm, clean, and

place, so I think it’s good for running, walking, or some

r exercises. There’s not much to do, but it is still a

derful place to go. It’s very hard to believe that someoneally lives there, because it’s a huge palace. The palace is

ted with water like a tiny lake to guard them. You could visit

rt of their garden.

Ghibli Museum

Maybe some of you know what Studio Ghibli is. It’s similar to Disney, it’s a

company of animation / cartoon. They make movies and they are all very

popular. For example: “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Ponyo on the Cliff by the

Sea”, “Spirited Away”, and lots of other movies. Ghibli Museum is verydifferent to other museums. They have some places for kids to play, they

have a mini movie theater and the cool thing is that they have lots of

characters, places, and things that come out in the movies in actual size.

There are more and more things that you could find only in this museum.

 G      i      n    z    a   

 I  m  p e r  i   a l   P  a l   a c e

   G   h   i   b   l   i   M  u  s  e  u  m


Ginza is a place where wealthy people go. Things are very 

expensive there, however it is very fun to just walk around or

have a little lunch with your friends. If you tell some Japanese

person that you went to Ginza to shop and eat, they’ll go

“whoa…” It has delicious food and has fantastic things, isn’t that

perfect? It’ll make you feel rich and gorgeous.

   T  o   k  y  o   T  o  w  e  r

   T                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 o                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

         k                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                y                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   o                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         S                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

         k                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                y                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         T                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             r                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             e                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        e                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

kyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree

you know, there is Tokyo Tower in Tokyo, like there’s a Eiffel Tower in Paris. It is one of the main things in Tokyo. Tokyo

er is just like Eiffel Tower, except Tokyo Tower is shorter, 333m. Not only looking at it, you could also reach the top, and

all the buildings and lights all around Tokyo. I think it would be beautiful! It has cafes and restaurants, so you could

have a little break while going up. However, now, what all the Japanese are excited about is Tokyo Sky Tree. It is thest tower in the world, but they’re still making it. It opens at May 22, 2012. It has very cool and new things than Tokyo

er, but I still want you to go to Tokyo Tower because that is the main landmark and it ’s historical. You could also see

yo Sky Tree while making it too.

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M a r c h 2 , 2 0 1 2

S a i l i n g N e w s l e t t e r • 1 2 3 4 M a i n S t r e e t • A n y t o w n , S t a t e Z I P • 1 2 3 . 4 5 6 . 7 8 9 0

  The Basics

City: Wellington

Country: New Zealand

Area: Oceania

Population: 2011- 393,400people

Location: It’s near the central part of New Zealand, in other wordsit’s South of the north island. 175degrees East and 42 degreesSouth.

Weather/Climate: Mild, 26

degrees Celsius in January. 17 to3 degrees Celsius in July.

Languages: English, Maori

Religions: Christianity, Maori

Traditions: The great outdoors,Maori arts

Holidays: Christmas, Boxing day,New Years

Landmarks: Te Papa TongarewaMuseum, National War Memorial& Carillon

Topography: Hills, sea


WELLINGTONN e w Z e a l a n d

Wellington is like a fruit salad, it is mixed with different types of 

experiences. Before the year 1828 Wellington was very undeveloped but after

the year 1828 Wellington started shipping more goods and also built more

buildings. By the end of the year if you saw Wellington you wouldn’t recognize

the city. Wellington was as new as shiny penny. People came to Wellington

because of the imported goods from the port that was as grand as the king’s

greatest possessions. Then after, the biggest problem for Wellington arrived;

the earthquake. During the earthquake Wellington was as destroyed as the

earthquake in Japan. Wellington is now a beautiful place with nice people and

if you are lucky and get to choose where you want to go to over your vacation,

I hope you would like to choose Wellington.


  Wellington used to be a beautiful place with houses that had the same structure that English

people’s houses had. The house structures were like this because the first

immigrants that came to New Zealand were English. The land was nice and

good. Then everything changed when an earthquake called the WairarapaQuake struck New Zealand. It was the first time European settlers

experienced their first major earthquake. It struck Wellington on

 January 23, 1855. This was the largest earthquake ever, that struck 

Wellington with the magnitude of 8.2. As a result, after the

earthquake many buildings were destroyed and the houses that

they rebuilt were more modern. The earthquake also caused

fissures in the ground and it also caused a tsunami. It also caused

uplift in the ground. The uplifts in the ground didn’t allow people to

build or live on the land. The fissures were also hard for people to move

around the city because the fissures were like big cracks in the ground, and a

 vehicle or a person would get stuck in the spaces. The earthquake in wellington

was so strong that it was like wind blew down stacked up playing cards. As you can see Wellington’s

earthquake in 1855 affected Wellington in many ways. After the earthquake, Wellington was like a

building hit by wrecking ball.

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M a r c h 2 , 2 0 1 2

S a i l i n g N e w s l e t t e r • 1 2 3 4 M a i n S t r e e t • A n y t o w n , S t a t e Z I P • 1 2 3 . 4 5 6 . 7 8 9 0

  Must Visits

1. Te papa Tongarewa is Wellington’s museum it is a big 

place with many different things that you can learn, it will

be a wonderful trip if you go there.

Te papa Tongarewa exterior 

2. A Beautiful garden in Wellington, a very unique piece of 


Wellington botanical gardens

3. Old St. Paul’s Cathedral is a nice church in Wellington

with very cool and unique architectural designs.


Old St. Paul’s Cathedral

4. Zealandia is a nice place where they keep the

endangered species and breed them, there are also a lot of 

informative displays and interactive.

Zealandia building exterior

5. Wellington zoo is a fun place to be in, they have many

different animals there, that are fun to look at.

Wellington zoo


  People of WellingtonThe city of Wellington was

established in 1840 by a man named

Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of 

Wellington. It is located by the sea. This

was good because it allows ships to

transport goods in and out of the city

easily. In the past people came to

Wellington because it was a young city.

The newness of the massive city allowed

people to start a new life from scratch, and

the people of Wellington were not as

political as in England. Today people

come to Wellington because the city offers

many opportunities. The people of New

Zealand replaced Auckland with

Wellington as a capital because Wellington

has a good Harbor. Wellington is the

country’s hub for communication and

transportation. Wellington also offers a

high quality of life. In the year 2009

Wellington was ranked the 12th best

quality of living in the world. The 2011

estimate of the population was 393,400people. People in Wellington are from all

over the world because of the presence of 

foreign diplomatic missions in Wellington.

The major industries include the exports

and imports industry, tourism, film and

theatre industry, government and finance.

Therefore Wellington is one of the largest

cities in New Zealand. It is like an

elephant in a zoo (zoo New Zealand and

animals cities).


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M a r c h 2 , 2 0 1 2

S a i l i n g N e w s l e t t e r • 1 2 3 4 M a i n S t r e e t • A n y t o w n , S t a t e Z I P • 1 2 3 . 4 5 6 . 7 8 9 0



“Wellington is a city that is easy for 

you to walk around. There are lots of 

hills in Wellington. Also sometimes I

had to take cable cars to get to

school. Sometimes I was treading

around Wellington. Bottom line is

that Wellington is an accessible city to walk around.”- Ms. O’Regan

“When I was in Wellington it was all

really nice but what the best part is

was is that the people were really 

nice. They were very friendly and

welcoming. Once I bumped into a

man and he said sorry to me I

thought I was supposed to say sorry.

Basically what a want to say is that Wellington is a very nice place with

very friendly and welcoming people.”

 -Max Campbell



These pictures

show how people

have changed the

landscape of 

Wellington. Before

the year 1828,

Wellington was like

cave men built the

city, which means the

city wasn’t that

developed. Then

after the year 1828,humans changed the

landscape by adding 

more buildings, they

also started

reclaiming more land

and shipping more

supplies. The

buildings that they

added were theaters,

mueseums, cafes, and

other industries.

They also added

more government

building, office

buildings, and more

business buildings.

They did this

because they wanted

to be a richer and

more developed city.Today, because of 

these changes, the

city of Wellington is

like dust turned into


Must Visits

6. Oriental bay is a pretty

place that many people visit every day.

  Oriental bay

7. The Museum of Wellington

sea & city shows exhibitions

of precious objects and

stunning technology.

  The Museum of 

Wellington sea & city

8. If you love the beach

and you are visiting Wellington

head on over to the scorching 

bay it is a wonderful place

where you can have fun

with your friends and family.Scorching bay at a bird’s

eye view

9. The Southward vintage car

museum is a very interesting 

place that has a display of 

many old but classical cars.

Southward vintage car

museum10. Saint Mary of the angels

is a beautiful church that has

many wonderful designs if 

 you get the chance to visit

Wellington go and see the

beautiful design inside the


Saint Mary of the angelsExterior

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2 0 1 2

S a i l i n g N e w s l e t t e r • 1 2 3 4 M a i n S t r e e t • A n y t o w n , S t a t e Z I P • 1 2 3 . 4 5 6 . 7 8 9 0

Pusan is the secondbiggest city in South

Korea which islocated in East Asia,and near the

Nakdong River Valley. Because of its

location, Pusanbecomes known asthe largest port city in South Korea andthe fifth largest port 

in the world today.





Pusan is good place to buy because Pusan is port city that many foreigners

come to my city because of harbor, business, and more other things. The most

reason they come is that Pusan people are more kind then the Seoul people,

because when the foreigners asks the questions Seoul people just say that their

busy but when they ask Pusan people even do their busy they answer the

questions of the people. Pusan people are working really hard because they

were the people who worked at the harbor even when there was a war. Pusan

people are also hard working even do there are super old. When you are in

business you will have to get retarded when they are almost 70 years old.

When foreigners can’t find the way and ask any other people and Pusan people

don’t understand they ask the foreigners to follow them and make

Foreigners talk to the Pusan people who are pro at

speaking the English and Koreans. Most

tourists come Pusan to try the Seafood

because Pusan Seafood is good. Some

people say that it’s good because it’s fresh

and juicy or some people say that it’s

good because they can cook there self. And

in Pusan if you go to buffet you eat for 1 hour and

you pay 10,000won but when you eat for five hours the price is the same


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2 0 1 2

S a i l i n g N e w s l e t t e r • 1 2 3 4 M a i n S t r e e t • A n y t o w n , S t a t e Z I P • 1 2 3 . 4 5 6 . 7 8 9 0

Pusan has many beaches. Haeundae Beach is Korea’s

largest beach with 2 kilometers of white sand. It is

beautiful and the entertainment facilities are first class.

