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Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business

Jun 20, 2015


Social Media

For more information, contact Kelly Allen, Full Bloom Marketing. [email protected] (206) 445-3659

  • 1. +Yes, You CAN Use Pinterest to Build Your BusinessKelly Allen, Full Bloom Marketing & NCWWeddings.comTuesday, October 21, 2014 Pybus Market 8:30 AMGWATA Social Media ClubIf you want to live tweet: #gwatapinterest or #gwatasmc

2. +What is ?Virtual Pin BoardBrowse pinboardscreated by otherpeople.Organize and sharethings you find on theweb.Connects peoplethrough the things thatinterest them.Have you ever ripped a page out of a magazine? 3. +Pinterest is ContentBRANDS Etsy Urban Outfitters West Elm Williams-Sonoma Brides.comINTERESTS Food & Drink DIY & Crafts Home Dcor Design Hair & Beauty WomensFashion Holidays &Events Kids Art Weddings Travel 4. +Who is On Pinterest?GenderTime Spent:Pinterest -- 15.8 minutesYou Tube 16.4 minutesFacebook 12 minutesTwitter 3 minutesMenWomen35302520151050User Age 30% high income 50% with children 5. +Prime Pinning Times 6. + Valued at $5 billion Could easily overtake FB &Twitter for most users They do NOT allow anycontests or price promotions Pinterest doesnt suffer fromad blindness that Twitter,FB, and websites do theads looks like the rest of thecontent. People dont go to FB orTwitter looking for specificitem, but they do go toPinterest looking forproducts and inspiration. 7. +Pinterest is DiscoveryGoogle is Search.Pinterest is Discovery.Guided Search on Pinterest hasincreased activity. 8. +For Your Business A Vision Board for you and foryour customers to know yourgoals. Include price information andavailability in caption. Include a HYPERLINK to yourwebsite. Think beyond pictures. Quotes,charts, infographics. 9. +NEXT STEPS:Article at Commandments of UsingPinterest for BusinessInfographic 10. +NEXT STEPS:Article atSocial Media New Pinterest AnalyticsTool: How to use it For Business 11. +Contact:Kelly AllenFull Bloom [email protected]@fullbloommktg

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