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City of City of Bothell Bothell Business Business Program Program
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  • 1. City of Bothell Business Program

2. Overview 3. Sustainability

  • Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
          • S ource: Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

4. Aims

  • Investing in environmental projects
  • Work with businesses, community & UWB
    • Improve the place we live in
    • Benefit our community socially and economically

5. Benefits

  • Aiding the City of Bothell:
    • Give direction and clarity to project selection
    • Allocation of scarce resources
    • Aligned with the Citys sustainability mission
      • Economic
        • Increase business involvement
      • Social
        • Create a sense of unity
      • Environmental
        • Reducing human impact

6. Sustainability Goals

  • Create an economically vibrant community
    • Local leader in environmentallyfriendly practices
    • Encourage schools, city governments,business to promote sustainability
      • Student projects/community service
      • Quarterly college projects

7. Organization & Strategy

  • Culture
  • Cross-functional Teams
  • Vision

8. 9. Culture

  • Create a culture built aroundsustainability
  • Culture should inspire and motivateemployee
    • Top management commitment
    • Reward for participation and innovation
  • Sustainability does not have to be allor nothing

10. 11. Cross-functional Teams

  • City of Bothell currently uses a traditionaldepartmental organizational structure
  • Sustainability is a city vision, not just adepartmental objective
    • Opportunity :
      • Facilitate the collaboration needed forsustainability projects
  • Recommendation :
    • Create cross-functional teams to work onprojects

12. Cross-functional Teams

  • Effective mechanism to achieve commitment
          • Commitment creates ownership!
  • Create synergy between employees:
    • Often, employees working in different departments are not aware of other departments' needs.

13. Cross-functional Teams

  • Promote employee awareness andunderstanding
  • Helps identify opportunities and solutions
  • Sustainable community can only beachieved comprehensively
    • Must include organizational-wide support
    • Address sustainable practices from amulti-departmental perspective

14. 15. Vision

  • Vision statements:
    • Gives employees direction
    • Should be generated by employeesutilizing cross-functional teams
    • Create buy-in from employees
    • Internal vision leads to motivationresults

16. Sample Vision Statement

  • The City of Bothell will actively engage and provide leadership to the community in order to build a sustainable lifestyle for generations to come

17. Sample Vision Statement We will help build a sustainable community through a commitment to best practice, innovation, co-operation and education for current and future generations 18. Aggregate Project Planning

  • Definition:
    • Systematic approach to managing a set and mix of projects and scarce resources over time
  • THE KEY:
    • Properly define project typesand classify current projects

19. Aggregate Project Planning

  • Three basic types of projects:
    • Derivative
    • Platform
    • Breakthrough

20. 21. Process Tool

  • Determining factors
    • Cost
    • Schedule
    • Performance
    • Sustainability

22. Next Step Recommendations

  • Use Cross-functional teams toapply the APP Process
  • Mayor blog designed by UWB students
      • Allows city employees to network
    • Help facilitate cultural change withinthe City of Bothell
  • Continue working with UWB

23. Future Projects

  • UWB Student Groups
    • Business Development Center
    • Small Research Projects
    • Center for Student Entrepreneurship
  • Collaboration on long-term developmentstrategy using APP Process
  • Quarterly town-meetings at UWB
    • Discuss current & future projects
    • Recruit volunteers/class credit program

24. Thank you all very much for coming!