People can visit the Pusan Aquarium, the largest in South

Korea at the Haeundae Beach. The camellia and pine

trees make a magnificent scene on Dongbaek Island, while

the pathways and the trail to the summit of the hill

promise a joyful promenade. At the seashore, you can

observe a statue of a mermaid that appears in a legend

about Princess Hwangok(Topaz) who came across the sea

to get married to King Eunhye. The legend says that she

suffered from homesickness, and used to comfort her

sorrows, by looking into the topaz where her fatherland

was reflected at each full moon.

Pusan’s city center is Seomyeon. Here you can find

endless shopping and restaurants and other services.

Several well established businesses are found in this area.

The Lotte Hotel and Department Store, Seomyeon

market, Bujeon market, and the “Foreigner’s Shopping 

Street” are located there. People can even experience

Land Scape

Pusan was a small port city but now it’s fifth

largest port in the world. Pusan is developing to

be international city now. The foreigners

wouldn’t choose Pusan if it was only port city

but many foreigners choose Pusan because it

keeps the condition for business. If Pusan was

only port city, it won’t be present Pusan right



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S a i l i n g N e w s l e t t e r • 1 2 3 4 M a i n S t r e e t • A n y t o w n , S t a t e Z I P • 1 2 3 . 4 5 6 . 7 8 9 0



2.Jagalchi Market 

3.Haeundae Beach

4.100 floor Lotte mall5.Gwangalli Bridge

6.Tigers in zoo

7. fish restaurant 

8. Pusan tower 

9. Seokbulsa Temple

10. Fuzzy Navel

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Abu Dhabi

Awaits You! Abu Dhabi is an undiscovered billion

 year old fossil in the desert, waiting to

share its precious secrets with you

 when you discover it. I call this city 

the “pearl of the middle east” because

this city was founded as a pearling 

 village. Did you know that Abu Dhabi

used to be not that developed? Itlooks like a metropolis to you. Right?

 You will discover the shocking actions

of this country that caused it to

develop as fast as a cheetah when you

come. The city is will have an

estimated population of 3,000,000

people in 2030. Speaking of 2030,

the city has a plan to develop even

more in 2030. Now, that’s a well-

developed city! Abu Dhabi was

named the richest city in the world by 

CNN and Fortune magazine in 2007.

Can you believe that? An example of 

this rapid development would be the

Corniche coast, where lots of desert

sand was turned into a long, winding 

road and many buildings and

skyscrapers. Abu Dhabi is filled to

the brim with tourist attractions,

leaving you much to explore. Now 

that you have discovered this fossil,

 you can enjoy the many wonders of 

 Abu Dhabi.

 Abu Dhabi was originally 

founded as a fishing and pearling 

 village. The city was able to

develop a little bit, but

everything changed when the

inventing of artificial pearls

caused the pearling industry to

collapse. Due to this and the

Great Depression caused the

emirate’s power and prosperity 

to decline. The Sheikh decided

to look for another way for an

alternative source of income.

Fortunately, in 1958, a miracle

happened, and oil was

discovered in Abu Dhabi. As a 

result, the city of Abu Dhabi

 became well developed and well

structured. Filled with shopping 

malls and tourist attractions,

the city of Abu Dhabi was named

the richest city in the world by 

CNN & Fortune magazine in


Abu Dhabi Past to Present

The relative location of Abu

Dhabi is on a T- shaped island in

the Persian Gulf.

The absolute location of Abu

Dhabi is 24° 28’N 54°22’E.

The luxury Emirates Palace



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 Your city:

 Abu Dhabi

 Area or region:

 Abu Dhabi is the capital

of the United Arab

Emirates. The city lies

on an island in the

Persian Gulf.


 Abu Dhabi has an

estimated population of 

896,800 and is the

richest and 50th most

expensive city in the



 An island on the

Persian Gulf in the

 Arabian Peninsula 

 which is connected to

the mainland by 2



 Abu Dhabi has a hot

climate with little

rainfall. The humidity 

is usually high around

the coast, but the

inland desert is dry.


The flag of Abu Dhabi is

a white square in the

top left corner and the

rest of the flag is red.


  Arabic/English.; People

in Abu Dhabi speak

 Arabic and English.


In the United Arab

Emirates, 96% of the

people there believe in

the Islamic religion.

People who believe in

the Islamic religion are

called Muslims.


One of the customs in

 Abu Dhabi is to me

 welcoming. Local men

and women are

extremely hospitable

and respectful. It is

customary for locals to

offer theory guests a 

meal or refreshments

during a visit.

Declining either is

considered rude.Holidays:

 Abu Dhabi celebrates

Ramadan which is a 3

day holiday when

people don’t eat, drink,

or smoke. If you are

not a Muslim, you still

should refrain from

eating, drinking, and

smoking to pay respect

to the host culture.


There are many 

landmarks in Abu

Dhabi. Some of which

include the Zayed

Centre. The Al Maqtaa 

Fort and the Sheikh

Zayed Grand Mosque.



On the upper right of the first picture shows the

coastline of Corniche, Abu Dhabi. The second

picture shows what that coastline looks like

today. Abu Dhabi is like a chef cooking a meal.

 As you add more flavor, the city becomes richer.

 You can see some major changes as the

landscape looks as flat as a table. You can see

many skyscrapers, buildings, and a 

long road that stretches along 

Corniche. The Corniche coast is a 

popular tourist site. You can hardly see

any of the desert sand that lay here

 before development. There are also

more people and living here, because of 

the buildings and the cars. The left

photo is from 1964, and the right photo

is from 2009. You can clearly see the

major development changes in Abu

Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is developing like a 

 beehive. At this rate of development, a 

new plan for the city is being made in





When it was time for

the awards ceremony for the World Robot

Olympiad, many 

countries won awards,

including the

Philippines with our

team in 5th place for

our category. The

next day, we saw on a

newspaper the

headline was “Abu

Dhabi sweeps away 

awards in the World

Robot Olympiad. I

found this very funny 

because this was only 

true for only one

category which was

only opened to Abu

Dhabi schools.


 Abu Dhabi Fun Facts

The Corniche

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 Anecdote from a tourist

 Abu Dhabi was established as a pearling village. Today it is a well developed, bustling city. You couldeven compare it to a beehive, because lots of people move in and out and have a job to do. In the past, villagers

 would dive for pearls in the Persian Gulf because Abu Dhabi is on an island near the mainland in the Persian Gulf.The Persian Gulf is also a great water source and the best place to look for pearls. The current ruling family is the

 Al Nahyans. Due to the miraculous discovery of oil in 1958, the city of Abu Dhabi became a metropolis. Many large oil companies moved in for business, such as ADNOC, which stands for Abu Dhabi National Oil Company,flocking to Abu Dhabi like flies to honey. Most foreigners travel to the city for work, tourism, entertainment,shopping, and job opportunities. Besides oil, Abu Dhabi’s many resources are fresh water, food, and pearls. Thelast census of the city was in 2012, and Abu Dhabi has a stunning 1.6 million population in the city. 96% of thecitizens in Abu Dhabi are Islam, and the remaining 4% are from other religions, such as Roman Catholics,Buddhists, Hebrews, and Hindus. Most of the people in Abu Dhabi speak Arabic, but English is also a popularlanguage. Many more people are migrating to Abu Dhabi, and Abu Dhabi is full of different languages andreligions. In fact, the population is growing as fast as a cheetah running! At the rate of population growth in AbuDhabi, people say that the city is most likely to reach 3.1 million people by 2030.

People and Population

 When we were in Abu Dhabi for the World Robot Olympiad, there were many booths by the host

country. I was intrigued by their culture so I wanted to visit a booth. There was one booth in particular

that interested me and that was the booth for henna tattooing. It was a white tent with a lot of pillows on

the floor, and everyone just sat on the pillows while the art of henna tattooing was being done. The ladies

doing tattooing were dressed in black chadors, with only their faces showing. I was amazed at how fast

they did it. In less than 3 minutes, I had a beautiful and intricate design on my arm. I tried to strike a 

conversation with the woman who was doing the tattoo because I wanted to learn more about their

culture, but she just kept staring at me and smiling. After four questions unanswered, I decided to just

stay quiet and enjoy. I thought to myself that maybe Abu Dhabi women are just very reserved.



 World and the

Emirates Palace

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facts about


City: Sydney 

Country it is in:



 About 4,336,374people

Location: New 

South Wales

(South –East of 





2-3 degrees

 warmer then



25 degrees is the



 Winter-cooler 2-3degrees cooler

then original



Sydney Opera 





Christian (21%)

Catholic (27%)

 Anglican (21%)

Buddhism (2%)

Islam (1.5%)

 Atheists (5%)



 Western Angelic-

Celtic Christians


New Years

 Australia Day 


 Anzac Day 



Christian Day 

Boxing Day 

Bank Holiday 

Labor Day 


Sydney harbor


Great Barrier





The city of Sydney as

 beautiful and

interesting as the sea is filled with lively 

lifestyles and lush

entertainment that

keeps Sydney’s

 visitors coming back

for more! Even if the

 World War II muddled

up Sydney’s old

 beautiful status like a 

child not cleaning his

room for weeks. As the

population of Sydney 

is about 4,575,532

right now, its must be

really popular, like a 

real feast of different

and tasty dishes fit for

a king! Event if thereare some environment

changes like land

clearing which causes

soil erosions. The

people of Sydney are

trying to stop these

causes from happening 

 because it affects

Sydney and also their

country. Now get up

and fly to this city and

experience all that

Sydney has to offer to

their visitors!

Welcome to the city!



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Story from a

 visitor to sydney !


! Sydney used to be a bustling

port, with many spaces that wascleared for vegetation to grow. Many

new houses, warehouses, streets, and

windmills were being built in where

Sydney is today. As a governor named

Macquarie enforced the law, Sydney

was becoming a well-planned colony.

