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Using badges to show achievement

Sep 01, 2014



Using badges to show achievement

  • Badges! Using badges in Moodle to show achievement Becky Barrington
  • Badges Icon based certification that can be awarded within Moodle (from Moodle 2.5). Links with Mozilla Open Badges Site or course badges Awarded through: Activity completion Manual (teacher assigned) Profile completion(site badge only) Expiry date (days after issue or date specific)
  • Getting Started You need Moodle 2.5 or higher Needs to be switched on by admin (site administration; advanced features; enable badges) Go to the Badges section in site administration and complete fields. Once enabled, teachers* can add into own courses and site admins can create site badges. *Role overrides could be used to turn off option for teachers
  • Adding Badges Administration block: Badges; Add a new badge
  • Adding Criteria Activity completion shows all resources on Moodle course with activity completion assigned. Choose all required. Set for badge to be awarded if any or all are completed.
  • Adding Badges Customise message sent when email is awarded. Enable access
  • Course Badges
  • Creating the badges Use of images as badges Badge creation sites Image creation sites or software
  • Things to Consider Some colleges and universities have turned off badges until they have a policy and procedure for awarding badges. Need to consider: Are the badges to be affiliated to the organisation? How will they be recognised? Are they for formal accreditation or informal skills development? How will they be monitored? Quality control
  • Our Decision to use Badges Study skills course. Showing development of skills. Badges showcasing achievement. Stage 1: Badge for each skill. Stage 2: Bonus badges or badges for extra achievement. An easy way to show achievement. Stretch and challenge built in.
  • Awarding the badges Use of activity completion. Automated where possible. Good: Quiz Lesson Reading (book) /general completion Checklist Feedback / choice Need to think about: Forums and assignments. Can be completed with minimal input . Some peer assessment or teacher assessment needs to be added.
  • Feedback from Students
  • Feedback from Students Positive So happy I've finally got one!! They make you feel proud of yourself so you have achieved a goal. Shows that you have achieved something and you will have something to be proud of. They are a good way to show achievements and boost self esteem. Not so Positive I dont really care about badges as I just find them insignificant. I am not a child and therefore do not get any pleasure out of the badges. I don't really see how it's going to motivate me. Dont see the point. Developmental I have never heard of badges or know what they are for. Didnt even know we could get badges, sounds like a good idea. Do lots of different designs
  • Next time I will Promote the badges at the beginning of the programme to motivate students and develop some competition. Design better badges. Design themed badges so that they are recognised as South Devon College. Have a class badge design activity. Implement levels of badge so that each badge can be progressed on (eg: bronze referencing, silver referencing and gold referencing). Celebrate badge achievement. Give a few manual badges to encourage engagement.
  • Games Based Design and Badges Apply some games based design to the study skills programme to interact with the badges. Link to a journey (with personalised route). Collect items to help with goal. Immediately engaging and rewarding. Any ideas? Any other uses of badges?
  • Links and Contact Details Presenter [email protected] @bbarrington Website: Badges JISC badge design toolkit: edia/421718/jiscopenbadg esdesigntoolkit-print_1.pdf