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Useful Google App Engine services (in Python language)

Oct 21, 2014



Present useful Google App Engine services at Barcamp Sai Gon 2011. Download the demo source code at:

PowerPoint Presentation

Duy Lam 2011

Useful Google App Engine services (Python language)

Lm Phng DuyWeb Developer, KMS Technology Vietnam

Email: [email protected]


Youre a web developer ?

This discussion:Highlight notable and useful Google App Engine servicesNot focus on Python language

Audience & Objectives

Discuss Google App Engine services that differentiate themselves from other cloud platform service providers such as Microsoft Windows Azure

The use of Python language in this present is to show the audience another new , great language instead of the well-known Java language



runs your web applicationoffers variety of services for common operations of web application (via provided SDK)

App Engine ?

Cloud computing


runs your web application

App Engine ? (cont.)

Java Environment

Python Environment

Java SE Runtime Environment 6*

Python runtime 2.5.2*

Java Servlet standard and JavaServer Pages

Django, CherryPy, Pylons, and webapp**

JavaSDK service

Python SDK service + thirdparty libraries*

* must meet secure environment restrictions ** built by Google App Engine

webapp: a simple web framework built by Google App Engine

Third-party python libraries: example: web application framework, cryptography, YAML parsing libraries etc.


offers variety of services for common operations of web application (via provided SDK)

App Engine ? (cont.)

Datastoring : a robust, scalable storage for your web application, with an emphasis on read and query performanceBlobstore: to serve data objects, called blobs, that are much larger than the size allowed for objects in the Datastore serviceXMPP: to send and receive chat messages to and from any XMPP-compatible chat messaging service, such as Google TalkProspective Search: a querying service that allows your application to match search queries against real-time data streams (no need of pre-index the data)Images: the ability to manipulate image data using a dedicated Images serviceMail: send and receive emailMemcache: a distributed in-memory data cache in front of or in place of robust persistent storageMultitenancy: Multitenancy is the name given to a software architecture in which one instance of an application, running on a remote server, serves many client organizations (also known as tenants). Using the Namespaces API, you can easily partition data across tenants simply by specifying a unique namespace string for each tenantOAuth: OAuth is a protocol that allows a user to grant a third party limited permission to access a web application on her behalf, without sharing her credentials (username and password) with the third party. The application seeking permission is theconsumer, and the application providing the data is theservice provider. Using Google Accounts and a simple API, any App Engine application can be an OAuth service providerChannel: creates a persistent connection between your application and Google servers, allowing your application to send messages to JavaScript clients in real time without the use of pollingTask Queues: If an app needs to execute some background work, it may use the Task Queue API to organize that work into small, discrete units, calledtasksURL Fetch: An app can use the URL Fetch service to issue HTTP and HTTPS requests and receive responsesUsers: a user can login to app engine in one of three methods: Google Accounts, accounts on your own Google Apps domains, or OpenID identifiers. This API to retrieve account info for userCapabilities: detect outages and scheduled downtime for specificAPI capabilities. You can use this API to reduce downtime in your application by detecting when a capability is unavailable and then bypassing it



Useful App Engine Services

Task Queue: Google App Engine introduces new method for developer to implement a background workChannel : make a persistent connection between the JavaScript client and your applicationImage: to manipulate image data using a dedicated Images serviceMail: allow sending and receiving email


To execute a background work

Task Queues



Background task

add /path/to/backgroundtask + parameters

App Engine Task Queue service

App Engine application

API call

Task Queues demo

Allow your application to send messages to JavaScript clients in real time via a persistent connection



HTTP Request

App Engine application


The JS client component: listen from connection to to receive data from serverApp Engine application :Use API to send message to connectionReceive data from client via normal HTTP request


Channel demo


Receiving email

Mail (cont.)


incoming email

App Engine Mail service

App Engine application

incoming email

Mail demo

Provides the ability to manipulate image data like resizing, rotating, flipping, croppingInput image data is in the JPEG, PNG, GIF (including animated GIF), BMP, TIFF and ICO formats. The output format is in JPEG and PNG


Images demo


Administration Console

Demo application: http://barcamp2011.appspot.comSource code: Its FREE to get started with App Engine:5M pageviews a monthCheck out: Code example:


Thank you

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