Then everything changed when the

dreaded World War II started to occur.

Sydney was under pressure as the

Japanese occupied most of South East

Asia. Shortly after, the Japanese

attacked the city of Sydney and New Castle. Since the attack

by the Japanese happened, the government started to

expand. The aftermath of all this cause, Sydney found 4

Japanese submariners and cremated them as act of kindness.

Soon the Japanese ambassador named Tatsuo Kawai

exchanged an allied diplomacy for the 4 Japanesesubmariners ashes to be brought back to Japan, Yokohama.

When I was in my stay

at Sydney, it was New

Years Eve so I was able

to watch the New Yearsfireworks that happen

every year. The

fireworks I saw were

really unique and I felt

revitalized. The whole

event was like a real

life-time-opportunity to

me! Also to top it all off 

I was able to watch it at

the Sydney Harbor

Bridge watching thewhole thing! Ferry Ride to

Mainley Beach

The Map of 

Sydney up


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HERE A governor named

 Arthur Philip

established the

 beautiful city of 

Sydney in the 17th

century, located

next to sea, south

east of Australia. In

the past, people

migrated to Sydney 

 because Sydney 

 was new colony and

it had many 

develop to be done

to it. Now people

come to Sydney for the


events, and


industries thatpeople can acquire

 jobs from or have a 

good time.

Currently, Sydney 

has the population

of about 4,609,647

living in this lovely 

city. The major

nationalities living 

in Sydney are

Chinese, Turkish,

Lebanese, and

Filipino (talk about

a feats of different

dishes from all over

the world!). The

major industries

are mining 

resources like bauxite (which is

used to make cans),

and coal, farming 

grapes to make

exquisite wine, and

farming sheep for

 wool. Today people

live in Sydney 

 because of the

obtainable jobs, and

delightful and



Sydney has to offer.

Therefore Sydney 

has now become

one of the major

cities in the world.

Top 5 things to Do in Sydney!

5) Sydney Opera House

Enjoy exquisite opera

performance up close by going to the Sydney OperaHouse while you are inSyd ney. Also see themagnificent sail up close.

4) Ferry ride to Mainly Beach

Take a ride on a ferry toMainly Beach and have aAWESOME time swimmingand hanging out on the


3) Sydney Tower

Go up the Sydney Tower asee all of Sydney up in thesky!

2) National Parks

Have a barbecue with youfriends in one of many 

national parks in Sydney!

1) Sydney Harbor Bridge

Walk on the Harbor Bridgeto see the beauty of theSydney harbor. At NewYears Eve, the Bridge islively from the fireworkslighting all of Sydney withits Light.

Sydney At New Years!


 y  d  n e  y   T  o w  e r   S y d n e y 

 H a  r b o r  B r i d

g e

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In Sydney, land

clearing is one of the


changes because of 

the growing 

population. These

cases started around

1998 and many 

animals like birds

plants and even

caused 20 species of 

animal to go extinct.

 As these goes on it

helps the cities


to cites to have

different stocks of 

items like cotton and

 wine to trade withother countries but it

also makes animal life

dive to extinction. As

there causes are being 

stopped by a 

organization called

“Landcare Movement

in Australia” aretrying to stop these

events the people in

Sydney and other

neighboring cities

should try and stop

these likely causes

 which will also affect

nature in other ways

like soil erosion.  

 S y d n e y 

 N a  t i o n a  l

  P a  r k

 Another Story from a Visitor 

Sydney was one of the most amazing places I have

ever been to. The places that I have been while I was

in Sydney was spectacular. I really 

found the Sydney Bridge and

the Sydney Opera House to be one of 

the best places and

the most eye-

catching places in

Sydney! I hope I

get to come to

Sydney again. L u n

 a   P a  r k 

The Changing LandScape

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A Bird’s Eye View

Doha is a

moonlight evening,

adiating its beauty

o everyone and

nviting them with

open arms. Its

diversity is also veryunique because it is

one of the few places

n the Middle East

hat embraces such a

wide variety of 

cultures and

nationalities. It really

s no surprise that

Doha is such an

attraction, and the

main reason for that

s because of itsunique combination

of both historic and

modern landscape.

When people first

came to Doha it was

nothing but

uncultivated land.

They had to slowly

build it up to its

current glory, and as

 you can see their

perseverance has

clearly paid of. The

present outcome isactually surprising 

considering that

Doha was

submerged in

poverty during the

1930’s. Back then

their main export

had been pearls but

now it is oil. In fact

Doha’s current

economy is due to

the recent change inoil prices and its

enormous oil

reserves. Qatar is

currently the richest

country in the world

per capita, and its

wealth is obvious in

it’s capital of Doha.

Doha is also gaining 

much more attention

in the tourism

department; it is

now also attracting 

many celebritiessuch as Angelina

 Jolie, Brad Pitt,

Donald Trump,

Gordon Ramsay and

Rafael Nadal.

Nonetheless Qatar’s

government still

strives for the welfare

of its citizens and

thus provides free

healthcare and

education. A citywith such becoming 

qualities is definitely

worth seeing, don’t

 you think?


“ The beaches of Doha are a sight worth seeing, butwhen you go looking for shells, you are ultimately

looking for trouble I was walking along the shore with

my cousin when I thought I had spotted an unusually

large shell in the shallow water, but when I went there I

got a petty big surprise. It was a sh skeleton! The

scream that I uttered could have bought the dead to

life.” –Tusshara Nalakumar

“The Souq Waqif is an amazing place, and one of the

few in Doha which isn’t dominated by themodernization program. It definitely has a wide variety

of products, if that were not true then how would you

explain the purple and yellow dyed rabbits that I

saw?” - Jason Smart

A  F r e s h  P e r s

 p e c t i v e


Qatar University

Museum of 

 Islamic Art

 Doha Skyline

Souq Waqif 

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Hi, today I would like to tell you more about

e amazing of Ad Dawah, which literally means

e “big tree,” but it is more commonly known as

oha. This jewel of a city is nestled along the east

ast of Qatar, which is an important part of the

nited Arab Emirates, which is located in Middle

ast Asia. Qatar also shares a border with Saudi

rabia. Doha’s population density being 10,984.8

r square kilometer as of 2011 contains more

an 80% of the whole country’s population. The

eather in Doha is mostly predictable, the

mmers are extremely hot and have sometimes

assed 49 degrees Celsius, but when winter comes

is cool and windy. Doha rarely gets rain, and in

ose unusual times that they do it is hardly ever

ore than 4 inches per year.

The most commonly known symbols of 

oha are the Oryx (the national animal) the flag,nd the Emblem of Qatar. Some of the

ndmarks are The Pearl, Clock Tower, Heritage

brary, and the pyramid shaped hotel of 

heraton. Doha’s official language is Arabic, but

nglish is also widely spoken. The religions of 

Qatar vary and although all religions are accepted

bout 90% of people in Qatar are Islam followers,

0% are Shia Muslims and the rest of the 90%

e Sunni Muslims. Although you are allowed to

actice your religion publicly it is common

urtesy to not question other’s religions, and in

me places an unspoken rule. One example of e public practice of religion is every Friday,

hen followers spread mats and pray to the Holy


The most common holiday is Eid on August

th. Other than that there is the National Day

n December 18 and the Independence Day on

ptember 3. These all happen nationwide but

e next few are particular to Doha. Some

amples are the Doha Song Festival on February

Qatar’s Master Golf on February 3rd and the

oha Cultural Festival, which is every March thet. These three events all take place in Doha.

Last of all I would like to tell you about the

ography of this wonderful place. Firstly, Doha is

cated on a shallow bay, named Doha Bay, which

very popular with both the locals and the

reigners. Secondly since there is hard rocky

nd, agriculture is sparse, therefore many things

e imported. Despite this Doha has a very

omising location because of their nearness to

ajor petroleum deposits. This is extremely

eful, because Qatar’s major products are

troleum. Lastly there is the beach where Doha

elf merges with the ocean. As you can see Doha

a one of a kind city, which I hope you are

oking forward to learning more about.

The Rudiments ofDoha

Things Not to Miss in Doha

1) You would be crazy to leave Doha

without going on a cruise of Doha

bay. It is best done during nighttime

so you can admire all the lights. The

cruise also lets you view Doha’s

skyline at your pace, allowing you

lots of time to gawp in amazement.


2) Not everyone enjoys art, but trust

me the Museum of Islamic Art issomething that you will be struck

speechless by. Children can also

enjoy it because of the fun they can

have walking on the numerous glass

bridges that overlap one another in

the air.

3) The Pearl is also an essential part

of Doha, and thus it will lure you no

matter what. Make sure to take your

time enjoying the car shows, and the

elegant cafes.

4) The Souq Waqif is a combination of

cobbled streets with the charm of

historic influence, going there will

kindle your spirit for sure.

5) Aladdin’s Kingdom is another place

that is made for tourists. The outdoor

amusement park will entertain kids


6) Eshairiq Coffeehouse is a

traditional coffeehouse that sits on

the eastern edge of the souq. It faces

the ocean, and creates a dream-like

feeling for the customers.

7) If you’re looking for a more calm

location in this buzzing city then the

Corniche is the place of you. Relax by 

picnicking, jogging, or walking while

looking at the calm waters.

8) Although it isn’t allowed for visiting

 you can definitely pass by the Emiri

Diwan to admire it’s opulent gardens,

and magnificent architecture.

9) You must go to the sand dunes,

and experience riding a quad bike,

the thrill you will feel will be


10) Lastly there is the amazing variety 

of water sports that are available at

the Doha Corniche Bay, which you

should definitely try.

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The Journey ThroughTime

Although Doha is successfully

moving towards the future, I would like

o tell you about its history, which is just

as interesting. In the past Doha was an

unstable city, which was founded in

825 under the name of Al-Bida. The

city was a ship waiting to be sunk. The

name Doha was derived from theArabic word Ad-Dawah, which means

“the big tree.” It is thought that this

erm referred to a distinguished tree

hat had stood at the site where the city

was originally built. Much of the

economy was based on fishing and pearl

diving, and during the early 20th

century, Doha in particular had 350

pearling boats.

