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VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLAND LTD VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd UWB Radio and UWB Impulse Radar Technology

UWB Radio and UWB Impulse Radar Technology - VTT industry/EEES... · UWB Radio and UWB Impulse Radar Technology. 10/11/2016 2 ... A transmitter antenna is emitting very ... PowerPoint

Apr 11, 2018



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    VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

    UWB Radio and UWB ImpulseRadar Technology

  • 210/11/2016 2

    UWB Radio - High data rate wireless radiosystems with Real time location support

    The technology achieves sufficient accuracy in distance measurementand in real time positioning. During the distance measurement andpositioning the UWB technology provides simultaneous wireless datatransmission up to 6.8 Mbit/s.The UWB radio technology has been applied in different applicationssuch as short-range communication, sensor networks systems and realtime location systems (RTLS).The UWB radio signals have an extremely wide bandwidth comparedto traditional radio signals, which offers several benefits; accurateranging, robustness to propagation fading, superior obstaclepenetration, resistance to jamming, interference rejection, and fluentcoexistence with traditional narrow bandwidth systems.

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    UWB basics

    Relatively immune todisturbances.Doesnt disturb conventionalradio transmitters (powerlevel ca. 1 mW).Operational distance up to300 meters in open space.Very broad signal bandwidth,typically > 500 MHz.

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    UWB Worldwide Regulations

    Allowed frequency in areafrom 3,432 to 10,296 GHzdepending on country.Several countries andadministrations have adoptedunlicensed frameworks forUWB devices such as

    North AmericaSouth AmericaEuropeMiddle EastAsia-Pacific countries

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    UWB compared to other radio technologies


    UWBWider range Other applications

    According to IEEE 802.15.46.8Mbps @ 100m110Kbps @ 300m

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    Indoor positioning UWB TAG

    UWB Loc_TAG UWB Radio BL 4.0 Radio

    Embedded softwareimplementing positioning anddata-transmission

  • 710/11/2016 7

    Basics of Impulse Radar technology

    Utilises UWB bands3,1 10,6 GHz

    Very low energy radiation-41,3 dBm/MHz

    Relatively economic solution.One chip only.No moving parts.Measures only flying timee.g. distance, introducingdirection of measuredobjects need more antennas.A transmitter antenna is emitting veryshort non-sinusoidal pulses.

    Transmitted signals bandwidth is severalgigahertzes.

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    UWB Impulse Radar

    Immune to interference from other radio systems, to multipathpropagation, and to environmental factors like rain, fog, snow etc.Very broad signal bandwidth, several gigahertzesAbility to detect through obstacles and in dense mediaVery fast pulses -> Measures the environment even more than 400times per second with mm accuracy and maximum range of 10 - 15meters.It is easy to install and move from one place to another

  • 910/11/2016 9

    UWB Impulse Radar Novelda chip

  • 1010/11/2016 10

    Ultra-Wideband Radio

    Methods, like imaging, laser-scanners, radars arecumbersome and not at all ideal solutions to theneeds.

    Typically soft objects (humans, animals) are notvisible to todays car-radars.

    Operation in challenging environments (dust, rain,smoke).

    Economics, implementations are far cheaper thancompeting ones.

    Technology benefitsImmune to radio disturbances and signal fadingDoesnt disturb conventional radio transmitters(power level ca. 1 mW).Operational distance < 100 meters.Very broad signal bandwidth, typically > 500 MHz.Very fast pulses -> great accuracy in positioningapplications.

    Technology usage2D and 3D real-time positioning systems (RTLS)Positioning of humans in factories, warehouses etcDistance measurements, cylinders etc.Fast data transmission (->6,8 Mbit/s) in harsh env.Combined positioning and data transmission

    Positioning of work machines Positioning of humans in buildings Operation in harsh environments VTTs UWB module

  • 1110/11/2016 11

    Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radar

    Technology benefitsFast Impulses - > High resolution (mm)Independency from environmental factors (such asillumination, humidity, fog etc)Ability to 'see through' obstaclesOperational distance 10-15 meters.Measurements even 400 times per second

    Technology usageHealth monitoring and Rescue - Heart and breathrate monitoringSafety Detecting of objects (human and non-human) around a working-machineAutomation - Enabling automatic, or self-automaticwork process; Assisting drivers in challengingenvironments (dust, rain, etc.), Warnings ofapproaching objects, or machine approaching wallsand other obstacles, High accuracy ranging

    Wireless health monitoring. Enabling automatic, or semi-automatic work-phases. Hugh accuracy distance measurements Detection of foreign objects onconveyer belt