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Utilizing Technology So Your Clients Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Utilizing technology so your clients work smarter not harder ins zoom power user conference jan 2016

Apr 14, 2017



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  • Utilizing Technology So Your Clients Work Smarter, Not Harder!

  • The Moderator

    Jake Lipman, Immigration Attorney at Visa Wolf

  • The Panelists

    Amanda Schilling, Business Analyst at Ogletree Deakins

    Christen Gause, Manager, Business Development at INSZoom

    Peter Clark, Operations Manager at Tafapolsky & Smith

  • The Challenge

    Are you using the Client/HR and Foreign National (FNP) portals? Learn how our panelists are working with their clients to

    have them complete questionnaires, action To Dos on forms, upload their documents, check the status of their case and track

    the expiration dates of their documents. Empowering your clients and harnessing technology can improve your efficiency and gives

    them access to the most requested data.

  • What steps have you taken to customize INSZoom so the customizations would carry through to the HR portal? For

    example do you require certain data fields be completed by your case managers so the information is available to your clients

    through the portals?

  • What functionalities/capabilities within the HR/Corporation portal do you think are vital to improving efficiency?

  • Do you provide access to the Foreign National Portal to your foreign nationals? If so, when do you send them info about

    accessing the portal?

  • Do you provide your clients a quick reference guide about using the portals when you first grant them access?

  • Do you send questionnaires and forms to the FNP to be completed by the foreign national? Do you have the foreign

    national upload documents into the portal?

  • Have you customized the FNP so that only the sections you want to appear to the foreign national appear? If so, what fields have

    you hidden from view?

  • Have you created Adhoc reports for your clients and granted them access to run the reports themselves through the HR/

    Client portal? If so, do you find that many clients are willing to run reports themselves as opposed to having you do it for them?

  • Do you use the advanced case request module so HR and global mobility professionals can request cases? If so, do many cases get initiated this way? Has it improved efficiency in your firm?

  • Once you have gotten your clients used to accessing the portals to find information such as copies of documents and expiration

    dates have you found a reduction in the emails being sent to you with these requests?

  • What tips do you have to INSZoom users who are getting started with using the portals?