Then everything changed in the

930’s when Japanese cultured pearlswere introduced. Cultured pearls were

produced in a constantly controlled

condition. This way the pearl farmers

could control the size, shape, and the

amount of luminosity. Therefore these

cultured pearls induced more demand

han the natural pearls that were Doha’s

main export. In fact the need for

cultured pearls was booming, the

demand inflating like a balloon. Doha’s

uture remained as unpredictable as the

ocean, their highs coming just as fast as

heir lows, and their fate being tossed

and turned. The citizens began to loose

heart and they were all bracing 

hemselves for the inevitable. Thus

Doha was submerged in poverty and


No one had high hopes for the city,

but as always it pushed through the dark 

imes to strive for the future. The faith

of the people was as constant as the

wind, blowing always despite the

difficult circumstances. This period of 

time, although devastating was

definitely responsible for the state which

Doha is in today, because the condition

of poverty encouraged Doha to venture

into other products that could stabilize

their economy. They were extremely

lucky, because by the late 1930’s oil was

discovered. The oil was discovered inthe city of Dukhan, which was

approximately 60 kilometers west of 

Doha. Qatar has only one four-lane

motorway, and that connected Dukhan

to Doha, therefore the transport of oil

was quite simply done.

As a result the present day city of 

Doha is without a doubt economically

stable. If you think about it their

economy is a boulder, never budging of 

breaking. This is all due to the discovery

of oil, because now oil is what provides

so much money for the city. In fact

800,000 barrels of oil are produced

nationwide daily. Doha’s economy is

flourishing, and now it is one of the

richest places in terms of yearly income

per person. Doha is thriving 

economically and it is also gaining 

much recognition for both its natural

beauty and modern architecture. Doha

is now a strong and proud city, which

can prevail anything. They have a

steady base, and are already building onit, making their city reach its full

potential. What has happened in the

past has deeply affected the present, and

without all the events that Doha has

been through it wouldn’t have been the

same today.

This is a political map of Qatar, which is

part of the UAE and is in the Middle East

Asia region. The accurate coordinates are

25° 30’ N, 51° 15 ‘E.

This map shows the city of Doha, which is

ocated in the country of Qatar. It is also

part of the Persian Gulf. The exactcoordinates are 5° 17' 12 N, 51° 31' 60 E.





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When people first came to Doha it was nothing but

ncultivated land. They had to strive to modernize it and

ange both the environment and landscape for the better.

heir hard work is what makes Doha what it is today, the jewel

the Middle East. In 1945 after the historic event of the

cond World War Doha like many cities was destroyed, leaving 

nly whispers of the past. The city lay in ruins, like particles of 

nd blowing in the wind. The whole system was destroyed, anderefore the people’s first priority was to rebuild the city. After

e reconstruction they began to focus on ways that they could

stain their economy, so they decided to build deep-water ports.

his development happened during the 1970’s and it was

sential because with their new ports large trading ships could

me, thus providing them with more resources. The Qatari’s

so decided to embark on major building projects, thus

anging the skyline to the point where it was unrecognizable.

fact Doha’s skyline is like the wind, constantly changing 


These were all projects in the past, but there are also some

ngoing ventures. One example is the manmade island of Pearl

atar, which was paradise. The island will span over 32

ometers of coastline once the project is finished, and as of 

11 there are more than 3,000 residents already. Soon The

arl Qatar was a beehive attracting massive amounts of people.

hen Doha first found this piece of reclaimed land they

cided to build on it so as to provide more housing, but it

rned out to also generate much tourism. The island is also the

first land in all of Qatar to be available for freehold ownership

by foreigners, and because of that the price rates are extremely

high. Another current priority is to renovate the network of 

roads by adding flyovers, underpasses, and service roads. The

reason for this is because of the accessibility that it can provide

for both the residents and tourists.

An additional concern is the drainage system; it is decentbut as always Doha is only satisfied with the best, and because of 

that the new drainage project is to supply drainage network 

service for groundwater, surface water and of course the sewage

system. Lastly there is the New Doha International Airport. It is

being constructed about 3 miles east of the present airport and

is located further away from the central part of the city, thus

reducing noise and environmental pollution. The new airport

will have improved facilities, and phase 1 and 2 of the project

was completed during late 2009 and early 2010. Meanwhile the

phase 3 is expected to finish in 2015, and after the final

completion the airport is predicted to manage up to 50 million

passengers annually. This project’s target is to improve the

already booming tourism, allowing Doha to gain both money

and recognition. Another bonus is what the airport does for the

environment, by reducing noise and environmental pollution

Doha can be one of the few cities that are heading towards a

bright future. The numerous projects may seem overwhelming,

but Doha is carrying on in a steady pace, and all they are trying 

to do is improve their city for the better.

As the Beloved Land Changes


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The DelightfulPopulation of Doha

We all know what a

successful city Doha is now, and I

would like to tell you about it’s

foundation which has

contributed greatly to its current

condition. Unlike many citiesDoha had a humble start,

standing on their feet as unstably

as a newborn baby. Doha was

first established in 1825. It was

founded by the legendary Al-

Thani family on the shallow bay

located in the southwestern area

of Qatar. As Doha was located

near the water it was commonly

known as “the fishing village.”

The nearby sea provided easy

access to trading, fishing and

pearling. These were the three

main things that supported

Doha’s economy back then.

In the past people were

constantly coming to Doha,

because of the infinite jobopportunities. There were many

benefits of the bay, and one of 

them was that it could provide a

livelihood for many people,

mainly because of the high

demand for fishers and pearl

divers. Today there are still many

people coming to Doha, and that

is because of the continuous flow

of jobs that can be found in thenow flourishing industries. The

natural gas companies are always

requiring new workers, and so

are the construction and banking 

companies. Another focal point is

tourism. The breath-taking 

beauty of the city tantalizes your

senses making you feel as bubbly

as a can of soda. That is actually

the reason why so many people

visit; they simply want to see the

picturesque views and the awe-

inspiring architecture. I can

definitely relate to them, because

after seeing the panorama of 

Doha for myself I truly can’t

think of anything to compare.

People also stay for long-term

reasons other than job

opportunities. In fact a main

motive to live in Doha is the

excellent education that is

extremely prominent. Education

is without a doubt important in

Doha, thus a common nickname

is “the education city.” Another

attraction is the diversity of both

religions and nationalities. In factDoha is a bit like a teddy bear

with open arms, because it is one

of the few places in the Middle

East that embraces such a wide

 variety of cultures and

nationalities. There are people

from all over Asia, Europe,

Africa and North America, and

each month there are about

1,000 emigrants nationwide.There are also a variety of 

religions such as Shi’a and Sunni

Muslims, Christians, Hindus,

Buddhists and Baha’is.

These aspects generate a

huge population, and as of the

2011 census Doha has a

population of about 1,450,000.

You would think that Doha is full

of modernized attractions, but if 

 you look closely it still retains a

rustic charm that is as

mesmerizing as a thousand year

old painting. As you can see

Doha is a thriving city, which is

day-by-day gaining more

residents like a spinning turbine

continuously generating powerand growing in force. I hope you

realize Doha’s many advantages

and it’s promising outlooks, and

if I could choose where I would

live Doha would definitely be on

my short list.


K NO W???

I t  will be 

 the  venue o f  the 

2022 FIF A   World 


W as the 

location of the US Central Command during the 2003 invasion of  Ir aq

 A bou t 80% 

o f Qa tar’s 

popula tion resides in Doha

Hos ted 

 the 2006  A sian 


Buil t  the  firs t 

cooling c ycling pa th in  the  WORLD!!!

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 M A G I C A L  M E L B O U R N E


THE QUESTION 'IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATH?' ”  “Melbourne is the kind of town that

really makes you consider the question 'Is there life after death?' ”; This is an amazing quote by Bette Midler, an

 American singer and actress. She’s trying to say that Melbourne is so much alike with paradise, she isn’t even

sure if a better place (paradise) existed. This is probably because soaring proud skyscrapers has now replacedthe not so breath-taking buildings, like someone replacing their old, tattered up teddy with a new, better looking

and expensive one. Melbourne was once a very vacant and silent place and now there are about 4.1 million

people living there. Melbourne is a terrific and smart choice if you’re looking for a vacation spot or place for a

business to open, so come and visit the exquisite city now, before it’s too late!


=  )

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Our FamilyIn 1835, a brave and courageous sailor

called John Batman sailed the rough seas

to discover a stunning island we now

know as Melbourne. When the Gold Rush

happened, people had immigrated to

Melbourne instantly, as if a gigantic

monster was attacking them back home.

Miners travelled to Melbourne and mined

at the quartz thinking they would becomericher than any other person on Earth.

Melbourne is located in Australia. It is

Victoria’s capital city and is surrounded by

the Pacific and Indian Ocean, like sharks

surrounding a piece of red, juicy meat.

Since Melbourne is near the ocean, it is

very easy to ship or trade goods and it is

an effortless way of getting water.

You can find high paying jobs in

Melbourne with the smallest attempt, and

the transport is exceptional there. The

education in Melbourne is truly advanced

and sophisticated. There are manybenefits to living in Melbourne. It’s easy to

get oil and gas, and Melbourne is the

greater city. The leading company in

Melbourne is called BHP Billiton, a

company that mines oil and gas. Today,

people choose to live in Melbourne

because of the marvelous education,

incredible leisure, media, vast jobs and

modern buildings.

There are about 4.1 million people living in

Melbourne today. 4.7% of the population

in Melbourne comes from Britain and

2.1% comes from Italy. About 3% comes

from China and New Zealand. There are

many people in Melbourne, who believe in

different beliefs. 58.9% of the population

in Melbourne is Christian, the rest being

different religions such as, Judaism, Islam,

Hinduism, Buddhist, Catholic andIrreligion. Over 233 languages are spoken

in Melbourne. It’s like having a pet cat and

dog, they’re both animals, and they speak

in different ways, but they still understand

each other. Around 68.1% of the

population speaks English and the rest are

other languages such as, French, Dutch,

Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Serbian,

German, Chinese and Greek. Melbourne 

is multicultural and is home to people from

180 different countries.

