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Unleashed Sponsorship Packet

Mar 22, 2016



Unleashed is a nonprofit that invests in powerful girls by providing them with opportunities to create social change. The booklet calls for further investment in supporting girls in the NYC area in becoming our future leaders.

  • creating the next generation of powerful women

  • an after-school leadership program that transformsthe lives of middle school girls by empoweringthem to be social changes agents. Today, usinganimal welfare and puppies as the training grounds,girls, at a pivotal time in their lives, learn to advocate for others; think critically about complexsocial problems; and most importantly, gain confidence in their ability to create impact and charge in their world.

    Our MissionWe are a leadership program empowering girls to take a stand against an injustice they are passionate about, animal rights and welfare, developing the tools needed to solve complex social issues throughout their lives.

    Unleashed is


  • Unleashed Core Values


  • Stacey Radin, FounderDr Stacey Radin has dedicated her career to thedevelopment of girls and women;professionallyas a psychologist, a researcher, and leadershipconsultant, and personally, as avolunteer, speakerand board member of not for profit organizations.As a psychologist, Stacey became passionateabout working with adolescent girls. She foundthere was a misperception about this population;girls in this stage were viewed as difficult,oppositional, and hard to engage. What otherscategorized as oppositional, she saw as feisty,passionate and eager to experiment. Stacey recognized that these girls wanted to engageinrelationships, not run from them. They simplyneeded someone to trust, to listen to theiradolescence difficulties and to help them weather their storms. Working with this populationtaught Stacey so much about being a woman and the strong developmental continuum fromgirlhood to womanhood.Stacey, Founder and President of CorporateEquilibrium, is a leadership consultant andstrategist specializing in the psychology of organizational effectiveness and leadership. She

    What others categorized as oppositional, she saw as feisty,passionate and eager to experiment.

    - Dr. Stacey Radin


  • Leslie GrossmanChristina DelBalso

    Marnie Omanoff

    Elizabeth Ross

    Leslie Bark

    Michele Krieger

    Helen Pan

    Stephenie Handleris aNew York State-licensed clinical psychologist and is certified as an executive coach by theInternational Coach Federation. Her passion is developing cutting-edge leadership programsthat are designed to implement change, strengthen leaders ability to influence ethically,andcreate opportunities to experiment and think out of the box. Working with executives andbusiness leaders at all levels, she is a recognized expert and power stylist, with more than tenyears experience coaching and consulting with senior executives in Fortune 500 companies,especially women, helping them to define and experience power and influence in their lives andcareers.Stacey received her doctorate of psychology fromAlbert Einstein Medical Center andcompletedher postdoctoral training at Columbia University.She has received executivecoaching training from New York University and was Director of Client Services for Whartons Total Leadership.

    Chair Amy KantrowitzTreasurer Vanessa KuehnExecutive Committee Shelly Wimpfheimer

    Board Members


  • (A)(B)(C)

    Unleashed was developed based on research studying two hundred powerful women across industry, age, ethnicity, including those in the public and private sectors. Findings showed that women were:

    The Beginning

    Dr. Radin selected middle school as a criticalage of identity development and asked girls about the issues they were passionate about. Animal rights was repeatedly identified as anissue girls this age cared deeply about. Once this was established, a curriculum was developed utilizing psychological principles of identity development, social justice, group process and leadership development. Unleashedpiloted the program in 2 schools Fall 2010 Poly Prep in Brooklyn, New York and New Heights Academy in Washington Heights.

    More likely to use their power effectively when they were passionate about a causeEarly influences shaped a womans perception of her power

    Women leveraged their passion to take risks, defy the status quo even if they were the lone voice in the room.

    Citations C1-7 on page 19

    The Beginning


  • Many experts believe early adolescence, particularly the 10 to 12-year-old range, is the ideal time to formally introduce girls to the concept of leadership. The middle school brain grows at exponential speed, rendering her interpersonal relationships, academic pursuits and art, musical and sports involvement more likely to stay with her, or at least resurface, later in life.

