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U.S. Trivia

Apr 15, 2017



  • Trivia!

    The United Statesof America


    Each team will have one paper. Put your team number at the top of your paper.We will answer 5 questions for each round. So, number your paper 1-5.After each round, you will SWAP papers with another group.You will check the answers of the other group, and say how many questions they answer correctly.


    Each question is worth 1 point. Some questions will have an additional bonus point.Do NOT use your cell phones!!!If you dont know an answer, skip the question.Remember, this is just a game

  • 1. How many states are there?

  • 2. Name one U.S. territory. (Not a state)

  • 3. Whats the capital of the US? (full name)

  • 4. When is Independence Day? (another point for the year!)

  • 5. What country did we separate from on Independence Day?


    1. 50 states2. Puerto Rico; Guam; Northern Mariana Islands; American Samoa; United States Virgin Islands3. Washington, D.C. 4. July 4th (**1776)5. England (or UK or Great Britain)

  • 6. How many stripes are on the US flag? (another point for what the stripes represent!)

  • 7. What is the name of the national anthem?

  • 8. Who is the current president? (another point for the vice president!)

  • 9. Who was the first president?

  • 10. Which president freed the slaves in 1863?


    6. 13 stripes (**13 colonies)7. The Star-Spangled Banner8. Barack Obama (**Joe Biden)9. George Washington10. Abraham Lincoln

  • 11. What is the largest city? (population)

  • 12. What is the largest state? (population)

  • 13. What is the largest state? (size)

  • 14. How many times bigger is the USA compared to Spain?Spain X _?_ =USA

  • 15. What is the largest minority?


    11. New York City12. California13. Alaska14. 19 times bigger15. Hispanics

  • 16. What is the official language?

  • 17. What is the American holiday in November? (another point for the day of the month!)

  • 18. In what state is the Golden Gate Bridge? (another point for the city!)

  • 19. What was the name of New York City BEFORE it was New York City?

  • 20. Name a country that had land in the current USA BEFORE it became the USA (not UK). (**another point for each country)


    16. None17. Thanksgiving (**4th Thursday)18. California (**San Francisco)19. New Amsterdam20. Russia; France; Spain; The Netherlands; Sweden

  • 21. What is the most popular sport?

  • 22. What is the least popular sport?

  • 23. What is the legal age for drinking alcohol?

  • 24. Whats the legal age to buy tobacco?

  • 25. Whats the legal age for driving a car?


    21. American Football22. Soccer23. Twenty-one years old24. Eighteen years old25. Sixteen years old

  • 26. Whats the name of the island where the Statue of Liberty is?

  • 27. Whats this mountain called? (another point for each president!)

  • 28. What state is Las Vegas in?

  • 29. What city is Hollywood in?

  • 30. Name the states of the original 13 colonies. (Each state is one point)


    26. Liberty Island27. Mount Rushmore (**Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln)28. Nevada29. Los Angeles30. Georgia; South Carolina; North Carolina; Virginia; Delaware; Maryland; Pennsylvania; New York; Rhode Island; Connecticut; Massachusetts; New Hamshire; New Jersey