Melbourne is like a box of crayons. Each

color represents a different personality andperson, but they all live in the same box. It

is important that Melbourne is multicultural

because it teaches other people things

they don’t know. Everyone’s knowledge

is then shared and people understand new


The Arts Center Spire

Crown Casino

Melbourne Museum

Rialto Towers

Eureka Tower

MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground)




Arts Center Spire

Crown Casino

Melbourne Museum

Rialto Towers

Eureka Towers


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Before the Gold Rush, Melbournewas a very vacant and silent place. The

streets were empty and isolated, and

were not as crowded as you would

expect. Melbourne wasn’t a busy

place; it was rather calm and very

settled. It was almost like a day at the

beach with the flaming hot sun burning

at you. It wasn’t a vast city, or a very

wealthy one, but the citizens of

Melbourne managed living there with

what they had. They minded their own

business and worked every day to earn

enough food for their families and


It wasn’t very long before a

shocking event occurred. This

happened on July 1st, 1851, when W.

Campbell and Donald Cameron, local

diggers in Melbourne were doing their 

 job as usual. They were digging in the

quartz, at the Yarra River, near 

Andersons Creek, when they found

something remarkably surprising. It

wasn’t everyday that they found gold,

but that day they found tiny bits of gold

scattered everywhere in thequartz! They were shining as

bright as the sun, the small

glow of it making the two

diggers jump with delight.

It was an exciting

experience for W.

Campbell and Donald


Once all the gold were dug up and

cleared from the quartz, Melbourne

had become quite a successful and

rather popular city. Families were

getting richer, healthier and bolder 

every minute. As the city was turning

into a wealthy place, eager miners and

ships began crowding in Melbourne. In

total, over 150 Euros worth of shiny,

shimmering gold was found in the

quartz at the Yarra River. By 1854, the

population in Melbourne had

tremendously increased from 80,000

people to 300,000.

Today, Melbourne is a very modern

and popular city. It is now busy and

crowded with people from

different countries and places.

Melbourne is now one of the largest,

wealthiest and proudest cities in the

world. The Gold Rush in 1851 has made

a huge difference in Melbourne.

Modern and tall buildings have taken

over, and over 50 languages are

spoken today. The Gold Rush was a

very important change to Melbourne. If

the Gold Rush had not happened,

Melbourne wouldn’t be as modern and

popular as it is today. People might

have a much different perspective of

Melbourne as well. Melbourne has

become a very successful city

throughout the years after the Gold

Rush, and is a very well known city


Gold Rush!!!

“When I went toMelbourne, the

scorching sun was

sweltering me! I was

as red as a juicy

tomato from heat, and

I was sweating like I

 just ran a 2-mile run.

All I could think of 

was the food in

Melbourne, calling

out to me, and luring

me into eating it. I

rode a bike around

Melbourne a few

times, and later onclimbed a humongous

mountain! Melbourne

was a pleasing sight,

and it was very

attractive. It was a

wonderful experience

visiting one of the

wealthiest, and

largest cities, and I

hope I get to visit

Melbourne again!”


“My favorite memoryof Melbourne was

when I went to Luna

Park and went to the

MCG (Melbourne

Cricket Ground). It

was Australia versus

India when I went to

the MCG and there

were 20 innings. It

was a very sunny day

when I watched the

game and it seemed

like the game kept

going on forever! At

the end of the gameAustralia finally won.

I come from

Australia, so I was

very satisfied with the

results of the game. I

can’t wait to go to

Melbourne again and

watch another game

at the Melbourne

Cricket Grounds.”

-Bailey Richardson

I nt er es t i ng)St or i es 

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An IncredibleChangeThe two pictures represent how

people have changed the

landscape of Melbourne. The

Yarra River was once peaceful

and country looking, but after

many years, people have

transformed it into a modern and

improved place. New soaring,

modern buildings have been

built around the Yarra River,

replacing what were once tall,

green trees. Part of these changes

was to make Melbourne look

prettier, but the rest was to make

lives easier and luxurious.

Before the Yarra River became a

breathtaking sight, it was once

surrounded by forests and small

fields of grass.

In 1929, soft green grass stood

beside the river, and very little

buildings stood behind thebridge. By 2006, everything had

completely changed. Where had

once been the soft green grass, is

now wood and cement. The tall

proud skyscrapers has now

replaced the not so breath-taking

buildings, like someone

replacing their old, tattered up

teddy with a new, better lookingand expensive one. Many

different lights shimmer in the

dark now, where as before, none

glimmered at all. The lights are

like stars in the night, twinkling

cheerfully and vibrantly in the


You can see that more people

have started living in Melbourne

because of all the buildings in

the background and lights,

meaning there’s electricity.

People now see Melbourne as a

fabulous, bright and sunny place,

perfect for visits and holidays.

They live with ease and luxury,

and work for high-paying jobs.

The new Melbourne has lured

many people from different

cultures and places, like a cat

luring a rat into a trap. The

change in landscape has

definitely made the citizens in

Melbourne feel proud and happy

to be living there.

It is interesting how the bridge is

completely the same, but the

surroundings aren’t. It is

important that it stays the same,because it reminds you of how

Melbourne was once, before the

incredible change. The city of 

Melbourne is now like a blissful

paradise. You couldn’t hate

Melbourne, even if the fiery

raging sun is burning at you, or

if you had some bad memories

and experiences there.Everybody wanted to go to

paradise, so why not stay put if 

you had the opportunity?

 D i d  Y o u  K n o w ? T hat  t hese w or ds E X IST !? 

 F a i r d i n k u m

 I t  m e a n

 s  “ a u t h e n t i

 c ”

Nought It means “Zero”  M a t e s h i p

 F r i e n d s h i p

T hey ’r e  A ust r alian slang w or ds!

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Factual Fun!BeijingCity: BeijingCountry: ChinaBeijing is the capital of China.Beijing is the political, cultural, and educational center of ChinaBeijing is home to the headquarters of China’s largest owned companies.Region: Asia

Population: 19,612,368 people as of 2010One of the most populous cities in the worldSecond largest city by urban populationLocation: Beijing is located on the west coast of Pacific; it’s at the Northern tipof North China Plain.(North latitude: 39, East longitude: 116)Toward the east of Beijing is Bohai Sea, to the Northwest lies Shanxi Provinceand Inner Mongolian Plain.Weather : Beijing enjoys a moderate climate with 4 seasons.Spring is nice and warm

Summer is bright and shinning as well as rainyWinter is cold and snowyAutumn is dusty and pretty at the same time.Motto/Symbols: ‘Forbidden City’, ‘Tiananmen Square’, and the ‘Alter of theSun’ are all important symbols of Beijing.Pandas (a kind of bear) are animals which act as symbols of Beijing.

The Olympics 2008 held in Beijing: One World One Dream.(Motto)Language:Mandarin/ChineseBeijing dialect, basis of standard MandarinReligions: In China:

70 million Chinese Protestants(estimated)20 million Chinese Catholics(estimated)400 million Chinese with a particular faith(estimated)Religion is complex in Beijing because some citizens practice several differentreligions at the same time, without any sense of dishonesty or disloyalty.Some don’t really believe in any religions at all.There are 3 main religions existing in Beijing: Buddhism, Daoism (Taoism) andConfucianism.

Traditions/Customs/holidays: Chinese New Year:Chinese New Year is a major holiday. Instead of celebrating Christmas, the

Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year’s.Red banners hang with clever little poems.It’s a custom that children receive red envelopes containing ‘lucky money’ fromtheir parents.Lion dance welcomes the New Year FireworksFirecrackers- the Chinese believe setting off firecrackers can keep awayMonster Nian- believed to be a terrible beast from the mountainsides that eatsup animals and even man.Families gather for in the evening for a great dinner.

Entertainment: Beijing Opera is a very old and traditional way of entertainment.Two very popular Chinese games are: Chinese chess and Mahjong. People like

to sit down and do away the afternoon with these classic games.Landmarks: The Great wall - the world’s longest wall and biggestarchitecture.Some parts of the Great Wall are now in ruins or have disappeared.Tian Tan Temple of Heaven, this is where farmers can pray for good crops and people make wishes; it doesn’t matter whatreligion you are.

Topography:Beijing lies on flat and low land that opens to the east and south.The flat land makes it easier to build buildings and architectures

throughout the city.Mountains surround the city from southwest to the northeast.The Great Wall stretches across the Northern part of Beijing (usedto defend invasions from the North), making use of the land.Beijing is way up North and defend themselves carefully with theGreat Wall. The little hills help support/form the Great Wall tomake it even more spectacular.

ourist Stories- Snow World!

Now and ThenChina used to be separated into seven long-lasting

kingdoms, these seven kingdoms fought endlessly with one

another. War spread all over China, including Beijing. Chinawasn’t very sturdy or in control. China wasn’t whole, wasn’t

united together as one, wasn’t in order. Then everythingchanged during 246BC to 210BC. During this period of time, Qin Shi Huang from the Qin dynasty up north became

powerful and started on his plan to become the leader of allof China. Qin was one of the seven major kingdoms of China, the Qin army, led by several gifted leaders, won

over all of the other seven kingdoms. Qin Shi Huang, whohad then already became the King of Qin, was an

extremely ambitious man who took on numerous vastprojects. He decided to do something none of the other eaders have done, by unifying China.

As a result, the city of Beijing China is now filled withaccomplishments made by Qin Si Huang, such as the

durable Great Wall; still standing now, through the centuriesafter Qin, like a tough soldier who survived a long battle.

Qin Shi Huang also standardized the writing, coins, andweights, as well as measures. He also designed a complexand stunning network of tree-lined highways which still lasts

today. He built many grand palaces and canals which makethe city have a mix of ancientness and modernity. His ideas

still influence Beijing’s civilization now. He had taught theChinese a lesson, to take risks; if you don’t take chances,you will never achieve anything. Ever since Qin Shi Huang

united China, Beijing had played an important role.

China is now unified as one, and doing much better 

than before.

A night in Beijing...