    65 percent of gifted adolescent girls hide their ability in school, while only 15 percent of gifted adolescent boys do the same.

    Studying graduates who attended a school for gifted students, researchers discovered:

    did not believe they had superior intelligence.They minimize their accomplishmentsor put blinders on that prevent them from realizing how strong they truly are.


    Research shows opportunities for youth participation, such as through civic activism, is instrumental to their development and the types of transitions they make to adulthood, especially as future citizens.

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  • The puppy rescue organization of Unleashed was developed to fuel the girls passion as they complete the program. At the same time, it is a critical component of our Social Change model, demonstrating the need for individuals solving social issues to stay in touch with the populations they are serving. Unleashed to date has rescued 245 puppies from rural areas all over the country who were pulled from the Urgent List of high kill shelters. Puppies receive quality vetting, are quarantined and transported safely to the NYC area. Each puppy is observed by girls and rescue volun-teers for at least 2 hours prior to being placed in foster care.

    Dog Rescue Program


  • Our founder, Stacey Radin has been contracted by Simon and Schuster towrite the book Unleashing the Powerof Girls coming out January 2014. Thebook is an overview of the Unleashed model, showcasing the lessons learnedby middle school girls as an attestationto what all females, regardless of age have the power to accomplish.

    Unleashed, The Book

    Unleashing the Power of Girls


  • Unleashed is a girl driven, experiential program, providing participants with the opportunity to take ownership, become directly involved with the issues at hand, build a community of support and take action.

    Unleashed girls are transformed by the following principles:

    Collaborating together to create common ground among a diverse group of girls, learning to respect others opinions, differences and values

    Diagnosing a social problem they are passionate about; getting to the root cause; increasing awareness and engaging others in their mission.

    Gaining a deep understanding of animal welfare as a social problem and how it is connectedto larger social issues.

    Recognizing the power they have making a difference, strengtheningleadership skills, advocating forothers and gaining the awareness that if they can change the world for animals they are capable of anything.


  • week Program12 Weekly Team SessionsGroups are 12-20 girls in 5th-8th gradesLed by licensed clinicians trained in the Unleashed modelConsultation and development of partnership with school or hosting site.Recruitment and selection of participants.Orientation and program pre evaluation.

    Program Launch

    Core Program

    Curriculum based on the integration of Unleashed Models of Social Change and Power developed by Dr Stacey Radin.Unleashed sessions provide girls with the opportunity to develop the tools needed to create social change.Girls leverage their individual and collective strengths to design, execute and manage projects.Graduation features the girls as an expert panel, a forum to discuss their leadership journeys, insights and the impact they have had over 12 weeks.

    Participation in rescues (intake of puppies coming into the rescue organization, socialization and temperament testing)Designing and Leading Unleashed Leads Day, a community service event designed to engage others in their mission, increase awareness and provide opportunities for people to make a difference in animal welfareSpeaking engagements within the communityFundraisers designed by Unleashed girls to simultaneously educate and raise money for their cause

    Community Outreach


  • Milestones & Accomplishments

    September 2010 Launch with programs at 2 Schools:Poly Prep, Brooklyn, New Heights Academy, Washington Heights.

    In 2011, Unleashed added 6 after school programs at:

    Nightingale Bamford, UpperEast Side; LAB School, Chelsea;Grosevenor House, 105th andAmsterdam; The Young Womens;Leadership School, Astoria; The Childrens Storefront, Harlem; Central Synagogue, Midtown East.

    Summer 2011 published Diary of an Unleashed Girl, a workbook for participants.

    2009 Foundation of first Unleashed Board, think-tank meetings with women professionals.


  • In 2012 and 2013, Unleashed has partnered with:Nightingale Bamford, YMCA Flushing, Kappa IV, IS 93, MS 577 Soon Introducing Unleashed 2 an advanced program at Kappa IV to those who graduated.