What’s the point of going to Beijing in winter if you can’t even see

ow? I’ve been anticipating for snow for like 2 weeks already, the day

ter tomorrow, my family and I will be back on the airplane to Manila

ready! If it doesn’t snow tomorrow, then all my vacation will be

asted! Please let it snow tomorrow! At least a teeny, weeny bit of 

ow…the next day, I woke up, and SNOW! I ran outside, arms wide,elcoming the snow…Wow! Finally! My wish came true! Snow…but

really is a teeny weeny bit of snow… You can’t even make a snowball

ith this little snow, but the sight is amazing! I went back, satisfied….

NTIL I heard from my grandparents about the huge snow the next

ay, that is. Snow god (if there is a snow god) really is unfair to me!

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Fast Growing Beijing

The pictures below show how people have changed the

landscape of Beijing.In the year 1999, parts of Beijing were basically dumpsites.

The buildings were old and some dilapidated, the air wassmoky and smelled almost as bad as sweaty armpits! The roads

were usually one-way and narrow, with conf used cars stuck intraffic jams. Although some places wer e obviously a lot more

superior than other places, Beijing still wasn’t very neat-looking.Then, around the year of 2006, the landscape started to

change. Beijing started to look more and more modern andenhanced. The ever-increasing citizens of Beijing had always

wanted more living space, houses and entertainment; therefore,they weren’t much troubled by the better-quality items, freshly

painted and rebuilt houses, or the newly constructed sky-hightowers made in preparation for the Olympic Games coming up

in just 2 years. The Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube werecreated, and Beijing’s parking lot facilities were developed. 5

pairs of gas stations were set up along 6th ring road; and other projects as such were accomplished. To lessen the amount of 

pollution made in the city from the building, Beijing also startedon a ‘Green Project’ improving the cleanness of air. Today,

because of this change, the city of Beijing now looks new andadvanced with wide streets, buildings that seem to grow taller 

and taller, as well as beautiful greenery. Now there is much lesspollution and the air feels just as fresh and cool as a

refrigerator! The stadiums used in the Olympics have nowbecome tourist attractions. Beijing’s landscape is still developing

fast under the pressure of the fast-growing population, theOlympics was merely a starting point.

Bring your best,




Working together is our style!



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Beijing has many more breath-taking sites to offer!

Do Not


Here are some things

that you do NOT want

to miss!

Beijing is fun too!

Come visit its awesome sights!

1.Great Wall #$

The Great Wall is the #1 attraction in Beijing; a must-go, being the longest architecture ever created. The Great Wall is a very 

historical place, and exceptionally soothing too. While walking along the lengthy wall, tourists can enjoy the views and inhale

the cool breath. The Great Wall is a good place for jogging and exercising too! It’s also a kid-friendly activity; your family 

and friends will be stunned by the incredible and breath-taking vision of the great wall! You can’t conclude your visit to Beijing

without checking out the Great Wall!

2.Forbidden City –

The Forbidden City is a popular tourist attraction that is located north of Tiananmen. The Forbidden City gives an idea

regarding the way the ancient emperors of both Beijing and China had lived and contains up to 9999 rooms, which is pretty 

impressive… There are loads and loads of culture stored here!

3.Temple of Heaven -

It was here the emperors of Ming and Qing dynasties had prayed for good rain and harvests. It has now become a tourist 

attraction and has left superb memories and pleasant impressions to many. Seriously, this place is like heaven! Very 

fascinating attractions are planted here! The park surrounding the temple of heaven is also a fine place to rest and take

pleasure in a little snack; a very wonderful and neat-looking place.

4.Olympic sites –

Very popular Olympic sites include the Bird’s Nest and the Water Block (These stadiums were specifically constructed for the

use of Olympics). The Olympic sites in Beijing were all built to be astonishingly magnificent; also, the park surrounding these

stadiums offers great view. If you are traveling with children and looking for family fun, there is always a thrilling amusement 

park just a few steps away!

5.Summer Palace-

A very green site surrounded by Kunming River. In Summer Palace, one can find varieties of classical-styled palaces,

paintings/murals, gardens, and many other old-style architectural structures. Another factor why it is a popular attraction isbecause it can be easily reached from most parts of the city. The Summer Palace is also very historical, with many myths

based on its existence.

great wall of China

Forbidden City Temple of Heaven Olympic Sites Summer palace

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Population and ResourcesThe city of Beijing was established

3000 years ago. Beijing is located onthe Northern tip of North China Plain,

not very close to the ocean; therefore,there aren’t many typhoons and almostno floods. There are 5 rivers runningthrough Beijing which provide water,food and other resources. In the past,people came to Beijing because of its

plentiful resources, also because Beijingis located in an excellent spot with littlemountains blocking the way. Ever sinceQin united China, Beijing had playedan important role in north China.Today, people still come to see the

many attractions that Beijing has tooffer. Beijing is the political, cultural, aneducational center of China. Somepeople take pleasure in the blend of 

history and modernity that Beijingseems to have while others like toexperience the spirit of the busy streetscrowded with people; no Chinatowndescribes China better than the one inChina’s capital itself! The population inBeijing is increasingly high, but thebroad open streets make it seem calmand comfy. The total population of Beijing had reached 19.61 million

(which is quite incredible), according tothe sixth national census done last year.Some people get the idea thateverywhere in Beijing is as squished upas having 11 people stuck in a tiny cot;but only little parts of Beijing is likethat. If you know what time Beijing isthe busiest (usually after work), and tryto avoid getting on the road or on asubway, then you’d be fine; most

places in Beijing are actually quite

accommodating, if you think about it…There is only one nationalityrepresented in Beijing - Chinese, andthat’s pretty much it; but that can countas a reason why Beijing is unique, most

cities around the world usually have amix of nationalities, Beijing has onlyone nationality, which is good, because

would you like to have a bowl with amix of salts, peppers, as well as sugar,honey and yogurt, or, would you rather like just a plain cup of frozen yogurt? InBeijing, the common language is BeijingDialect, which is also called Mandarin,

but children can learn English in mostschools. Today people choose to live inBeijing due to the comfortable,moderate climate, and the tons of jobopportunities. There are many jobsavailable in Beijing, project manager,

research and development leader,language teacher, waiter/waitress,personal assistants, front deskservicemen, and jobs of various kinds.

Also, the environment is well protectedin Beijing, there are lots and lots of clean air, beautiful sights, and cheapbuys; Beijing provides a quality life.


Beijing is located 39° N,116° E.

Beijing is on the Northeastpart of China. Beijing is south of 

Inner Mongolia, north of Hebei,and northwest of Tianjin.

Beijing has the mood for fireworks!

Beijing belongs to its citizens!

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M a r c h 2 , 2 0 1 2

Y o k o h a m a N e w s L e t t e r

The Symbols Of The City

Is...The symbols of 

Yokohama is the famous

stadium called,

“Yokohama Stadium” It is

one of the stadiums that

has popular soccer game

plays in Japan. There is

also a tower called,

“Yokohama Tower” It’s

not at that much tall as the

Tokyo Tower, but it is

popular among the

tourists from other


The History Hidden

Under Yokohama

~The Past To The Now~

Page 2

The Amount Of The

Living People

~The Surprising Population~

Page 3

The Transforming


~The Day And Day

Changing Environment Of 

The city~

Page 4

The Good Food

~The Beautiful Food~

Page 5

  “The Hot And Cool Yokohama” 

Yokohama is like candy shop, filled with various shapes and tastes of candies and

chocolates. Because that Yokohama is near tot the sea, it is suitable for making ports. So,

people decided to make a port and make Yokohama famous and international. Then Yokohama

has become the world’s most famous

trading ports but when the World

War 2 came, the city of Yokohama

was crushed into many pieces like a

delicate glass broken into fragments.

Years and days past and now

Yokohama has the population of 

3,691,240 people, and it has become

the second populated country in

Japan. It has this much of population because,

it’s famous of their ports and their building

structures such as, the china town that has

buildings that are from ancient china and

when you walk through the town, you can

smell the spicy smell from the different

parts of the town and at night, colorful

decoration of lamps will glow softly in the

moon light. Even though Yokohama had been damaged by

the tragedies that had occurred many years ago, the town is always beautiful as the sun and joyful like a birthday party, so if you like to eat or to walk around, I recommend you to come

to Yokohama!!

  “The Best Place In The World” 


The popular mall in Japan, “Takashimaya”

Yokohama International Port

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M a r c h 2 , 2 0 1 2

Y o k o h a m a N e w s L e t t e r

Landmark ~Yokohama~

The landmark of Yokohama is, the tower

called “Yokohama Landmark Tower” andit is a sixty-nine story building and it’s

about 273 meters from the ground. In

this tower you can go shopping, sight

seeing from the top of the sixty-nine

story building or have a delighting meal

at the various types of restaurants in the


The Peaceful Past Of YokohamaYokohama'used'to'be'a'small,'dull'0ishing'village'until'the'













The TragediesThen'everything'changed'by'the'agreement'of'Perry’s'plan'and'













to'crumbles'and'crumbles…' '

The Hardworking ResultYokohama'was'almost'reaching'the'world’s'most'popular'trading'center.'Made'at'











As a result, the city of Yokohama, being damaged by many tragedies that had happened

and it had almost stop the port from running, for the following few years after the WW2 it

couldn’t stand up but, for the help from the other respectful country, Yokohama was able

to be the normal Yokohama again. And now Yokohama became a popular city among thetourists because of the Yokohama port and the interesting building and shops that are

displayed in the cities. The cruel, dark, red, bloody past before has turned into a city filled

with happiness, joy and lots of smiles from the people. From this I think that Yokohama

is the most o ular and interestin cit next to Tok o.

The history hidden under Yokohama 

This is Yokohama

This is the Yokohama Landmark tower.

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M a r c h 2 , 2 0 1 2

Y o k o h a m a N e w s L e t t e r

The TOP 3!!! (MUST VISIT!)

1. The China Town

2.The Night At Yokohama

3. Yokohama Stadium

The Surprising PopulationThe city of Yokohama was established at

the year of 1889. The city of Yokohamawas located on the land as flat as a

pancake and surrounded by the sea that is

gentle as a mouse and beautiful as a

blooming rose but when a storm arrives to

the city, the sea

changes as if its

personality turned

suddenly and becomes

to a volcano erupting

and lava flowing from

it and swallows the

city in a gulp. But the

emperor of Japan that

time, the famous

“Tokugawa” who had

the pride as high as

mountain Everest and

shiny as rich as tons

of gold, had chosen

and owned this place

for two reasons. One reason for

economics and another one reason for the

first contact of the foreign people and getmore money. Then there came Mr.

Matthew Perry from America and a

person who had a bigger pride then

Tokugawa, and when he had came here

people were gathering and were

wondering that if their going to be alive of 

dead as they saw the numbers of war

ships. But as a result Perry was just asking

Tokugawa to open one port to bring and to

trade resources, Tokugawa had hesitated

at first but the sooner he found out that

this was a brilliant idea to have contact

with the foreign people

so, he decided to go on

with the plan.

In the past people

came to

Yokohama because of 

there was spaces for to

make structures and

because it was locatednear the sea. The cities

that located near the sea

can be really helpful for

the citizens how lives in

that city because of that

it can protect them from

the war ships from the

other countries and it

also provides the people

rich qualities of water resources and good

seafood. And now people come to

Yokohama because of the interesting

structure such as the “Yokohama

Landmark Tower”, “The Yokohama

International Stadium” and

“The Yokohama Port” that had made

during these ten years and also for the

same reasons, rich water resources and

seafood. Because of this now in

Yokohama about 3,691,240 people lives in

this city and it is the second populated

country in Japan, next to the famous

The Amount of the people

Yokohama Tower

Yokohama’s night view

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M a r c h 2 , 2 0 1 2

Y o k o h a m a N e w s L e t t e r

The BIG Incidents And

Miracles That Occur

People in Yokohama had changed the landscape

and the

environment by

the big building

projects they

held and

Yokohama had

transformed to a

plain, simple

landscape to a

place filled withthe latest



structures at that time. And the main reason of 

why the people are adapted in Yokohama is that

I think is because of the green, clean air they

have even though Yokohama is like a can meat

product, filled with various ingredients of 

people, cars and the newest scientific

knowledge. Also about hundred and twenty

years ago, Yokohama used to

be rather a more steady

and flat landscape and

people lived there safely.

And at this point no one

and nobody had expected

or ever knew that there

will be a tragedy

coming near by to the

city in the next forty

years that’s going to big impact to

not only Yokohama but to the whole world.


On the day of September 23, 1923 at the time of11’o clock 58 minutes,

nearly noon, there came the big magnitude of 7.9 had came to the Kanto

region and it had gave a big shock and impact to Japan and killed over

30,00 in Yokohama, and 105,345 people total. This incident was one of 

the tragic events that happened in Yokohama in the past 100 years. The

pictures above show after the effect of the earthquake,

The reason that the earthquake was caused (Which is no that clear

and it’s a little ridiculous) that it was the Koreans who were captured

at that time and been used as slaves, had used “The Black Magic”.

Anyway, because of the Earthquake incident the rich land of Yokohama got looser and bumpier so people living here were having

a bad time living there because there were limited amounts of 

freedom to do and losing their family members. After 88 years, from

the incident, Yokohama is filled with houses and building structures,

there are also new interesting structures such as

“ Yokohama Landmark Tower”, “Marine Tower” and “Yokohama 

International Stadium” are the common ones. Those structures are

very beautiful indeed!The photo below shows the Yokohama now. 

The transforming Environment

China Town

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M a r c h 2 , 2 0 1 2

Y o k o h a m a N e w s L e t t e r



“ When I had went to Yokohama for 

the first time, it was at night time

and the lights from the buildings

and boats were flickering brightly 

that it had made my eyes blind

(nearly). The sea was beaming light 

from the reflection of the city, like a

mirror showing the other place in

the world I have never went or seen

before. As I was glancing at it for along time, I didn’t even notice that 

my mother was calling me by the

ear, because the scenery was too



 The Various Food

In Yokohama you can also enjoy the

food. Such as for example, commonly

 Japanese food, Chinese food,

French food, Korean Food,

American food and Indian

food. And when you walk 

through the China town,

 you can see chinese candy

shops, meat shops and

shops that sells driedabalones that coasts about

5,000 yen. ( about 50

dollars or more) They taste

really good then having 

them raw or fried. They

also sell roast duck, pork,

beef, chicken and in some places goat

meat. At china town, they do not sell only

meat product but also Chinese traditional

dumplings which are eaten at the specific

time of year, candy that are so beautiful

that they look like they’re made out from

crystals, special curing medicine made out

of rare species of plants and animal parts,

little cute flower shape thick cookies that

looked like that they’ve been imported

from ancient China hot from the oven and

there are more and more dishes and sweets

in Yokohama that I can’t count or explain

how many there are!! And if you walk 

through the streets outside Yokohama, you

can see tiny restaurants that covers most of 

the area of the city, and

most of the restaurants

have good food but I

recommend you that you

shouldn’t eat there

because you’re in

Yokohama now so, eat

the things that you onlycan eat there like

 Japanese food! In

Yokohama there are lots

of Japanese restaurants

not as much as the

Chinese, but the tastes are better! Like the

popular sashimi, the seasonal hot pot dish,

the yummy Japanese traditional sweets

and... you’ll now when you get there. And

finally after explaining almost all the food

in Yokohama, this leads us a conclusion

that every food you eat in Japan I mean

Yokohama, are delicious than any food in

the World!

“ My experience in Yokohama is thatwhen I had visited my brother’sfriend and as I had looked out of thewindow, I saw the crowding peopleand the bright, colorful building

structures. It was really bright that italmost made my eyes hurt! Thenwhile my brother and me washeading to my brother’s friendhouse, we went through the housesthat all look the same, the weirdstatues that look like a dog with augly dragon’s head and the buildingthat look like buildings that camefrom China. It made me felt that I amnot in Japan but in Beijing!”-Daisuke 

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Xiamen is a thousand year olddiamond trapped in a cave,

waiting to share its destiny with

the whole world. That year was a

special year for Xiamen because

the Chinese government founded

the Xiamen SEZ (Special

Economic Zone). This meant that

Xiamen have special economic

regulations that involves special

tax, more independence on

trading, etc. This finally got the

city’s engines moving and slowly

made itself more and more well

known across the globe. You

know it right? If you haven’t you

better go there because today

people choose to come to

Xiamen is for its beautiful

scenery and tourist attractionswhile in contrast, people live in

Xiamen due to jobs, luxury,

health and education, with its

population currently at around

3,531,000 people. But where do

all these people fit? It’s like

going grocery shopping with no

bags or baskets. But then the

problem was prevented because,around the year of 1982, after the

continued on page 2

forming of the Xiamen SEZ,

the people there started

changing the landscape by

building more buildings,

skyscrapers, and efficient

roads. Now that there’s more

space and room in Xiamen, all

of the accommodation for

living, business, entertainment

can fit in the city. Now that

this diamond has been

unraveled from the ground,

we can finally see the magical

beauty and admire its value.

Xiamen is located I the province of 

Fujian which is in southeast China. It

located west of the Taiwan Strait,

northeast of Hong Kong and southeast

The absolute location of Xiamen is 24

degrees north and 118 degrees east.


Haicang Bridge

M  a  p s 


in China


of Xiamen

By: Yuyang W.

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“ When I went up onto the Sunlight

Rock, the feeling was just incredible.

There was an amazing view of the

whole city and the air there was just


What was really funny was that when

I was taking a picture, I was sitting on

the rail so just when the picture was

about being taken, a flock of birds

flew by. It scared me so badly that I

almost fell off!

Anyways that was a very memorable

part of my journey in Xiamen.” –


 Real Experiences

“ I think the most interesting part

about Xiamen is Gu Lang Yu. There

are no cars, buses or taxies on the

island. They only allow cable cars

and bicycles, which makes this island

very eco friendly. Another fun part

was the markets there because you

can buy many cool things there

including souvenirs.”- Mrs. Wang

• • •

 Your city: Xiamen

Country it is in: China 

 Area or Region: Asia 


 As of 2009, the

population of Xiamen

and Gu Lang Yu was

around 3.6 million


Location: Xiamen is in

the province of Fujian,

 which located at the

southeast part of China,

 while Xiamen is along 

the coast of southeast

Fujian. It is west of the

Taiwan Strait and near

the South China Sea,

 which are the two

closest large bodies of 

 water to Xiamen.

  Weather/Climate: The

summers there are

 very humid and not

extremely hot while the


there are slowly cold. It

could rain there at any 

time of the year.

Symbol: The Sunlight

Rock is the most highly 

regarded landmark

 when we mention

Xiamen or Gu Lang Yu..

Languages: The locals

in Fujian speak a lot of 

different kinds of Min

dialect. Southern Min

or Minnan Hua but

people there should be

able to speak mandarin,

 but with a heavy 

southern Chinese


Religions: Most

Chinese there are non-

religion but very few 

people have religions

like Confucianism,

Taoism, Buddhism andeven Islam and

Christian. Despite all

the other religions,

Non-religion still beats

all of these religions by 


Holidays: Xiamen is

city with a lot of spirit

and here are some of 

the main holidays of 

Xiamen: Chinese New 

 Year, National Day,

Children’s Day, Mid-

 Autumn Festival and

the Lantern Festival

are the holidays but

really best about

Xiamen is The Dragon

Boat Festival.

Landmarks: The most

 well-known ones are:

The Sunlight Rock,

Zheng Chenggong 

Memorial Hall, Xiamen

Hai Cang Bridge,

Xiamen University,

Jimei School Village

and the Namputo


Topography : Xiamen is

a seaside city that is

along the coast of the

South China Sea and

the Taiwan Strait. Gu

Lang Yu is west of 

Xiamen and is

surrounded by water

that leads to the ocean.

The whole Xiamen

 basically has no

mountains unless youcount the Sunlight Rock

and all it has is the Gu

Lang Yu Island and the

seas surrounding it.


1. Sunlight Rock!2. Xiamen University 

3. Jimei

4. ! Nanputuo Temples

5. Food!6. ! Haicang Bridge

7. ! Xiamen Museum



Xiamen University 


Nanputuo Temple


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The city of Xiamen was established in 1933. It was located on the coast, next to the

Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea. The location was important because it made

Xiamen an excellent seaport and helped the transportation there. Lack of food was

also prevented since they were on the coastline with many seafood products. In the

past, people came to Xiamen mainly for trading. In contrast, today people come to

Xiamen because of its beautiful scenery and tourist attractions. The island of Gu

Lang Yu is a truly amazing place, which lives up to its nickname Piano Island. From

the peaceful nights to the views on Sunlight Rocks, it is the main attraction for the

people who go to Xiamen. The population in Xiamen is currently around 3,531,347, but it is still a child, growing higher and higher everyday. The population of Xiamen

today is almost 1.8 times the population in 2000. The major nationalities in Xiamen

are mainly Chinese, but there are all kinds of foreigners coming from countries all

across the world to live in Xiamen. One of the first big companies to come to Xiamen

 was the ABB group, a company that specializes in power and automation

technologies that operates in about 100 countries and employs around 133,000

people. Today people choose to live in Xiamen due to jobs, luxury, scenery, health

and education. One of the main reasons is because there are many jobs in Xiamen

up for grabs, which has caused many people to live here for economic reasons.

 Another important reason is education because the Xiamen University is a very 

 well known university in China, which has caused many students to live here for

education. Scenery and luxury are two other reasons provided by Gu Lang Yu

 because some people would want a peaceful and calm place. The clean air in

Xiamen is another reason for people to live there, mainly due to the prohibition of 

cars on Gu Lang Yu. Therefore, the rapid growth of the economy and population hascaused Xiamen to become one of the most visited and popular cities in Asia.

Delicious Food Awaits you in Xiamen

Xiamen Museum



there is going 

UP, UP, and


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! Xiamen, a city

with an amazing history, usedto be a relatively normal

seaport city in China. It is a

traditional seaport in China

and mainly exported native

products such as food, cereal,

oil and tea found in China to

other countries (mainly

Portuguese). Boom!

Suddenly, when Xiamen’s

trade was climbing higher

and higher, the disastrous

years of WWII occurred.

During WWII, the Japanese took

over Xiamen and controlled it like

a lion and didn’t let go until the

war ended. The war was a

tsunami, washing away all of 

Xiamen’s trade in devastation and

which also massively impacted on

Xiamen’s momentum of trading.

The war was as ferocious as a

tsunami, washing away all of 

Xiamen’s trade in devastation andwhich also destroyed Xiamen’s

momentum of trading. After the

war, business was slow and the

city’s trading never seemed to

recover until the year 1980. That

year was a special year for

Xiamen because the Chinese

government founded the Xiamen

SEZ (Special Economic Zone).

This meant that Xiamen have

special economic regulations

that involves special tax, more

independence on trading, etc. This

was a risk the Chinese government

had to take in order to save

Xiamen’s future. There were only

four SEZs in the country at that

time which also helped Xiamen’s

trade greatly. This decision has

changed Xiamen’s trade

emphatically in the future and

could very well be the builder of 

the incredible Xiamen today. After

the founding of Xiamen SEZ, the

main force of Xiamen’s economy

slowly came from the projects and

investments of the foreign funders.

Xiamen’s trade has also expanded


more than 140 regions after the

founding of the Xiamen SEZ

because it has more independence.

By the end of 1994, the city has

approved about 2,982 contracts

worth 10.721 billion USD of 

foreign investment. It not only

helped Xiamen with its economic

problem, it also helped the whole

country get wealthier and

wealthier. With all thesebeneficial results, it’s hard to deny

that this is arguably the most

important part of Xiamen’s

history. All the hard work of the

Chinese government paid off as

the modern day Xiamen is now

one of the strongest cities

economically in Asia.



These two photographs (top right) have showed how people have changed the landscape of 

Xiamen in around a century. Before the year 1980, Xiamen was like a pizza with no toppings. It

was a normal city in China with tiny old-fashioned houses packed together everywhere you go

with not much trees in the urban area while there are a lot more in the countryside. Then, around

the year of 1982, after the forming of the Xiamen SEZ, the people there started changing the

landscape by building more buildings, skyscrapers, roads and made space by cutting down some

trees, but then replanting them in other places. They did this because they needed buildings for

companies, entertainment, accommodation and etc. while on the other hand they need more roads

for more efficient transportation. Today, because of this change, the city of Xiamen is now filledwith skyscrapers and tall buildings, but still with very organized roads and spaces between them.

Despite that, the change isn’t over yet since they are still building more buildings and the pizza is

turning more and more delicious.





X i a m e n  i n  2 0 0 9 


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Xiamen Airport

Festive Restaurant

In Xiamen

Golf for a Luxurious life

Golf Course in XiamenXiamen’s Border Bridge with

Surrounding Areas

D R  A G O N  BO  A T  F ES T I V  A L 

Mega Companies Change


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North west of 



There is a 



kind of climate

in the city, the

“velvet” season

lasts from 

September toDecember,


season lasts

from may to

December, the

 winters are mild,

the weather inIstanbul is mild,

sharp winds arealmost absent.




The religion is

Islam, 100% are






When I went to Istanbul I got to experience the

difference between old and historical architecture. I

found Istanbul to be a city with many lively people, it

was filled with festivities every day. I did not like the

treatment of the market industries to the tourists,

because they use the foreigner tourists so they can earn

more money. I enjoyed coming back and eating the

Middle Eastern cuisine which I love. Another thing I

liked was traveling in-between two continents in one

city, because it felt like one moment I was in Asia and

the other in Europe. In my perspective Istanbul is one of 

my favorite cities in the world and probably one of all

the tourists favorite city in the world. ---AMMAR. 



! If you want to see over 100 cultures combining together, Istanbul would be the perfect place for you. Istanbul

used to be nothing until the Greek king Byzas came there and declared it a city and it was like kids running to the candy

shop with excitement. The population in Istanbul is 14,650,625 and the major nationalities are Asian and Europe, it is

like the different types of fish that you see in the ocean. Istanbul was so happy because there where so many people there

so they build there own building that made Istanbul have a own design that captured everybody’s attention. Istanbul’s

buildings where like the buildings on the showrooms of architecture but only better. Lets explore the vibrant city of 

Istanbul with a great journey.

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Fascinating History Istanbul used to be nothing until the Greece king Byzas

came there and declared it a city. King Byzas named the cityByzantium after himself. Then everything changed when king 

Byzas wanted to take over the land and make it into property of 

Greece. The Istanbul comity would not accept that, so they

declared war with Greece in World War 1. As a result, the city

of Istanbul is now poor because a lot of resources were

destroyed for example food got destroyed, water got polluted,

every day material was destroyed and houses were damaged.

This is serious because Istanbul could have been a city without

hunger and homelessness. After the resources were destroyed

Istanbul was like a hungry lion. Istanbul’s money is worth more

because during the Great Depression where all the countries did

not have money because of World War 1. They did not print

any more money because they could not handle printing money

with the technology that they could effort while the other

countries were desperate to print money. After the war Istanbul

was like cheered cheese. This is meaningful because Istanbul’s

money is now worth more. 250000 people died during the war

from Istanbul witch caused a lot of families to loss a member.

This is very essential because I don’t think that there is anybody

in the world that wants 250000 people to die. Greece did not

take over Istanbul and this is important because now Istanbul is

a part of Turkey. During the war Istanbul was like a demolished

building but now it is like the second Paris.


The city of Istanbul was established in the 7 century

BCE. It was located on the North West of Turkey. In the

past people came to Istanbul because of the recourseand the money. Today people come to Istanbul because

it is near the Sea and it also has a lot of food industries.

The population is 14,650,625 people and the major

nationalities are Middle Eastern and Turkish people.

The major industries today include food and trade.

Today people choose to live in Istanbul due to the

business opportunities and the architecture. ThereforIstanbul is now a very popular city with a lot of people

that enjoy what it is giving. 




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 Istanbul was one of my favorite places that 

 I have been to. When I went there I was

11 years old and it was just amazing how

it looked. The food in Istanbul reminded 

me of the days in Iraq. Istanbul’s streets

are like walking in the most beautiful 

 garden with people offering you spectacular 

things. My very favorite part of Istanbul 

was going to the Hagia Shopia because of 

all the amazing history in there like swords,

kings bed, diamonds and books. I hope you

 get to experience the amazing city of 

  Istanbul. ---ZAID 



Istanbul, “the city with a hundred

names,”was changed from a desert to a city

filled with architecture. This happened

under a very short period of time, under the

leadership of the great roman emperor

Constantine, in which the city was named

after at first. The architecture’s incoming 

shows the Byzantine and the Ottoman

Islamic era. Between these era’s the people

build the Leanders Tower( the maiden

tower, that represented power and control,which was one of the first landmarks in

Istanbul. This was an erourmous change for

the eastern city that was filled of culture

and tradition. So the people there at first

were scared and against this change, but

after a while they started to adapt to the

architecture because it made their life easier.

This was the start of the evolution that lead

to Istanbul being the great city it is today.

Firstly, when the roman’s captured

Byzantine, they started to adapt their

infrastructure to the city in order to make it

more suitable for the roman people that

lived there. This fascinated the people in the

city so they started to build their own

 version of these buildings, which started the

great rebuild of the city. Then as

Constantinople was captured by the

Ottoman Turks in 1453 and then became

the capital of the Ottoman Empire, the city

was redesigned to fit the Islamic culture. So

all the buildings that were built in the

Byzantine era were transformed, especially

the churches that were repainted and made

into mosques. When the ottoman era

reached its end the city was filled with

fabulous infrastructure and mixed cultures

that increased its popularity and started

strong trading in it. As a result the citybecame so famous and new markets opened

in it that made it one of the most important

city’s of today. This resulted in high tourism

as this grew and many people wanted to see

the unique buildings of the city. This made

the people in the city wealthier and it made

the economy of the city grow stronger

because of the new markets that opened in

it.I learned that when many cultures

influence an area and forces change into it,

the area become a unique mix of these

cultures witch makes it special in it’s own

way. This is what happened to the city of 

Istanbul and without this change the city

would not have become what it is today. I

think this is fascinating because it shows

people’s capability of turning dust into gold.





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